The Fire Bible

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The Highlander or the notes of a Madman

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Dear Readers!

In my unfinished book, which will contain 98 Chapters by the number of Ossetian Toasts, I try to sing the Hymn to the Heavenly Gift of Heaven – Love and its Main Carrier – the Woman Reigning and in the HOLY TRINITY.

Here I describe real Events from the Moment of Creation by the HOLY TRINITY of the Universe, Other Worlds and, MOST IMPORTANT, the Earth, Some Unsuccessful Experiments on its Arrangement, conducted by the Male Team of the HOLY TRINITY. I trace the history of the appearance on Earth of the First People in Image and Likeness – Adam, Lilith and Eve, who gave rise to the White Race of Mankind, their Path to resettlement and development of the Earth after the Flood together with Noah.

There are True Scenes of History of the Earth for Thousand Years up to These Days and Uncompromising Struggle of the Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness, which plunged Then the Earth into the Darkness and Madness, against the CHAOS (Satan), HIS Vain Efforts to fight DIVINE SPARK in people’s souls and the Main Carrier of DIVINE Light, that is the Great Tartary, Cradle of Humankind, then Rus’, and finally Russia. It’s the Earth’s Soul, its Spiritual Backbone, which numerous Satan’s servants and henchmen, including today’s two-legged coronaviruses, have been trying to pull out for many times without any result, though they leaned the people of Russia down to the ground, but in a little while the Tidal Wave of Popular Indignation Will Wipe off all this scum from the face of the Earth.

Rus’ got through everything, stood up, became stronger after all these trials.

Now we live During the Cosmic-Scale Events Established by the HOLY TRINITY in THEIR Matrix. The DIVINE Providence can’t be Changed by Anyone.

The Earth is Finishing its Transition into the New Earth and the New World. The Firstborn of the Age of Aquarius, the Era of Earth’s Blossom and Prosperity of Humankind, the Golden Age Has Come into its Own. The Wonderful Tomorrow is Around the Corner, and we Will Finally Meet our Star Brothers from the Galactic Fleet of the Forces of Light, who are Now Fighting a Successful War against the Aliens, represented by the Gray and Reptilians hostile to people, in the Cosmos, on the Ground and under the Ground. We are close to Our Victory.

Only people Pure in Mind and Heart Will Go to the New Wonderful World. The Baddies, who have a Countless Number of Sins, will stay on the Old Earth in the Third-Density Condition. For them It will be the Apocalypse. They will be allowed to the New World only through the Purification by the Fires of Heaven.

Hence, the title of the book is Fire Bible. It’s the Bible that Will Further Unite All the World Religions into Originally the Only One Faith from the Star Birthplace of the Humankind that is the Planetary System around the Altair Star in the Aquila Constellation.

Everything I’ve written here is already included into my book or will be included soon. At the beginning, many people will consider this book to be just dreams of a simpleton from a village. What can you expect of a Crazy one, who is nevertheless the First of the contemporary people on the Earth who have Seen through the HOLY TRINITY’S Matrix of the Planet’s Development?

Scientists, Experts, Faith Leaders, or just Keen Readers will be able to now or further Confirm the Events put forth in this book. Only You, dear Readers, can decide whether I succeed in writing the Fire Bible or not.


Foreword. Message to all women


Lovely Women! You are the Best that is on this Earth! You are Her Salt! Always be the most Loved, Best, Beautiful and Desired for your Men (who has a big Heart, not only for your own)!

You are the Spring of Life!

I hope, together with other Men, to have time during this Life to make for you not only Women’s Day, but every Women’s Year!

With love


Dear Publishers and Producers!

This book will contain 49 Obligatory and the same number of optional chapters (according to the number of Ossetian toasts).

All rights to edition and publication of each chapter belong to the one to whom it is dedicated.

The rights to publish the entire book belong to the Most Beloved Woman (for me) – my Wife.

The whole book is dedicated to my Parents.

Blessed Memory for them.

I look forward to fruitful cooperation.

Yours faithfully


Heavenly Fire Will let them into the New World.

Therefore, I write in the title of the book – the Fiery Bible, the One that will unite in the Further All Religions of the World in the Initially Unique Faith of the Starry Homeland of Mankind – the Planetary System of the Star Alta-Ir of the Eagle Constellation.

Everything written here is already in my book or will soon be. Many, at first, consider the book to be the fantasies of a simple country boy. What to take from the Nutty, nevertheless the First of the modern people on Earth to Solve the Development Matrix of the Planet of the HOLY TRINITY.

The events described in the book can, now or in the future, Confirm Scientists, Experts, Spiritual Leaders and simply Inquisitive Readers.

How I manage the Fiery Bible – You judge, dear Readers.

Author (Highlander)

Chapter I. Part one. I know

“… I Know that I, myself, myself, do not know anything…” I dedicate to the Woman of the Earth herself.


Chapter 1

Creation of the Worlds.

If HIM could be described by the standards of a Man, then He was pretty annoyed. The EXPERIMENT was again unsuccessful. What Time Does He remake the PROGRAM? It seems that I did everything correctly. What Happened This Time? One was comforting. He is Eternal. It didn’t come together now-fold later. Or Is It Chaos Jokes Again? If it were not for the Sexual Energy, they with Chaos would Eternally walk in implacable Enemies. The same one has only to smile at Her – and Everything goes into the category of a Joke. However, at times, Jokes are quite Sad. Like This Time. Their Trinity has always existed.


Out of Boredom They Invented Time. She is Life and Love. The latter, by the way, is not without their, Noos and Chaos, help. She Kept Them In Reasonable Balance In This Endless Male Competition. As soon as Chaos came up with Cold and Darkness, Noos kindled the Stars, radiating Light and Warmth.

And then She Began to Teach Them:

“Near Warmth and Light there should be Love and Life!” And Nobody argued with Her. Time was Their Favorite Toy. It could not cause harm – after all, They are Eternal. But They Amused, as They Wanted. Could, Fooling around, squeeze, inflate (like a Ball), Accelerate, force to Go Backward, or Hide to Nowhere.

Then Found New Fun. Arranged in Time Holes, Transitions, Bridges, Dead ends. You can’t list everything. The Sexual Energy, smiling, looked at them: Whatever the Children amused themselves, just not to Buzz.

Noos was the first to invent Fun and Humor. Chaos, in counterbalance – Despondency, Boredom and Longing. Noos – Sound, Chaos – Silence. Noos – Warmth and Good, Chaos – Cold and Evil. Noos – Courage and Courage, Chaos – Cowardice and Meanness.

So they would compete endlessly, if She had not advised Them:

— What are your Toys for, if there is no one to show them, not to whom to boast? After all, you are Stubborn – everyone has the Best Toy. And Nobody Will Convince You. At least a stake on Tesha’s “Heads”! There must be Life and Love. Then there will be a place for your Toys – smiling slyly, She inspired them.

And I inspired.

Only Chaos Clarified:

— Then Death and Hatred are needed. Noos was silent. Then I realized that Chaos was right.

Now They Competed – Who Invents The Best Life Form. Lost Counting How Many Experiments Were. Well, and in the “Earthly” Forms Their Fantasy Went for a walk. And Dinosaurs, and Waterfowl, and Mammoths, and Monkeys. Who was not there! Need to Make Flying?

One Trouble – All “Terrestrial” life forms Lacked Mind. What They Wanted. Too long, but in my opinion the correct name is Sexual Energy. Reader, if you will excuse me, then, in short, I will continue to call her – BEAUTY or WOMAN. So that’s it.

The Beauty looked at Their Experiments and, the further – the more, Began to Get Angry. Really Completely Blind! Of course, any of your creation has its own beauty! But you Men are rather peculiar. Maybe, after all, you will finally listen to Me, Not Quite Stupid?! Respect! Do as I Ask! Finally, make people like Us!

— Why not respect a Woman! Yes, we are – Easily! AND CREATED.

Sami Admired. And, since, we practiced TWO, however, not without HER Participation, it turned out – Really Beauty! On Selection! Both Men and Women! Only now, Again, IN OWN way, they DID Something…

Immortals! And All of them were able to do with THEM! And, Naturally, Were Endowed With All Invented Nose And Chaos Toys. Both Good and Bad (it depends on which side you look at).

Although BEAUTY and DISCOVERED THEM: “Well, why do they need Immortality?! After all, this is SUCH Boredom!! And Where is the Element of Novelty?! " Yes, WHO HEARD HER.

Firmly “loopy”! ! Here is the Result of Another Experiment for you! The formation of the Ships of the Immortals stretched out like a lonely wedge in the charred armor of protective screens, in the flashes of nuclear fires.

THEIR Favorite Planet Ir Alpha Stars – Al-ta Ir Constellation Eagle – Great Summer Triangle, Ordered To Live Long. Again, the Immortals did not share something! NOOS and CHAOS embarrassedly turned away from BEAUTY …


Why not Fulfill the Women’s “Caprice”? ! Yes WE – Easily! AND CREATED! Themselves were surprised.

NOOS LIGHTED ANOTHER STAR. Called the Sun. NATOALKAL There a Bunch of Planets (or maybe the Ships of the Immortals). To Something – Which Satellites also Attached.

CHAOS, AS IT IS PUTTED, Has Dragged His Quits There. Well, they also sent OWN Immortals – Whom Where. Bully and Drachunov – to Mars. BEAUTY to Venus. The rest – by Calls: – to Jupiter, to Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and … Come on. Let’s not talk about Sad.

Here BEAUTY, after all, IMPRESSED ON ITS OWN. “WE MAKE A RESERVE OUT OF THE EARTH! And No Tricks! Enough! Played enough! EXPERIMENT, but – to Measure! “And don’t drag your toys here! Do NOT dilute “long-term construction”! Three days for YOU for everything! Earth Day, Not Astronomical!




I WILL TEACH YOU TO MAKE A Real Man and Two Real Women!






LEARN from some earthly one.












