The Key to Eternal Life

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This book is about the GREAT SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, which are still unknown on Our Planet!

For the extraordinary superpowers of a Spiritual Master, given to him by God, to heal the Souls and Bodies of people.

It is about a miraculous man who has awakened me from a deep sleep with THE DIVINE ENERGY, who has awoken me from a deep sleep, cured all my diseases and increased the frequency of vibrations of my consciousness to the highest point with the power of his DIVINE ENERGY.

What inspired me to write this book?

Of course, human consciousness’s Evolution!

Mankind cannot live in a deep sleep for centuries and millennia … If we want to evolve and ascend the spiritual path, there is only one way – to awaken our consciousness so that each person can be freed from the power of the Dark Forces and continue on the way to the Light.

My book shows to every soul the way to a happy life, the spiritual evolution, to love and light, to eternal life in Heaven on Earth.

Follow God – Father Absolute and you will be always healthy, happy, rich and discover the Key to Eternal Life!


The purpose of writing this book is to share my spiritual awakening and to present to the World the GREAT SPIRITUAL MASTER, the “Miracle man” – Igor Borisovich Ivanov from St. Petersburg, Russia.

To introduce the one who was gifted by God with GREAT DIVINE ENERGY to heal with his hands, as with a “laser”, all human illnesses!











This book is about the GREAT SECRETS that are still unknown on Our Planet!

This book is about a Wonder man, who with his strong Divine energy woke me up from a deep sleep.

A Spiritual Healer who with his energy cured all diseases of my physical body and raised my potential to the highest point by the power of his Devine Energy.


Igor Borisovich Ivanov advised me to read “Revelations to the People of the New Century”.

Supreme Cosmic Mind dictates these revelations from 2004.

“Foreword of the Almighty:

For the existence of man and his tasks in the Material World, his preparation to meet with Me, I give you a modern interpretation of the World structure in which people are now and the structure of the Spiritual World in which they will be at the end of their earthly life.”

The site is a translation from the Russian site of “Revelations to the people of the New Century”: www.otkroveniya.eu.

He revealed my mission here on planet Earth and he granted me this energy that I not only wrote a book, but also managed to make a leap into the SPIRITUAL SPHERE and radically change my life in a positive direction and find myself.

The reality in which we live here, on our planet – is now in the third dimension, or the so-called Material World.

In this book are my revelations about the new beginning of my life, about my development in the spiritual sphere, about the miracles that happen every day around us, but we do not notice them…

This book is also written and about: to help people realize that certain events that seem random to us are not random at all, BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE!

Everything is predestined. From the beginning, everything is predestined by God.

Everything that happens to us in our lives: good or bad, diseases, problems, conflicts – these are our Divine tests that we have to go through and that we have to deal with. These tests make us stronger and more confident. The only solution to these problems in our lives is to CHANGE OURSELVES TO START A NEW BEGINNING.

Changing within ourselves – the World changes too!

Every day we can change something inside us. Every day we can learn something new. Every day we can change our way of thinking, our consciousness, because THOUGHT is a great force – everything in our world is created by it.

CHANGE – this is the KEY to solve all the so-called problems and unexpected situations in our lives.

This is because the problems do not exist. No one is ever guilty of anything. We create the problems around us with our thoughts without realizing it.

As we think, so we live! No one but ourselves is responsible for the situations and events around us! The most important thing is to learn to think correctly, to think only positively and NOT to live in the past! Living in the past, we stop evolving and tread in one place only.

Life is inside us – As we feel from inside, we eradiate outside as well!

When a person begins to change, it changes everything and everyone around himself!


For example, to get rid of bad habits and qualities of our character – we decide to do everything the opposite in our new life. If we smoke and drink – we must give up cigarettes and alcohol. Our behavior and attitude towards others must be always good. When a person writes down all his bad habits and qualities on a piece of paper then it will be easier for him to get rid of them. Moreover, when he starts to get rid of them, i.e. to change in a positive direction, he automatically helps his whole family … This is how his consciousness begins to change too.

Here is the Golden Formula:

We are changing – everyone around us is changing positively! Never offend others. Always be kind, because “only GOOD can defeat EVIL” – so said the great prophetess, Vanga. To get rid of the malice, the greed, the jealousy, the insult – with other words – to get rid of all the qualities of our EGO (Self) that prevent us from being what we really are, prevent us from revealing ourselves. To be able to get rid of such qualities as FEAR, DOUBT, and INSECURITY IN ONESELF – they do not exist they are just an ILLUSION.





The forgiveness prayer is the truest purification from an insult from the very roots of it. They say that time heals. People forget, but do not forgive, and even secretly hide from themselves malice and insult against someone, but do not show it to others… Frankly, one must forgive from the depths of his soul, to clear radically the insult. However, how to do it? There are certain prayers that help cleansing the physical body of insult, because unforgiven insult results in diseases such as cancer, etc.


O Lord, Heavenly Father,

Please forgive me

All my sins,

Willingly or unwillingly made. Amen!




Dear God, forgive me for the resentment towards… (name).

Dear God, forgive… (name) resentment towards me…


These divine prayers purify you energetically and they release you from all the accumulated negative energy: from the malice and resentment inside you. Even just by reading these prayers, one can purify oneself energetically and physically.

If a certain person, who is very close to you – father, mother, brother, sister, insults you – it is very difficult sometimes to forgive like that, immediately … The insults from the closest people hurt the most. The consequences of such insults remain in our minds for many years. Healing and purification can only be achieved through PRAYER. In this world, anything is possible. Read prayers, pray for a long time – days, weeks, months…

How to understand if you have managed to get rid of the insult? This is understood when you meet the person you have once felt malice and hatred for, then you will feel inner relief in your soul. You will feel LOVE, KINDNESS and PEACE in his presence. That means you have finally “pulled out”, eradicated the insult– YOU’VE FORGIVEN HIM…


Here is the new prayer “OUR FATHER” – IT DOES MIRACLES.












Igor Ivanov told me the following: “Trayana, in this three-dimensional world everything can be easily achieved, you can earn millions and billions from deals and work in the field of business. In general, you can make any business successful, but the hardest thing in this world is to IMPROVE YOURSELF, TO CHANGE YOURSELF, YOUR CHARACTER, TO GET RID OF BAD HABITS.

The hardest thing is to overcome and beat your Ego so your “Higher Self” can win.

This is the main MISSION of every single person on our planet: to defeat his own Ego and get rid of those bad qualities that prevent him from being who he really is…

This means to attain the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

How to do this?


Revelations about the new beginning in my life and my development in the spiritual sphere

Hello dear readers!

I started writing this book in 2012 and I finished it in early 2018. There was a period when I did not write, during which I had to get rid of my Ego or the so-called selfish human qualities that prevented me from printing and publishing this book…

During this period, I’ve awaken from a “deep sleep”, revealed myself and stepped into the real world already with a perfectly pure and clear consciousness, with a purer soul and heart, “understood” the reality in which we live here on Earth, in the so-called Material World (or in the third dimension).

The story I will tell you is part of my life on the island of Cyprus, in the city of Limassol. It just all happened here on this island in early 2010. A financial crisis – an event that I had never experienced before, invaded my life with stress and depression…

Of course, everything happened due to lack of the so-called MONEY. Yes, this is how our world works – you need “MONEY” to move forward. For us, they are, in a way, the main reason for survival.

Money helps us pay bills, feed us, dress us. We use them to buy this or that. Without them, life in the third dimension is almost impossible!

When a person is unemployed, without income, without any material and financial assistance, and in a foreign country, without relatives, when it seems that he has no way out, then he has only one thing left: to turn to the Lord God for help. Whenever problems arise in life: a serious disease or the need for money and help, mostly people turn to God like this: Help me, God! Give me this, give me that … They ask: Why am I unlucky? Why me? What did I do wrong?

No one ever asks: DOES GOD NEED SOMETHING?

No one can answer these questions … We always look for the fault in others, but we never look for the answers from ourselves. God is inside us – in our heart, in our soul. We ourselves are Humans!

We must first change ourselves so that God can help us. Therefore, it happened to me. I always tried to be good – both with strangers and with my relatives. I helped them when needed I was never a materialist. When the time of the difficult and cruel tests I had to go through unexpectedly came, to be honest, I was unprepared for them. For most people, life flows in waves: tide – ebb, have – have not. Many rely on their parents and live this way for many years. They get used to the fact that money – i.e., they do not exist.

My case was this: from a lot of money to zero. But as a result of all the tests, I became more ambitious and more confident.

And suddenly a tragedy! On December 15, 2011, I had an accident. I crashed my best friend’s car, I was myself seriously injured, but thanks God I survived. Stress and fear remained for a long time, which worsened my condition. To deal with the fear, on February 8, 2012, I started attending the sessions of a Russian woman. She was sure she could help me to get rid of the fear.

Each time during a session, she put me in a trance. She used hypnosis to treat with COSMIC ENERGY, which obviously is against God’s laws. With the help of hypnosis, being in a trance, one remembers the past, almost all the conflicts and problems of real life – the so-called SINS and MISTAKES, which in reality we cannot admit because we either do not want it or our Ego does not allow.

Despite many sessions, this woman failed to cope with the “family curse” of our family. During the sessions, she prayed, read the Bible, but eventually realised that she was failing and lacking energy.

The trance during the sessions provided a connection to the subconscious, and I saw many episodes of my life. Then I felt and realised that this curse could only be destroyed by a male’s capability.

While visiting this woman, I listened to what she read from the Bible, and then I began to pray in Russian every day. Every day, getting out of bed in the morning, I prayed to the icon of Saint Nicholas of Myra (also known as Nicholas of Bari, was an early Christian bishop of Greek descent from the maritime city of Myra in Asia Minor during the time of the Roman Empire. Because of the many miracles attributed to his intercession, he is also known as Nicholas the Miracle worker), I prayed to God to forgive me all my sins and mistakes, committed by me willingly or unwillingly, I prayed for LIGHT IN THE TUNNEL to show me the direction or give me a sign on how to see the road again. I prayed with all my heart and soul and asked:

— Why, Lord? Why did this happen to me, what did I do wrong? Show me the way, Dear God, give me instructions, give me the Light in the tunnel – what am I doing here in Cyprus?!” I prayed to give me strength, hope, patience and a way to the Light. Shipwrecked, I drifted into the darkness of the unknown.

And God heard me: on March 2, 2012 (I remember it was Friday), I met Igor Borisovich Ivanov, the Man – “Miracle” from St. Petersburg, from Russia. Our meeting took place in one of the online clubs, where I was “accidentally” (of course, there is nothing accidental in this world).

Approaching, he asked me:

— Do you deal in real estate?

— Yes.

— I want to rent a two-bedroom apartment …

That is how we have met. I started listing what vacant apartments we had, and he suddenly said:

— A large black spot hangs on the right above your head…

I almost jumped in surprise, because I already knew about it from the same woman I went to so unsuccessfully! Tears flowed from my eyes… He said:

— I need to help you destroy this as soon as possible!

I answered:

— Yes, I know about this, but I do not have anything and I cannot pay you, Igor!

— No problem! More importantly, you need help right now! Your three angels brought you to me, and one of them is Vanga’s angel. You, of course, know who Vanga (Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova, commonly known as Vanga, was a blind Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist, who spent most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh mountains in Bulgaria. Zheni Kostadinova claimed in 1997 that millions of people believed she possessed paranormal abilities) is?

I only managed to say through tears:

— Yes, of course, I know very well who the prophetess Vanga is.

— Yes. You are the future Vanga, but in a much stronger form. I see many people waiting at your door. You will be able to see the future and heal. Your energy will be so strong that people will heal as soon as they sit next to you. You must wake up the Bulgarian people, Trayana! In Bulgaria 98% are still asleep, there are only 2% spiritually developed.

And again:

— You need to be helped quickly, to heal.

— How?

— I do sessions with my hand – this is how I treat. This method of medicine will come to this world only in 30 years. I can cure all diseases in the physical body of a person, I see it as through a scanner, I destroy all the negative energy in the organs …

This happened on March 2, 2012, on Friday. The next day we immediately started the therapeutic sessions. Even during the first session, Igor destroyed OUR FAMILY CURSE, which was made in the line of my grandfather. Igor said that because of this curse, all men of the family were doomed to die young. I saw this myself, being in a trance, during the sessions with the Russian woman. Then I saw this male hand that was written to heal me. Igor’s session helped me quit smoking and alcohol, which was very important to me. The next day we visited the Convent Ayia Glossa (“Holy Tongue”). There is an icon there that is over 500 years old, which cures those who cannot walk, cannot speak, and cures many other diseases.

When Igor prayed in front of this icon, he said that he saw live paintings related to him (the man). He told me that I would live in Paradise, and also that for the first time in so many years of living in Cyprus, he saw a man with such a pure soul as mine (he sees human souls).

From that day on, my real treatment began. Every day during the sessions, he cleaned the negative energy from my body.

How does Igor heal? – Puts a hand on the person’s heart or the affected area and heals in about 50–60 minutes. There were times when during the sessions I saw different images like a movie or as a picture.

First we began to heal my heart. Then clear the lungs contaminated by cigarettes (after 22 years of smoking!) And free the body from nicotine addiction. How does Igor see people’s diseases?

