The Masked Magician

Бесплатный фрагмент - The Masked Magician

I’m not here by chance

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Chapter 1 Former

The park is always sunny, especially on such a summer morning. I Daniel sat on the bench. Purely. Freshly. Nearby is a pond where ducks swim. The beauty. I can’t even believe that just yesterday I broke up with my beautiful girlfriend Regina. Even though she was always jealous of me, I loved her. Maybe I still do. She always suspected me of cheating. Rummaged through the phone. And yesterday she climbed into my apartment with an inspection, which I rented. I checked every corner. And as luck would have it, I found lipstick. I don’t understand where she comes from. Maybe it’s left over from past tenants. But for her it was the last straw, and she broke up with me. I was very sad. But it looks like I’ll be given a second chance today. She wants to talk. Maybe we can make up. She is feisty, but outgoing. Believes in all sorts of signs. Black cats, spilled salt. Reads all sorts of conspiracies. In short, he suffers from garbage. But I’m not judging. That’s when she began to whisper over my tea, I didn’t like it. But I drank, I love her. I’m sitting waiting. He put on the cleanest white shirt and black trousers. Shaved and combed. I was ready for reconciliation. I bought two packs of protective equipment. After a quarrel, our passion is stormy. I looked at the reflection from the window with an advertisement for baldness products. Straight beauties. Pulled up, inflated, at least on the cover. Twenty-two already.

— Save the tone.- Shouted a thin female voice.

I looked around. The park is empty. Where is everyone? Looked into the pond. The girl screams, it is clear that she is drowning. The reflex worked well. No wonder he served in the army for a year. He quickly took off his clothes and dived into the water. The lady was already sinking. Ducked after her. Pulled to shore. Yes, she’s naked. He took it under a tree, suddenly they will see and not understand it. Feel for a pulse, alive. But she’s not breathing. Began to do artificial respiration. Helped.

— So you’re a bastard here with the girls muddy I thought we’ll put up. That it was by chance that lipstick was found in the apartment. And you’ve been cheating on me all this time.- Regina stood with a cake in her hands and a bottle of kvass. I went to reconcile. All evil, directly burning. First time I see her like this.- I am tired of you. I thought you were different. Everyone betrayed me. For this I send you to another world. There you will suffer for a long time and your girlfriend too. But to another country. You will never find her. I am the witch Regina Bony, I order all the dark forces to throw these creatures out of our world.

Black clouds filled the sky. It started raining. Everything turned black. I fainted. That’s the way things are. My ex-girlfriend turned out to be a witch. Although I could have guessed from her rituals and inclinations. Now I won’t be nice to ladies. I’m tired of all.

Opened my eyes. Everything is strange. Air gets into your ears. I’m flying. Down at high speed. Down to earth to death. Birds flew by harshly. Strange birds. Large. I have never seen such birds in my life. Look like eagles. But the feathers are red. He grabbed the leg of a bird. She pecked, but flew down with me. This saved me from death in the fall. Feathers flew off her in bunches. But I landed. I released the bird and lay down on the grass. All in sweat. Scared terribly. Fields on the entire horizon. The bird lay down.

— Where did you come from you stupid freak.- Said the bird in a female voice.- Ruined all my feathers. You see, I can’t fly because of you. That’s because the people went. We’ll have to take the form of a person, for a while, until the wings grow back.- She began to turn into a cute girl with red hair and a white short dress.- I would have turned away for the sake of decency. Here’s the shameless one.- The lady hit me on the cheek with her open hand. But not much. She has a very warm hand. Soft.

— Daughter, he did not offend you.- A black eagle landed on the ground, obviously the leader. Behind him and the whole flock.

— No, everything is fine. But the feathers will not grow soon.- The girl said as she brushed off her dress.

— He will pay me for it. Do the same with my sister.- An eagle with a white spot on its beak turned into a boy of about seventeen and took me by the breasts.

