The girl is the mistress of fate

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Chapter 1

My name is Anna and I woke up. But where am I? I remember falling asleep in my bed. And not alone. With magician Arthur. He promised to show the focus. And showed and not alone in bed. He even gave me a ring, which he inherited from his grandmother, the countess or the princess, it doesn’t matter, I didn’t listen. He had good tricks. Sleight of hand and sleight of foot, skillful tongue. He skillfully took me as he wanted and I liked it.

I looked around. What is this village? Wooden houses and straw roofs. Such a terrible wilderness. More than once in my life I woke up like this, I don’t understand where. Yesterday they drank only one bottle of cognac with him. I’m getting old. Although after one I sent him to the store for a supplement. And then what happened, I don’t remember. Maybe she drank more. And not just wine.

— How are you girl? You are beautiful — Said the knight in golden armor. White-haired and blue-eyed.

— I’m alright. I just lay down to rest after yesterday. I took his hand and stood up. I’m wearing a light dress. Strange, yesterday I went naked in my apartment. And I didn’t buy such a dress, it’s too frank, I’m not like that. I have principles, well, I used to have them. «I don’t know how I got here?

You are an angel that came down from heaven. If you do not mind, I will be your intercessor on sinful earth. And I’ll take you where you say. I am captivated by your beauty. I swear to serve you as long as your intentions are as pure as your appearance. He kissed my hand. «You are supposed to know nothing about this world. The angels descend sinless and with no memory of their past life. Not like these aliens from other worlds that we hunt. Lucky I found you first, and not the Drifter hunters, as we call them here.

— I really don’t remember anything. — I don’t want to fall into the hands of these hunters, whoever they are, maybe local bandits, but this peasant with a magnificent mustache seems normal. Maybe there are some roleplayers having their gathering nearby. Once I was a queen there, then I gave one king with a crown of plywood, Such pleasant memories. Maybe I’ll go with him and find someone there. So I decided to play along with him. — Yes, I’m an angel that descended from heaven. Lead me to your chief, he will tell you exactly what to do.

— Great idea, my lady. If someone asks like this and say that you just lost your memory in the forest after the attack of animals, I saved you there and lead you to the city. The old fortune-teller and witch Tiremuska said that today I will find the one that will save everyone from evil and devastation. And I found you, the sweetest creation of our creator.

— Thank you, of course, for the compliment. It didn’t hurt to go to the city. Are you from the reconstruction of the Middle Ages? Or is there a movie being made here?

— I don’t understand you, dear lady. I am the Herald Viscount, a boundary knight without fear or reproach. What is your name, sweet lady?

— Anna.

— What a lovely name. I will carry it in my heart all my life until the day I die.

— Do you want me? Say so. You seem like a man is not bad and not impotent. Let’s go under the tree and take me. So I’ll pay for the trip. But I don’t need all this nonsense about knights.

— What are you saying sweet lady? I won’t dare touch you. You are my ideal.

— All right, let’s go to the city. — I said and snorted. That’s because he looks normal, but impotent. I have seen many of these in my life. Only a lot of words, maybe I’ll persuade you along the way.

And we went along the path, which connected with a five-meter stone road. Next to us were carriages and people with hoods on their faces, knights in armor and rich people with carts full of all sorts of goods. Strange beasts pulled these wagons, long-horned deer, unicorns with razor-sharp teeth, and of course a lizard on two strong legs that sniffed at me. Apparently they liked my perfume, not for nothing that the sea breeze, a gift from one boyfriend. He whistled a cheerful tune. I was silent. I began to notice that this is too strange. Bulls with two heads. Flying reptiles soar in the air. The village men greeted the women as they passed by us. In their hands are pitchforks and scythes. And the clothes are from the Middle Ages. But my shock came when I saw a city with a city wall of five meters.

— What it is?

— This is the town of Brown. The commercial capital of the Tulavs region, our glorious land of Grand Floria. There, in the guild of knights, they will tell you exactly who you are and where you are from. If they give you a reward, I’ll get it. But I will still serve you. I loved your image.

— So that’s it. I realized that this is not my world. But where did I get? — Are we sure we are not in Russia?

— I do not know such a country beautiful lady. But our master is smart and knows a lot, you can ask him.

In the city, I was surprised by the presence of different races. Both elves and gnomes. Everything you can imagine. People with faces of different insects and animals. Demons with horns. Everything is like in my small town, if you walk alone at night near the restaurants of national cuisine.

— That’s the guild. Come on, sweet lady.

We went under the arm. He led me like a queen. Well, that’s how I felt at that moment. Knights in gilded armor sat in the guild building. And everyone is just as beautiful as he is. Among them there are ladies in armor. Also wonderful. All people. It is interesting. Are other races not accepted here? Already good. And then from the sight of some puke hunting.