He has GOD’S GIFT to see people’s souls. He sees every disease in a person from the very beginning: where it came from, in what rebirth it appeared, in what situation. Of course, modern medicine is not familiar with such ways of diagnosis. For example, while clearing my lungs of the effects of the smoking, he said he saw a lot of soot and flies flying out of me (on an energy level). Moreover, when he was treating the severe pain in my right leg, he said that this pain in me was due to (conflicts) in the family. Indeed, there were many unpleasant events in our family during this period. In general: all diseases in our body, no matter what they are – diseases of the arms, legs, neck, spine, kidneys, etc. – appear because of certain situations in our lives through our THOUGHTS (I emphasize!)

He began to treat my kidneys, which had formed sand and were in danger of forming a stone. I learned from Igor that all human malice accumulates in the kidneys. Negative energy and malice towards MEN gathers on the left, and on the right – towards WOMEN. And this is natural, because our body is divided into two parts: YAN is the male – the left side, and IN is the right – the female side.

From the very beginning, from the first session, I began to see how everything changes in my life, as well as the people around me. When he was treating my asthma, I cried during the session, and Igor saw energy BATS crawling out of my chest and flying away … Of course, these visions may seem funny or childish to you, but Igor saw them that way.

The treatment of asthma was very complicated and, I would say, a painful treatment for me, but he, Igor, managed to free me energetically from this disease forever. Igor’s energy is so strong that it can clean and destroy everything negative in a person, such as fear, insecurity, bad thoughts, stress, nervousness, with other words – everything that can harm the human body. Most importantly, with the help of his divine energy, man is able to change your thinking in a positive direction. One can become better; one can learn to think positively (which is by no means easy at all!). It is a type of energy healing treatment that will come to all of us in 30 years.

I will never forget the last session of my asthma treatment. I had a very severe attack and I was cough choking. For a moment, I felt a strong rush of energy from Igor’s hands and a miracle happened! At first the cough intensified, my whole body began to tremble like in a fever, and suddenly I began to receive information about how long the Dark Forces had held me captive, tortured me, their final goal was to die of asthma, because they no longer needed me (I felt and experienced all this during the session!). The trembling intensified… The information I kept receiving was stunning! I began to remember who I was, that I was a combination of Vera Kochovska (a Bulgarian psychic phenomenon and healer) and Vanga, that I would be the MIRACLE WOMAN! I began to receive strong energy, I saw the UNIVERSE, ALL THE PLANETS and I began to pray and repeat:

“Lord God, forgive my sins, help me, give me your strength, give advice, and help me to be ready! Yes, I’m ready, it’s all over, I did it, I succeeded! Together with You God, I unite my mind, heart and body!” Then I saw two men and a woman watching me from space, from the spaceship. They irradiated my heart with a laser several times, and suddenly I heard their voices: “Yes, this is her! This is she! She succeeded! You were right – it is her!

They showed me that there are only four people like

Igor on this PLANET, but the strongest energy is his – Igor’s. This was the greatest session of all. Then I realized that Our Planet Earth, on which we live in the third dimension (I emphasize), has been under the rule of the Dark Forces for 300,000 years. How interesting and, at the same time, how tragic!

All people live in a dream, do not remember and do not understand what is happening to them and do not know the TRUTH! Of course, no one dared to divulge publicly this GREAT SECRET that has been hidden for so many millennia!

I can recommend Drunvalo Melchizedek’s books,

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, volumes 1 and

2, which also describe our enslavement by other civilizations.

You probably know that our brains only function with 5%, access to the other 95% is closed and we can’t get any information from them. Everything is saved as in folders labelled “Secret”. No one has yet been able to extract any information from this 95%: no professors, no associate professors, no academics, no scientists, no researchers…

Even those with several higher education diplomas have failed to reach this SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, to this level called CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS (HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS) or PERFECTION.

The cells in our brain function by only 6–7%. In order to gain access to high vibrational levels, the most important thing is to learn to think POSITIVELY and to find GOD within ourselves. Thinking only POSITIVE is a great achievement.

Many people are deluded into thinking that by developing materially, by trying to make as much money as possible, by competing with other people either by lying or by deception, they will achieve their goal – they will become something more than one who is fair, noble, good to people and develops his business in an honest way. In order to reach and discover in our own consciousness the pages and folders that have been inaccessible to us for thousands of years, we must work hard, working on ourselves. This is exactly how – after 20 years of hard work, Igor has managed to release all 100% of the abilities of his brain. Most importantly, he has learned to think only POSITIVE and CORRECT. Very interesting, but true. Thanks to Faith, Hope and Love for God, he has reached this spiritual level.

I am wholeheartedly grateful to the SUPREME MIND







And the most important thing is that I woke up from a deep sleep and everything that happened to me is the Great Reality that I will never forget again, and I could not forget, and which I am now sharing with you. Igor told me that after 300 thousand years’ rule on Our Planet by the DARK FORCES of the Planet SATAN, the time has come for them to leave us. They know that THIS IS HOW GOD DECIDED!

He also advised me to read Revelations to the People of the New Century: http://otkroveniya.eu/

These are dictations received by a chosen person for 14 years from the SUPREME COSMIC MIND.

Here is what is written in the Almighty’s Preface:

“To facilitate man’s existence in the Material World, to explain his tasks in this World and his preparation to meet Me, I give a modern interpretation of the structure of the world in which people are now and the structure of the structure of The spiritual world in which they will find themselves at the end of their earthly life path.

In the Revelations, which I, the Lord God, through My Chosen Man in Russia – My Helper, in modern language convey information to all people on Earth about the possibilities of people and the social situation on Earth.

I warn of a possible collapse and explain to the people the prospects for building just social relations, I explain the structure of the Pyramid of Power based on the Knowledge I give about the Laws of the Spiritual World. The revelations, presented in the form of communication with the Man of My Choice, aim at the gradual revelation of my potential of Knowledge to a wide range of people who are essentially the blacksmiths of their own happiness.

The meaning of man’s life and its untapped possibilities become clear only when man realizes and understands his purpose in the Material World.

Very soon every person who has read the Revelations will fill the cup of his Mind and will receive an impetus to his perfection and development of his personality, thus facilitating his stay in the Material World and will be prepared to meet me on the doorstep of the Spiritual World!

Following at least some of the recommendations and applying the Knowledge that a person will receive after reading the Revelations will allow him to understand the correct guidelines and the meaning of his short life on Earth!

In these Revelations is the whole TRUTH about the meaning and significance of our life on Earth and in Eternity … On this site, you can get the answers to all the questions about your life. Questions that no one has been able to answer so far.

Igor treated me every day for a month and a half. I began to feel the huge change in my life, the change in me, and the change in the people around me. Ambitions also appeared I became more responsible and more self-confident.

During this period, he told me that in 2010 he had a vision that there was a monstrous earthquake in Cyprus and that a huge tsunami (22 meters) flooded the whole island (he told me about it in March 2012).

I, of course, believed. But now it’s 2015, I’m writing my book and three years have passed since then, but nothing has happened. I couldn’t stand it and asked him: will there be a tsunami or not?

He replied: “When Vanga predicted that KURSK would sink, no one believed. Everyone thought she was talking about the city of Kursk. Ten years later, on August 12, 2000, when the K-141 Kursk nuclear submarine sank, everyone immediately remembered her prediction. Now no one believes me, but it will happen, Trayana. There is a dormant volcano in Cyprus, its epicenter is at sea. When a magnitude 10 earthquake strikes, parts of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt will be affected.”

Of course, this is very important and interesting information, but for those who do not know Igor, it will be difficult for them to believe… not everyone believes in predictions. During my healing treatment, I developed varicose veins, which hurt a lot. Igor told me that this was a sign of a change in my life and that my veins hurt for one reason only: MONEY. I have blocked the channel to money with my THOUGHTS. I immediately remembered that every time my veins swollen and hurt, that’s when I had money problems. In most cases, we create our own blockades and cause ourselves problematic situations.

During the sessions, I was nervous about the energy clearing. Igor warned me in time that on March 21, 2012 a stream of New Energy was coming down to the planet and that this stream cleansed all people of negativity. Indeed, during the treatment period, every day I observed incredible changes in my life – both in business and personally.

Thus began for me the NEW BEGINNING IN MY


After two years of stagnation in my business, there was a change for the better. So, anything is possible, it’s worth believing with all your heart.


Yes, my life has changed. It happened because I believed in him. Positivity came into my life with him. With each passing day, I felt more and more great strength, confidence and energy in my soul. I used to consider myself a strong woman, but now I have become a new person. Thanks to my Spiritual Master, who increased my potential, I felt great strength and energy to move forward.

In fact, Igor cleared the accumulated negative energy from my physical body for 39 years, there was little left. I already knew about my mission on Earth, which he presented to me as follows: “Yes, you are the future Vanga, but I will call you Trayana.” He healed me, prepared and helped energetically for my great mission in Bulgaria. During the treatment, mental images continued to appear to me.

One of them belonged to the Holy Mother of God, who was next to me, protecting me and helping me.

When asked why this is, Igor answered me like this:

— Yes, Trayana, the Holy Virgin Mary protects you, she is the symbol of balance. She was once the only woman on Earth. It is the balance between male and female energy. From the first day of our acquaintance, she and Vanga’s angel have been watching over you and you have to learn great humility and patience!

After treating the veins, I had to take a break for a few days to disperse the clotted blood and relieve the blood vessels. These few days were very difficult for me: I was breathing hard, my heart was hurting, and something was pressing on my soul. Then Igor decided to do a heart session, which lasted about an hour.

During the session, I received another vision. When

I was 12–13 years old, I almost drowned in the sea and I was very scared. Then I found myself in a school camp, where we had to cross a river with many leeches, and then I got scared too. Imagine, at least for a moment, how many such situations happen in life! How many fears and stressful situations have taken root in our body, which cause diseases, and in fact, people do not suspect anything and live like this for years until they are struck by an incurable disease!

After the session, Igor shared that he saw in me a huge snake-like leech that had grown for many years (and I didn’t even know it!) and that if we hadn’t met, I would have died of ASTHMA.

From March 2nd to April 8th, 2012, my treatment was uninterrupted. Then I rested for four days to see how I would feel: whether I would be nervous, whether

I would be offended, whether I would be angry, whether I would be angry about trifles – all these qualities I had in my character.

As it prepared me for a great mission in Bulgaria, all these sessions were not just a cure, but also a cleansing of all the negative energy that had accumulated over the years in me. It was the same with the character – I had to work very hard on him. He taught me how to change, how to give up the bad habits that had taken root over the years in my character. To be honest, it wasn’t easy for me. I had to prepare for Bulgaria, to read the “Revelations of the Almighty” – everything that was necessary was written there. I also had to study the Bible to be ready to answer any questions the priests might ask me.

Then Igor told me about the Great Secret:

— Our planet Earth has been ruled for 300,000 years by Dragons – Reptiles from the planet Nibiru (Satan). The epicenter of their existence on Earth is in the region of Israel, so there is such chaos. Two thousand people with the help of money rule Our Planet and our World – these are Jews. The only way to deal with and get rid of them is to develop SPIRITUALLY and rise to the LEVEL OF GOD. Then they will not be able to hinder our EVOLUTIONARY DEVELOPMENT.

At least one Energy Monster lives in each person. These monsters have instilled in people such qualities as fear, insecurity, inferiority complex, jealousy, malice and they control their bodies. Underground, between Israel and Syria, there is a huge system of machines that emit vibrations for chaos. That is why there are so many wars and quarrels in this area.

— Igor, this is exactly what the prophetess Vanga had predicted: when Syria falls, the time of the new WHITE BROTHERHOOD will come. But only when it falls. At that time, no one ever understood what Vanga meant…

The conversation turned out to be very interesting. In fact, I received information from Igor in stages, depending on how much my mind could perceive. There is a dark being in each of us who controls our body and I had some (good thing that Igor later destroyed them) who forced me to drink, smoke, lie and exaggerate to hide the uncomfortable truth.

This is how most people on Our Planet Earth live: they think one thing, say another, and do a third. The only way to deal with all this is to think and act correctly and positively. To be responsible for our actions, for our actions, to be better and more honest, but the most important are our THOUGHTS: to think only POSITIVE!

Then only good will begin to enter our lives.

                                             * * *

Human thoughts can change the whole world! This is the reality itself! I can give many examples related to my relatives and friends. Here is one of them. One of my friends, named Assen, came to Cyprus from England and found a job in a hairdressing salon. He was a spiritual man, but with a bisexual orientation. When I told him about Igor, he immediately became interested and wanted to meet him. Assen said that 25 years ago, he fell into a coma, his soul ascended to Paradise, but GOD brought him back. Since then, he often had visions, but could not explain them. He remembered everything about his coma, he remembered meeting GOD, who told him he had to go back to Earth because he wasn’t ready to leave yet, he remembered crying bitterly, and he didn’t want to come back. He also told this story to Igor. After this meeting, Assen, unexpectedly for all of us, disappeared and reappeared about a month later. Igor told me that the Dark Forces do not allow Assen to meet him. A month later, Assen called Igor and asked him for help and a session. We, of course, responded immediately and went to him together.

The tortured Assen told a shocking story about how the devils tortured him for almost a month and did not leave him alone for a moment. Assen realized that he would not be able to deal with this on his own. He found the strength to call Igor. For more than a month, the Dark Forces did not let him meet with Igor to prevent his awakening and release.