— I came from another world. My ex turned out to be a witch and sent me here. Although I don’t know where I am. This is not Russia?

— Leave him son Anton.- Said the old eagle turning into an old man under sixty.- Look at him. He is clearly an alien. Hero from another world. Again, perhaps the kings called. Maybe an evil magician or a witch called. Although the world is calm. Wars are always going on.

The girl’s brother let me go to the ground. I fell into the mud. He looked at me menacingly and clearly wanted to kill me. It has so much power.

— If he is a hero he must be strong.- The girl said. I took a closer look. Beautiful red hair. Brown eyes. The figure is straight berry. Eyes and hair likeeveryone in her pack. There are twenty of them. They stood around me. Fists are clenched. Shouting curses.- But the eyes are painfully vile. Appreciates me. No wonder my grandmother told me that people are lustful.

— I will kill you.- My brother said and clenched his fists near my face.

— Don’t blame him, he’s just an alien. They are all like that at first. I have seen two of them in my three hundred and eight years. Everyone started that way. Harem started. And he will start. You will only feel your power.

— I won’t start a harem. I had enough of my witch. For now, I won’t mess with the ladies. Exactly.

— That’s good.- Grandfather said narrowing his eyes.- So, you will not stick to your daughter. She still can’t fly. Will be your adventure companion. And as the feathers grow back, they will fly back to us.

— I don’t want to be with him.- The girl said angrily.

— Do not argue, daughter. He is a hero. Champion. You can’t leave him alone. And then the wrong forces will be typed. Knowledge there is all sorts of vile. And he will kill us all in retaliation. I know them. Heroes are a vengeful people. Heard the legend of ancient heroes"Victor Conqueror of Heights». Here was the wicked one. And his friend Peter is lightning fast. But many thousands of years have passed. Maybe they are no longer alive.

— If he’s that dangerous, let’s kill him and that’s it.- My brother said as he punched me in the face. Blood was pouring from his nose and eyes.

— We cannot do this. He is strong.- The old man said.

— Now we’ll find out. — My brother hit me in the face again. The blood got stronger. The pain is hellish. He is strong. Beat further.- You see, he is mortal and not strong.

— Yes, strange. They must be strong. So, however, it was with other aliens. Although they should spawn in the recruiting circle, not in the air.- Grandfather thought while I was beaten by the whole flock. The brother got a taste and started kicking. The girl has the same bare legs. Thought I would die.- Stop hitting him. Don’t take sin on your soul. We are not that kind of people. We soar above the clouds and live in the world.

— Okay father. — Brother stopped, others reluctantly the same. But going aside, they spat on me.

— You young people are so impulsive. Evil steel. How the dragon Mala was killed in the north and the trolls came to us in the valley. They stopped listening to the elders.- The grandfather turned to the pack and said. — Here’s my solution. My daughter Aralia will travel with a summoned hero. She will help him find his place in this world. Maybe he will go to the city, they will give him a reward. For the first time, she should have enough money. And when he finishes the treatment, he will return to us. We all fly away.

The whole flock of birds began to mourn. Saying goodbye is hard work. Everyone in turn hugged Aralia, turned into eagles and flew away. And I lay with a broken face in a pool of blood and urine. The girl waved her hand for a long time. Then she came up to me and kicked me hard in the groin.

— Dumb hero. I despise you. Everything was so good for me. Only the bridegroom was found by Servilas. And you ruined everything.- She again painfully hit me in the most valuable place.- Here’s the bad luck. Get up and let’s go to town. We will make documents for you, otherwise they will sell you into slavery. Or they’ll eat. Come to the Adventurer’s Guild with me. But before that, you need to tell the city hall about you. A strong magician lives there. It will help you decide on the future. Will give money. You will give me back a lot of money. You will work. For my wings. Are there abilities? In magic or martial art?

— I went to karate as a child. But abandoned. Definitely not strong in magic. Served in the army for a year. But there have been no wars for a long time. Therefore, only the weapons were cleaned and taken to the shooting range several times.