AND YOU WILL GET IT SO. NOT IN ANYTHING TO DRESS. AT LEAST CLOTHED LIKE. NO! READY THEM, YOU SEE EXCITES! MAYBE RIGHT? HOW DO people SHOW? They probably won’t understand at the First Pores. Immortals, and Those Dress Up. In public you will have to be more often. Shame, at first, you HAVE TO COVER. Until they get used to it and Understand. AND YOU, WHAT ARE YOU, WITHOUT NAMES AND WILL WALK Earthly?

AND WE LIKE OURS! LET they call it what they want.

I HAVE Keepers For Each Site Of The Reserve That There Would Be! Will be responsible for cleanliness and order.


It’s not my business! Take At least FROM YOUR Immortals!

How! They will go to you as Caretakers! Hold your pocket wider! “Blue blood”!

WHAT ARE YOU?! Who is the head in this house?!

“Well, Will! It will be for YOU! Why is it So Making Noise?! We are not what Fiends! LET’S DO AS TOLD! “Even One of the Immortal Ships Near Earth was Hanged. The moon was called. If only to please HER. The WOMAN, however. That is, BEAUTY. Well, WHAT CAN’T DO FOR HER!! And now, HOW THEY LEARNED BY YOURSELF (or, nevertheless, She HAD Something? Why Disingenuous?!).

…To be continued…

Chapter I. Part two. I know

Chapter I. Continuation

Even One of the Immortal Ships Near Earth was Hanged. The moon was called. If only to please HER. The WOMAN, however. That is, BEAUTY. Well, WHAT CAN’T DO FOR HER!! And now, HOW THEY LEARNED BY YOURSELF (or, nevertheless, She HAD Something? Why Disingenuous?!).

— “Guys! Outside the Earth Exercise! And inside the Reserve I will not allow you to spoil! That would be all Chin-Chinar! Clear?!”

— Well, Everything, Everything! How much can you reproach?!”

— Oh, these Women! “Yes, We Corrected the Program! Corrected!! And the Matrix was verified! What else do you want?!”

— Well, look at me!

— If something is wrong, blame yourself! I am self-liquidating! And Live as You Want!!”

— Well, Budya! Waking up!! (Oh, and Babe! But what about without Her? Let’s bend from Boredom! Yes, It’s Worthless to Lose Style in front of Her!). Our Word is Firm – To Be in Your Way! “Smiles Beauty (These Men are like Small Children. All to Show off to Them). It seems that Themselves called the Planet Earth. But this, too, She Placed Knowledge in Them. You need a motherly principle! Therefore, the Earth is of the Feminine Kind! And Nature – Too … Now I will interrupt for a while in the presentation of Events, otherwise it will not be interesting later … And off we go! These Men are Incorrigible! Have done Atmosphere, Firm and Water. They stuffed Their Early Writings There. I did not like it ourselves. Staged an Ice Age. We all started with a Blank Slate. The following Landing Experiment Results are landed. With Dimensions they missed. Again, I didn’t like it. The flood was arranged.

Can You Create Something By Yourself?! Or should I think everything for you?! Make Normal People! In Image and Likeness!

And How Many To Make?

And How Many Of Us?

Have you forgotten how to count until three?

And How Much To Do Who?

Will you bother me with your questions for a long time? Isn’t It Clear? Two Women and One Man!

Why is it Two Women! You seem to be One.

Firmly “loopy”! Are you going to give birth? It is necessary to populate the land! How Can One Cope With It? You are Upstairs. To me – Inside the Reserve. Therefore, Do as You Said!

And From What To Do?

Nightmare! Clay Won, Under Feet. Environmentally Friendly Material! Enough of your piece of iron! Haven’t played enough of “Soldiers”? Clean it up for me Then after you. Heavy, Soulless, Rusty Iron Ones To Carry. Do not bother yourself.

“How the Same! We are Men!”

Stomp with Your Trash into These Black Holes! I have nothing to do! Will you finally make a garbage chute to them?! How long will you chase me? Have messed up the whole Universe with Their junkyards! When will you liquidate them?

Whoever is hindered, Let Him Eliminate. At least to Nowhere. Look for the Fool’s Helper Yourself. We can’t do it without it. And the garbage chute, so be it, Let’s do it. Labor of a Woman It is necessary to facilitate.

Yes. Men are Incorrigible. I will make my assistant a real man. Itself. There is no hope for these.

What Size Shall We Make Your People? How are Atlanteans stone?

Losers. Physics Were truant. Made Their Atlanteans Without My Supervision. And – All at once. They have neither dad nor mom. Orphans. Of all the relatives, Only We Are. Walk – The Earth Cannot Withstand, Fails. Drowned because of this Atlantis of theirs. At home they – Clouds touch. They scattered their pyramids all over the Earth. In Egypt, Mexico, in the Bermuda Triangle, they drowned. The whole Island was forced into idols, people will call it Easter. They brought their kamenyuk to Stonehenge. They painted Deserts, Mountains, pranksters. They think – they will not guess – that they performed the Practical Tasks of My Men. We missed Their Lessons. So I had to climb with a tape measure, measure equal distances between the pyramids. Therefore, they have them either in the Desert, or in the Mountains, or in the Ocean. Hyperborea, after all, they managed to split before – they did not have a laboratory experiment in chemistry, you see. At the same time, the geometry had to be remembered, the Rule of the Golden Triangle. And astronomy – to Correctly Orient. And descriptive geometry – the Pyramid must be built correctly, and the Golden Ratio must be in place, and the proportions must be Strictly Observed. Moreover, put the Sphinx in front of the Pyramid – the Identification Sign of the Control System, and under it – the System itself. The Coordination Stations, along with the Radars, for External Visits must work clearly. And Drawing To Repeat – Ships of Visitors must somehow land. Do not hang in the air. It’s indecent. Still – Guests. They had to sweat with Idols – with both Acoustics and Linguistics – Translators and Guests will be needed. People are not polyglots. and the Golden Ratio must be in place, and the proportions must be Strictly Respected. Moreover, put the Sphinx in front of the Pyramid – the Identification Sign of the Control System, and under it – the System itself. The Coordination Stations, along with the Radars, for External Visits must work clearly. And Drawing To Repeat – Ships of Visitors must somehow land. Do not hang in the air. It’s indecent. Still – Guests. They had to sweat with Idols – with both Acoustics and Linguistics – Translators and Guests will be needed. People are not polyglots. and the Golden Ratio must be in place, and the proportions must be Strictly Respected. Moreover, put the Sphinx in front of the Pyramid – the Identification Sign of the Control System, and under it – the System itself. The Coordination Stations, along with the Radars, for External Visits must work clearly. And Drawing To Repeat – Ships of Visitors must somehow land. Do not hang in the air. It’s indecent. All the same – Guests. They had to sweat with Idols – with both Acoustics and Linguistics – Translators and Guests will be needed. People are not polyglots. And Drawing To Repeat – Ships of Visitors must somehow land. Do not hang in the air. It’s indecent. Still – Guests. They had to sweat with Idols – with both Acoustics and Linguistics – Translators and Guests will be needed. People are not polyglots. And Drawing To Repeat – Ships of Visitors must somehow land. Do not hang in the air. It’s indecent. Still – Guests. They had to sweat with Idols – with both Acoustics and Linguistics – Translators and Guests will be needed. People are not polyglots.

I have not yet discovered all of their Art. Something has been installed in India, the Pillar, it seems. Gathered to watch striptease, or what?

Well, rightly so! Let them now live where Atlantis was drowned – in the Ocean. Although, I will put some of the sky to support. Instead of Supports, otherwise My Woe is the Builders All on snot Got used to do.

Do Not Forget Warn to enable Invisibility Mode so that people are not scared. They will then paint them themselves and place signs so as not to bump into them. At the same time, they will create a Protective Screen of the Earth. Visitors are different. I Will Not Let Them Ruin the Reserve!

Arrange an ambush in Tibet. Let some of the Atlanteans sit in the Mountains. They will make caves for themselves. There will be a City of Gods. They are not so noticeable there. Stealth must be ensured. The enemy is cunning and cunning.

Let the sentinels choose from the people there, and for Communication let them give them the Minimum Stock of Knowledge. For Communication only. Superfluous Enemies do not need to know. And then Take it Then with Them Itself.

So, Enough for me to deal with their toys. Something My Men Silent and Sniff Silently. We need to keep an eye on them … I will interrupt again. For the same reason as before …

They planted Noah in the Ark of Every Creature in pairs, moored to Ararat. Others, Possessing Knowledge, were driven as far as Tibet to the North Caucasus.

— Time to Make a New Countdown!

— What are we?! Yes, we do! De-la-eat!!”

— “That’s the same. Look at Me!! " Oh, these Jokers! You will laugh with them. Beauty smiles slyly. Conspirators! I didn’t understand Who was with Her from Them Yesterday! Masks Show, and more! But both – Men, what you need! Would only be quicker to Endow Earth Men and Women! And then all the Celestials, and the Celestials (that is, the Immortals). I do not want to say anything Bad about Them. But you want Something New!

Yes, okay, At the End-Ends, I Am Eternal Too. Let’s wait. Oh, and Let’s Have Some Fun Later! How Did They Call It in The Matrix?! “Golden age”. And Whose Era?! Well yes. Aquarius! But after all, the Whole Era!! And there – Let’s see, Jokers! I Can Joke Too!

                                            * * *

I will describe the creation of the First Trinity of People, Who Gave the Beginning of All Mankind, later. And also, I will fill the gap between This Event and the Moment when Humanity Begins to Remember Its History. Forgotten Gap.

Stone Age.

“Well, where is your trunk?! Should I knock down a mammoth?! Then sit down, nurse the Children, Maintain the Fire in the Cave, Breastfeed!! And not ashamed?! In-in! There is your Ax! And so that he does not return without Loot! Yes – and not to spoil the Skin! How old am I to walk in the old one?! It’s uncomfortable in front of the Neighbors! All Men are like Men, but I got a man! (Any, no, but my own! I will not trade for anyone! And what, I made a noise, is for Order. To move).

                                            * * *

— Everything Must Go On – Men Convince Themselves.