Igor immediately began to treat him. After the first session, Assen told us that he had a vision: how a man on a silver-white horse (like St. George) kills a huge animal that looked like a devil and threw it into space with his sword. Then Jesus Christ appeared to him, approached, and sat beside him. Then he saw him kissing his wife and child, who remained in England (he saw them as two silhouettes).

After listening to Assen’s story, Igor presented his version of the vision. The man on the horse who appeared to Assen was Igor himself, who killed the devil because he had hindered Assen all his life, settling in his heart.

This session was a miracle for Assen: he got a new life. Assen told us that he understood who Igor was, it became easy for him, as if a huge burden had fallen from his heart and a light appeared before his eyes… He also gave us an interesting dialogue.


— Do you know who Vanga is?


— Of course! In the past life, we lived with her on the island of Cyprus.

Then Assen showed us a book in ancient Chinese.

I asked him:

— What is this?


— This is a Buddhist prayer – Mantra. When I read it, I connect with the Centre of the Universe.

He began to read this prayer and Igor told him:

— In a previous life, 3,000 years ago, you were a Tibetan monk, so you know this language. This is the language of the UNIVERSE CREATION.

Assen was surprised and replied:

— How do you know about this, Igor? I was also told that this language is 3000–5000 years old. I’m shocked! I feel as if the heavens have suddenly parted and golden rays are flowing down my head. Maybe I should take a dip in salty seawater.

— Go dive… You need this your head chakra opens.

Assen thanked him heartily for his help. They made an appointment the next day because it took at least three more sessions to find his heart and also to be able to quit smoking. When we met, I asked him how he was feeling. He replied with a smile that he had slept like a baby and emphasized that for the first time in his life he had visions during a therapy session.

During the second session, Assen received a vision again. This time he was a 15th century woman. He had a talent for healing and seeing the future, so the Inquisition punished him and threw him into a fortress for sorcery for 500 years. When Igor released this woman, Assen felt a heaviness leaving his heart again. He even cried out of sympathy for this unfortunate woman… And Igor, according to the vision, cut her 20-meter hair and thus freed her. That was his version.

As you can see, Assen’s story is very interesting. His intuition is so developed that he can see certain situations with his second vision. Let’s note that these abilities he received while in a coma, 15 years ago.

                                            * * *

I would also like to tell you about my own experience with the Ego. During my spiritual ascension, the Ego bothered me a lot. Igor’s divine energy is very strong and positive, but at one point, it began to cause me causeless anger and resentment. It was as if something in him was hurting me. I didn’t understand why this was happening. At the end of the day, this man helped me so much: he literally saved my life, I drew so much positive energy from him, and at the same time something, as if on purpose, resisted. Therefore, we concluded that my Ego was resisting change. Then I decided to destroy my Ego and we went to “St. Elijah Profitis” (Elijah the Prophet) church (a small chapel, always open to parishioners). There Igor held another session. When we left the church, he told me how, during the session, my Ego turned into a mouse running around the church. In fact, my ego appeared out of fear as a child. I saw something else: I saw that GOD was with me, and when Igor destroyed my Ego, it repented for all the sins that forced me to commit.

Destroying my Ego was Igor’s biggest session. By the way, this was a very interesting period in my life. The transition from the dark pit – into the light reality.

Now it all seems like a fairy tale, but it was all real what happened to me.

As I have already explained, Igor treated me in stages so that the energy could work fully and we could observe and note all the positive results in my life. Everything negative was destroyed and, at the same time, I worked diligently on myself, treating my character very strictly. I changed my way of thinking and got rid of the bad habits formed during my childhood. The more I changed for the better, the better came into my life. I began to help very seriously ill people who needed Divine energy.

                                            * * *

Here is an example: Igor saved the life of Raina from Blagoevgrad (town in Bulgaria), a woman with whom I lived in one of the flat complexes and often went to the swimming pool together.

She once told me about her health problems: she often suffocated, did not dare to sleep because she was afraid that she would not wake up. Together with her, we visited the church of St. Elias Profits, where I introduced her to Igor. After the session, he told her:

— Your soul was heading to Heaven, I managed to catch it by a thread at the last moment, as a hot air balloon was caught by a rope and returned it to your body. You were leaving, and I can certainly say that I saved your life.

Raina herself sensed this situation. That’s how we got closer with her. In return, she helped some of her colleagues who also needed help. One of her colleagues found herself in the same situation and Igor returned her soul to her body in the same way. This way we helped the seriously ill, especially those who needed not only treatment of the body, but also salvation of their soul.

The talent to heal with the hand like a laser that Igor has does not come to everyone – it is a gift of God that must be earned… How many people like him do you know who are able to heal forever a person’s physical body?!

The treatment of my varicose veins took about a month, and after complete healing, a channel for financial well-being opened (money problems had affected my veins). Yes, there were many sessions and the process was long. All this happened because with my thoughts I blocked the process of fear, stress and depression.

As for the money, Igor explained it to me like this:

— The money comes from two sources – from God and from Mammon. In order to benefit from God, you, Trayana, must develop spiritually, then you cannot worry: the money will find you! In life, everything is in full synchronization: spiritual development opens the door to the material world.

Igor also said:


There were days when I didn’t have a penny. I went through a lot: no money, no job. I had friends who helped me with money and food until I got back on my feet.

I had to go through a lot in Cyprus.

My friend K., with whom we lived together for three years, often helped me financially. She herself had gone through tests and she knew what it meant not to have… Friends and acquaintances helped me, they did not leave me in this difficult period. I am wholeheartedly grateful to GOD for these tests. They made me strong and confident. I have been shown that there is nothing shameful in poverty if one continues to be honest and sincere.

It can happen to anyone that they will not or will not be able to cope with the difficulties, but many people are afraid and ashamed to admit that they have nothing or that they cannot do something. They put on a “mask”, hide under it, and create an inferiority complex, out of embarrassment to tell others the truth…

My cleansing from the power of Mammon would also be long, but not having money helped me a lot. It gave me the opportunity to be myself, to give me more free time to develop creatively, to write a book and, of course, to fight the bad habits of my character as I freed myself from my Ego.

When people are busy making a lot of money, they do not pay attention to the small joys in life, they do not see that life itself can be wonderful, and therefore it (life) needs neither money nor gold. GOD created us in a HEAVENLY PARADISE, but, unfortunately, very few people notice and appreciate him. Most people prefer to live in CHAOS and strive to make more and more money. The competition between them is huge!

In life, we must move in parallel: between the SPIRITUAL AND THE MATERIAL – this is how the world is arranged in the third dimension.

We healed the veins, we destroyed my Ego – we rest. We observe how the energy works in my body. In the following days, I was very nervous, worried and anxious. I didn’t know then that it was a natural process. Negative energy is not cleared immediately: you clean one, immediately something else “pops up” that needs to be cleared. And so layer after layer.

                                            * * *

Once my friend Natalie from Poland and I were at the Kelaki Monastery.

While I was praying in front of the miraculous icon, Igor had a vision in which a huge ego of mine appeared – the greatest of all: excessive pride… He told me where I got it from. In the 18th century, I was a noble lady in Moscow. I was very rich, I played piano and everything in my life was wonderful. Then I created the Ego of ARROGANCE.

I asked him:

— Why is this Ego manifesting only now? I thought you had cleared me of the Ego.

I felt that something was wrong with me, that someone was still controlling my body. Igor explained to me that the doors open one after the other, or layer by layer. So the time has come for this Ego to appear as well. I got it. I stood in front of the icon and prayed to God to show me the right way so that I could clear all the negative energy that had accumulated in me over the years. I prayed so much that finally the greatest energy monster appeared, which had settled in my body, ruled it, forced me not to be the real “I” – THE EGO OF THE EXCESSIVE PRIDE AND ARROGANCE.

Igor, my Spiritual Master, not only healed me, but also taught me how to get rid of bad qualities forever in order to become perfect! This is a difficult struggle, and the most serious struggle is the struggle with one’s own Ego. Most people do not have enough ENERGY and WILL to fight it. It is much easier for them to live the old way: with lies, with deception, with hypocrisy, with malice, with greed, and so on. The ego has it in every person. Such is GOD’S PLAN. Our task on Earth is to fight the Ego and our Higher Self to win.

Of course, I apologized to Igor for being so nervous and very offended. In fact, it was not me, but my Ego.

Igor’s ego was long gone, as a SPIRITUAL TEACHER – MASTER, he had long since freed himself from it. He fought it all alone and won.

To my apology, he replied:

— I didn’t want to argue with you – I saw that you were like a zombie from this Ego.

This was also one of the most interesting stages of my treatment. I was sure I could handle it on my own! I had to free myself from pride, from malice, from resentment. On July 31st 2012, on the phone, my mother told me that she almost died three days ago. A piece of bread fell into her trachea, she could not breathe, became all blue and barely survived. I immediately called Igor and asked him why this happened?

He answered me like this:

— Your mother was almost gone, but thanks to you, GOD saved her life. Your faith in GOD, your spiritual development has saved her. Now go to church and thank God for that.

I immediately rushed to the church of St. Elias Profitis and on my knees, I prayed and thanked God for saving my mother’s life. I prayed to Him to forgive me for all the sins and mistakes I had made, willingly or unwillingly. For a long time, every day, I thanked God for saving my mother’s life. I thanked Him with all my heart and soul.

Igor once told me:

— Your soul is constantly purified and that is why you are constantly crying.

I often asked myself questions: why did Igor appear in my life? Who is he? Why does he need to purify me of all this negative energy?

When I asked him, he replied:

— GOD has chosen you. You have a mission on Earth. We have known each other for many millions of years. Many times we have been together in different previous lives.

Of course, everything that happened to me was like a fairy tale, but everything was true. It was predestined, he didn’t tell me anything more, but after this conversation my battle with the Ego began. It is not at all easy to get rid of bad habits and bad qualities in a adulthood.

One way is to throw everything away and escape to the mountains, to become a hermit. So, of course, it’s easier. Nobody bothers you. You can, of course, go to a monastery. But the main challenge for me was solved by God – to fight with my Ego by living and working among people.

Our mission in the material world is to deal with our Ego here, where it is full of malice, envy and jealousy, where money dictates everything and everything depends on them.

I admire Igor because he managed to defeat his Ego on his own and get rid of it.

                                            * * *

Once we were in the monastery of the Icon of God. During the prayer, he saw the Golden City in front of him and many people who moved to this city, and he seemed to welcome them. Then he saw that he was climbing to the top of a huge pyramid that led to God and he had little left. This meant that he helped people get through the Quantum Transition.

The abbess of the monastery showed us three chests. In each of them were the relics of 15 saints, in front of whom we crossed ourselves and kissed. This does not happen to everyone every day.

My spiritual development continued in the struggle with the Dark Forces. All this time they were interfering and interfering, slowing down the processes, creating difficult situations, but I was strong and confident. I believed in the Divine energy of my Master and thanks to him, I saw MIRACLES every day. My day began with constant deep inhaling and exhaling – this is how I purified my emotional body. Once, after two and a half hours of such breathing, I felt a ray from heaven enter my brain to purify me.

I heard a voice:

— Trayana, wake up! Wake up and feel a ray enter the center of your brain and clear it!

There were many such situations. This process was one of those from which I took energy for the longest time. I often went to church, prayed, and felt much better.

                                            * * *

On August 8th, 2012, Igor informed me about the next stream of strong energy that is pouring on Our Planet. On such days, all people are energetically cleansed of negativity.

Igor did many sessions to clear the negative energy from my body.

I once shared with him:

— You give me so much energy and you keep giving it to me every day! You have cured all my diseases, you have cleaned all the negative energy accumulated in my body, and you have created a new Trayana! Why is something strange happening to me again? Why does it seem to me that someone wants to destroy me?

— Now your emotional body is being cleansed. All this fear is maybe from 200 years ago. We will not be holding any more sessions for now. We will monitor what happens to you and how you feel.

Then I told Igor that two months ago, in June 2012, I was at sea and I felt a strong energy invading me and thoughts came to my mind that he – Igor on this planet is like Christ. God taught Jesus Christ for 30 years, but then there was the old energy on Earth. With Igor, only 15 years of training were enough.

I trusted my intuition, so I told him:

— Do you know that you will be the second planetary Christ on Our Planet? I think you will heal people from a distance, as Christ once did.

Igor just said:


It was a very interesting and delicate conversation I had never told anyone before. Deep in my soul, I believed that he would be the strongest Man-Creator and his energy would be the strongest on the Planet. Igor has healed many people, helped them energetically, helped them develop their potential, gave them strength and self-confidence. He saved not only my life, but also the lives of many others. However, Igor’s energy and sessions helped 100% only those who believed…

If there is doubt and disbelief, then, no matter how many sessions are held, nothing will happen. Either the people themselves are not ready for change, or they do not believe in Igor’s energy… These people do not believe in God either. We have had several such cases. One of them was my friend Anastasia (a friend of the woman who had previously tried unsuccessfully to help me). I met her by chance, she needed help and I introduced her to Igor. She showed a vicious DISTRUST OF HIS


When we talked about Vera – her friend, who couldn’t handle my family curse, I told Anastasia the truth:

— Look at me I completely changed my life! Since Igor cured me, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t eat meat, I only think positively, I actively work on myself and my bad habits. When I went to Vera, she could not help me. She didn’t have that much energy. And the most important is to BELIEVE! Of course, the Dark Forces are constantly interfering and interfering. I am already used to it and I don’t pay attention.