— That’s it. Why don’t you heal? What spells do you not know?

She said as she placed her warm hand on my head. I shook my head.

— Well, what to do with you. Spell"treatment».

I magically healed. Got up from the ground.

— If I were even handsome, it would not be a shame. It’s a pity you’re such a freak.

— Lady. Excuse me, but I consider myself handsome and attractive. All the girls told me that. I didn’t have many of them.- I said proudly.

— Look at you.- She created a mirror with magic and put it next to me.- Say are you beautiful?

A terrible sight met my eyes. The freak in the reflection was me. My attractive face turned into an ugliness. With freckles and pimples. And also warts. Pieces of flesh hung down like dried snot. I touched them, it’s pieces of skin. I tried to tear them off, but I couldn’t. Anyone would run away when they see me. At that moment, I saw the former witch laughing. This is her curse. So she mocked me. Well, I won’t be nice to ladies anymore. Tired.

— It doesn’t matter if I’m handsome or not. I will have many ladies. I will not be kind to you. Lead to the city. In the guild. And to the magician. We must try to return home and take revenge on the witch. And the fate of the other lady must be known. Maybe you saw her while flying? Young naked? No older than twenty.

— There are no other people in the valley. The city will be more specific. Haven’t been there for three years. I’ll go to the store. You have to buy a new dress. And that is already old. You need different equipment. Adventurers don’t have an easy life.

She stepped forward with a brisk step. I followed her. She was cheerful and sang a song about the wind, although a moment ago she had been furious. What a change she is. They walked for almost three hours. Terribly tired. Although he did not give a look in front of the lady. She was just as cheerful as at the beginning of the journey.

— Here is the city ahead. The glorious city of Bram. A province, of course, but there is an adventurer’s guild here. The first stronghold of people in the valley where the trolls live. Beyond are the great mountains. It’s a good thing they’re on a demon raid now. And then they would eat you handsome. Haha.- She laughed. I began to wonder what kind of prison term they give in this world for killing a girl’s eagle?

The city seemed unprepossessing to me. An ordinary log wall is not higher than two meters. Behind him were visible flimsy houses without visible luxury. The gloomy soldiers were bored at the gates. The same soldiers stood on the wall. The small queue of those wishing to enter at the gate did not evoke good memories. Customs is tough everywhere. So this is a thorough review. But I don’t have any documents. Even passports. Got a phone. The plate is broken. I pressed. Empty. Discharged. And also new. Must be charged from magnetic fields. It had everything. And digital documents and a card and a travel card between the planets. My whole life is on the phone.

— Who are they? — Said an old guard in mail and with a halberd.

— I’m Aralia Orlova, here are my documents.

She held out the iron tablet that hung on her chest. The guard briefly examined her and returned her back. Then he looked at me.

— And this one? Kind of painfully strange. You are mad, are not you? Here’s a freak. I don’t need sick people in the city.- He spat vilely at my feet. Others in line began to move away from me.

— He’s with me. My prey. I’m taking him to the magician Gnus. And the Adventurer’s Guild. Wings pulled out to me, without feathers remained. So I want to become an adventurer until they grow up.

— under your responsibility. You are a free people. You can still get into the city. So at least it’s official. Three silver and go.

— That’s it.- She said softly.- Give me one coin. Uncle, I’m such a sweet girl, do me a favor. Somehow I’ll cry later.- She winked at him. I almost felt sick. He’s old and creepy, after all.

— Okay daughter one coin. And then don’t come, I’m too old for this. Although you are beautiful, you could become my grandson’s wife. After all, he is still that fool, but with you he will take up his mind.

— Here is a coin.- The girl gently held out a coin with the profile of a snub-nosed uncle. I couldn’t read the inscription on it.

— Come on in. Just don’t be rude.

— With such a handsome man, I don’t know, maybe I will. How to keep yourself from temptation.- Aralia began to laugh. Same guard.

