The Freedom to be Thyself

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About the author

Margarita Osadchaya is a psychologist, tales therapist, art therapist, author of 5 books about creativity, travelling and psychology. Choosing between international and interpersonal relationships, she stopped on the second, understanding that everything begins with a person and only than spreads around whole world.

The author uses complex approach as art-therapy, tales therapy, psychology, cognitive imaginative psychotherapy and body processes which allow to interact with a human soul carefully, leading to the subconscious depth accumulating experience. The author created therapeutic poems aimed to deal easily with avoided and unrecognized emotions.

Margarita uncomplicates hard things and conducts psychotherapy for those who are ready to change.


I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in the book launch. The process of writing it took almost 5 years, and you were always by my side – my beloved and dear relatives and friends!

Tatyana Mikhailovna Grabenko, thank you for the contribution to my tales therapy education and guidance in the process of creating fairy-tale stories. I remember how I brought you my poem at one of the training modules, after a two-minute conversation I realized that I was on the right track.

Leonid Zolnikov, I express my gratitude to you for the editorial staff and for the fact that you are always on my side of creativity, although you criticize. Thanks to you, I got to know so many new authors and realized that I am not alone.

I thank my faithful friends and girlfriends, my regular readers and listeners for your patience, presence, for confirming the clarity and correctness of this sometimes ambiguous path.

Thank you, Mom, for day and night adjustments, revisions and new meanings in my work. Dad, thank you for your humor and the confidence in my success. Thank you, godmother, for the emotional feedback, for the positive sides, which you can see even where I cannot.

I thank God and all the angelic council for round-the-clock support and direction. Without my and your faith in co-creation, only “wet asphalt” would have turned out.

Thanks to my mentors and therapists who believe in me and push me to discover my talents, not bury them.

I wanted to write briefly: “I thank my husband and my children. Thanks to you, this book came out 5 years later”(ha-ha), but it was your support, Denis, Taisia and Svyatoslav, and the shared experience that helped me to complete this painstaking work. You are my stars. Denis, thanks for preparing for everything. I’m not afraid of anything anymore!

Thanks to me for the freedom to be myself.


So many words have been said, deeds done, that it is scary to start something of your own. So it was a thought earlier. What if my words do not touch the strings of souls? What if they would? Thousands of words and confirmations, tears of sadness and joy after reading or listening to these verses instilled in me faith and hope that verbal work is useful, that the word can kill and resurrect. And what is more beautiful than creating something new like new feelings, words, movements and human growth? Your every smile or deep breath after reading, each of yours: “how you were on time, how accurately you conveyed my thoughts” – is beautiful and priceless.

Consciously I started writing therapeutic poems in 2013, before that, from the age of 14 there were funny attempts at writing, alas, not saved. Only in snatches it remained in my head: “I am walking along the road, damp and wet asphalt; I am sitting on the quiet balcony, enjoying the dream, oh soon a young holiday will come to us, oh soon the new year will come”. In 2013, I learned to connect to the information field, no matter how strange it sounds. Words began to come, connecting with rhyme, stanzas, and the main flow began in 2016. Every day I asked angels to help me write and new creations were born.

Of course, you can note the difference in my development inside and out during the book, and I would really like you, my friend, to go your way inside of this book and reveal new parts of yourself. I do not pretend to be the truth of the first instance, each has his own truth. Just feel and then reveal yourself. And I am sure that you will understand: much more is available to you than you have imagined … You can read the poems in order or, having tuned in, choose the page that can metaphorically help you and give an answer to your current situation. Feel yourself. Pay attention to what is happening inside. Let changes come into your space. Give yourself a place to healing.

So, my friend, you are holding my and Space’s creation for the soul. Let love be reborn in your wide heart, let the eye rejoice the beauty around, let happiness not keep waiting and sing about peace and love, and your dignity to live here and now, to believe and be yourself.

Good luck!

With love and tenderness,


The beginning

I will begin today, start writing a new page of life,

A brush or pen’s in my hand, I’m ready for this route

And there I’ll type a couple of lines that go straight from inside:

“The Freedom to be thyself – that’s what my life’s about!”

Angels among us

The autumn blues are crying quietly, because angels do not want to let them in. They’re drinking greedily sea buckthorn tea, talking about goals, writing new plans and believe that it’ll definitely come true. Their wish will come true. The rain is singing its song, the wind is blowing in their faces, the sun is shining a little brighter than usual from behind the grey clouds.