                                            * * *

But here is another case with another friend of ours – Nikos from Greece. Igor had only one session with him. A month passed and Nikos contacted Igor again. He said his life had changed for the better. Then we went to Igor for the second time (I was his translator). Igor had a heart session and saw a huge cobweb, which he cleared and thus freed Nikos’ heart. With him was his girlfriend, who came to visit from Greece. During the conversation, it turned out that Elena has a very pure and white soul. She immediately believed both Igor and me. Elena herself practices Reiki and does SPA massages, she knew what it was like to develop SPIRITUALLY. She told us that she experienced a coma six years ago, was in heaven, saw many things there, but was brought back to Earth. She came to visit Nikos to help him spiritually and mentally.

So, whatever we say, people are different: some believe in Igor’s energy and get help for the first time, others don’t even believe in God, how to believe in Igor!

Even I, who saw him every day, to whom he helped so much with his Divine energy, succumbed to myself: I was angry, dissatisfied, made remarks, made pretensions.

THIS IS THE WORK OF THE EGO! IT HATES PERFECTION IN MAN, especially if you deprive him of his bad qualities. So, it was with me in relation to Igor: many times and almost every day. When he was making remarks to me, even when he said I had lied to him at least 10 times, I couldn’t take it, he just told me I didn’t remember. Many times, he literally read my mind. He tried his best to help me, but my Ego was nervous and unhappy. It was a period of resistance. Later I realized that his energy is the GREAT DIVINE LOVE, which gives hope, faith and motivation to move forward, regardless of the difficulties along the way… Then I asked:

— Who are you? What role do I play in your life?

What’s wrong with me, Igor? Please tell me!

— I have known about you since 1998.

— So long ago?

— Yes, they first told me about you in 1998, and later, after 2000, they told me everything about our meeting. Lord God wanted me to make you perfect – this is my task. What is happening and rebelling to you right now is your Ego – the Ego of PRIDE. It prevents you from developing and moving forward. I advise you to go to church and get rid of it. It is not difficult. Try it.

I asked him to help me, I was afraid that I would not be able to cope on my own. I asked:

— How so? How much Ego is in me?

— The first Ego was the Ego FEAR. We turned him into a mouse and left him in the church. This was the fear of childhood – the fear of a mouse. And what you have now is the most dangerous – THE EGO OF PRIDE! You have to get rid of it and then you will see what else is in you and in your body. You purify your body every day and that is why this EGO only now appears.

After this conversation, I seemed to wake up and realized that everything that was happening was my ordeal and that Igor had been given a task by God to help my spiritual development and make me perfect.

And why GOD chose me, I still do not know…

Everything has its time… Gradually, I became aware of myself and woke up, seeing miracles happening around me every day. Honestly, it was a very difficult fight. Dealing with the huge energy monster that ruled and controlled my body was no small matter. Igor appeared in my life at the right moment: when I needed energy and strength the most. Thanks to him, my GREAT MASTER AND SPIRITUAL TEACHER, I was able to wake up from a deep sleep called ILLUSION and get on the right path.

                                            * * *

During one of the periods of my evolvement, working on my character, I suddenly felt lonely. Every day at the real estate agency where I worked, I had meetings with many people, but despite that, I was lonely… My teacher explained it to me like this:

— GOD now gives you time to be alone. These are tests to go through, Trayana. Take a notebook and write in it all the bad qualities and habits of your character that you need to get rid of. Work on them, God will test you. Get ready. I went through that too. For two years there was no one beside me, I was completely alone and working hard on myself. You have been given an easy option, so take action. You have often been lonely before, but these were other vibrations – low vibrations. You are now on another spiritual level – on the level of other, higher vibrations. Do you understand me, Trayana, you are moving up the spiral, purifying yourself every day. Nobody helped me and I had to do everything myself. So, your task is much easier.

Igor also told me that every day GOD sends him to heal people from different countries and nationalities – from Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Greece, Georgia and others. He also saved entire families. He also shared that he had managed to reach such a spiritual level that GOD showed him all his previous incarnations. He knows how many times he has lived on Earth, who he is, in which country he is. So far, nothing has been revealed about his life on other planets. How many people on Earth have reached this level of spiritual development? How many people have worked so hard on themselves to get rid completely of the bad qualities that have accumulated over the years?


Personally, I have not met people so ready to give up all the joys of life in the third dimension, so many people working on their character. Everyone wants to be perfect and rich, to have this or that. This is how life is arranged here. When a person begins to work on himself, to improve his qualities – then everything automatically begins to change for the better. Thinking positively about everything is the most important thing. Every day, 60–70 thousand mental images fly through the human brain. You just think: Your brain starts working as soon as you wake up in the morning! You are attacked by thoughts from yesterday, about what was three months ago, a year ago, etc. Ask yourself: what type of thoughts dominate your head? The answer is: in most cases, 80% of these thoughts are negative and related to the past. This is because most people live longer in the past than in the future! That is why progress and moving forward are so slow.

The first scientific evidence for the connection between thinking and the immune system is given in the works of Candace Perth. She studied the functions of the human brain and found “emotion molecules”, which she called NEUROPEPTIDES.

These are a kind of “chemical couriers” that, under the influence of negative thinking and negative emotions, form substances in the human body that destroy its immune system. In such cases, only forgiveness and LOVE could have a therapeutic effect. So, the first thing we need to do is clear our minds and only then clear our bodies. To be able to stop the passage of negative thoughts (which is a very difficult process) and learn to think only positively – this will be a great achievement … Remember: only with ALL-FORGIVING LOVE you can change your mind and change your worldview. LOVE IS ABLE TO HEAL THE WHOLE WORLD!

Only a few people on planet Earth are trying to work on themselves, most of them just don’t pay attention to it. I myself am a real example of this. When I freed myself from my second Ego, more precisely, when I worked hard to destroy it, I insulted my teacher for no reason and was dissatisfied with him, and in fact, my EGO – PRIDE did not want to leave me alone.

In one of our conversations, Igor told me very seriously:

— These are your tests. You have to overcome them and go through them. This time the resistance of the Ego (of the Self) is very big.

— And who keeps telling me we have to destroy it with a session?

— Trayana, these are your own thoughts, it’s all up to you. The key is in yourself and only you know when you can open the door. And with your Ego – Pride you will handle yourself.

— And, did you know that my thoughts began to come true? Not all, of course, but they come true. For example, just to think of someone – and I meet him the same day!

Igor continued:

— I had a very interesting case when I was treating Marisa (the woman was stressed because of her relationship with her husband). I was doing the session at their house. At the same time her daughter was eating chips, she suddenly got up and went to the pool. I thought: what are these chips? Can you imagine, Trayana, my thought immediately materialized – a piece of chips really fell from the sky! It was just a miracle! I had read long before about the materialization of thoughts, and then, indeed, I saw it with my own eyes!

Then we discussed this topic very seriously. I immediately believed him because I knew about his great Divine energy and his great abilities. By the way, to add to the abilities. Igor told me that there are three types of abilities in humans:


At each of our meetings, I learned something new and interesting. The information was revealed to me little by little, depending on the degree of my understanding and awareness of everything Igor was telling me.

                                            * * *

Here is another interesting example of how the Dark Forces and the Ego resist and seduce us. When I finally gave up smoking and drinking, I was tempted to eat a cake that turned out to contain alcoholic liqueur.

My stomach hurt, I felt sick and I immediately called Igor. He told me:

— They managed to lie to you! I see a black jellyfish in your stomach – now I will destroy it.

He told me about a similar case with him. In 1998, when he was freeing himself from bad habits, the temptation also came to him: in one of the supermarkets, there was a promotion of a product. He tried a piece that turned out to contain chicken. It immediately stuck as a dot to his “third eye,” which was not yet open.

— And who helped you then, as now, you help me?

— Lord God, Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael, St. Nicholas the Miracle worker, all the Divine Powers, including the spirit of my great-grandfather, Trayana.

— What was his name?

— Ivan, I have his last name. He was a great healer, he passed on his abilities to me. He treated people who could not walk, and were paralyzed. Soon I will be able to treat paralyzed people.

Then Igor cleared my stomach and advised me to drink holy water. In this life, in order to be confident in ourselves, we must banish all doubts, because each of our thoughts guides and controls the whole world around us. I tried to change my thoughts in a positive direction faster and get rid of my bad habits. In general, my aura (as Igor said) was 80% pure and 20% – not. This meant that I had to clean myself by keeping the Ten Commandments.












These Ten Commandments of God are dictated by the Almighty in the Revelations. I always follow them and that is why my life has changed dramatically for the better. Very often, when I tried to think and act correctly so as not to make mistakes, my Ego resisted and hindered me. It did not like my thoughts, he interfered because I deprived him of the opportunity to force me to make mistakes and to show my negative qualities. Of course, the results related to income, work and money did not come quickly, but I armed myself with patience and humility… Shall You change – the whole world will change! This was my ordeal and I believed Igor that everything he predicted for me about business and transactions would happen sooner or later. Several months passed from his prediction, but without change, but I believed and hoped that everything would happen, I did not lose heart, I lived with Faith, Hope and Love.

He once said to me:

— If there was another woman in your place, she would have found a rich husband a long time ago and solved all her problems, but you endured. Write, Trayana, let people know how you became a holy person…

As I thought about it, I felt that in the most difficult moments of my life, God was always with me.

Now that I am developing spiritually and clearing myself of negativity, I feel very happy to be going through such a period of trials that make me stronger, more confident, and more ambitious. God, thank you for that! Sometimes the trials were very hard, but I managed. I became a much earthlier person. I began to notice things that hadn’t impressed me at all before. God removed all those people around me – my acquaintances and friends who lived in illusion and lie. Earthlier, more ordinary and natural people appeared in my life – most of them spiritual, who, like me, had gone through great tests and knew what deprivation was. Financially, the first year was very difficult. Then, depending on my awareness of change, I had different moments of ups and downs… All the new people that came into their lives were destined to meet me and none of them was accidental. Everyone had a mission or we needed each other. In life, everything is like a BOOMERANG: what you give, you receive, as you treat others, so they will treat you. Keep this in mind and treat others the way you would like them to treat you. All this is Sacred Geometry. One should always strive to help people, no matter the situation.

                                            * * *

Here is an example with a family from Serbia. Their daughter Andrea was in a coma at the hospital. Igor told me that when he first went to the hospital, he saw her soul hanging from the ceiling. After the first session, Igor told the mother that in a few days her daughter would get out of bed and shout, “I want to go home!” After the fifth session, Andrea’s mother called Igor and said that everything had happened as he had said. Igor returned the daughter’s soul to the body and thus saved her life. Andrea even started eating little by little every day. She came out of the dagger on the 13th day, thanks to the energy given to her by Igor. All the doctors were shocked when this happened, and Andrea shouted, “I want to go home.” In most cases, people remain in a coma for a very long time, but Igor performed a miracle and immediately returned her soul. This is his energy – Divine that works miracles – saves human lives. No doctor, surgeon or professor has such qualities. Every disease is formed in our physical body on an energy level. Igor has this gift from God to clean with his hand every human disease that appears. In Cyprus, he cured many people of cancer (I have personally witnessed this).

On this topic, I can add that at this stage of the development of medicine it is suggested to people that CANCER is an incurable disease and CHEMOTHERAPY is prescribed for its treatment. This is one of the most dangerous types of treatment for the human body.

Instead of helping, chemotherapy destroys all human organs, destroys every cell in the body, hair begins to fall, a person dies faster. It’s all a monstrous scam and it’s all about money. My Master Igor helped many people in Cyprus by healing their diseases and seeing their future. I witnessed how his treatment was a great success with those who believed that he could cure them. Unfortunately, the disease quickly returned to those who doubted and treated Igor with distrust. In such situations you must have FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. And people always want a miracle to happen – right now! It takes a lot of patience, both for life changes and for the fight against the disease. An example in this area is the world-famous American writer Louise Hay, who had cancer and cured herself. She discovered the real cause of the disease and managed with FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE to finally remove it from her body.

And what is Cancer?

This is energy from insult, malice, pride, which accumulates for years from the energy body then to the physical body, due to unforgivable insult to someone. The root of this insult spreads and concentrates in the human body in different places and forms CANCER.

If one can understand why this happened and find the cause (key), then one can heal alone. Remember: CANCER is ENERGY and is treatable – it’s just an unforgivable insult. Only prayers and, of course, liberation from FEAR help. You can get rid of any disease on your own, as long as you believe. I will tell you a secret. If something hurts (no matter what – arm, leg, eye, kidneys, etc.), start repeating over and over again: I RELEASE MY PAIN IN… (EAR, LEG, EYE, KIDNEY, etc.). Or say to yourself: “I am completely healthy – the disease disappears forever.” By repeating these words to yourself, you automatically start a new program and begin to get rid of pain and disease in your body. In this world, anything is possible. Having said that, I am sharing with you my personal experience, not something taken from other books.