We entered the city. Dirty medieval city. Horses in wagons shitting everywhere. Tired houses. But what struck me was its inhabitants. Various races lived here. Orcs and mermaids, gnomes and elves. Beautiful and terrible succubus. But most of all I was struck by slime people. All liquid. The elves were not those beauties from books and films. Here they were ordinary girls with pointed ears. They were not particularly beautiful. Although I may have thought so. The effect of the former witch’s curse. After walking for ten minutes, we arrived at the shopping district. Counters with dirty food and goods.

— Only the poor buy here. We need to go to the stone part of the city. There are luxury shops.

— I believe in the word. I don’t like flea markets myself.

— What a good and true word. Fleas are tasty enough. Especially on the spit.

Chapter 2 Magicians and their quirks

The place where magicians work. From childhood I imagined that it would be a huge white tower in the center of the city. Or a black castle where the skeletons of warriors or zombies serve as a hermit magician. But in this world, everything is easier. An ordinary three-storey house made of mountain stone with a pen and staff sign.

— Is this building the place where magicians live?

— And what did you expect. They are people just like us. But they take a lot of bribes. So shut up.

The girl who used to be an eagle said with a menacing fist. I did not argue with her, we entered the building together. There we were met by a small but cute dwarf girl in a blue uniform. With the coat of arms of a snake and a griffin on the sleeves.

— Welcome to City Hall. I am Galina administrator. Do you have business with us?

— Yes. Here he is. Aralia pointed her finger at me.- Fell from the sky and hurt my wings. Pulled out the feathers. I want a reward for his information. He claims to be a hero. The witch sent him to our world. Maybe he’s lying, or maybe not. If so, give me a reward. I also want him to come with me to the adventurer’s guild later. Became my partners in this craft. May the debt be repaid. Because I have to wait until the wings grow back. By the way, what’s your name? She turned to me. In fact, I didn’t tell her my name.

— Danil.

— Silly name. But it doesn’t matter.- She turned to the gnome.- Galina who deals with such matters? Maybe the mage is the highest.

— I’ll look in the catalog now.- The lady smiled at us. I looked in a large book and began to look for something. Flipping through the pages.- So here it is. Thoren the third assistant of the magician will help you. She is in the three hundred and second office. Here is your pass.- She gave a piece of paper with a seal. It’s good that here is the same bureaucracy as everywhere else. I won’t get lost here.

— Thanks beauty. We are going.- The eagle girl said and we went.

Beautiful spiral staircase. On it ran two children with small horns. Boy and girl ten years old. The boy danced a strange dance, and the girl clapped her hands and sang a song.

— Peace will come and peace will go, but our savior will come.

— What kind of savior is this? — I asked the girl. Her two yellow pigtails seemed ridiculous to me.

— Savior that will change the world.- She said cheerfully.

— Uncle don’t pester my fiancee. Your lady next to you stands her little or something, that’s what kind of bust she has. I do not understand what the ladies find in such freaks.- The boy said, covering the girl with himself. Well, the defender has been found. I noticed he had a reptile tail. The horns also stuck out of the hair. Three jokes.

— I am not his lady. He is my prey.- Aralia said. Her figure is really lovely.

— So it’s wonderful, you will become my second wife. It will be cool. Will you clean up the toys for me? Get jam from the top shelves for me, and for Masha too. The first wife in the harem. And you will be second. You will read scary tales to me. And then my grandmother only reads for children. And I’m not a child anymore.

— No, I’m her prey and she’s my girlfriend, though she doesn’t know it yet. But I’ll get my way.

Proudly puffing out my chest, I said. I used to inspire fear in the hooligans in the area. After all, he beat them more than once.

— Oh sure. I won’t lie with this.- Aralia laughed. Just like children. And the most offensive lady dwarf Galina at the counter smiled maliciously.