Vaughn – Immortals! Sad Lesson of the Past. Armed Them with Knowledge and Skills from the very beginning. As a result, they are Sissies and Egoists, and even petty tyrants. Not all, of course. Women, after all, are Clever and Beautiful Girls with Them. True, not without Bitches. But, as they say, a fly in the ointment must be present in the barrel of honey. And then, you see, Everyone will turn into a Bitch.

“It will be necessary not to forget to Make Men-Bitch Ones on Earth, otherwise they will all be turned into men! – scratches (and what to scratch) Noos, “To me – Eagles-Vultures!” – Chaos laughs it off.

Something, but Beauty’s Cunning is not to occupy. It was She who instilled in Men that there should be a Soul in Every Creature. There are Three of them, Particle.

— Here Make Soul Immortal – for Health! And do not try to have a Computer around your neck, that is – the Brain, turn it on all at once! Humanity must come to Knowledge on its own Experience and Errors! Yes Yes! Exactly so: “Through the Thorns – to the Stars!” Knowledge is given by Sweat and Blood. Only then can they be judged by their Merit.

And The Computer They – People, gradually turn on without you. And they will have no use for your Matrix. You just need to speed up this Tyagomotin. When else will this Man, who crawled out of the Cave, change his Stone Ax for a Rapier?! (even more so – Laser or Blaster). It will be necessary to persuade the Immortals (or – Celestials, as People like to say) To meet with earthly Men and Women more often – Beauty laughs. The breed needs to be improved. Yes, and it will go faster. And there, you see. And She will like one of the earthly Men! But Noos with Chaos does not need to Know This. Jealous, watchdogs! Will turn My sweetheart into Primordial Dust. WELL, we’ll see that! Dudki! Hurry up already! Nice! I can’t stand it!

“… Another Star fell from Heaven. There were two of us …”

V. Vysotsky

Sad Voice pouring from the speakers. Pensive Highlander. It is melancholy in my soul. Again One. And they say “… There are no Prophets in their native Fatherland …” They overslept Him! “… He did not return from the Battle yesterday …” The Highlander shook his head. What-now, then sprinkle ashes on my head? … Before you had to take off your eyes! And now – “… Both for myself and for That Guy! He chose His Lot (or chose for you?!).

Horseradish radish is not sweeter. Everything! It’s time to go to Moscow! Disperse Tosca! Best Medicine – Girls! Well yes! For myself! And for That Guy! Hold on! Perfect Half! AHTUNG! PANZER!

The Bronze Age began to tread on Stone’s heels.

Afterword by the author

Women, Lovely! I really don’t know which one of you I dedicated this first chapter to. You are all Worthy of her. Consider, Each of you, that this is your Head. For Me, This is the First, Free, Equal, Beloved – Lilith.

This Chapter is the First. We, the Ossetians, have the first toast – to the Almighty! Supreme, because It is the Universal name for All Three. They are called differently: And Christianity. And Islam, and Buddhism, Other Faiths And all – Right. Why break Spears. Any Faith is True! Because it Preaches the Eternal Truths: Virtue, Faith, Faithfulness, Forbearance (in Moderation!), Humanity, Compassion and … The most important thing – Love … How can you argue with this?! Man is Free in Choice of Faith! And so … “Man – It Sounds Proud!” We are Their Creations! We are Their Children! We are All One Blood! Each of us contains Their Particle – Soul. Immortal Soul!! Everything Else is from the Evil One! (from Shaitan!..)


Chapter II. Only mountains can be better than mountains

“… Better than mountains can only be mountains, which Sandra Bullock has never been to …” I dedicate to the actress and the Beauty

V. Vysotsky.


Chapter II

For the Patron of Travelers, Men and Warriors, For Uastyrdzhi

Mighty, gray-haired, aged Man sits thoughtfully by the fire. In the glare of the fire, his eyes shine with unearthly sadness. The faithful winged horse (he already understands the Master) quietly nibbles near the withered grass.

Only the measured roar of the Terek, and the croaking of the Ravens, breaks the silence of the night.

This is their night. Mountains of Dog carcasses at the entrance to the gorge. On the contrary, there are His sons – the Warriors. His pride. They did not allow the Dogs to disgrace His gray hair.

How did He look that Dogs have Weapons?! Am I getting old? His Men did it themselves. Only how many of them were killed! If He were near, would he have allowed such a massacre! This Advice was given to Him! It was at the very moment when His Warriors were bleeding!

Proud and … stupid. Couldn’t they have filed an SOS? Will manage by themselves?! We did it. It was not for nothing that I taught them. But why at such a price?!

                                            * * *

Leopard, limping, rises up to the snow. Wounds will heal faster there.

The eagle flies ahead in wide circles. Indicates the shortest road. He is the Guide. He is a friend. They are of the same blood with him. They are brothers.

                                            * * *

Batu ordered to put a minaret at the entrance to the gorge. Tatartup Minaret.

And engrave the inscription on it: “Faithful! There is no further move! There is your Death!”

                                            * * *

Uastyrdzhi, straightening his cloak, easily took off on his horse. Hold on, Mughals! Call themselves the Great?! Impostors! I’ll arrange for Kuz’kina’s Mother! Together with St. George, we will grind you into powder! Let’s not see that Immortals!

The horse went up sharply. Apparently the Boss was seriously angry.

                                            * * *

The Voice is torn in joy and tenderness: “… Oh, what a distant, unfriendly Climber you are, my Climber! Each time pulling me out of the crack, You scolded me, My rock climber! …”*

The Highlander smiles. He also knew climbers. And tourists too. Their best occupation is to insure. There is one hassle with these policyholders. What to insure, what to insure does not sound very good. Y-yes.

What am I talking about? Oh yes. Climbers. I recently read about one of them. Sandra’s name, however. And he climbs the mountains, and dances, and eats pizza with onions (and he wraps up onions with everything except sweet. The more, the better. And more pepper. He makes him sick of unleavened food). However, you need to get to know each other.

“… I’ll get in and say: enough, dear! Then he fell down, but managed to say: Oh, what you are not close, not affectionate! My mountaineer, my rock-lo-climber!..”*

The highlander, smiling with all his mouth, turns the steering wheel. Only the wind whistles. What Russian (and in his heart he is a Russian) does not like fast driving! It seems that she is also a Likhachka. Let’s sing! “… And you went to the top. And you were eager to fight! " * Beat – beat like that! Chest on chest! Who will sweat earlier (probably he is. Old, however. Wait and see.).

Until then, Sandra! We are all Travelers on the most important Road – Life.

Uastyrdzhi – Our General Patron (Minister of Ways of Communication). He does not divide Travelers by Faith, skin color, nationality. On the way, we are all His Children. But He hates Cowardice, Meanness, Slander, Envy, Laziness … These are His blood enemies. According to one of the parables, the drowning traveler prayed: Save, Uastyrdzhi! Was it not in your honor that I slaughtered sacrificial rams and raised toasts to your glory?!

Uastyrdzhi answered: I will help you. Only you yourself moved your hands a little! The walker will master the road. Even vodka does not flow under a lying stone. Glory to all Times, Uastyrdzhi! On behalf of Your Children



Salma Hayek!

The next obligatory chapter is yours.

With love


Chapter III. My years are my wealth

“… And we dream not of the roar of the cosmodrome, Salme Hayek, not this Icy Silence. Star, Actress, Artist, and we dream about Grass, Grass by the House! And finally – to the Beauty, I dedicate this chapter. Green, Green Grass … ”


Chapter III

“… My Years are My Wealth …”

The gray-haired Uryzmag glanced angrily at Shatana.

Why are you soothing me, Woman?! The split is coming!! All this Syrdon! Narts (Alans) split into three Parts. What Dogs and Other Enemies Couldn’t – did the vile language of Syrdon.

After That Battle with Batu, the ranks of the Elders, as well as the Warriors, thinned. Syrdon brought confusion into Their ranks. Save Childbirth, Save Childbirth! Is it possible to restore the number of Clans by Retreat? Shatana smiles. Are you, Old, going to Restore the Livestock?!

Still As I Will! Better than Young! Shatana just shakes her head. As he was in his Youth, he has remained the same (however, what a sin to conceal, He Can – She Knows It. Jealous, however).

Yesterday Nykhas Resolved:

— Alans, Leaving for the Great Caucasian Ridge, henceforth to be called Kudars! (In Russian Kuda-Rtsy!).

— Alans, in the Border with the Faithful regions of Iriston, henceforth, will be called Digors! (In Russian – Greek Di-Highlanders. Still, Politicians, Scientists, Philosophers, Well – And Lovchil Enough).

— Alans, Remaining in Iriston, although in the Mountains, (Native Mountains), will henceforth be called Ironians (by origin – Ir-Ontsy)! That’s the whole split. In which case, of course, Will Become Near. But It will take Time. This is not THAT when we were Near. And they were called the same – Alans, Ancestors of the Narts.

Shatana gently strokes Uryzmag’s back.

Everything will work out. We will be dearer on the Distance. Stupid woman. My woman. A miserly smile touched Uryzmag’s lips. Uastirdzhi Will Protect His Children! We will slaughter the best bull in His Honor and raise the Horn with arak in His Sanctuary for Health! Your name will not disappear in the Ages! Ame – Hsau! *

On the day of his birth, a New Star was lit in Heaven. The Highlander did not know then that it was his Star. Neither Her name, nor Where She is.

He was simply Born. After a while, flapping his eyelashes and opening his brown eyes wide, he could already look with amazement at the wonderful World around him. And Family Faces. Grandma, Mom, Dad, Uncles, Aunts, Relatives.

This is a little later, he will torture them with his Pochemuchkas. Grandmother (Bright Memory to her) smiled: “We have never had such an Inquisitive One!”

Then Trouble came (because of his childhood – he was not even a year old – he knows only from the meager stories of the Adults). Father was imprisoned. 25 years of heavy duty. Father has always been (Bright Memory) a Man in His Life! The Highlander was later told how old women came to the Court, to whom Father lent food (it was a hard time, post-war, Hungry. And Father worked as a seller in a rural store) and offered to collect their debts: some with eggs, some with a chicken, one even brought Goat – although she fed all her grandchildren with milk! And Father was burning with shame. Not for them! For the judges! And the waste – then – as much as one and a half thousand rubles! (after the monetary reform of 1961 – 150 rubles!! And is it a waste – the grandmothers counted more at the trial – it was Father who let them go on his salary!).