They know that everything has its time. And they’re meeting autumn in a special way, gathering a harvest of fulfilled dreams, right steps and necessary meetings. Sometimes it seems that they have wings, they seem to float, but they always return to the ground. Their path is not the best, just different. They know themselves, hear the inner voice clearly and trust themselves, the world, the space.

Life is unpredictable and amazing, desirable and pure. Each their step makes sense. They don’t want to live differently. They know that a fresh look at things helps to get out of old frames and feel freedom in a new way.

They live among us, someone calls them angels, someone is conscious, someone avoids or criticizes them. But angels just live. They live easily and playfully with an open heart. What if you are one of them?

Love is the answer

Love is the answer

Surrounding around

Spreads inside and out

And can release the bond

Love is the answer

It leads us to forgive

The strength is growing in it

No pain. You feel relieved.

Love is the answer

That does not sleep at night,

Always hopes for a reason,

Silent when it’s right

Love is the answer

It has created the Earth,

Flowers grow in gardens –

That love who gave them birth

Love is the answer

Its’ knocking is not loud;

Where warmth and sweetness of the day.

There is no fear, blame and proud.

Love is the answer…

Do not expect the fame

You should become the answer

And break the vicious circle of pain.

Love is the answer

It gives us all abundance.

And when you give it easily

It’ll return and surround us.

Good morning!

Good morning has come

I got up so early,

Sun ray shines so bright,

Says: “It’s time to stop worrying!”

Children laugh happily,

Blanket’s on the floor.

A new day has begun today.

With peace in my heart I’ll go.

I’ve smiled and stretched:

Thank God that we live!

Each day life bestows

Joy, comfort, warmth, a word of belief.

Do good…

Do good throughout the earth

Be light where darkness is.

Become the truth where’s only lie.

And cleanse the slag with ease.

Find the source of life inside of you

It gushes like the water living river!

Accept your mind, spirit of yours, be true.

Open your access to inside heaven given.

My angel

An angel gave me a helping hand

Whispered words, hugging tender,

He smiled, looking in my eyes,

And sat so quietly. Well, I surrendered.

He often comes to me, you know:

Today and yesterday, tomorrow…

I didn’t always recognize him, but he was

And every day we are endlessly so close.

My angel is my daughter, son,

And husband, my support’s in God.

My angel, spread your wings and fly!

I am with you, the whole world is ours!


I am the center of myself

I believe at a wonderful moment –

I will see the sun shining so bright!

It will light me up and erase all wounds,

I will receive an answer to my requests.

Where the silence is, there’s awareness

The place where’s no thought, there I live.

Where the way is open for the universe,

Where the goal is to love the process, there I create.

My words are for inspiration

My words are to melt your heart

There’s no doubt in the souls creation.

I’m here and ready to dive in the life.

I accept a part of myself where’s strength,

Powerlessness comes with the thought “I’m small”.

I choose to listen to my heart and feel all grace.

And I love the whole world!

Everything is one. I am the center of myself.

How good it is when everyone’s
at home…

How good it is when everyone’s at home

When I go to the nursery at night,

The princess’s sleeping quietly, at the door

The night light’s on: “The dreams are kept alright.”

How good it is when everyone’s at home

My husband will come back from work

So tired but fulfilled along!

Love in his huge heart will come to new life.

“It is so good when everyone’s at home” –

That’s what my mother always says.

I didn’t understand these words,

Until I said to family my “YES!”

Children are the treasure of the world

Children are the treasure of the world

Who were given for the rise of sprouts.

While they do not know how to describe

The way of their thoughts;

They are not often given the opportunity

To see how much work

It was done by them for their parents.

So that they grow up themselves, come out of pain,

Become softer, more conscious, kinder,

So that they love each other and don’t know grief,

And become peaceful, stronger in spirit, alive.

I’m making a choice

The moment, please stop!

You have a short term.

Return to the Creator’s arms

And draw a little bliss in you turn.

In rush of life I often notice

That my time flows without me;

I’m leaving, running and I’m crawling

I want to slow down an empty being.

Life was given to me for a miracle or discovery,

The path attracts new knowledge ahead.

Stepping forward, I’m trying to see a new meaning

Not becoming a judge, but feel what’s not read.

It’s time for me to create universes …

Than to glorify idleness, I will be awake

To be here now. I will believe and just live,

I will open the world through the eyes of the space:

You can be different: good or evil, you choose

To direct your eyesight to the enemy or the Father,

Knowing yourself through the mirror and the world

Or come to Jesus Crown.

I live in harmony with nature,

Everything is given, I will direct only a thought:

I choose the path of discovery and freedom;

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