— Yah you.- I felt offended, and I went ahead and left them laughing behind. Something needs to be done about the outside. If this is the world of magic, then there must be an enchantment to cure the curse, either potions or decoctions. I don’t want to live the rest of my days like this. Although you can buy a mask to start. And this is an idea.

Found the office I needed quickly. He asked a passing man in glasses and a robe, he pointed to the red door. He entered without waiting for his companion. Let the laughs continue with the children. Didn’t knock. May this world meet the new evil me. Near the window stood a demon with blue skin and two yellow horns. In a red military uniform. Three mugs on shoulder straps. He is clearly an officer. He stood not alone, but hugging an angel girl with white wings and the same white shoulder-length hair. Dressed in a loose white tunic. The lady is clearly beautiful, but painfully sad. Apparently it was not a rush of passion. The demon only consoled the lady. Although clearly with hidden intentions. I don’t trust demons. The room was simple. Large white writing chair, sofa and three chairs. Behind the table were folders with various documents. I remembered the offices in which I worked part-time in my youth.

— You were not taught to knock, young man.- Said the angel all in tears.- We had a serious conversation here.

— I don’t care about your conversation. I am a hero from another world. Lady Aralia brought me here. Wants to receive an award. I want to get out of this filthy world.- I said and unceremoniously sat down on a chair near the table. Very comfortable chair covered with velvet. I haven’t sat on these yet.

— Okay, Alphonse, we’ll talk later. Tell me about your problems.- The lady said. The demon with a twisted face left the office. I looked at the lady who sat next to me in a chair at the table. That means who’s the mage here. Thoren third assistant mage

At that moment, my companion entered the room by knocking. She bowed and sat down next to me. What kind of manners to bow to everyone. There was silence. I don’t like those moments.

— Give me an angel award. My future lady wants money.- I said the first thing that came to mind.

— You can’t talk to her like that, although she is the third assistant, she is a magician.- Aralia said, grabbing my hand. She doesn’t mind cutting her nails. Ripped off all the skin.

— Thank you lady for such words. But the question is. How could a hero come into our world. We mages didn’t know about it. There were no signs, no signs. There are no major wars. There are no princes of darkness or self-proclaimed lords. All is quiet in the world.

— My ex turned out to be a witch. That’s what kicked me out here. Thought I was cheating on her. But it’s not. So there is another hero in this world. The lady that I saved. Although she must be very far away from me. That’s what the witch told me. My ex Regina.- Saying her name sent a chill through my body. On the faces of the ladies, the same changes took place. There was fear. Even horror.

— You slept with Regina Kostlyava, the destroyer of peoples. The scourge of mankind- Thoren said. She was afraid to speak.

— Don’t say her name or she’ll curse you too.- Aralia said while covering her mouth.

— Yes, I slept with Regina many times. And what is it? — I did not understand the meaning of the question.

— She is five thousand years old and she is old. The elf hero Kalevan seduced her and tricked her into the portal hundreds of years ago. There are various rumors about her. That she will return to avenge us for this. Although I didn’t believe them. Her old king seduced and dishonored her in his youth. Then he gave it around to his soldiers. She fled into the woods, wounded. There she was looked out by the old witch Anna Crystal Eye. Regina became a strong witch. Got revenge on everyone. In place of that country is now the sea. Flooded it all. Here is such a legend.

— It doesn’t matter. Will you give money to my companion?

— Oh sure. Such information is valuable.- Toren took out a pouch and put it on the table.- One hundred gold. We must urgently notify the council of magicians. We need to gather people. Announce mobilization.

— I love money.- Aralia happily took the money in her hand, then they disappeared.

— Why did the bag disappear? — I asked, not believing my eyes.

— I put it in the void. Isn’t it in your world?

— We don’t have magic.

The ladies paused and looked at each other. Toren visibly calmed down.

— So Regina is in a world without magic. It changes everything. She went to great lengths to send you here. So there is no threat.

— I will not return the money.- The lady eagle said menacingly, putting her hand to the blade on her belt.