                                            * * *

Almost everything written in this book reflects real events in my life. For example, there was a very difficult situation in our family with my brother. He had very serious problems with his leg. Two stents were placed on each leg to help disperse the blood into the body. The stents were often clogged and he had difficulty walking. I will never forget how on September 18th, 2012, my mother called me in Cyprus and said that the situation with my brother was very serious. She told me that he could not walk and had difficulty breathing. I immediately called Igor with a request for help. He asked for a picture of him. The next day, Igor reassured me and said that he had cleared the disease from the photo and that my brother would soon be running and even playing football. He promised to contact my brother by phone when he will go to Bulgaria to help him even more. My brother soon recovered.

I believed that my brother’s salvation was Igor’s doing.

And what happened in the treatment of my kidneys? My kidneys hurt a lot and I couldn’t walk. Igor gave me a session that lasted about 40 minutes. During the session, Igor received a vision: he turned two energy crocodiles on their backs and released them into the Nile River in Egypt. One of them appeared because of my insult and malice towards a friend in Egypt, and the other – because of insults and malice towards Igor. At the same time, I felt how strong Divine energy was being transmitted to me, and I also heard someone telling me that Igor would cleanse me of negative energy forever and that he would make me a big Star. I will be in Bulgaria – Miracle Woman, the woman – angel. At the same time, I received a vision that Igor had almost reached the level of God, and I was standing one step lower. It was like the truth. After the session, he told me that he was cleaning my kidneys for the last time and that I should never allow myself to be angry and insulting others again. It was time to learn! After this healing, I tried not to offend anyone, not to get angry for no reason, not to get angry, and at the same time I worked very hard on my character and the habits created by my EGO. The time has come to get rid of THE MALICE AND OFFENSES.

Believe me, this was the most difficult task. Each time I prayed to GOD to give me energy, strength, hope so that I could get rid of these negative qualities. I visited the Convent near Limassol, where there was a miraculous icon (I have already told you about this). This time I prayed for about 15 minutes and gradually began to feel that the Holy Virgin Mary had possessed my body and controlled it. On the way out of the monastery, I took holy water with me. When I left with the car, 8 pigeons appeared in front of me on the road, as in the fairy tales. I immediately stopped the car, waited a few minutes and they flew. A few days later, when I met my Master, I asked him to interpret my vision in front of the icon.


— For the first time I see such an interesting picture. The Virgin Mary protects you, she gives you a lot of energy, and pigeons are a very good sign.

I also asked if he had ever seen his body running like a skeleton in front of his car.


— In 1998, my wife and I saw something similar. She is also clairvoyant, but I am much stronger than she is. I have been devoting my energy to our planet for 18 years, which is why I live on the island of Cyprus. It is always warm here and there is no snow. I have already completed my task very successfully. By distributing my energy every day, I saved the planet from destruction. That was my mission.

I listened to Igor with great attention. Such a difficult task and such a great miracle – to save the whole planet from destruction and to support it with your own energy every day. And people don’t even know anything about it. This is called MISSION! I told him that I had dreamed of my father Christo (now deceased), how I felt about him and how he was walking next to me, and Igor explained to me that now everything will appear in my dreams, as I am developing spiritually. I felt inside and I knew that one day I would also help people, as Igor does, but at this stage I was not ready yet and I had to work on it. He also told me that he had worked and worked for many years to acquire such abilities. We talked about the earthquake and tsunami that threaten Cyprus and because many of my friends and acquaintances did not believe these predictions, but one day they will understand what it means to lose everything and only then will they begin to appreciate what they have been given. He also told me:

— Learn to think correctly, everyone around you is materialistic, everyone thinks only of money.

Then he added:

— All Divine forces look at us from heaven we are like ants to them. Yes, they look at us like ants,

Trayana …

                                            * * *

A few days later, Igor told me the great icons of St. Matron, on St. Luke and St. Xenia of St. Petersburg had been brought to the Russian Church of St. George in Limassol and that the doors of the church will be open for only five days. In Russia, you cannot get to these icons easily you have to line up for hours to see them. These icons make miracles.. I and my friend Natalia man a ged to go, we prayed and got a lot of energy

There were mostly Russians in the church. When I prayed in front of the icon of St. Matron, divine forces told Igor that I needed knowledge that I should read books and listen to what he is telling me. I went to St. George’s Church every day and was charged with very strong energy. I knew that these icons were not brought to Cyprus by accident. The last day I stood in front of the icons for hours and felt how powerful energy was pouring into my body. The next day a miracle happened: my menstruation cycle returned back to normal. The last one was a year ago, but it stopped due to stress and depression from my financial losses. On October 27th, 2012, another miracle happened. I prayed, I believed and it happened. Yes, anything is possible – you just have to truly believe… Then, at the beginning of the year, Igor said it would be so. And now he told me that if we hadn’t met, he wouldn’t have cured me and I couldn’t have children. He told me this the next day – on October 28th, 2012. This man is my ANGEL – Savior, the Great Teacher, the Master, the man who energetically healed all diseases in my physical body, destroyed all the negative energy in it. He didn’t give that much of his energy to anyone else! He also destroyed all the negative energy of all the men I had a relationship with. During intimate relationships with different people, you energetically attract their karma too. Igor also cleared me of this energy so that I could rise in the spiritual realm. I am grateful to the Almighty for sending me to the Great Teacher with such Divine energy, capable of destroying everything negative in a person.

In one of our conversations, Igor told me that in 2012 he received so much energy that he can now cure any disease, including paralysis in people with spinal problems. He showed me a picture on his computer painted by his daughter, with a picture of a dolphin and two sea angels. Her talent has developed a lot in the last two years.

I asked:

— Does your family know about your abilities and God’s gift? Do they know what miracles you’re doing?

— No, no one knows. I told them three years ago, but then they never believed me.

About this he shared with me for the first time.

— So I’m the only person who immediately believes in your abilities and everything you talk about? Are you happy, are you happy that I’m telling people about it?

— Of course! Better, let someone else talk about me and my abilities than myself…

                                            * * *

A few days later, I went to play sports on the beach and there I saw a friend of mine. We have known each other since 2006, but we hadn’t seen each other for a long time… We talked. She shared her misfortune: her mother was very ill and could not get out of bed. She underwent spinal surgery, but was still unable to walk. I immediately told her about Igor, about his great abilities and qualities. She told me that at times she felt a huge wave approaching from the sea, like a tsunami. I immediately told her that there would indeed be a tsunami in Cyprus. The next day, Igor and I went to see their mother, who had been immobile for more than a year. He gave her a session and then said that the spinal disease was a result of the past due to financial problems with her father… He positively said that in a month she would be able to walk with a cane, and in two or three months she would throw the cane and walk like everyone else. This was in November 2012. Her mother didn’t believe him much…

She had lost all hope of being able to walk. He told her that after a few sessions everything would be fine, she just had to believe.

I asked Igor:

— Why do I have a severe headache for two days?

— Because you are purified from negative thoughts.

— I have the feeling that steam is coming out of my head.

— Yes, the purification is constant, layer by layer.

Once again I was convinced that from Igor’s energy I also began to feel and anticipate. My intuition hadn’t let me down: just to think of something, and it was happening. Or that I just know that what I’m thinking is I will never forget November 3th, 2012, when Igor told me that the Divine Powers told him that he was the second man on Earth after Jesus Christ, that he had a mission to save people, and that something like this was passed on to him for the first time. I was shocked and just repeated: “I knew, I knew! I have always told people that you heal with your hand, as Jesus Christ did, that your hand is like a “laser.” Deep in my heart and soul I felt everything that concerned Igor and his gift, I was feeling sad about the fact that some people did not understand him and did not believe him.

Then I reminded him:

— Do you remember how a few months ago, when we were in front of the Apollonia Hotel on the sea, I told you that I had been given information that in your past life you were Jesus Christ, that in this life God taught you only 15 years, not 30, as Jesus Christ taught, because now the energy is different?

— I remember you were telling me about it … – Yes, but then the Divine Powers didn’t answer you when you asked them if it was true or not.

— Yes, that was it.

— I am so happy for you, it’s just a MIRACLE, Igor! You have fulfilled your duty to God!

That was amazing news for me. Could anyone have imagined that in Cyprus I would meet a man from Russia who was Christ in one of his past incarnations, and that in two thousand years he would be sent again by God to Earth to save us! I once dreamed that I was looking to heaven and seeing Jesus Christ and his followers descending to Earth from the Heights. It was an amazing dream…

A few days later, I began to receive information that Igor was the second prophet as Christ on Earth. I immediately called him and asked him:

— Does anyone know about you, but me?

— Nobody knows, only you… Miracles happened every da true, not otherwise (Hand’t told anyone about tyet).y.

                                            * * *

I want to tell you about a good acquaintance of mine from Cairo, Egypt. He was my business advisor on many issues and often helped me financially. He had kidney problems and had to take very strong pills every day, which had a bad effect on his body. I told him about Igor, how he heals and that he can cure him too. When Igor saw him, he said that both of his kidneys were full of negative energy. Anger against men has accumulated in his left kidney, and towards women – in his right.

Then Igor began to treat his kidneys.

Igor gave him three sessions on his left kidney and three sessions on the right, after which my Egyptian friend was completely cured. While Igor was clearing his left kidney, he said that the patient was angry with his sons. One was tall, the other shorter. The man was very surprised: how does Igor know about this? Besides, Igor saw that in one of his past lives, they were very good acquaintances … Until the New Age in Egypt, Igor was the pharaoh Tutankhamun, and my friend was a priest … When I heard this, I asked him:

— And who was I until the New Age? You once told me that I was a queen until the New Age?

Igor never answered me. It was too early for me to know, because the time had not yet come… I realised that Igor did not want to answer this question because I was not ready to hear the answer yet. Patience and humility … just said:

— I watch you grow and develop spiritually.

Then I realised that everything comes with its time…

                                            * * *

A few days later, he admitted:

— There are only two of us on Earth – Maslov and me. God keeps me here and they have created a website for me to pass on information to me.

He knew a lot, but he’s telling me bit by bit. He once told me that the QUANTUM TRANSITION, which will take place on December 21st, 2012, will not be felt strongly by humans, because on November 26th, 2012 5,000 people saved our planet Earth.

For the first time in human history, our planet has been saved from a cataclysm. Igor made a special contribution to this Divine work and saved our Earth from destruction. That is why God sent him here in Cyprus. Now it depended on him whether there would be a tsunami in Cyprus or not … Whether he had the strength to determine the fate of the island. Igor didn’t want to share details with me and when I asked him, he said:

— Another time.

He only added that he would become famous first in Cyprus and then in Russia. Then it will be very difficult to contact him.

I knew all this before. I knew that Igor was the miracle man who has been working on himself for many years and that is why God constantly helps him.

There was no disease that could not be cured with his energy. Just to say that something was hurting me and he was healing me right away, even from a distance. Not only did he help me, but he also helped my family by giving them his energy. Igor always supported me with his energy and stimulated me to move forward. Every difficulty and every obstacle made me stronger and more confident. All the tests had to go through after we met were the karmic refinements of my past lives. Come to think of it, it wasn’t a coincidence. And Igor told me:

— Can you imagine that I worked out (perfected) the karma of all Mankind?

I just thought how did this man endure; how did he go through all these tests in the name of humanity? This is a miracle of miracles.

And no one knows about it. People live in sin, and no one knows that there is a man sent by GOD to improve human karma.

I asked him:

— How many steps did I manage to climb the pyramid to the sky?


— There are 252 steps to the sky, you went 4 and I went 200. On the way there were two men and a woman climbing with me… These days I dreamed that the woman was gone and I was far ahead.

I know that Igor is the first person on planet Earth with such powerful energy that destroys every disease. He told me:

— To reach this level, you have to work hard on yourself.

I immediately told him that I didn’t want to reach his level, I just wanted to help people. Of course, EVERYTHING COMES WITH ITS TIME, and when I am ready, God will give me the certain strength and energy.


— I once dreamed that I was going up the spiral and I only opened two doors. I agree to work and strive for perfection, and I am very grateful to you, Igor, for waking me up and helping me every day with your strong energy. I wanted all of Russia and all of humanity to learn about your abilities.


— Everything when the time comes.

Of course, he was right.

Many times I felt that he was watching me develop and evolve spiritually.

After all, he cured me, thanks to him I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t eat meat, I became better and nobler. Thanks to his help, I changed completely. So he told me:

— When you return to Bulgaria, they simply will not recognize you. You will be a different person, with a different character.

He added that I am his best and most obedient student of those he has taught, because I trust him. This is indeed the case: I believe him, because everything he told me came true. One must have Faith and Hope, Love and Light and accept the Gods’ Wisdom…

Honestly, at first, I didn’t trust him completely and in many ways I doubted him, but now I trust him unconditionally.

                                            * * *

He once told me something extremely important. He told me that he dreamed of a little boy, which meant that miracles were soon to come.

A few days later, he reminded me again:

— Remember I told you about a dream with a little boy?

— Yes I remember.

— Trayana, a great miracle happened! My task was to free humanity from the KARMA of the EARTH AND I DID IT! No more KARMA ON EARTH! I freed all of humanity … Here, on EARTH, 6 million humans-ROBOTS live, 600 thousand aliens (from other planets), but they do not bother anyone.