The law is harsh. But he is the Law. 25 years. The Highlander does not remember how Mother, having wrapped him in swaddling clothes, went with him to the Father in Prison while the trial was going on. And then – Him to the North, Mother and baby follow Him, to the North.

And what a Dzhigit was a Father! The First Guy in the Village! Of His Trinity of Best Friends, one later became the Minister of Commerce of the Republic. The other is the President of the Republic. And the Father among them was always the First! To each his own!

Mum. A doctor from God. Zemsky Doctor. She healed the whole Person (and not in parts – as it is now Accepted, Only Is it Right?!). And, first of all, she began to heal the Soul! And it helped! Throughout Her remaining Life (Bright Memory of Her), People from all villages went to Her for treatment, although She had long moved to the city. And she worked in the city Hospital. She also worked in the North as a Doctor. And she treated everyone.

Then, when the Highlander grew up, She took him to Grandma. She herself returned to the Father. Because she loved him. And He Loved Her.

Grandma, Uncles, Aunts, Relatives replaced the Highlander’s Parents (although Relatives, but can anyone Replace Parents?!). They doted on him. And the Highlander grew up mischievous and cheerful – all in the Father. And curious. Sometimes, on rare visits, the Mother took him to the Father. It was hard for the Father there. But he didn’t show it either. The same Joker and Balagur. Only gray hair pierced the temples, but wrinkles appeared, and sometimes the look is sadder.

He misses without Children (By that time, the Highlander already had a Brother – he was born in the North. Northerner!). Broad-boned, fathoms in the shoulders – even though he is a year and a half. He eats up all the “supplement” in the kindergarten (he also “grabs” the sluggish neighbors on the table. But it doesn’t offend in vain. On the contrary, he will give pranksters once in the forehead – quieter than water in the kindergarten). Also all in the Father. (The Highlander’s bone is thinner, more intelligent – Mom’s Breed). And by the nature of both – in the Father. Then my brother “moved” to Babushka in the village (It’s good to have a house in the village!).

So they grew up. Moderately mischievous. Among the guys on the street were not the last. The elder did not give the younger one an insult. And that one is not made with a finger. Slightly grown up – Anyone could Wipe his nose. Only the Elder is a little bit with the Fool. I re-read all the books in rural libraries, he sits in bookstores – he reads books (there is nothing to buy). But, otherwise, everything is fine.

Run, jump, fight – there is no equal. It’s useless to play alchiki * with him: from ten steps it hits. The fisherman is an avid one. He doesn’t like hunting, although he shoots at the first grade. He doesn’t like killing. He looks at his blood calmly. From a stranger – falls into a swoon (Fell! Now already – No!).

At school – in the best, in sports – in the “teams”, at the institute – in the first. And he chose Beauty for himself (already in the fifth grade) – everyone is envy! (So They Walk Nearby Throughout Life To This Day).

Everything is thanks to the Parents!

Blessed memory to you – to everyone who no longer exists.

You live exactly as long as you are remembered. Your Souls Live In Us, in Your Grandchildren (Granddaughters), Great-grandchildren (Great-Granddaughters) … When Your Memory Is Erased – This is a Tragedy!

Poor Ivan – Not Remembering Kinship! He is an Orphan. And His Share is Orphan! There is no one to ask the Council, cry in a vest, snuggle up to the Mother’s Breast!

Many summers to you – Living Parents!

There is no Greater Happiness for You than Seeing Your Children, Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren … Happy. If You Raised Them Correctly (the merit of “building a house and planting a tree…” is not great), Then They Must Be Happier, Smarter, Happier, better than us – Parents. No one has yet been able to repay our Duty to Them in full to our Parents. This does not have to be done! This is the Relay! Now You are becoming a Parent. Your Task is to Give Your Children no less than your Parents gave you. This is the Law of Life. And further. Children must know their Pedigree!

That is why the proverb: “… An Apple from an Apple Tree Falls Not Far” (although there are Exceptions. As a rule – not from That Apple Tree, the Apple is!).

Low Bow to You – Elders!

You have done the most important thing – you have given us life! There are no Bad Parents! There are – erring! Sooner or Late They See. And I will not wish the Torment of Repentant Parents to anyone, not even the Worst Enemies. (Is it Enemies?! Why are they harmful?! They just, like “Postman Pechkin” ** There was no Lisapeda! And so – Quite Normal Guys!)

Let’s live in peace! … Little Raccoons! Don’t make scary faces! Smile! And everything will work out for you! Well, and we … “… Dirt Tanks Are Not Afraid!”! Ahtung! Panzer! But … Niht Schissen, comrade! Hitler Kaput! Defenders of the Fatherland on the Threshold!

We are the Vanguard of the “Golden Age!” It is a pity that We did not arrive without Losses in Their Rows.

And Eternal Memory To Them!

Afterword by the Author

Salma! You are the Great Artist! (I even Know – in Whom). Your Finest Hour – Ahead! Happiness and good luck to you.

The next obligatory chapter I will devote to Catherine Zeta-Jones – Actress, Star, Beauty.

Chapter IV. Where are you, my beloved …

This chapter of the Blessed Memory of our Beloved Sister First Reader, Chapter IV of NATASHA KOYAWA-KIRAKOZOVA “… Where are you, my Beloved? How I loved you …”(Russian folk song)

I dedicate


Chapter IV

Hunting for Wolves …

…or for the Spirits of the Mountains and Valleys …

The noise of the streams in the shower room merrily lay on the softly humming tune. In fact, he liked to sing louder, but the HOUSE slept, breathing WARMTH and COMFORT. To break this HARMONY it was not at all to his soul. Smiling, he quietly deduced:

“… The highland guy sings about the One Girl, and in Whom he is in love – guess! Instead of the name Milo, it sounds under the Moon – Do-la-lay, Do-la-lay, lay-lay!..”

Thoughts cheerfully jumped from one to the other. At first, asleep, slower, then faster and faster. For some time now, he began to notice himself, while with surprise, then more and more fun, that watching how Thoughts Live gives him more and more Pleasure.

Either they frolicked like playful kittens, then they wrapped you comfortably like Grandma’s downy shawl, and the SOUL was getting warm. A light breeze of Sadness ran across his forehead for a moment. Then he never managed to get Home. The grandmother was buried without him. Guilt’s load has lived with him ever since.

And the father?! Vina quietly, so as not to disturb the Others living in the SOUL, shuffling sadly, made her way into the corner and leaned against That, the Other Vina, who was hugging lonely in the corner of the Soul. Now he knew why then his Soul suddenly shrank from pain. It was Grandma who said goodbye to him, and he …

Grimacing in annoyance, the Highlander almost spat. After all, he was taught to be a Man. Just think, “… I am sitting behind bars in a damp dungeon …”. This is not an excuse. He did not justify himself. Therefore, Vina settled Forever. He knew.

The sharp whistle of a whip broke the oppressive silence of the tent. The leaked eye of the nuker hung lonely, sliding down the sleeve of the dusty dressing gown. A dirty red groove, dotted with crimson buds of blood, stretched along a wide crimson scar that cut through the messenger’s smoky, pockmarked face. From dirty ear to runny beard. The messenger rode in with bad news. And now, bustlingly crawling towards the exit, he shuddered in fright from the noise of dishes and food scattering around the tent.

Batu, with his face dark with anger, was now striking with a whip on the backs of the Astrologer and the Adviser, huddled in the corner (They warned him at the beginning of the March – Their Ariy * Uastyrdzhi ** will be with them! It was not the same!!).

Damned Alans!! Already what a tumen of his Invincible has laid down their heads! He was stuck in this Battle, as in a filthy swamp, where even a lasso cannot reach a lonely bent birch tree, rustling with rare foliage. But at the beginning of the Battle, greenery covered all the branches.

Batu has lost track of Time. How long will this continue?! He gave a sharp kick to his beloved dog and ran out of the tent.

In the center of the Battle, in the clouds of smoke creeping below, the Banner fluttered. The leopard on the banner was no longer as Merry as when It began. Bloody stars scattered across the broad chest. The snow-white skin with dark large peas no longer sparkled in the sun. An ash bloom on it, and peas are like burns from embers flying from a dying nomad fire, or …

Even the Weapon inherited from Grandfather does not help. It pierces the damask chain mail right through – only a torn funnel on the back of the Warrior. But another Warrior steps into the gap. The Charges are running out, and They are all patching up and patching holes, as in a broken dam.

Grandfather was always secretive. Genghis Khan, even to him, his beloved grandson (a descendant of the Great Mughals – Grandfather loved to repeat), did not reveal the Mystery of where he got his Weapon. And I didn’t say where to get the charges either!

Well, where else can we get them? But they thought that three campaigns would be enough. The bookkeepers are bad! This Nightmare began from the Seas.

Already the Mountains have stood behind the backs of the Warriors, try it – go around them from the flanks! This is not the Steppe for you, where the Invincible streams flowed around the islands of Warriors with battle Banners fluttering in the wind.

Bars * bent heavily on the banner. There is no longer that grace. Sharp eyes look anxiously at the right flank. Not! The Wolf is still standing on its paws! * Wool flies in tufts. The Pack beats in a fierce grin. It has always helped. The Wolf Warriors fight shoulder to shoulder. But where did you get from the circle of others, Mad Wolves? Will be lost! And there is. Dogs crumpled them. A horseshoe of gray bristling nape rested against the Mountains. They will not be bypassed either.

The wind blew the banner, Bars turned to the left. Heavy blows of the Bear. Dogs scatter, screeching. Their lifeless carcasses lie in heaps. And the Bear keeps giving blows to the right and to the left. Blood floods my face. All do not care! Only for a moment he looked up at Bars, and, smiling, continues to beat the Dogs. Bars smiled back. You can safely turn your chest. The flanks are reliable. Just why is the Bear alone? Again, probably, others are sleeping, but their paws are sucking!