— No, keep the money. This news is even better.

— I want to take the hero as my partner in the adventurer’s guild.- Aralia said removing her hand from the blade.

— It’s your right. But I don’t see any magical powers in it. He is also not strong as a warrior. Although the mind is visible. Here are the numbers going up. Maybe an alchemist.- Toren bent down and pulled two blades of grass from a shelf. handed them to me- Here, try to make a potion out of them.

— Good.- I took them in hand. Turned it over, sniffed it smells like mint.- What to do with them?

— Here is stupid. Tell"potions get ready»and all.- Aralia said angrily.

— Potions, get ready.- Then, after some thought, I added.- The most powerful.- The herbs in my hand shook, glowed, and a second later I had a glass vial with a red potion in my hand.- Here it is.- What a joy. First time I see this. I handed the potion to Thoren.

— Here’s the oddity.- She fiddled with the vial in her hands. Then she opened it. I sniffed. She took a sip.- Strong potion. New. Restores strength and health. But I see such effects for the first time. I’ve only heard about them in legends. You really are a hero. Champion from another world. I’ll leave the potion for myself for experiments. Who sent you here?

— You know Regina.- I said evil. I did not want to remember the former witch.

— No, I’m not talking about that. You could be sent to any world. Ours is not the only one. We know it. But who exactly brought you to our world. And for what purpose. Here is the riddle. We need to sort out the mages. And we will look for your girlfriend. So in the guild of adventurers is the right place for you. Maybe you can find it before us.- She began rummaging again on the table shelf.- Here are your new papers. Spell"Name and status».

She handed me a sign with my name and status.

— From the guild bonus you thirty gold. There is a note in the corner about it.

I watched. Yes, there is.

— There is one condition. For now, don’t tell anyone that you’re a hero from another world. And then you will be called to battle. With your fortune, you will lose and dishonor all the heroes that came to us before you. We wouldn’t want that. And don’t talk about your world to everyone. Aralia can be your partner from this day on. And responsible for you. This is clear?

We nodded. I didn’t want to talk about my world of developed future.

— Sell the potion, but with a note that it was made by the magicians in the guild. Here are the papers.- A scroll appeared out of thin air, which she handed to Aralia.- Don’t forget to pay taxes. You are now a hero, a citizen of the Yarov state. And sorry for asking, but what’s wrong with your face. It doesn’t look like a curse. Were you born this way?

— No, it’s a curse. Witch did. You don’t have a cure for this. Or even masks?

— Sorry hero there is no such potion. Maybe do it yourself. from these herbs.

She grew five blades of grass from the shelf. Handed it over to me. The smell is floral, and maybe lemon.

— Potion to remove my curse. I want to become as handsome as before so that the ladies stick to me.- The herbs in her hands became a bubble of bright red liquid. I drank it in one gulp.- Is there an effect?

— No, you’re still the same freak. Maybe it takes time. In the meantime, it has not worked, here is the mask.- The magician again began to dig in the boxes. Yes, they are simply bottomless or there is emptiness. I didn’t understand her principle.- There she is.- She took out a beautiful mask. All covered in gold and jewels.- The thing is expensive. But it suits you. It has a healing feature and increases stamina. Mask of the lord of darkness. She changes to her master.

I liked the mask. I tried it on. Covers the entire face. It has two large cutouts for the voice and for the nose. Aralia created a mirror. I liked the look. Became like a man.

— In it, you are just written handsome. Your body is strong and lean.- Aralia said touching my pumped up arms. But then she pulled them away.- But underneath, you’re a freak.

— Yes, the mask suits you as a hero. Don’t take it off. You can then visit me in it. But already alone. Let’s talk. I recently lost my husband. At war with the trollsdied. Come comfort the widow.

Yes, what happened to them. A real magical mask. I will cherish her. Maybe the potion is partially working.

— Maybe I’ll go.- I looked at the ladies. Apparently they can’t talk anymore.- We need to go to the Adventurer’s Guild. Let’s talk later beautiful mage.