I just listened and wondered: what a man he introduced me to, Lord! Then I asked:

— And the Dark Forces?

— They took off from Earth in September. They’ve been here 300,000 years, Trayana.

— What happened on December 21st, 2012?

— The quantum transition is purple. For the first time in the history of mankind there are no cataclysms and floods. Five thousand people saved the planet from destruction on November 26th, 2012. Everything has always been destroyed during the quantum transition. What happened now was a MIRACLE in our history. We should all be THANKFUL to GOD for this.

As I listened to him, my heart beat like a bell in my chest with happiness, and deep in my soul thoughts were born: “My God, how happy I am to know Igor – the man who did everything to save our PLANET EARTH. It was wonderful and majestic to feel empathy. At that moment, I felt that my time had come, so I said:

— It seems to me that my time is coming, that I have to prepare for Bulgaria to help people.

— Yes, I see you won’t stay here long…

I knew that very soon with the help of Igor all my chakras would be activated and he would give me strong energy to prepare for Bulgaria. Igor is the one who performed a MIRACLE and saved our planet. And only I knew about it! This is amazing!

                                            * * *

A few days later, we have met for a coffee and he told me:

— God sent his messenger to Earth, man – God, and we are already representatives of the new sixth race.

When my friend Snezhana (with whom we lived together) said that she did not like President Putin, Igor replied:

— He has a little more time left to go. He will be replaced by a man of God. Russia will be called SVYIATA RUSS (HOLY RUS). All people will live in ancestral estates. The government will provide each family with one hectare of land and everyone on our planet will be very happy, especially in Russia, because it will become a PARADISE. Bulgaria will join us and all former republics will reunite.

All Western tourists will visit Russia and when they see how people live there, they will want to move. In Russia, people will live in peace and quiet. Each Russian family will feed on the products of their own hectare of land. On average, they will receive $ 5 million a year – that will be enough for them.

Then he added that Snezhana’s daughter is her reborn grandmother.

— A WONDERCHILD was born… Smart, beautiful, sings, dances, cooks – she can do everything. And she is only 13 years old. Just like in Cinderella’s story. He also told us that in the 17th century Snezhana and I were sisters and lived in a house with a thatched roof in the forest, on the border between Latvia and Germany.

Interestingly, from the moment of our acquaintance, Snezhana had the feeling that she already knew me. The next day Igor came to us again for coffee. While we were talking, all of a sudden I felt my ears muffled, as if I walked into the tunnel. I asked:

— What is this echo?

— I transferred it from the 12th dimension. There is no higher dimension. There live the SUPREME ANGELS – SERAPHIM and CHERUBIM.

So, Igor can transfer energy from the Higher Dimensions to transmit it to the people of the Earth! He is the first person on our planet to have access to these dimensions.

And the sixth dimension – this is the CENTRE OF OUR GALAXY – THE MILKY WAY. He himself came to us from there. I asked him:

— When will we live in the fifth dimension?

— Take your time – we have not yet dealt with the third dimension. Here on Earth, we will go through all dimensions. Now we live in the third, in the fourth live the dead, and the fifth dimension is Paradise. The sixth dimension is the centre of the Galaxy, the Milky Way. I will tell you about the others in the future.

After this conversation, I realised how lucky I am to know Igor, who came to us from the centre of the Galaxy and still no one knows this secret … Everything will happen when the time comes, one day everyone will understand. He added that at the centre of the Galaxy are the ORIGINALS of man, but here on Earth, we are just copies in human bodies. That was very intriguing.

Yes, no one knows such secrets on this planet yet…

When Igor introduced the energy of the 12th dimension and I heard an echo like from a tunnel, for me it was an amazing experience! I admitted that a few months ago, while I was lying in bed, I was given information that Igor is the planetary God, and I am the planetary Goddess…

                                            * * *

A few days later, I met my friend Grozdanka (Zani) from Sandanski (town in Bulgaria) (a very smart and intelligent woman). During the conversation, she mentioned that Vanga was the Godmother of her daughter Danny.

I asked:

— What?!


— Yes, I went to Vanga many times. When she opened the church “St. Petka” in 1993, we discussed together what flowers to plant and how to decorate the garden.

In 1996, Vanga died. I exclaimed:

— Zani, do you know that Vanga’s angel is here around us now?

— Really?!

— Yes, nothing happens by accident … Here, we also didn’t meet by chance with Zani, because everything in life happens for a reason.

She needed energy to find a job and I introduced her to Igor. She told him about Vanga, about how they met. Igor said that now around her left shoulder are the angels of her grandmothers, the angel of Vanga. They will soon help her find a suitable job. He asked her:

— How do you feel now?

— Now I am calm and confident.

She also said that if she doesn’t find a job, it would be very difficult for her and her daughter.

Igor gave her energy, confidence and strength to help her find a job.

He also said that the Dark Forces disappeared from our planet in September 2012, leaving only monsters in human bodies, and that currently 6 million humanrobots live with us, as well as 600,000 aliens. He then added that now is the time for everyone to make their choice: to develop spiritually or not. Those who fail to awaken will be removed from here, and when they are reborn, they will return without SINS to the SIXTH RACE. And the people who are here and now believe in GOD, who are developing spiritually, will be young and will live for many years without growing old. They will practically live forever in the same body. (It was a very interesting conversation.)

We also learned from him that between 21.12 – 29.12.2012 in Eastern Europe it will be very cold and that we will be able to observe many interesting phenomena and miracles … Yesterday, for example, for the first time we saw a very beautiful rainbow around the moon…

Igor reassured Zani that she would find a job soon.

                                            * * *

A few days later we met again, had a conversation about our planet, and I asked:

— How many people like you are left on Earth?

— In terms of energy vibrations, I am already much ahead I do not see others.

— And no one knows anything about you, only you know about them?

— No, no one knows about me.

And did you read all the books by Vladimir Megre that were written about Anastasia? And Maslov’s “Revelations”? Did you really live as a hermit when you worked on yourself to purify yourself energetically?

Igor avoided touching on these topics and I realised that for now I have to give up asking such questions… It is just that the time has not yet come. I read the Biblical Revelations and compared them to what Igor was telling us. For example, it said, “Only those who believe in God will remain, and all unbelievers will leave.” How interesting and true. Suddenly the echo appeared in my ears again and I realised that Igor was in the 12th dimension again. He answered my question like this:

— Yes, Trayana, I was in the 12th dimension again. Imagine, people haven’t seen the fifth dimension yet, and I was in the 12th.

Word by word we reached Nostradamus. I asked him if there was a man on Earth who was Nostradamus in a past life?

— Yes, in 2012 a boy was born in Russia who was Nostradamus in his previous life… Only he could decrypt what was written then…

— How interesting! How many secrets exist on this planet!

                                            * * *

On January 3th, 2013, a miracle happened! My friend Vessy’s mother, Aunt Tsvetanka, was walking! She was bedridden, but after Igor’s sessions and with the help of a masseur, she started walking! Igor told her at the beginning that she would walk, but she did not believe him. That’s why God made me meet Vessy just when she needed help… There’s nothing accidental!

When I think about how many people Igor has helped, I believe that the time will come when God will give him so much energy that he would be able to heal people from the first time, as Christ healed.

The next day, Vessy invited Igor and me to dinner in gratitude that her mother was already walking. That’s why God sent him to them at Christmas – they needed his energy. That day, Vessy let me read Vanga’s Prophecies. The book was written and published on the occasion of the prophetess’ 100th birthday. When I took the book in my hands, my eyes suddenly filled with tears, my breathing quickened, I cried and immediately received information: you must continue the path of Vanga! This happened several times, and when I looked at Vanga’s picture, I felt as if I was connected to her. Maybe one day I will remember who I am and why my life is like this, and not another. And again so many tears flowed from my eyes, as if they were coming from my soul, as if I already knew that I have to continue Vanga’s way of helping people.

A few days later, I shared with Igor my strong impressions of the book about Vanga. I told him how Vanga talked about Bulgaria and Russia 40 years ago, that Russia is our mother and that we should follow her because she has always helped us and will continue to help us. “We can only rely on her! Russia is the gateway to Bulgaria!”- Vanga said this in the presence of Lyuben Georgiev, Yanka Takeva and Professor Dimitar Filipov in 1994. Vanga also said that we are blood brothers with the Russian people, that the Russian people love us, always ready to help us and that Europe will not help us. I thought about these words, said many years ago and shared my thoughts with Igor:

— Probably that’s why we are so close with you and you always support me? You knew about me 12 years before we met. You probably knew that one day we should help unite Bulgaria and Russia?

— Yes, that is…

Therefore, when in 2007 I saw how the Russians are buying real estates in Bulgaria en masse, I said to myself that we will become the 16th republic of Russia. This is also written in the book about Vanga. I wonder who paid serious attention to this or believed what Vanga said? To most people, all this still sounds very mysterious.

That is why my task and mission on Earth is to help the Bulgarian people and to continue Vanga’s mission. When I read Igor’s book, I found a very interesting passage:

“God is one, no matter the way we call him, and before

God we are all equal. There is an old Indian teaching – the “White Brotherhood”, which will spread all over the world, it will be printed in new books and everyone will read it. This will be the “New Bible”! This was said in a conversation with the Russian writer Vladimir Sidorov. And more: “A new teaching will appear, thanks to it the people will purify their souls. A young, handsome and strong man will spread it all over the world, but he has not appeared yet” (conversation with Boyka Tsvetanova).

I just glanced at Igor and realised that Vanga was talking about him – and she still didn’t know who this messenger of God would be. I continued reading aloud:

— “All the apostles – Vanga says, – are now on earth because the time of the Holy Spirit has come, but the greatest mission is entrusted to the apostle Andrew – he is preparing the way for Jesus Christ and, as he commanded, he will return to Earth in white clothes, when chosen people feel in their hearts the Return of Christ.” (Conversation with the Russian writer Valentin Sidorov.)

I looked at Igor and saw tears in his eyes. He took a small icon of St. Andrew from his pocket and handed it to me:

— So the Apostle Andrew is your teacher. You are the happiest person, you communicate with Christ and God every day!

I was amazed. Yes, I knew that Igor was sent by God on a mission to save the planet from disaster and that he succeeded, but so far I just could not fully realise the importance of what is happening around me.

I kept reading. It was written that Jesus Christ was training and preparing for his new mission and would return in the middle of the New Age. The New Age is beginning and all the religions that have existed on the planet for 3–4 thousand years will disappear because they are no longer needed and interfere with the Pleiades who sent us Christ. The Pleiades take care of us. They are already here, among us, and people can see them. (from a conversation with Petar Bakov.) I looked at Igor again and asked:

— And who are the Pleiades?

— This is a civilisation that was here many thousands of years ago, even before Lemuria, and now they are HERE again. They have done good and evil here on Earth, now they are correcting their mistakes.

— So, they sent you here? Did I understand correctly you are here to correct their mistakes?

— Yes, I am here to save the planet from destruction, this is my task.

— So that’s why we were shown our meeting 12 years ago so that I could write a book about you and let people know about you?

Tears glistened in his eyes. I asked:

— And does your family know about this?

He did not answer.

Even 18 years ago, Igor knew everything he had to do for his mission on Earth. In the most incredible way, I was given the information I received from the book about Vanga, which coincided with everything I learned about Igor. A coincidence? Hardly? This book came to me just for that! At our first meeting, Igor told me: – “You are the future Vanga, but in a stronger form and your mission is: to help awaken the Bulgarian people.”

— Why me?

— Who else? This is your task one day you will remember that this is your mission. You were already predestined in heaven… I, for example, remembered all the rebirths through the epochs: where I lived, what I was like. You will also remember.

I thought and said:

— So that’s why God gave me a longer time to meet with you to give me more energy and knowledge?

— Yes, absolutely true.

— So, my mission is not so easy – to continue Vanga’s mission. Most people in Bulgaria never understood why the Divine Forces sent Vanga to us. What was her goal? She helped thousands of people. Now I must continue her work, now with new energy and in a stronger form. Yes, I believe I can do it! I know and believe that people will develop more and more spiritually. I received this providence from the Light. Yes, my Master was sent here on a huge mission – to save a planet from disaster. In Revelation, in the dictation of November 26th, 2012, it is written that 5,000 people saved the Earth from disaster – for the first time in human history. Think of the fate of all previous civilizations that have destroyed themselves! Such as Lemuria and Atlantis. And the greatest power for salvation was given by Igor. This conversation was one of the most important for me.

                                            * * *

A few days passed when, reading the book about Vanga, I suddenly wanted to pray and cry. I became very sad because so few people do not know the truth about life on Earth and I wished everyone to live together and love each other, to have supreme justice and understanding – Love and Light! I cried for the Bulgarian people that very few people develop spiritually. Over the years, Vanga has been very accurate in speaking the truth simply.

Everything in the book is true, but everything is said as if with the help of some code that needs to be decoded. Everything was transmitted through it by the Supreme Mind. She always told people, “Don’t envy anyone! Don’t be greedy! If you have two shirts, give one to your fellow – it is human. People must love each other so that there is no jealousy, envy, because they destroy you and your loved ones. Be kind and honest. Good defeats evil only with Faith and Love.