Unbeknownst to the Bear was overpowered by the Dogs. The Cubs are pitifully huddling to the cooled body, snarling from the pressing Dogs. They will not give Mama, while they are alive, to be torn apart. The most playful, clubfoot rubbing, waddling on short legs, runs to other dens. Will have time to wake up the sloth! Then hold on, Dogs! The leopard smiles, it is He who is destined to fight alone. You can’t change nature. Calm Bars. They are all of the same Blood. Can’t beat the Dogs. And here, in the Mountains, he is invincible. This is his House.

Carried him not easy to visit. I succumbed to the persuasion of the Wolf to visit the Bear. You see, I wanted to walk along the plains!

Well, we took a walk and hunted together. It’s time and honor to know! All would be for him, a dog, to flirt with females. That’s the way he is. “… Walk, walk like that! Love, love so! Shoot, shoot like that!.. “And when the Dogs began to avalanche, how could he have left the Brothers alone at Disassembly?! He also wants to have fun!

The Dogs pushed them far away. There was nothing to drink so much. Oh, and He spent a stormy night before that!

Smiling playfully, Bars turns to face the Dogs. Lazily cast muscles roll under the skin. Although not so refined, a little spoiled, but, nevertheless, its own. The dust will crumble, the wounds will heal until the next Sweet Night. Fortunately, soon.

Baty spat evil. No, this terrible dream will not end. It’s time to unwrap the rest of the Pack. The eagle on the mountain looks contemptuously after the chain crawling away into the distance. Whining, raising rare dust, Pack. It will take long for them to lick their wounds.

                                           * * *

The Highlander looks sadly at the screen. Explosions are thundering, and the dry clatter of bursts of evil tears the silence of the Night. Frozen in Sorrow at their Mother’s Blood. Both Chechen and Russian. Do not look up at each other. The Hearts of Mothers do not need words. Their grief is One.

Is it for this that they gave Life to their Chicks in agony, did not sleep enough themselves, so that now they could sit, embracing and Silence.

Warriors lie nearby. Strong, beautiful, brave. Death reconciled Them.

Their Souls look at each other in surprise: – We have overeat! On the “cams” – where else has not gone! Let the bloody yushka go to each other! But to take away the Friend from the Friend of Life?!

When did you manage to forget – “… You and I are of One Blood!..”? Who plunged Reason into the Darkness?!

The heart of the Highlander breaks with pain. What are you guys doing, Bastards?! Knock out the last Male Warriors! Who will then become breast at the Native Threshold, when the Dogs will again go like a dark stream?! Who will bring the trunk to feed the hungry children, protect the Mother, Sister, Daughter, Beloved?! With what eyes can these Mothers look into them, burned out by tears?!

Are the Bears sleeping again?! There is no Akela, so where the devil wears this Mowgli?! Where is that Virgin that will throw a handkerchief between the Bloods, ** so that they become brothers again?! Kaa, the gut is long!! What did you teach your Disciples?! Is it possible that Leopard is again Alone to disentangle the porridge brewed on Greed, Blood, Anger and Envy?!

Tearing, choking in a scream, a voice wheezes from the speakers: “… There is a hunt for Wolves, There is a hunt … For gray predators, Mature and Puppies …” Frenzied rushed for the Flags. No, he is not our Pack. Jackals behind flags. When did the Wolf make friends with the Jackals?! Broke the Raging Tradition. He knows the punishment. “… The Beaters are shouting, And the Dogs are barking until they Vomit BLOOD on the snow and red spots of Flags …”

Pensive Highlander, the Bazaar is on the screen. Smart Bears, * Wolves, Snakes * argue who is Right. Gathered them Kaa for the Council. It seems that everyone is right, but they don’t want to listen to each other.

The Leopard is dissatisfied – to slap them on the necks! Well no. They will figure it out themselves. Mind enough! Otherwise He, as always, will turn everything into Gulbische. Gores with his chords. He will drink all over, he will stretch himself to the girls (it is better to kiss them than with These drunken faces, and even not far from Sin. Ugh, Unclean!).

Only hurry up! I’m sick of it! Warriors continue to “wet” ** each other. And not only in the “Outhouse” ** (found a place!). How much can you?! “Yesterday gazova, today gazova! My head hurts, citizens of the SS!! … ”

And the Warriors have a completely different Task Now.

The command sounds like a shot – Run Roll Call and close the ranks of Men! We almost overslept that the Matriarchy wins! These guys are drunk and put everything upside down! The woman drags her trunk and into the “burning huts” not only enters, but also extinguishes, while they “… unharnessed the horses, but kicked to sleep …” they are tired).

The Woman is chasing Sivki in the dark, where the Devil himself will break off his legs! They now have it as a Reaper, and a Shvets, and on a pipe, the Gamer.

Freaks like that! Transformed a Woman into a Product!! Who gave birth to you?! This is to what degree you have to get drunk, damned drunks! Look for each other’s childhood disease “Blueness”, but picking your nose! Go understand now where the Strong Half is. They have confused poor Women to the point that they cannot distinguish – where is the Man, and where is the man!

Matriarchy – no! You will not wait! You didn’t guess, Women, not a single letter! Warriors are not lazy! They are not pulling out duplicates from “wide trousers” – the originals will be presented, and such a demographic explosion will be arranged – it will not seem a little! The number of Men (and, just in case, Warriors) must be urgently restored! And then they survived! It’s time to enter the Red Book!

The highlander smiles slyly. He, of course, could manage himself, but it is inconvenient in front of other Men. Yes, and Time is running out. Gurt, it is, of course, and you can persuade women faster.

There are also these Clever Men – Men! All “Perpetuum Mobile” is invented. Open your eyes! Nature is Wiser than you! She Immediately Invented it! It is called – Beauty! And Beauty is, first of all, a Woman.

All the Best that Men Created – because of Her! All the Worst Men Have Done is because of Her! This is what moves forward (only forward!). Let along the Spiral – but up, and Expanding! Opposites Fight! (Highlander suspects – they probably also get pleasure!)

From Pleasure – he knows for sure – Only the Best and the Beautiful can be born! For example, Children. Yes, more on that later.

Opposites fight, while remaining One! So “rustle” the Woman!

Right, after all, Grandpa Freud – Sexual Energy controls everything (but why unconscious? grandson Lucien corrected his grandfather’s mistake, and even drew everything clearly!)

The Highlander chuckled. (It will be necessary to remember – Is he not brought to me by anyone? The manners are too familiar).

Stretching, he got up from the table. The highlander was pleased. They began to hear each other on the screen. It could not have been otherwise. THE PROGRAM DOES NOT FAIL. But more on that later. Once…

Highlander walked along the street, smiling broadly and bawling songs. Passers-by, some, fearfully crossing to the other side, some with surprise looking back at him (what can you take from the Nutty-shepherd, however), hurried about their business. But more and more often faces began to meet smiling in response. These were the Faces of Women.

“… As the First Star flashes, Come, Just like Yesterday …” the Highlander poured out like a nightingale.

Noos, smiling indulgently, looked at the Highlander from above. Here is Balamut! One word – Crazy! Chaos was pleased. So them, Crazy! Sexy Energy smiled like Mona Lisa.

The Golden Age began to take the First, Uncertain steps.


PS NATASHENKA, Sunny! The Holy Trinity also Needs Pure, Unclouded Souls! Smile at us more often From there! We all Love and Miss you very much! Someday We Will Meet There! Otar, Zoya, VaLera.

The next obligatory Chapter is for my BEREGINA …

With love


Chapter V. Obligatory Beregine …

“… I Love you, LIFE BEACH and, I hope that this is my Mutually Dedicate! …”


(K. Vashenkin)

SOS! … Or – … for the glory of the Royal Archers?! …

Death is now Her turn! Poisonous Black Mist of Madness crawled, gradually enveloping the entire Earth. Life slowly, reluctantly retreated … Well, it’s not Evening yet! … Far from Evening!!! …

Bars looks around anxiously. Where did so many Dogs come from? (Not Dogs! – Dogs!!!) How mad! Avalanches go, – that those Dogs!!! At whom they opened their mouths!!! Again this Bear forgot to close his Kennel!!! Others.! Well, of course!! Asleep! As always!

Not! It is not equal to this Skirmish! How many of them are there for each Wolf?! No Akela! Orphaned Flock … Felled one by one Wolf Warriors. Dogs. Dare Before!! When the Bear is not drunk!! When Akela is the Leader of the Pack!! When Bars himself is in his best shape!!!

Dirt on the skin of the leopard. The ribs on the sunken sides stood out like iron bars. The hoop around the neck, crimson from open meat … No Teeth – no Fangs!! Is this Muscle under the Skin?! Rags …

Increasingly, the Barrier of the Wolf Warriors. And the She-wolves have not yet All the Puppies have been taken to the Forest!!

Bars is limping heavily. Not to grace. Can’t he leave the Wolf Warriors Alone. He is of One Blood with Them. Hold on – bitch Tribe!!!

And the Bear, as always, will sober up, sleep well. Will put the dogs on Leashes. It is unlikely that he will apologize. Themselves, they say, are to blame. Have you seen the inscription – “Evil” Dogs?!! And Leashes and Chains were stolen from me!! Because shta, where are they, the devil knows him. Am I to blame?! There is nothing to blame from the Sick Head to the Healthy! It’s your own fault!

Yeah! This Sick Head. To remember – what Infection he poured into the dope on Gullyanka. Again because of the girls (When will you settle down and wiser?!). How! Would it have been given to them otherwise!! The unconscious was knocked out all the Teeth and Fangs. They put me on the Chain. Strong Cage. The sharp-sighted gaze was dulled. Bread and Water.

Maybe he will remember when – not be. Who and how many there were then. And Now Faster To Help The Wolf Warriors. Units of Them. This is an Unequal Fight! Dishonest! In the forest!! In the forest!! Let’s take a break. Let’s catch our breath. We’ll be okay. Not yet evening!