Herald walked proudly. He was clearly proud of me. The other knights looked at him enviously. Near the reception desk we were met by an old knight with a beard and a pipe in his teeth.

— Oh knight Herold, you brought us a guest. And so beautiful.

Yes, it’s Anna. I found her in the forest and vowed to serve her forever as her guardian. But she has no documents. You our grand master Oswald Deoreg can make them. She is an angel from heaven, and not all sorts of «wanderers» there.

— Yes. He winked mischievously. And he took out a stone from under the bench. He glowed red. — Girl, offer your hand. — I did so. The stone turned yellow and symbols appeared on it. But I didn’t understand them. — Oh, so interesting. You are not in the database. You are not local. But it’s not a problem. We will register you in the database and give you the documents. And if the Herald vouched for you, then we give you one hundred gold from the guild as a welcome gift. Angels are entitled to subsidies from the crown. But I don’t see wings behind your back.

— I could swear they were, but the wolves in the forest attacked her and tore them off, and since she is an angel, the wounds on her heal instantly.

I realized that it’s better to confirm everything, otherwise the place is too strange, they can burn it like a witch at the stake, otherwise I’m beautiful. And in the Middle Ages, beautiful people were burned, so I read it in a magazine.

— I’m an angel, but I don’t remember anything. But I bless you with light from heaven. I waved my finger at everyone present. There were smiles or tears on the faces of some, these are simpletons. The Master even got down on one knee, wiped away a tear from his lush mustache and got back to his feet, but already smiling at all his ten golden teeth.

— Thank you angel for the light that you shared with us. The money will be on this card, and your documents will be on it. You still do not understand much in this world. But with Sir Herald you will be safe. He handed me a stone tablet seven centimeters on a rope. From what I understand, they are worn around the neck. That’s why she was dressed. It’s so cold and pulsating. Magic I understood immediately. It exists in this world. This world is more welcoming than mine. Here I like it. — Try not to tell everyone that you are an angel from the heavenly world, you may be mistaken for the «Wanderer», they are from another world and have come to destroy us. You angel just lost your memory. So says the Herald, and I believe him. We have a guild of knights and we keep our word, not like many in our dark time.

We left the guild.

— A hundred gold is a lot?

— You will have enough for a year of life in this world. But of course it is better to find something you like. I’m a boundary knight and serve various masters during wars or monster attacks. I also go through the dungeons and collect treasures.

— It’s so interesting. Dungeon crawling sounds like fun. But I don’t have a weapon. Magic is taught here. I would like to.

— Yes, there is an academy of magicians in Rua, the city of the academy is three days’ journey on horseback. But they won’t take you in. You can become a magician only from childhood. You hardly have a gift for this. Maybe you’d better become a healer, you’re an angel, and you know how to heal with a touch or become an archer. The crossbow is not that difficult to learn how to use and can be fired from a distance. Of course, you won’t kill big monsters, but you can scare away and you won’t remain hungry, skins are always valuable, just like teeth.

— Not a bad option, where do they sell them?

— At the market in the city center. There is a wide selection and a shooting range. We will buy everything for you, dear lady. It’s also not bad for you to buy clothes. Of course, I will pay for everything. I’m your servant.

Chapter 2

Here is the market. But what is waiting for me there? I got hysterical, like always before.

— What a dirty market with crappy goods. Everything is bad here. Why did you bring me here you bastard?

— Dear lady, this market is the pride of the country of Grand Floria. There is even a statue of King Miguel the thirteenth. Look how beautiful it is here. Fountains and musicians. He waved his hands around the market. — And it’s clean. You don’t have to act like that lady. In our country, it is not customary to shout loudly and kick the floor. He raised his hand. — Do not go there.

I began to dance in the fountain, splashing everyone with jets of water.

— How I want to behave and behave. You are a vile creature. You said you would serve me. Rejoice that I didn’t make scum kiss your feet.

— You shouldn’t say that. Better go deep into the market. We’ll buy you weapons there. And if the guards see you, then I can’t save you from a fine for slovenliness. So it’s better for you to find an occupation in one of the guilds, and they will give you a guild card, it replaces the documents here. Otherwise, only slaves with collars, bandits or outcasts live without documents. With our hero guild card, you should not be touched for a month. She has such a limit, you can’t enter the guild for good, you are not a knight. They can only become by personal decree of the king. And he hasn’t been visiting us lately, and it’s better for you not to meet him. He has so many problems.

I did not argue with him, I left the fountain and we went. The market turned out to be a very lively place, and it smelled pleasantly of various dishes, like in an oriental bazaar. Everything was sold here. And what are the dresses? This fool bought me three grand. Blockhead. And I bought a purple robe, which I wore. It suited me so well and the pockets in it are comfortable. All the dresses fit there with money, the gold turned out to be heavy. But I still won’t give it to him. Let him suffer. Even though he’s handsome.