It is said very correctly, but it takes time for people to realize and apply it in life. As my acquaintance from Stara Zagora, Valya, had once told me: “Only with Faith and Hope I have changed my life for the better. There comes a time when you must change, it is never too late to start all over again. I prayed to God for a husband and a child, I wanted to have a wonderful family and a life full of love and understanding because I felt ready for it. And everything happened because I sincerely believed … Everything happened the way I wanted, because I was ready for that.” If people started to change, at least a little bit every day, then life on Earth would be wonderful! This requires Faith and Love and most importantly – Will and Desire. It is very important for parents to be ready to have children, to know how to raise them properly. Parents themselves must be impeccable: to be ready, not to drink, not to smoke, not to lie, to treat their children with respect and most importantly – to feel them…

Unfortunately, most parents do not know how to behave with their children, how to treat them properly. They are often shouted at and the children panic. This is just one example of many, but we will discuss this topic another time…

I would like to go back to the period when I was freeing myself from the Ego – from my selfish qualities, which, of course, all people have. After healing my kidneys and stomach, my Master reduced my Ego to a small size and left me to fight it alone. I really wish he had destroyed it completely, but my job was to deal with it alone. I had to learn not to take insults from anyone, not to get angry, not to be jealous, not to be evious, to think only positively. Even if someone hurt or insulted me, I had to forgive him immediately and release the tension from the situation, but I had to do it from the heart, i.e. to get rid of the insult radically.

How to do this, you ask? With a lot of work and work on yourself, using your iron will, GOOD AND GOOD. Yes, the task was not easy at all, but I tried my best to succeed and get rid of the so-called SELFISH HUMAN QUALITIES, which prevented me from moving forward and hindered my development. I felt unhealthy during the purification. I went through everything: flu, runny nose, sore throat. For the first time, I decided not to use antibiotics and, literally, I managed to get back on my feet in three days.

My Master told me that this is a normal process in cleansing the body of negative energy, anger, malice, etc., and it seemed to me that my Ego was dying… If antibiotics were resorted to at such a time, it will give them the effect of anesthesia, i.e. the process will be stopped and the negative energy will remain in the body. This means that in a certain period of time a person will get sick again and, which is much more serious – the subsequent diseases will be much more severe.

As I freed myself from my Ego, at times I was very nervous, constantly feeling anxious (the ego was afraid it was time to leave). I asked my Master:

— Where did this second Ego come from in me? How did this happen?

— This is an old man who is 200 years old, left over from the period when you lived in Russia in the early 19th century. Then you were a rich noble lady, you played the piano, you had a big house and a lot of servants. Then your great pride appeared – the Ego PRIDE. The time has come to get rid of the Ego PRIDE the most difficult thing is to fight with your Ego.

Igor could have destroyed it very easily, but he did just do it partially so I can harden my character and fight it myself.

While I was praying in the church in front of the icon of Jesus Christ, I saw how the icon began to move now to the left, now to the right.

— Yes, it is now very easy to move from one vibration to another, because now the Earth is closest to Heaven.

— Something interesting is constantly happening to me, miracles are happening around me. Several times, I have already seen the icons in the church swaying to the left and to the right, and at times, my Ego gets annoyed and afraid of destroying it. I don’t need this Ego, it just bothers me. How do you think life is designed to work here on Earth?

— We are just an experiment here.

— I feel that you and I will be the first people to live forever.

— Yes, that is…

— And I also feel that I will be able to get rid of my Ego very quickly.

— Yes, it is already on his knees, I see it. You have to beat it.

— To win?!

— Yes, your Higher Self must defeat your Ego. It should.

— I know I am strong and I can handle it. Yes, and you give me the energy I need every day.

— Yes, I give you a very strong energy that the Ego cannot resist.

Suddenly, even though I was breathing deeply and hard, I felt my air run out. This is not the first time this has happened to me in the last month.

— There is a little more left. Of course, I can destroy it in a second, but you have to defeat it yourself. Your Higher Self must defeat it.

People know about the Ego, but no one wants to work on themselves. This may seem like a fairy tale to you, but it is the truth. There are many hidden truths that no one wants to reveal. The story of the Ego is interesting. People need to know that there is an Ego in every person. When we try to be better, nobler, more honest, more selfless, working and freeing ourselves from the bad qualities of our character, we are able to free ourselves from the Ego, to start all over again and become what we really are.

I was very grateful to my Master for the great support and his energetic help, thanks to which I was free from the Ego. On the other hand, the Ego made me angry with Igor every day because I felt his strong energy. I was constantly offended, I was dissatisfied all the time and, believe me, it was very difficult for me to deal with jealousy, dissatisfaction, impatience.

These qualities, which are formed in the character of man for many years, are not at all easy to suddenly clear forever in a day or two, even a month. This requires CONSTANT WORK, patience and humility.

How many people do you know who have freed themselves from their Ego? How many people do you know who try to be better every day than yesterday?

Think about it – the key is in you.

I, of course, apologized to my Master and asked him for forgiveness for my unworthy treatment of him (this is because of the Ego!), I promised that I would not take insults again. No more time for insults, I rise to the top in the spiral of perfection of consciousness. I knew that God was with me and I will succeed!

I told him that when my air conditioner turned on by its own, I wasn’t even scared. “Yes, it’s started!” He said, laughing and telling how eight years ago his TV turned itself on just thinking about him.

We began to comment on the difficult tests that fate had prepared for us and that we had to deal with: money, work, responsibility, professionalism.

— For example, I was the director of a technical school with 1500 students the responsibility was great. I worked from 06.00 to 21.00 in the evening. I have four higher educations:

— Specialty – industrial and civil construction – PGS

(Leningrad Construction Institute;

— Faculty of Economics (Moscow);

— Institute of Political Science (St. Petersburg);

— International currency and stock markets (Vienna, Austria).

— You are the Miracle man. Is it because everything in this dimension is predestined? As you, for example, remember everything you planned in heaven, do you remember all your tests here on Earth? Like I have chosen to lose so much money and live in difficulty for two years, to meet you and awaken me to the spiritual life?

How can I not remember all this?

— This was God’s plan in heaven.

I know that in Heaven we have agreed to live in higher dimensions, to descend here to Earth, and to begin to EVOLVE up the spiral. This is an experiment to improve consciousness while working, learning, etc. As Igor told me, his task is to spread UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, to distribute his energy every day on our Planet and to help many people physically and spiritually.

Most people think that gratitude is calculated in money, but this is not correct. True gratitude and help is when you give a person your energy and your Love, to give your spiritual support, to raise his Spirit and potential. This is much more than just giving money. Money is the last thing you can do to help someone…

— Igor, you told me that in most of my rebirths I lived in Russia and why was I born in Bulgaria this time?

— This is your task: to awaken the Bulgarian people so that one day they will unite with Russia in one country.

A few days later I felt a huge change in myself – I became calmer and more confident. For example, when work was not going well, I stayed calm. There was no tension, nerves and intolerance. I believed that tomorrow would bring me more work than today.

It is very important to believe in tomorrow. Every thought of mine created MY FUTURE TOMORROW. It was a great achievement for me, because I knew that everything that happened to me was my tests and trials and I had to go through them. My Master praised me and said that the Divine Powers had given him the following: GREAT TEACHER, HUMBLE STUDENT!

— Yes, of course, I am modest. I worked all week to pay for the accommodation and maintenance of my car. I don’t need a lot of money to move forward.

— You, Trayana, will receive millions of books to write, there will be several.

— I would like my books to be interesting and, most of all, easily understandable for the people.

— Today, Trayana, you have a completely different energy, you think completely differently, well done!

— Yes, I feel positive and confident. And other people told me today that they feel my positive energy.

— Yes, in terms of the energy of your vibrations you have already reached Vanga.

— How about energy?

— You have reached it energetically. He said nothing more.

Many indicators lately have told me that I am getting stronger and stronger. The important thing is that I learned to think only positively and optimistically, regardless of the situation.

A few days later we met again with my Master and he shared with me information that may not yet be known to the world.

Igor gave me important and secret information about our planet Earth.

Quantum transition December 21st, 2012 the beginning
of the transition

The earth must pass from the third dimension to the fifth. All people on Earth live in two dimensions – the third and the fourth. The fourth dimension we visit when we sleep, i.e. our soul visits the etheric world. Our deceased are in this world, where their souls also exist, and we meet them in our dreams. We dream and observe various events and situations that are related to us or our loved ones. We also see pictures from the future.

Very often, they are symbolic. These pictures need to be deciphered and explained. Dreams can come true the next day, or they can in five years.

The peak of the Quantum Transition lasted until 2016, but during this period, humanity did not ascend to the 5th dimension. The main task is to clear all the negativity that we have created in our lives and on the planet Earth. The whole process of transition to Higher Dimensions will take a period of about 200 years.

Now the planet has become brighter and more people “Woke up.” Such people are becoming more and more, but with the scale of the entire planet are not many. Of the seven billion people living on Earth, only 2–3% have woken up, the rest are asleep. Therefore, the whole process of ascension of the planet goes in stages.

A group of human angels from the Great Centre of the Sun live on Earth. Their mission is the ascension of the planet Earth to the 5th dimension (Paradise). These human angels have extensive experience in such planetary ascensions. They have already raised nine such planets in different dimensions, Galaxies and Universes.

Eight of them were successful. These people are not only the TREASURE of our planet, they are the true protectors of the universe. Their knowledge and experience increase energy and the Process of Ascension in the 5th dimension depends on them. No one knows anything about them, their names are unknown, but they are doing their Great Work and working in the name of the UNIVERSAL TREASURE QUIETLY AND WITHOUT SHOWINESS.

I immediately asked:

— These 12 Masters who are here on Earth, and who have such strong energy, is it true that four of them (three men and one woman) have energy stronger than the others?

— Yes.

— How interesting! No one on Earth knows about this. Thanks to you, I learned so many interesting things.

— Yes, exactly…

— And when will all people find out about your abilities? I think the time has come.

— Soon, very soon … When in Russia people find out about my abilities, I will be invited to the government to meet with President Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. They will offer me to work for the government, but I will tell them, “I’m sorry, but I serve God – he is my Master and I only serve him.”

I remembered Vanga ‘s words again (from the book “Prophecies and Wisdom” by Zhenya Kostadinova) that a handsome and strong man will come to spread the New Spiritual Teaching, thanks to which human souls will be able to purify themselves. It will spread around the world, but has not yet appeared. This is what Vanga said in the years 1970–1980. Now I can safely say that this man is Igor Ivanov, I know him and his task is to spread the spiritual teachings of the White Brotherhood around the world. Igor’s energy purifies people’s souls and they repent of their sins. Thanks to him, they get better. (Igor certainly doesn’t look young at the moment, but I know he will soon be younger and will always look 35 years old.)

Vanga also said that all the apostles are already on Earth that the time of the Holy Spirit has already begun.

The greatest mission has fallen on the shoulders of the Apostle Andrew – he is paving the way for Christ to come to this world again.

Vanga says, “Christ will return again. The New Age has come and all the religions that have existed on the planet for 3–4 thousand years will disappear because they are no longer needed and interfere with the Pleiades who sent us Christ. The Pleiades take care of us.

— In what dimension do the Pleiades live?

— In the 12th dimension, where the SERAPHIMS and CHERUBIMS live, the superior angels. The Pleiades, who live in the 12th dimension, have returned from the future to the past to correct the mistakes they made before on Earth. I have also returned from the future to the past to save planet Earth from a planetary catastrophe. I came from the FEDERATION OF OUR GALAXY – THE MILKY WAY. There, in the sixth dimension, sits the Government of our Galaxy. I am God who descended into the material body of the third dimension to save planet Earth from planetary catastrophe and to raise Gaia in the fifth dimension, to the place where life is in Paradise – forever.

When Igor stopped talking, I just looked at him and I felt and couldn’t say anything. Yes, I know how much energy and strength he gives to our planet. Every morning he gets up at 05.30, goes to the sea to meditate and so it is every day for many years.

His mission is to protect the planet and give it energy. That is why he lives in Cyprus. It is always warm here and the climate allows this mission to be carried out (no snow, no ice). Yes, the Great Teacher – the Godman or, more precisely, the Miracle worker.

I myself am an example of how he shares his strong energy with me every day. As a Master and Teacher, he constantly supported me and watched me deal with daily difficulties, more precisely, with my Ego, which constantly hindered me. I realized that he was the only person who could energetically help me. When I was offended, when I was angry or dissatisfied, I knew that this was my Ego. The tests in Cyprus were for my good.

There were times when he stopped helping me because I had to go through fire and water myself to cope. At that time, my Ego was getting angry, but I was strong and I was able to fight it. These are TESTS OF PERFECTION to go up the spiral. Every day my mind awoke more and more with the purity of the vibrations. I once asked Igor:

— How many people have as strong and pure energy as us?

— There are no other such people in Cyprus, only we are with you…

Then I understood why so many of my relatives, friends and colleagues were constantly looking for my company and saying that I had positive energy. They kept telling me about various incidents, as if they were confessing to me. This started to impress me.

When I come to think of it: I purified myself energetically, mentally and spiritually every day. I prayed to God to forgive me all the transgressions and mistakes I had made, willingly or unwillingly, and so I purified my soul. Every day I tried to be better and more selfless, I tried to help relatives, friends and acquaintances as much as I could. I watched miracles happen to me, my friends and acquaintances … So when we pray, our souls are purified, but only 2% of the people on Earth know about it…


“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4: 4–7).