Began to go out. Aralia followed me.

— My friend Gaora works in the guild, she will serve you out of turn. And he will give the best assignments. Say something from me. Better pass this note.- The magician began to write a note on a piece of paper with a pen. Just a couple of lines and handed me. I came and took it. She grabbed my hand. Claws and she did not interfere with cutting.- Come in the evening to the house of one thousand three hundred and three Magic street do not linger. I was alone for a long time. My husband was in the war for a year. Waited for him.

I gently pulled my hand away. He nodded his head and left the office. Strange Day. Aralia came up in the corridor and took her hand.

— What are you doing? — I asked in surprise. She used to avoid me.

— I wanted to take your hand. And then you get lost. You are new in this world. I am responsible for you. Let’s go to the guild.

The lady’s voice became supple and gentle. The anger is gone. Miracle mask. Miracle potion. A girl and a boy who were playing on the stairs, noticing the changes, began to scream.

— Bride and groom. Tili-tili dough.

To my surprise, Aralia did not remove her hand. The dwarf lady winked at me at the entrance. Looks mean a lot here. As well as in my world.

The streets were busy. The people fussed and pushed. Lots of pickpockets here. I’ve noticed a few of them myself. In dark hoods. The small knives on their belts glowed green. It’s probably poison. Although it might be something else. This world is very different from mine. Temples of Light were everywhere. Monks in white robes sang hymns, collecting donations in bowls on their hands. Others in black robes called for prayers.«Ask for forgiveness from the Goddess of Light. She is kind and will drive away the evil creature. Goddess of Evil. A curse on her head». Here are the fools. There are no gods here. There is ruin and poverty everywhere.

— Let’s go to this store. We need to buy you a weapon. And then you walk around naked.- The lady eagle said laughing and took me to a store with a sign"Magic weapons and items». I began to read their letters in this mask. I didn’t understand how. He took off his mask. Again, vague characters. Allotment. I can read. A lovely mask.

It was beautiful in the twenty-meter shop. Silk carpets and magical weapons are everywhere. Paintings of battles from different eras. From primitive ones with spears and arrows to magical ones with staves and flying dragons with riders. We were approached by an elderly half-human man with donkey ears and the same teeth in glasses.

— Welcome to my store. I am an Orly owner. What you need? Let me guess.- He looked closely at the lady. -You need blades. You are a werewolf eagle. Your race is agile, but weak in magic. Look at these blades.- He pulled two blades from behind the counter, obviously expensive ones. Jeweled and blazing red pulsing light.- They are fiery just right for you. It’s also a good idea to buy armor. Here I have one for you.- He deftly took out the coat of mail. Thin and light.- This chain mail is made from ore dmerite. The lightest thing in the world. But very durable.- Seeing the lady’s interest, he continued.- Only two hundred gold for everything.

— Thirty.- The lady said, trying on chain mail and holding blades in one hand. She was very gentle with them.

— Fourty.

— Goes.- He took the payment and turned to me.- I will offer you a young man in a mask. Oh, this is the first time. You can’t be read. And my vision ability doesn’t work. Weird. You are not just a traveler.

— You better not know.- I said and winked. The words of the mage Thoren must be obeyed. At least while she will help me, in search of options to return home.- Show everything. Maybe I’ll pick up something.

— Your outfit is very strange. I have never seen such fabric. Lightweight but durable.

— And then. And it doesn’t burn.- I bought a shirt on sale from non-burning fabric.

— Excuse me. Spell"the fire». — He came up to me with a ball of fire and ran it down my sleeve. It didn’t catch fire. Living in 2060 is something. Too bad I didn’t bring any equipment with me.That’s the trouble.

— She may not break.- Aralia plunged her red blades into him. As I thought, they didn’t pierce it.- How wonderful. You are so amazing.- And she kissed me. I’d be happy. But the kiss was for the mask.