The Highlander does not take his eyes off the screen. In the Tear, the Voice wheezes … “Arrows appeared. They are light at Pine. Dragonflies flew From the rotten River. And the Fun went into two hands … “* How can he help his Blood Brothers now! They put Flags around it in a Circle. He alone. He is weak. Jaws and then false … “And Death has a beautiful, Wide Grin! And Healthy Strong Teeth!”…

Not! His place is next to Them. Gorsky is a Custom! And then how lucky.

“… But on the Blood-Tattooed Snow” Our Painting: “We Are No Longer Wolves” … The Voice chokes with pain. The Highlander’s Soul oozes with Pain.

The Highlander wanders thoughtfully along the Road. He automatically draws on the song. “… I Love You – Life. And I hope this is mutual! “… ** The voice is sad. It’s a dreary soul. When will you get smarter, donkey?! I got stabbed in the back again. But he thought he was friends. If then it was not for my Bereginya, how to know, I would have had a chance to sing … “How I survived we will know, only you and I …” Spat evil, so that the jaws almost flew out. Plug-in, however. Lived.

I had to wear glasses already. “… Oh, but not Evening, but not Evening.!!”

The smile slowly returns to his face. The son has done everything again! Only because of this it is worth living! Moreover – because of Bereginya! He Can’t Betray Her! Moreover – the Commander! The granddaughter is only 4 years old!! And he won’t betray his little blood! And what a Bogatyr – Grandson! Four months in total, and already dragging the Doll under him! (Who would he be in?) Smile is growing wider.

The girls walking towards him are smiling. Is it him, or what, Crazy?! Life went on the offensive. Our Move!! Not “… you should fly with one wing …"! Will not wait!! Chaos and Noos look at one another, confused. Draw.

Chapter VI. Also required. This groan is their song

“This groan they have with the song of Veronica Zemanova – Beauty, the Star is called …” I dedicate.


Chapter V. “… Time to collect stones …”

…For peace…

Leopard, still limping slightly, but with already healed wounds, climbed to the top. The old shine began to return to the skin. Yes, and already got used to false jaws. It’s time to get ready for the fight.

Climbing up, he looked down. Well, for a long time he alone will have to rake these packs of jackals. No fear. Time is a pity. We’ll have to raise other fighters. In forests, jungles, deserts, prairies, savannahs. Then hold on, Ginger Dogs! We’ll manage at once. And forever!

Highlander walks along the Road. The walking one will master it. That he is all alone, yes alone? He smiled. I remembered my blood brother, Ivanushka the Fool. Also that Oddball. Two of a Kind. And grandfather Shchukar’s stories about Ivanushka reached him. Interesting, however.

1002-night or from the Memoirs of Ded-Shchukar.

“Fox-Alice, Basilio the Cat and Ivanushka-Fool”

Grandfather sits on a bench, and smokes a cigarette. Lo and behold, Ivanushka is coming. Riot hung his head. Is that not crying.

— Lad! Chavoy is it you?

— Duk, it’s a shame, however, Grandfather!

— What is it like that?

— Who can take them apart?! Sberbank calls themselves names.

— Well, what have they done?

— Yes, not these, not ours. Their Overlying. These only follow the instructions of those. But it’s also insulting for ours. Apparently to them, by – I do not – I know which Instructions, the task is set – to torment the people. They spend half a day because of a minute piece of paper or an operation. There, at the “rotting”, they would be fired in three seconds without severance pay for such “work”. And these are nichavo. They are also dogging. I don’t understand who is for whom? Bank for the Client or Client for the Bank?!

— Well, you and bent! There is another Bank! Kubankredit is called. Don’t like it, go there! Probably, for the outflow of our Clients they will not pat them on the head! Did you get angry with the overlying faq?

“Well, Copperfield is no good at that!” In 1994, he put one hundred thousand rubles (at the then Central Bank exchange rate, about one hundred US dollars) on a targeted children’s contribution – upon reaching the child’s majority. So they said – upon reaching the age of majority! At 190 percent per annum.

— Well, and sho?

SHO Sho! Came with a “child”, already a student. However, that contribution wanted to receive. It was not so!

— Sho, didn’t give?!

— Yes, it seems that they did not refuse. They just said that we do not fulfill the second condition of the contribution.

— This is another second? Did they offer a chop?

— Nearly. Only-from the Depositor. It turns out that according to the Instruction, the deposit must be at least 10 years old. Despite the majority of the Contributor (do not confuse, Grandfather is not the Contributor!).

— Well, and sho?

Sho! Gored, Grandfather, with his “SHO”! And so sick! They counted, given that there was a “denomination” (out of my now one hundred rubles), the interest as on the deposit “on demand” (2 percent, although the deposit lasted 9 years!). I doubt, however, “lay” or, nevertheless, “worked” all this time. They counted and wept with emotion. It turned out as much as 134 rubles! I asked for their statement from the personal account. They sent a fee to pay in another window – as much as 20 rubles (according to their “concepts” – my interest for almost 7 years!). As a result, they gave out 114 rubles with some kopecks. It turned out that my 100 US dollars, having spent 9 years in the Bank (oh-li?!), heavily paying up the interest, turned (at the current exchange rate) … – into 3.5 US dollars! After that, don’t tell them Copperfield is not a jerk against them!

Y-yes! Famously! Although, my dear, listen to my Bike.

In a certain kingdom, a certain state (the hell will figure it out, in which) there lived Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat. Swindlers, however (“kataly” in our opinion). It didn’t work out with Buratina there. Either he slapped them, or they didn’t give him, I don’t remember. Only these Catals decided to move to the Land of Fools. For greater importance, they called themselves Sberbank (the savings bank in the then). “Pinched” for those times, little by little, enough. They listened to the owner. Can’t do it anymore!

Only suddenly the wind of Changes blew. The Mineral Secretary came to Power. He didn’t like it too much, our peasant was drinking himself too much. Fuck her! Let it be poisoned with moonshine! Root vineyards (even though they have been bred for decades)! Yes, and the Union of the Indestructible is something swollen (then only conceived. Is he?). I would have stumbled on a crossroads (and I want to, and pricked), until the “Democrats” knocked off.

A new one came (either “dyed”, or drunk, I don’t remember). And he went for a walk all over Ivanovskaya! Sho grandfathers and fathers collected the crumbs for a millennium and defended with their Blood, instantly destroyed (break, do not build)!

— Each Baba-Yage has a separate stupa! – Oral, as blissful. – The current generation of Soviet People will live under Capitalism, I forgot to say Feudal. And the blessed in Russia have always been respected. Yes, you see, they got fooled. They just took the drunkard for the blessed one. And from what demand? He popped into the bushes (Barvikha, or something, calls himself names). And the Union is no longer there!

They all became “independent” (they used to be called appanage principalities). They rule, that is, they are ruled by local princelings (do not confuse, they are boss, and do not manage!).

But even grandfathers taught that one at a time can break off the fingers of the healthiest man. And the Army was driven into the “ass” – what is the Border and Defense!

Shoy got me carried away. What am I talking about? Oh yes! It means, about Foxes and Cats overseas. Those immediately smelled – Their Times! While the Boss is “in an insole”, Gaidarenysh will help them (Bad, however. His grandfather would have turned over in his coffin. Or maybe he is tossing and turning) Yes Chief Reketir Red (Chu-bays-translated from Ossetian: Chu-go, Bays-take away ). The go-ahead was given-Rob! And off we go!

Schaub Vrazhins, God forbid, did not slam the People’s Money (that is, the Money of 1991, 84 kopecks cost then the US dollar), we will look after them ourselves (that is, we will grab it).

The coffins were taken away from Grandfather and Grandma! The Severyanin, who put his health down for them! From the Soldier who earned them with his Blood! Just at the People! Their honestly earned Money. Let everyone in the world! However, I’m lying. Not all. Whoever turned out to be shameless, but turned out to be shameless, became an Oligarch (at all times he was called a Thief, but here, on you, an Oligarch!

And they reduced the Teacher and the Doctor to shame. When it was?! What will He teach your Children or how will He heal? For thinking about our Daily Bread!

Again I got carried away. Excuse me. So there you go!

Our Vorogi have taken away with Overseas Money-zeros cannot be added! No one was shot or imprisoned for that. The owner sobered up, threw him a bone. And he is glad. Yes, they brought the brine, the sweetest souls! (Murderers, in my opinion). The people bent down, quieted down. Yes, out of habit, let’s talk: – Who’s to blame?

— Hto-Hto! Grandfather Pikhto! I only poisoned my soul!

“Don’t be angry with the Old One.” Go, or something, to the Golden Fish! Maybe you can ask for the FAQ. Maybe he will assign you a Hero!

— Come on, her to the bathhouse! I don’t need to posthumously! I’d rather go to our Pike (but not to the Bitch! To the Pike! Completely deaf, Old!). That though is Ours! Will be puzzled!

— Well, walk, walk Fool (Ivan, however).

                                            * * *

— You turned around quickly! Found a Pike?

— I, one leg is here, the other is there. Found it, however.

— Well, and sho?

— Played, sho yes sho! Everything Will Be the Way, Grandfather! Do not scold! Be Good!

— How! There are many of you such extrasexual soothsayers!

— Would you like to believe, Would you like to believe not. Only the literate in the January issue of “Oracle” on the third page printed the Forecast-Mystery (Thomas the Unbelievers! They called them Mystery because of coquetry. The pike said so). All the Dates have been named. Both the Judgment Year and the Defender of the Fatherland Day (February 23! 2023).

— You fool! What is Defender’s Day after Judgment? Nothing will remain!

— Not guessed, Grandfather, not a single letter! Judgment Year – for the Bad Men! All of them will be taken prisoner. And during the Year-Demonstration Process. On the Internet! Look on the Web. The entire People will judge (and not individual “people’s” judges)! Interactive survey! And there, according to “merit”. Someone is amnestied, someone is “conditionally”. Who – on “chemistry”. To raise the economy destroyed by the War!

And someone and Pozh is worn out! Saw icebergs with jigsaws! We will give it to the Emirates. And the money stolen will return (but not all at once! Let’s get drunk finally).

— Yes hto will return that?!

— Craftsmen are not extinct yet! The Rat has survived! Though thinned. But Her will be enough to manage! So sho, Grandfather, “… Not yet Evening, not yet Evening …”

— I should drink honey with your lips! What year is that?!