The Apostle Paul writes, “And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him” (Heb. 11: 6).

                                            * * *

Here is an example of how our planet is protected… My Master told me that on February 15th, 2013, a meteorite fell near the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia. The power of the explosion could have been 30 times greater than the atomic bomb explosion over Hiroshima in 1945. This meteorite did not explode just because the people of Russia had created the dome of “First Love” from one end of the ocean to the other to protect Russia and planet Earth from a GLOBAL DISASTER.

“No one died.” They were only wounded by broken windows and falling debris. For the past three years, I’ve been protecting the Earth from all the meteorites and asteroids that fly around the planet. So we are completely safe. No celestial object can harm the planet and humanity. Igor told me about this case on February 18th, 2013, and it became so interesting to me that I immediately started looking for information about the meteorite in the Russian news.

“On February 15th, 2013 at 9:22 local time (7:22

Moscow time) a meteorite flew over the territory of the Chelyabinsk region at the speed of sound in the direction of Chelyabinsk – Chebarkul – Satka.

A loud explosion, an air shock wave, light electromagnetic radiation and seismic acoustic interference accompanied its passage.

The lightning was seen in neighbouring areas, as well as in neighboring Kazakhstan. The shock wave shattered the windows of more than 7,000 buildings.

There were no casualties, but more than 1,600 people were injured by shattered windows, and 52 were hospitalized.

(“15 февраля 2013 года в 9:22 по местному времени (7:22 мск) над территорией Челябинской области пролетел метеорит со сверхзвуковой скоростью по направлению Челябинск — Чебаркуль — Сатка. Его прохождение сопровождалось сильным взрывом, воздушной ударной волной, световым и электромагнитным излучением, сейсмическим и акустическим возмущением.

Вспышка света была видна и в соседних регионах, а также в сопредельном Казахстане. Ударная волна выбила стекла более чем в семи тысячах зданий.

ЧП обошлось без человеческих жертв, но пострадали более 1,6 тысячи человек, главным образом, из-за порезов стеклами выбитых окон, 52 человека были госпитализированы”. )

I thought, “Lord God! These people have not understood anything, they are just thinking about money!” This is how the world works: materialism has swallowed people’s consciousness.

I immediately remembered Igor’s account of the fact that 300,000 years ago we were copied by beings from the planet Satan (Nibiru) and that we were an experiment on our planet. I just said out loud:

— How can people don’t understand that the Key is in themselves!

Igor answered:

— From the reptiles remain only two functions: to live and to multiply, and all other talents and gifts of God are destroyed. Everything that happens here on Earth is our tests. This was done on purpose so that at this level of development – in the third dimension, we can realize that we are PART OF THE COSMIC MIND OCEAN, who repeats in itself the structure of the universe, perfecting itself to the level of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and uniting itself with the Spiritual unity of God, creating the beginning of the beginnings. – Of course, I realise everything… I myself go through this stage of spiritual training, but now at a higher level. Thank you – My Master, who’s with his energy helping me.

The New Energy is already on the planet. People began to change for the better. For example, the Bulgarian Minister of Finance resigned, probably not wanting to participate in corruption. They also elected a new Patriarch in Sofia.

Bulgaria needs a spiritual awakening, because there are only 2% spiritually elevated people, all the others develop only materially. We need Hope, Faith and Love. The materialism absorbed Bulgaria. Vanga said, “Love will save the world!”

People want to have money first and then believe…

First there must be FAITH IN GOD, and only then God will open all the doors to the material world. There are two ways to make money: from God and from the Dark Forces (dishonest way). Those who have chosen the Dark Path, God will soon clear them and will remain only believers in God. Right now, as I write this book,

I am following this path and developing spiritually…

Spirituality does not mean that you have to go to church all the time. The church is God’s temple, where one can pray and light a candle to commemorate the souls of our deceased loved ones, but in our time churches have become a source of income. They are opened only for liturgies and on holidays. Developing spirituality means believing in our Creator – to develop creatively, to develop our talents and abilities for the common good and, most importantly, to learn to THINK POSITIVELY.

Statistics show that nowadays people have forgotten about spirituality, or more precisely, they do not want to develop spiritually. They don’t have time for that because they only think about how to make money? For thousands of years, the material world has completely cleansed them of the idea of spiritual development.

The time has come for truth and revelation. People will have to reconsider their ideas about God and the Supreme Mind. This is natural, because everything they know about the structure of the universe, putting it mildly, is NOT TRUE, but a complete delusion. All this knowledge was presented to us as a mixture of religious dogmas and scientific errors, which affected the spiritual evolution of those who were destined (created) to expand the space of the Higher Mind. As for my tests, which I went through spiritually every day, in the material world, they became more and more difficult and I had to deal with them every day. There were times when I needed a lot of money to pay bills and pay off debts. My income was not enough or late. In general, the situation was dramatic, but I stubbornly believed that everything would be fine and I said to myself: “Stop, everyone will wait. I know and I believe that everything will be fine.”

I can definitely say that the more I developed spiritually and believed in God, the more difficult my tests became.

The higher I was climbing the spiral, the harder and more complicated my life was becoming.

Believe my experience: the more you develop spiritually, believe, pray and think positively, the more often it happens that in those moments when it seems to you that all the doors are closed, God paves the way for you. So, thanks to the energy of my Master, who helped me to be stronger and more confident, I rediscovered myself.

Igor not only helped me with his Divine energy, but also watched me move up the spiral. Over the last few weeks, I have felt how fast, almost lightning-fast, I have been moving forward. The dictations of the Almighty from February 21–25, 2013 seemed to be written for me… I myself realised that with each passing day my mind awakens from a deep sleep and I realized that we, PEOPLE, are the essences of this planet Earth (as written in the dictation from February 25th, 2013), which carry the divine spark of the Supreme Cosmic Mind.

The time has come for the awakening of the people.

“The transition from Darkness (over many centuries) to the Light of New ideas and information about the structure of the universe is a very difficult step – a step that divides people into just people and People-Gods, the idea of which from now on is to serve only First, the Creator, which means personal improvement to the level of Christ Consciousness and, of course, to the ONE spiritual providence of Christhood!”

Here, in this dictation of February 25th, 2013 (№ 7), he also writes about Igor Ivanov – about my Teacher:

“Very soon I will allow My Messenger to say those WORDS that will finally divide the world into righteous and unrighteous, because even in this Great Space of the Supreme Cosmic Mind there are people who have freely chosen their place in this Ocean of Reason and those who continue to trust Unbelief…”

For the first time in eight years, My Master was mentioned in the Dictations of the Almighty. I knew it was him. When we met, I asked him directly if it was written about him in the Dictations, he only modestly answered: “Yes.”

— Does Maslov know about you?

— Not yet.

How interesting! God chose him for his great mission on earth.

— How I want all people to appreciate your qualities and abilities…

— They will appreciate them. There is time for everything…

I told him how I had been feeling for the last few days:

— Hot waves hit me, Igor, and at night, I was told I was going to another level.

— Yes, you have moved to another spiritual level.

I also told him that I was trying to read the Bible, but it no longer seemed to appeal to me like the Revelations of the Almighty. It is as if everything in the Bible is written in the old way, with old energy, and the Revelations charge me with new energy.

Yes, the Bible was written when the energy on Earth was different, it was rewritten many times because some parts of the Bible no longer exist. For example, that people are reborn (this chapter was destroyed by the church). They have kept this a secret so that all people on Earth know that we are only born and die. But this is not true. We are reborn on Earth until our SOUL reaches CHRIST KNOWLEDGE, becomes PERFECT AND LIVES IN REST! At the 11th Council of Nicaea, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian, the chapter “Reincarnation – Rebirth” was cut from the Bible.

— 1600 years have passed since then. Why didn’t they bring it back?

— Because it is advantageous for the Secular and Religious authorities to rule the Spiritual World. But the time will come, the TRUTH will be revealed and the anger of the people will destroy this structure. It is better to tell the truth now. For example, that the disciples of Jesus Christ also changed the Bible. The betrayal of Judas is also distorted (of all the disciples, Judas was the closest to Jesus, almost a brother). Judas did not betray Jesus.

I looked Igor in the eyes and said:

— Easter is coming. How I want all people to know about your knowledge and abilities!

So, word by word, we came to how fast I climbed the spiral of spiritual evolution in just one year… Igor told me:

— Trayana, I give you homework to write about yourself: about what you were a year ago and what you are now. In which direction have the qualities of your character changed?

After this conversation, I began to think and realize that I really try to work very hard every day on my character. In one year I managed to destroy many negative habits and qualities in my character: resentment, malice, doubts, lies, misconceptions, fears (there are more), but most importantly, I learned patience and humility. I no longer got insulted from my relatives. I destroyed these negative qualities significantly quickly thanks to the ENERGY of Igor (the Grand Master). He helped me a lot, but I also put in a lot of effort and desire (it is very difficult to work on yourself and change for the better every day).

Besides, I already felt that I was no longer offending Igor – it was a victory over me, a victory over my Ego!

In the past, I often insulted my Master, I was nervous, I was dissatisfied, I made claims (this happens often: the student does not like to be lectured). Now, after a year, I REALISE that thanks to him I have reached a high spiritual level. I will never forget how in March 2012 he wrote in my notebook: “GET RID OF EVIL AND THE RESENTMENT”

It is very difficult to work on your bad qualities, to try to get rid of them. There are only a few people who work on this – to destroy the negative qualities in their character. I repeat again: when we believe in GOD, we try to be better, to change every day, even a little something in ourselves, to destroy every drop of malice, greed, and selfishness within ourselves. WHY? Because these are the worst qualities that have existed in man since the very creation.

As I have already mentioned, REPTILES COPIED us from 300 thousand years ago from the planet SATAN (NIBIRU), and inside each person carries an energy monster. That is why people are so evil and envious. These qualities are passed on to us by these monsters. How can we get rid of them? – By working on ourselves to get better.

Igor once told me:

— “Here on the planet, we are a divine experiment.” We need to change ourselves for the better and then a new beginning new opportunities and priorities with the energy of Love will open in our lives. Then everything you have dreamed and wanted can be realised in a moment as a MIRACLE.

I myself have passed a certain evolutionary level of spiritual ascension and I continue to move to the top of the spiral as I work hard and change myself positively.

Referring to my own experience, I can only say that

I deal with everything only with the help of prayers and FAITH in God – very difficult, but I manage… The most difficult of all is to live in the two worlds: in the Spiritual and in the Material. Living according to God’s laws, developing spiritually, and living in the third dimension is not easy. Here today, MONEY are everything, and without them, it is difficult to cope. But I worked, I succeeded and I saw miracles every day… I believed and I went forward persistently. As my Master says


Faith and Love will save the world.

Every day I reread the “Revelations”, the dictations of the Supreme Mind, which gave me a lot of energy and strength to move forward.

I also often reread the book “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek. This book helped me a lot and it did not come to me by chance. I worked hard on my Ego (I had to get rid of it) so that I could defeat my Higher Self.

In business, the situation was not good at all. How can I progress spiritually when the money is not enough and I am almost without income?

You must believe even when you feel that there is no hope, when you see that nothing is happening… You must keep trying to open even closed doors and believe:

The universe will come to the rescue and a miracle will happen!

In such moments, it is very important to be strong and confident. Let’s not lose heart. Work on yourself! Thought is a powerful weapon! “I can! I will succeed! I know! Anything is possible! "- and everything is possible – and the doors open…

So, my business broke away from the deadlock and headed up to the top of the mountain. It’s easy to win your first million by lying, cheating and stealing (this is the easy way). To earn millions in an honest way, few have succeeded believe me! There is so much envy, malice, and lies around us that it is very difficult to make honest money in God’s way. In order to succeed in an honest way in this material world, we must work hard on ourselves every day.

So, it was with me – I tried to destroy all the qualities of my Ego in order to realize myself in the right way. So it took time, no one became perfect in one day. I knew from my Master that this was a very difficult task, but it gave great results. He advised me to keep repeating in my mind, “I am freeing myself from my Ego.” And I did it every day.

                                            * * *

I finally felt that I had enough energy in me and that I could get rid of negativity on my own. Igor gave me a lot of positive energy, but now I had to get rid of some negative qualities of my emotional self.

One of them was JEALOUSY.

This is one of the strongest human qualities, which is an obstacle to unconditional love. It doesn’t matter who we are jealous of – husband, parents, brother, sister, children or any of our colleagues… If people fail to get rid of jealousy forever, the Earth will be a PARADISE.

So it happened to me: receiving so much attention, knowledge and energy from my Healer and Master, at one point I became jealous of him, and I myself did not know why. In addition to me, he helped other people and families a lot. Very often, these were women who also needed his spiritual support.

I once introduced him to one of my friends. He helped her and her mother a lot. God sent it to them when they needed help. Then they began to communicate, which provoked my jealousy. I was jealous not only of her, but of other women I had introduced him to (I finally realized how stupid all this was!).

It was not female jealousy, but rather jealousy of a friend. At first, it seemed to me that feelings were involved on my part, but over time, I realized that this happens to everyone whom Igor helped. I knew that all these people were sent to him by God to help them. Over time, I realized that this is a quality of very low vibration and I must get rid of it.

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