— So you don’t need armor? That’s when you get a staff of water. I’ve had it for a long time. Maybe it will finally work for you. Three generations lie idle.- He handed me a staff with a skull on the base. Apparently the creature was not human. More like a reptile.

— Too light.- I held it in my hand. Convenient thing. How to walk comfortably. But it’s a terrible sight. The staff’s eyes sparkled.

— He accepted you. This rarely happens. This staff belonged to the Dark Lord Alejandro. Thousands of years ago, until Michael defeated him in a battle on the mountain. It has two modes. Say blade.

I said. A sword appeared in place of the staff. Ephesus was with the same skull, and the sword was almost a meter long. But again, he was very light. I waved a few times. Comfortable. I liked the sword better. It’s clear how to use it. I don’t have any manna.

— Cuts through everything. Although, as always, there are limitations. He himself determines the owner. Look here.- He took the sword from my hands. He immediately turned into a staff. Skull gone.- Blade.- But nothing happened.- Here you see. He accepted you.

— For how much you sell.- Aralia said. The sight of the skull fascinated her. People here are greedy for trinkets.

— Honestly I do not know. Got it purely for good luck. He wandered the world from hand to hand for many millennia. Nobody was able to use it. Except Michael. So my great-grandfather got it in exchange for a bag of buckwheat. So two hundred gold.

— With this money you can buy buckwheat fields. Twenty or we’ll be gone. Look for other fools for that amount.- Aralia said, winking at me. She became noticeably warmer towards me.

— Fourty. And here you are, in addition, gloves made of smooth rat leather.- Orly pulled a pair of black gloves from the counter. I tried on. Lightweight and durable. I nodded to the lady.

— Here comes the money.- She took the money out of the void. She kissed me again on the mask and we said goodbye and left the store. On the street she said.- How did we get on. We have money. I haven’t seen such things in a long time. Now we are not ashamed to enter the guild. And I know their manners. Those who do not have cool equipment are looked at as empty space. We don’t need this. You are my champion.- She pressed her whole body against me. So nice.

Chapter 3 Guild

Here is the guild. Modest two-storey brick rear. The only thing that distinguished it from the others was a nondescript sign. How easily they destroy my dreams. Where are the dragons on the towers near the entrance. There is nothing. Only a fat guard in old armor at the entrance. He looked at us and spat on the ground and opened the door. I wanted to smile at him, but remembering that I didn’t do it in a mask. At least the view inside did not let us down. Cheerful music of three dwarf musicians. Tables where dice and cards were played. Rack with stone tablets of tasks. And three reception desks. Of course, with elves curators. All in blue sundresses and blue hair. But they didn’t have big breasts. It’s a pity.

— What you need? — Asked the centaur lady blocking our way. She had a prominent bust. The fifth size is no less. Aralia did not like her at once.

— We want to register. We are newbies. Although we have good equipment.- Aralia drew her blades of fire and pointed to the mail.

— And what ordinary things.- Said the Orc, who had come up behind the centaur lady. Terrible muscles, stupid face.

— This is what will surprise you. Show Daniel.

There was nothing to do. I turned the staff into a sword. Then back. The skull reptile’s eyes sparkled. The entire guild was silent. It’s strange, I thought there was a lot of good stuff here.

— This is a terrible weapon. But it’s impossible to use it. Only a select few can do this.

— I am not the chosen one. There is just the ability. Look, I don’t have mana. I can’t do magic.- I used my staff to shout out spells. heard along the way. But nothing happened. At first, everyone was shaking with fear. But then they calmed down.

— Don’t worry.- An elf came out from behind the stairs to the second floorbeautiful but looks old. The eyes showed age. Although the figure of the lady was juicy.- He can only create illusions. The staff in his hands is an ordinary one.- The hall calmed down. She came up to me and said.- I’m Gaora Guildmaster. Who you are?

— I am Danil. This is Aralia.

— You have a letter from Toren.

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