— This!

— They have the same army, money, cops-kents, judges-prosecutors!

— And at Na-S-Rat!!

— Fool! Well, what do you get from him? Blissful!

— “Blessed is he who Believes!” Leave me alone, Grandfather! A bunch of Delov still need to be done! It is necessary to prepare for the Holiday!

— It’s as if your “roof has moved down”!

— Be Spock, Grandfather! I have a “roof” – People’s! They do not know what the “roof” of the wing is. Where are they against Alpha! And there are just enough Fighters and Real Cossacks! Just whistle!

— Well, whistle, whistle (Whistler was found!). Lost here with you, Fool. Bless you! By the way, receive the Blessing!

— I’ll get it! I am a Warrior of Christ!

— Save and Save you, Fool.

                                           * * *

The Leopard from the Mountain looked with respect like the Bear’s lane through the windbreak and the rubble along the Forest. This one will show who is the Boss in the House. And whose cones in the forest …

Ivanushka the Fool, smiling at the people he met, walked boldly along the Road. Both on! We met two loneliness! Highlander and Ivanushka embraced. Brothers Named.

Noos and Chaos exchanged sly glances. Another Crazy!

Beauty, sending an air kiss, listened to Itself with tender Istoma. Are they really Her Men?!

The Golden Age began the First Steps …

P.S. Veronica!

Beauty Will Save the World. Thank you for Her.

With love



The next must-have chapter is Brian Banks! * German Rocket from the Russian SS – Ardent Greetings!

With love


Chapter VII. How young we were

“… How young we were …” To Polina Porizkova – Actress, Beauty, Children’s Writer, all Polina, and first of all, granddaughter Polina. Dedicate


Chapter VII

“… Hello, a young, unfamiliar tribe …”

…For the younger ones …

The battle has begun.

The dogs fight with the tenacity of the doomed. It’s hard for the Warriors. Everyone keeps a perimeter defense. Blood mixed. Own and someone else’s.

Leopard is calm. Can’t beat the dogs. Only the eyes are twisted with sadness. Here and there, waves of Warriors’ dogs cover them. Only the circles diverge at this point. And silence.

Ordered to survive! Highlander and Ivanushka are fighting shoulder to shoulder. Hold on, Herod’s tribe! “… We did not have time to look back, as sons, as sons go into battle …” Sons come to the rescue. They would still play Cossack robbers. Death is a merciless teacher. Are these adult eyes in our kids?! “… Ah, War, what have you done, mean! Our courtyards suddenly became empty. Our boys raised their heads. They have matured for the time being … ”

Scorched by gunpowder, still children’s fingers squeeze a glass of vodka. It is supposed to commemorate the fallen comrades. Didn’t live long, Disliked, Didn’t do it …

Women!! Where are you looking?! After all, it is your husbands, grooms, children, grandchildren who become a “load of 200”! Where is “Riot of Women” and “Antigone”? ! Who, besides you, will enlighten the men who have gone mad! “… And in the front-line dugout they have dreams about childhood. It can be seen that we all grew up early-Air Workers Wars … ”

The turning point in the Battle. Snapping, the dogs retreat. Ring them! End all this Scum! Once and for all! Love Should Rule the World! Death is its time. Not earlier, and not later … The younger should bury their elders, and not vice versa. Why should elders live without younger ones? What then is the meaning of their life?

Seven colors of the rainbow. Seven days a week. Seven senses … Seven Elements. Seven kids. Year of the Goat. “… Three, seven, ace …". The order of magic numbers. One child in the house – I don’t think that’s right. God forbid, something happened to him! How to live after that?! SEVEN-ME … Or at least THREE.

A terrible picture of the field after the Battle. Silence rings. The ravens’ caw only disturbs her. The field is covered with mourning hills. Warriors fought in these places. The carcasses of the dogs covered them. To bury Heroes with honors. It is not in vain that the heads have folded their riotous ones. To make the peaceful sky turn blue. Children and Women did not flinch from breaks. For Life and Happiness!

To Peace and the death of Red!

The granddaughter is splashing in the tub. The grandfather is already all wet. She only smiles slyly. The soul of the Highlander melts.

— Grandpa! Why do you have your hands in “wavki”?

— I fell from the tree.

— You probably scared all the birds when you fell?

Yeah. Grandfather has no other Commander in life. Her orders are not discussed. Into fire and water, easily! Get the moon? No problem! Give a Star? How much do you say! And the Scarlet Flower …

Honored grandfather of Russia. The granddaughter is already claiming his rights. Bogatyr! Only the ass outweighs so far. But he smiles often. Like my grandfather used to be. He will be a funny guy. And kind.

Trinity-Noos, Chaos and Beauty look affectionately from above. Lucky Nutty! By yourself, perhaps, to have Children? Devil in the eyes of Beauty. Men are sucked in. What are not suitors!



Among the Ossetians, one of the most important is a toast to the younger ones. From the head of the sacrificial ram (or bull), the Elder at the table cuts off the ear and, together with three glasses, sends the youngest. This emphasizes respect for their youth. They will replace the elders tomorrow. Cut off ear-hint. If you, donkey, are not enough of your two ears to hear what the elder teaches you, here is the third for you! Does an elder who loves his younger ones teach them bad things? Listen to him with open ears. He does not want you to step on the same rake that he met in life. Therefore, he is already gray and wrinkled. The younger ones are our continuation in life. May everyone be healthy and happy!

(Just do not tell anyone that you are smarter than your elders and can teach them Life. Because you are more honest, simpler and see the World with Right eyes. I know that.)

With love


Chapter VIII. Part one. A friend is known …

A friend is known in a “bidet” … Brian Banks Folk wisdom to the Rocket of Love and Beauty I Dedicate


Chapter VI

…Beginning of the Countdown before the Start … For friends …

Happy Bars. From above, you can see more clearly how the Fighters Are Pulling Up. Into the ring of Red Dogs! With their tails between their legs, they crowd stupidly on the Dogs Battlefield. Eagle soars in wide circles in the heights. The gunner, however. Leopard slowly descends from the Mountain. Last Review.

The Highlander with Ivanushka is striding boldly. On the Road they are joined by Cowboy, Monk from Shao-Lin, Samurai, Robin Hood, Viking, Gall, Hercules, Legionnaire, Ali Baba, Musketeer, Don Quixote, Chingachgook, Yogi, Arap … A column of Warriors is growing …

Women standing on the Roads are waving. Tears in my Eyes. Who will be missing?

“… Don’t cry, Girl! The soldier will return! You just Wait! …”

And the Highlander amuses the Warriors with another tale of Grandfather Shchukar about Ivanushka. Fighters laugh. Fighting Must Have Fun! “… The Last Battle … It is the most difficult …”

1002 Night, or from the Memoirs of Grandfather Shchukar. “About the Wise Gudgeon and Ivanushka – the Fool.” Before that, the Last Meeting, I had a chance to see Ivanushka – the Fool a few times. Here is one of them.

—What are you all Time sad yes sad?

—What fun is it, Grandfather? We have three troubles. Roads, Thieves, and Fools. I am one of the last brethren.

—Well, why are you sad? You are not the only Fool.

—Yes, I’m not because of that. The fact that there are no roads – I see. The road pennies were plundered. This is clear to me, the Fool. And how not to take it apart. They have long been confused: where is your pocket, where is someone else’s. They confused their wool with the state, folk.

—Are your shoes dirty? It doesn’t matter.

—No, Grandfather, Tanks are not afraid of dirt. And I, as people say, a heavy tank. Even the “pogonyaylo” was appropriated – IP.

—What are you, heart-shaped piece of iron, got disgusted?

—Tired! To write on them from the Main Caliber. Into the Primordial Dust! They put the whole people on their ears. So you, they say, should be! Who should be?! A bunch of freaks?!

—Are you so angry about Kova?

—Wise Minnows. They are afraid of themselves! The shob faq didn’t work. Their hut is on the edge. One is calming. The outskirts are easier to take!

—Yes, at least they did that to you?

—Not for me! Nobody at all! Although they were put, it seems, to do at least something! Have you seen new roads in our G. (except, how, I can not call “G”! )?. Because of this, it is a shame that our City, District, Country have been turned into the devil knows what.

—Did you want sho? They take an example from the Above. Take off your eyes! When will they deal with the People? Worries – mouth full! It was good for the commies! They grabbed, you know, privileges, but the apparatus was inflated (moonshine, or what?).

And for these “democrats” everything is Chin-Chin! All Kommunyakov’s offices were occupied – they did not fit. They took twice as much – again they do not fit! There you have a brother, and a matchmaker, and a godfather, and your own relatives, and a stranger! How to feed such a crowd? The head will swell! There is no time to think about the People.

Until you divide the People’s (that is to say, budget) money for everyone – look, there is left – the cat cried (you will not offend “your own”, Fool!). So they divide what is left. Like Trishkin’s caftan. (You think it is easy to divide the indivisible! Therefore, neither the Doctors, nor the Teachers, nor the Police, nor the roads – but in general, there is not enough for anything! You look at the People’s Deputies! one door does not pass! Cognac and caviar are devoured, tears are shedding and they think – what else would this poor fellow – to help the People (so that he, this People, choke on it! We will then be “elected”? ! But the livestock must be urgently reduced. How much “Our” money is spent on this People – it’s scary to think. And how many good deeds can you do for yourself? Youth to Chechnya, to Tmutarakan! Sell to Ambush Militants! Flight cards – sell! We’ll blame the militants! They are smart! The “turntables” hit at close range. Extrasexes, or what? And even to the “Igloo” this Youth! The old people seem to have calmed down. As a last resort, let’s throw some Bone. Calm down. And for the Youth – eye and eye! You never know what will come to the Madman’s Heads! And suddenly they will come to their senses that you can do without us! Then – Krants!