The market here is beautiful. A whole paradise for me. Many stalls with beautiful things. There is even a jewelry store. I made eyes for a knight, he built earrings for me and bought them. And then in this world I came without jewelry, almost like naked, only a ring from Arthur on my finger. Now I’m wearing gold earrings with a pebble. The seller said that these are rubies, of course he is lying. But I do not care. The main thing is that they are beautiful.

But what happened next surprised me. Weapon shop. I haven’t seen this yet. Lots of swords and bows. Just my childhood dream. Everything is so shiny. The herald approached the merchant and said that we were looking for. He, smiling, began to show the goods.

— Dear lady, you can choose from these three crossbows. They are the best here.

I examined them, they all seemed normal to me. But in the corner I saw a staff with a large stone that looked like a diamond.

— I want it.

— It’s a staff of darkness. — Said the seller, a small dwarf with a beard to the floor. «Only magicians can use it, and then not all, but only with a very dark soul. I’ve had it for seven years now and I couldn’t find a buyer for it. All the magicians that wanted to buy it could not use it. They don’t have enough mana to even activate it. Not that to conjure with him. Too strong a weapon. But you can buy it as a trinket, put it on the shelf for beauty. It looks like the seller wants to get rid of her.

I took it in my hands. He turned black. Wrapped around my arm like a snake. And then returned to normal.

— Oh dear lady. The staff of darkness has chosen you, I will sell it for three hundred gold. — He said smiling. He’s glad he can get rid of him.

— The knight will pay. — I said and left. The knight remained with his mouth open. Here is the fool. I hate men. He was born to serve me, lousy dork.

Proudly walked on with a staff. Everyone looked at me with respect. Mages are treated differently than warriors. Just right for me. Bow down to me goddess.

A man with a beard and in a striped dressing gown called people to his place. Behind him was a white tent decorated with flowers. Everything is so bright here.

— I have the merchant Johann the best goods in the city. Buy the strongest males for yourself or bitches for the house.

He sells dogs. I could use a little dog like my Pitchy. I wonder what’s up with her now. Runs alone at home. I also have a cat, Ryzhik. But they can get out of the balcony.

— I want to see the pets. I need a good male. To not bark a lot. And it is better to be small and white. And don’t poop in the corners. He licked my feet when I was in bed.

— Oh dear lady. In our tent you will find everything you are looking for and even more. Excellent product. He extended his hand and led me. — Follow me to the tent. They are already standing in a row and waiting for you in cages.

We entered the tent. I experienced shock. The cages were not cute dogs, but men and women of different ages and races.

Here are my beauties. Choose not to rush. They are all healthy and well fed. Ready to serve you faithfully until the end of their lives. And lick your feet if you want. «He winked at me. He misunderstood me.

I began to examine the cells. Yes, there are all races. Dwarves, elves, humans and goblins. All are beautiful enough. In a separate cage in the corner sat a strong guy with a bandage on his lips. He shook his head and obviously wanted to say something.

— And this one is connected? Others don’t. Is he violent? — I liked his tanned strong body. I was directly drawn to him. It hasn’t been like this for a long time. Straight from the institute.

— He — Said the merchant clearly reluctantly. — My worst product. He is strong but rebellious. How not to hit him. Can’t sell it to anyone. Everyone bites. They brought it to me from a distant country across the sea. Thought it was a good product. But no. — He examined me. Especially intently on my staff. «Although a magician like you, madam, can tame and curb him. He smiled wickedly in anticipation of the profit.

— Open his mouth. I want to talk to him.

The merchant timidly picked up a knife and cut the ropes through the bars and walked away. He is afraid of him. Maybe he bit him. I would like to see it.

— Anna, I’m Victor. — Said the slave excitedly. — We met at the institute in the fifth year.

— Yes, until you left me for the sake of Svetka whore, my girlfriend. I cried for two weeks and then became who I am. Bitch.

— But Sveta’s boobs were bigger than yours and she sucked much better than you fool. And she didn’t constantly saw my brain with her love. He spat, hitting me on the staff. He was covered in red

I ignored Victor and turned to the merchant.

— I take this beast into slavery. Will he follow my orders?

— Of course it will madam. The slavery spell can do a lot. But are you sure you want to buy it? He is wild.

— I knew him and now my revenge will come. I’ll make the girls respect him. How much is this dog?

— For you, forty gold and then out of respect for the magicians.

— Ten coins and this creature also has a whip that you have hanging in the corner.

— Deal. You know how to bargain madam.

— I mademoiselle fool, dork.

He examined me and clearly understood that this was not true, but did not argue, taking the money, took off the whip and handed it to me. Then he walked over to the cage.

