The killer children in history

Бесплатный фрагмент - The killer children in history

Real events

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Scary stories about crimes committed by adolescents. There are even serial maniacs. Some were released! There are girl killers…

12 biographies. From these facts, blood cools! Ruthless little monsters, their habits, crimes and punishments… In Japan, England, Russia, the USA, Ukraine… Why does it happen? Accident, genes, alcoholism, poverty, wrong upbringing, guilt of parents or society?

Anne Perry

Juliet Marion Hume, born on 29.10.1938, London, Great Britain — first of all known as a writer, released her first work in 1979. Already being a sixteen-year-old teenager, she killed her friend’s mother. For this she was punished by imprisonment. Having freed herself, Juliet changed her passport details. Now she became known as Anne Perry.

Ann (she was Juliet) was born in the sleeping area of London — Blackheath. Her father, Henry Hume, was a doctor. From early childhood, the girl suffered from tuberculosis. And in the hopes of the parents that the climate change was more mild, she constantly moved from one point of light to another. Thus, at thirteen years she moved to New Zealand.

There, young Anne Perry went to the girls’ school. There she started a friendship with Pauline Parker. Like Anne, Parker was going through a disease, so they had a release from physical pursuits and sat around for the evening reading fantasy.

Later they very strongly rallied. All their free time they spent with each other, joking, having fun. But soon psychiatrists, interfering in their friendship, said something disappointing — their friendship began to be unhealthy. Then the newspapers intervened. All only talked about the unconventional sexual orientation of Ann and Pauline. They, of course, claimed the opposite.

In early 1954, Marion’s mother told her about the decision to divorce the girl’s father, and to send her to her aunt in South Africa. Pauline wanted to go with her friend, but the girl’s mother was adamant — Parker was refused. In response to such a categorical refusal, the girls planned the murder of Pauline’s mother. In June of the same year, all three went out for a walk in the park. There juvenile criminals dropped a brilliant pebble on the road.

Only the woman bent down behind him to see better, Pauline and Perry struck her several times. The tool of murder was a brick in a stocking. Colin Pearson — a pathologist, after examining the body, counted 45 injuries with a blunt object. Hell on earth.

The story of these girlfriends was widely publicized. Like all life, they were brought to court again together. Due to the fact that at the time of the crime they were about 16 years old, they managed to avoid the death penalty. But they were put in prison and deprived of the right to communicate.

Alexander Rubel

Alexander Rubel, born December 25, 1980 — a maniac from Estonia. Being under the influence of alcohol, he killed 6 people with poisonous vapors of gasoline. Acted on the territory of Tallinn. The Tallinn court elected the highest, at that time, preventive measure — 8 years in prison.

When Alexander went to the murders and committed them, he was under the influence of gasoline. His victim also included his neighbor Tyn Põlda. As the criminal said, on the day of the crime, he simply had to kill at least one person, and in the role of the victim chose almost defenseless, who could not resist. In November, the next target was Pavlov Alexey, born in 1963.

Helped Alexander in the crimes of his father — Andrew. According to the testimony, the motive for killing Pavlov was that he allegedly had sexual relations with the wife of Rubel the elder. The victim was pushed into the house of the Rubles, where they strangled Alexei and threw him out of the window. Then Andrei was sentenced to seven years in custody.

A little later, in January 98th, this criminal killed his third victim — Eugene Shelest, the crime was committed on the Tallinn beach. On February 2, Vladimir Ivanov was also killed and beheaded, this man just passed Rubel, asked him for a cigarette, and several coins. A week later Olga Voronkova (born in 1944) was dead.

At the end of February and beginning of March, the fourth man, Kiznersky Vladimir, was also found dead. To prove the guilt of Rubel to the incident the investigation failed, but later, during the investigation, Alexander pleaded guilty to this crime. June 4, Alexander cut his throat Alice Sievas. At that time she was a colo of 15 years. It happened in Pagliaissar.

A city judge who investigated and tried the Rubel case, very much wanted to recognize the latter as involved in all crimes, setting for him in this way the maximum measure of restraint. The punishment helped to soften the killer’s age — at that time he was not 18 years old. At the meeting, the maniac behaved inadequately, he wanted to ruin the judge, he promised to bury all his victims in the same cemetery that he had set up. The city court imposed for him a sentence of eight years imprisonment. In two thousand and six, he was released from custody. Then he changed his passport details and left for Ukraine.

Was there repentance? The story is silent about this.

Yukio Yamadzi

Yukio Yamadzi (August 21, 1983 — July 28, 2009) — a maniac from Japan who committed a series of crimes. First of all, he killed his own mother. The crime was committed at the beginning of the two thousandth.

Yukio lived in a poor family, when the boy was only 12 years old, his father died of liver disease caused by long drunks. After graduating from high school, Yukio did not begin to study further, but immediately began to work in a kiosk. In July 2000, Yukio, killed his 50-year-old mother. From this, he began his series of ruthless murders.

Yamaji simply scored her bat, and then he himself confessed to the police. Two days later, he was taken into custody. Explaining his crime, he stated the hostile attitude of his mother to his chosen one, who also introduced her lover into debt. Three years later he was amnestied.

Subsequently, he moved to a neighboring city where he sexually molested and killed two sisters, Asuku Uehara (27 years) and Chihiro (19 years old). These sisters have never seen Yukio before. After the commission of the crime, he set fire to their apartment, and he fled. He was detained by the police in December. At the police station, they were told that he was enjoying killing his victims. The whole public was in shock.

A little later, namely on 13.12.2006, he was punished in the form of execution. His defense insisted on mitigating the verdict, however, the defendant himself was against mitigation. In July 2009, he was executed. This happened when he was only 25 years old. He is called the youngest executed in the history of Japan.

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