Ugh-Ugh. So they spit. Sometimes they even fall into themselves. How not to feel sorry for them, dear ones?! And they have privileges – the commies never dreamed of! Therefore, the “taxes” for the place of the “Chosen One” from the People – Wow! “Lemon green” (why the lemon is green – if it should be yellow, I don’t understand). And where can an honest man get “Lemon” and even “Green”? He was robbed “to the skin”! So they are bargaining among themselves! Moreover, they throw mud at each other. Go figure out who is cleaner! And how is one Thief better than another Thief?! However, it’s me, the old one, thinking to myself. Ivan, the Fool, cannot understand this. And you don’t need to. He will also foolishly break firewood, his head is poor!)

—So what do you want from your minnows?

—Proposed to do from the City of New Vasyuki.

—What kind of Beast is this?

—Proposed to build a 500 Megawatt pumped storage power plant. “The End of the Fan” is called. Right behind Shapshuga. A penny earns – enough for the entire region. And pensioners and the poor – generally free to release. Moreover, the road to Kabardinka, to the Sea, to start building – a private one. Also deductions to the budget of two districts and the edge-a whole bunch! Not that there will be enough for Teachers and Doctors, even for the education of Youth! And I will finish building the hotel for this occasion. In vain, or what, I bought it back in 1991 from the district? I spent a million of those rubles, and three more – for reconstruction. Until the local “privatizers” have not thought of declaring her “ownerless”. “Forgot” who paid them money and where they were put (you see, in childhood they were often dropped from the bed with their heads down) And the Toad strangles me! He filed a lawsuit against them. I will find the Truth!

—Duck, you, Fool, I suppose, asked the Pescars for money for your projects?

—I used to ask. In 1998. In 2000, he only asked for a signature that they agree to the construction – after all, he gathered investors in a bunch.

— And sho?

—We do not need “foreign” ones. We’d better breathe our own shit! And what if the overlying do not approve! And those passed! The main cabinet signed. Miller. And the district, well, not in any! Minnows!

—Did you also ask for money? 2003 in the yard, however.

—Now I don’t ask anyone about anything. Enough of my money! He invited everyone to participate. Will accept the invitation – I will say thank you. They will not accept it – and okay! I will master it myself. So that later they did not say that they did not invite to the company. And then they got used to it! How to divide and subtract – so here we are the first! How to add and multiply – pipes! Doubles! I generally keep quiet about integrals! Their roof can move out. Enough for the district of me alone, a fool.

—So you sho, stole pennies, that you have them for Everything, enough?

—I will earn on modular autonomous treatment units! They replace any sewage treatment plant. You piss and poop, and after my modular unit you can drink this water. It occupies a hole 5x7 meters (underground, however) and does not need electricity or people. Come only once a month – and take the garbage container.

—Does he, your modular (what word he came up with) already work anywhere?

—Three years – in Gelendzhik. On the storm sewer. Only a simpler design. All the foolishness toiled – was patented. I wasted a bunch of pennies on it. But now all the patents are with Georgy (my friend). Intellectual property owners.

—Also me, property! Here are pennies – yes!

—Dark you, Grandfather. Law on “Copyright” in Russia. And in the World. So the pirates will warm up – it will not seem a little. I’m not lazy myself. Let’s see – on whose … the fly will land. Very much for rent – on Ours!

—And how many pennies does your modular collect?

—I think a lot. They piss and poop everywhere. Only in the Arctic and Antarctica do they freeze. I can dispose of the frozen ones. Easier than a steamed turnip.

—Well, well, Clever. Where are we to you. Fool! And what about the overlying ones?

—They are silent.

—Where are the pennies?

—You are impatient, Grandfather. At the edge – Abrau was flooded. For others, the Official to the Official goes through the chain of command (how else can you explain why there are so many of them?). No matter how much the string twists, it will slip into a whip. Then I’ll take my soul away! So whip – the most terrible!

—Are you a sadist?

—I’m not to death.

—On this occasion, I will tell you a story, to you, the Fool, for your edification. It appears that the Serpent – Gorynovich has got into the habit of playing pranks. Either he burns the hut, then he poison the crops, then he spoils the girls. The people got angry. Goes to the Good fellows.

—Ilyusha, calm down the Adversary! There is no living!

Rubbing Ilyush’s beard. The matter, however, is valiant. Why not! Three of us are going. Snake was pulled out.

—What are we going to do with Gad? – Popovich asks Dobrynya.

—Duc, the Elder should be asked.

—Ilyusha! What are we going to do with this Autogen?

Rubbing Ilyush’s beard. —Well, we are not infidels, shob him to death. So sho, are timid, in the old folk way! Get in line and line up behind!

Popovich got down to business. The Serpent groans. It came to Dobrynya – screaming. And he thinks: – And if it comes to Ilya? I’ll die!

And Ilyusha is scratching his beard, and, thoughtfully, he says. —I am looking at you, Snake, and I don’t understand. He picked up a bunch of heads – thought – the smartest. You better take so many asses. I would have been home long ago!

—So, what am I doing. Yes. You were a Fool – so Stay! Who is pleased, sho you, Fool, smarter than him! If you are really unbearable, mice crawl out of your head like stubble, so at least “mow” under the Fool! You will be goals. Yes, and others are calmer!

—Thanks for the science, Grandfather, I will. Although one Clever Man taught me:

—If you are so Smart, show how much penny you have?

—You will show it. When will be. Then you will figure out who is smarter. In the meantime – “mow” under the Fool. Again I chatted with you. Until the end.

From the laughter of the Warriors, the Ravens fly from the Trees. And the Highlander is poisoning another Joke.

—Anka lies in a haystack – Machine-gunner with Petka and dream:

—The War will end, I will go, Petya, to India.

—What will you do there?

—I will wear a sari. And I will draw a dot on my forehead.

—And what will come of you?

—I’ll be then, Petka, Indy – Anka!

—And if I trample there after you, what am I, Indy – Petka?

It’s time to uncover the Weapon …

Noos and Chaos exchange glances merrily. A Whole Bunch of Crazy! Beauty is content. Business to the Warriors – for an Hour! But the fun later – the whole Era! Oh, and She will take away the Soul! These are My Men! Enough with you, Incorporeal, somersaults! And just try to touch someone! Noos with Chaos bewilderedly Silent. They contacted Crazy Baba. More dear to yourself! Isn’t it time for Us to enter the Bodily Shell?! And then let’s Play Hide and Seek! We Know How To Disguise Too! Do not blame!


Brian! Hint Got it? For the not-so-funny: Kaska, Kaska – and Where’s the Grenade?! Let’s undermine the unconventional way of making New People – Cloning. Let’s do it the old fashioned way.

With love



Polina Porizkova. To the Beauty, the Actress, and the Model I will devote the next Obligatory Chapter. You Love Children, Even You Write Books For Them. I love them too. With love


Chapter VIII. Second part. In reserved and dense …

“… In the reserved and dense, Kim Bessinger – Scary Murom forests to the Star, the Actress, Every Uncleanness wanders like a cloud to Beauty And sows Fear in the passers-by …”

V. Vysotsky


Chapter VIII

…Russia, Bird-Troika … For the Motherland … Save and Preserve …

Pain overwhelms the Earth.

Girdled with trenches. The nerves of the Earth are exposed. The most terrible Enemy-Man is in control. An enemy to yourself. Only he can do such harm to himself. He has no other cradle. Madness. Delirium tremens. This was the case in Yugoslavia. Give war to Iraq! Fuck democracy! Do they object? Peoples of the World? Cattle! To someone’s mother!

Is it just people? Take off your blindfolds! We are standing on the edge of the abyss! Not everyone has become lunatics! What for?! The Golden Calf has clouded the Mind. But not all of them?! There is only one life. There is no other today! Will she be at all?

Poles crawled from human malice. Closer and closer to the fatal line. The next turn of the poles is exactly to America. Even the return of Halley’s comet will not have to wait. “… A little more, a little more …” *

Rolls Up His Sleeves Beauty. While this dunce Noos sleeps, Chaos has done Such a thing! Will I be silent?! I will show you the Free Woman of the East! Red Army soldier Sukhov is not on you! How many of my Men were buried in this Mess! Good!! Amazons, in the fight! SOS! SOS! SOS!.. Wean them! And in general, from the All Feminine! Until they come to apologize! Freaks! Men can be counted on one hand. The men are overwhelmed. They attack in packs. Men are divided. Is it possible to defeat this Trash one at a time? “… If the guys of the whole Earth …"! **

Ilyusha! How much can you put on the stove?! Wake up, dear! Vorogi on the Threshold! They took away the last piece of bread from my grandmother. Childhood. Dishonored the Bride. Humiliated Mother. The sister was taken to Polon. The Nightingales-Robbers rule. Raven supervises. The Serpent-Gorynych rules the ball. Where are you, Defenders of the Fatherland?!

— Darling, turn the Furnace!

— What are you talking about, Vasilisyushka?

— Enough to “mow” under the Fools! Trouble!! Get ready for the Rat!

— Then at least Bless.

— Save and Save you, family! Hurry up!

Fog in the Mountains. Fog in the head. Blind shroud. Fascinated. Bewitched. Whose scream has awakened? Eagle, my dear, what happened? Who ravaged the Nest?! Where are the Chicks?!

I’m sorry, dear. I’ll come back, maybe you’ll forgive. Himself, never! In one jump Bars on the threshold of the Cave. The muscles are filled with steel. Atu them!!

                                           * * *

Fists smashed to blood. Wall. I was completely dull. Why break into a closed door?!

— Maybe turn off the Web for them?

— Moron! This is the Apocalypse!

— Wise, what to do then?

— Are you a highlander or not?! Head on shoulders for what? The moron himself, so at least ask the Chukchi. Will not lose your pride! It is not a sin to learn from smart people.

— Enough to go broke! Shut up, Woman! Got it out!

— Do not reach you, and you will meditate on the Eternal. Once! Rip around! Trouble! Trouble … Burku-on the shoulders. Arrow – to the horse. Checker-bald. Hold on, Kashchei!

— Where is one then, Fool?!

— The rest will catch up. Wake them up, Woman! And so everyone slept. I’ll stand alone on the parapet for now.

Tamara smiles. Tears in my eyes. It cannot be altered. He always needs more than anyone. Will he hold out until Help comes up?! Bless and save…


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