— Well, Victor, today is your lucky day, you will become the slave of this mademoiselle. — The merchant was obviously pleased to get rid of this dog. I don’t need another slave. He can protect me, he’s a boxer. And what a great lover he is. Others were no match for him. In vain he left me. I did love him. Although in the three years that have passed since our last meeting, it has faded a bit. But when she saw his body, bare to the waist, in a cage, she lit up again.

— I’d rather suck off an orc than sleep with her. She is a complete fool and hysterical.

— And I would not refuse her. Although she is not a Mademoiselle and has long been, Madame is pleasant. Respect her slave Victor. — Said the merchant, putting his hand to his head. A white light came out of it. The slave froze. — Anna come quickly and put your hand on his chest. This will be his slave brand.

I approached and did everything that the merchant Johann asked. My hand was imprinted on the slave’s chest and a black leather collar appeared.

— By the power given to me, I declare you Anna the owner of the slave Victor the Fornicated.

— I already know that he is lecherous.

The world broke up. Victor began to shake his head, then he saw me. A smile lit up his face. The same one that made me fall in love with him. I dreamed about her in my darkest nights of wild loneliness when I cried into my pillow. He is the culprit that I am so rude to men.

— My beloved Anna, now I am your slave for life and will die for you.

— I agree. — I said and realized that I was stupid. I had been waiting for these words from him for so long, and he went to Svetka. My busty girlfriend. It’s her own fault, she shouldn’t have introduced them. Although I did not think that my school friend would set me up like that.

I approached and kissed him. Though he is dirty, he is my only love and I will mock him as I please. He learns women’s revenge in full.

My tongue is in his mouth. What a great kisser he is. I could barely keep on my feet.

— Sorry Anna. But this is not a hotel. And I got another client if you don’t want to buy another one?

— No, I have to go. The knight is waiting for me.

Merchant Johann looked at me inquiringly, but did not say anything and went to a new client.

— Let’s go my slave.

I told Victor, and he, like an obedient little dog, followed me out of the tent. But where is Herold, he left me like all the males before him?

Chapter 3

The knight stood near a shop with grilled chickens and drank kvass.

— Why did you leave me?

— You yourself left me in the shop. Well, at least I have an emergency purchase account in my guild account. Although the price for the staff is very expensive. He looked at the bare-chested Victor, who was a head taller than the knight. The slave caressed me and I liked it. — Who is this?

— My slave Victor, I bought him. He is my ex.

— I endured all your insults and reproaches. Paid for purchases, but I will not tolerate slavery. I thought you were an angel that came down from heaven, but you are just a stupid fool. I don’t want to meet you madam. May heaven forgive you from which you fell.

You are a beast, like all men. I turned away spitting on him.

— You insulted my mistress now you will receive.

Victor’s blow fell on the well-groomed face of the knight. He fell to the ground. For this I fell in love with Victor, he does not mumble, but acts.

— Let’s go, darling. This fool got his.

I took the opportunity to go through his pockets and found another hundred gold pieces. They are more useful to me than to him. Will buy more whores. They all do it. How could I have thought this one would be different. Everywhere you need to take life into your own hands.

Ten minutes and I spotted a tavern. I knew that my Victor is always willing to eat and have sex, especially since his strength will come in handy soon. Rooms are always rented out in the tavern. Moreover, it would not be bad to know how to make money here. Prices here are too high, one hundred and ninety coins will not last long. Although I can sell Viktor. But I didn’t want to do this. He is my love. Fate brought us together. I think so. And I don’t care what others think. I am a woman and it sounds proud.

— Do you want a dog? — I said and pushed the slave in the stomach. The press did not feel my fist. I so wanted to lick him.

— You know, ma’am, I always don’t mind. — He wrinkled his face. Long hair covered the left eye. Blond hair and beckoned me to stroke them. But I didn’t. The ladies that passed next to the envy looked at me. I don’t blame them. He is handsome. Even a male.

Pleasant music was playing in the tavern, and it smelled of cleanliness and fresh buns. I expected other smells in such an establishment. Sat down at the table. A young waitress approached us. She looked sideways at my slave. The elf’s ears twitched. As well as luxurious breasts. But for the first time in his life, Victor looked only at me, not noticing the juicy lady. I realized that I was drowning in his blue eyes and quickly gathered myself.

— What can I bring you? She said in a sweet voice. If I were a guy, I would immediately jump on her. How does she walk alone around the city at night, probably, everyone sticks to her and you can see she likes it?

— Girl, bring me fried potatoes and fish. And my slave is a big piece of meat and dumplings. Also pasta and wine.

— You have a beautiful slave. she said, touching his tanned shoulder. — Strong and resilient. I would buy it myself.

— He’s mine, mop, bring the order. I said clenching my fist. Victor is mine. She looks so much like Svetka, only now I noticed it. — And we need a room with one bed and softer. He will have a lot of work today.

— Food and room will be worth gold per day. Three meals are included in this price.

— Then us on three days. I handed over three coins. — And more gold. Where can you earn money here?


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