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The DreamCorp

Бесплатный фрагмент - The DreamCorp

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Based on true lucid dreams stories

The DreamCorp Logo — The Brain Control Centre

Part 1
Nightmare: Outer Minded

— Enter the Panic —

The aircraft cabin (interior view).

There is nobody in here. Just me. I’m running through the rows. Apparently, we are going down, right into the nothing. I run into the cockpit — it’s empty. Now I am seeking all around the craft in search for any parachute. I need to save myself.

The only thing I want to do now — is to get out of this nightmare — to get away in the fresh air — out of this plane, as soon as possible! Damn, where’s the exit?

And only one second after that my body is already flying along the open air-space, without any air-chute at all, — and I am shity-scared.

There are some miles of vast and empty space under me. And what is in there — right in the very bottom of all of this? Well, suppose, there are lots of endless and deep waters, hard and dries territories, and other deadliest surprises for me. And right now I am falling down into the abyss.

Well, I don’t know. It’d be nice if the sort of air-balloon occurred on my hands, below my feet as good ground, or something.

HELP ME! Wow! What a weirdo? I am standing inside the big basket, and right above my head there is a massive balloon. Ooh…

That’s really nice. Okay. At least, I am safe now. The crucial thing of all is that the balloon must be really safe, without any hint on a big-boom accident.


The sudden shot from nowhere, — and then the tremendous explosion everywhere. The air-balloon burst off. It is totally out of order now. What a traitor this balloon is! And I am falling down again. What am I suppose to do now? Gosh, I am dead…


What a hell is that? Or… What a Good Lord is that?

I am sitting at a table and I am holding a cup of coffee in my hand. It is a kind of café, or something like that. There are tables, people and waiters on the street.

Yeah, the rich nose of coffee soaks all my body. That’s a lovely place, I guess.

But wait a minute! How did I get in here? In fact, a couple of seconds ago my air-balloon burst off, and I was falling down the earth, like a small bird without wings, without even a license to fly, without finishing a special heading per bird-flying volpique.

I could not make a mistake in my suggestion. And what is that, finally? Am I going crazy? Am I a time-traveler? Or, maybe, a space-traveler? I really don’t know.

Is it a small nice bird that has just already landed on my table? So it must be like that. Well I thought about a bird after all.

Oh. She probably decided to drink some morning coffee with me. That’s odd. That’s really quite strange. Even more, than strange. This bird makes me associate her with a charming girl, an elve-type girl, who runs somewhere all the time, hurries up, but however she is able to cast a glance on me, which expresses a bit shade of interest. The sexual interest.

And then, due to some magic or sorcery even, this sexy baby, who has just appeared in my mind, comes to me and sits down at my table.

And we are chatting with her now. It is just a nice talk, or even a flirt. I hope so it is. She also drinks coffee with me. The same as I like to drink — the black with some milk. Well, I guess, we are alike already in some meaning. Yeah, definitely.

She tells me about something, but I really cannot get a word of her, as if she speaks in the alien language, — the language not even from this world. I have a feeling that I totally forgot all the words and all the thoughts in the Universe.

Now I am looking into my coffee-cup and I see water, lots of water, and the destructive flood… Oh, no… I am thinking of water, I imagine water and water again… The flood, the storm? Oh, my God! Somebody stops me thinking about it, please!

But it’s late now…

And rapidly, from beyond again, from the eternity of my subliminal mind, the monstrously huge wave of destructive water floods all the vision area around me, and me.


I’m sinking to the bottom. I am already under the thick water-cover. Everything disappears out of my eyes, out of all my vision and understanding of anything…

But in the desperate efforts to survive I manage, I try to swim out to light, on the very water surface. And so here I am — “devour” the fresh air grippingly, some sort of wind of the sea, and its life-force.

But where am I again? Factually, lost in the middle of nowhere, — right in the deepest middle of the sea-world. Or maybe ocean world. There is water all around, and only water area without any frontiers. No horizon, only water there is.

Well, in any case, I make some attempts to hold my body above the water, but actually it is trying, very uneasy. Now I am really and completely anxious about sharks — small, middle, big, or giant sharks — that eat and destroy furiously every living creature on their way.

Just a second! What is the water-thrilling point afar in there? I am afraid to even think of it. Is it… is it a fin casually, or something of that form? Oh, good God, I am scared mostly! And I am so deadly afraid to assume that this shark-fin is heading my direction, — and it’s a fresh-meat destination is me! Gosh! It grows the speed enormously… I will not rid of it surely. I cannot swim so fast, as this fin water-runs.

Oh, the bloody-blooming shark this is!

Now the only thing I am curious of — that is it a small good shark, already full of fresh sea-food and so then, consequently, satisfied with its comfortable condition in its shark-stomach, or is it a really monstrously giant shark, a hungry human-killer weirdo from an ancient epoch, when the standard shark-size was about ten or fifteen meters long and weighing more than fifty tones, and its jaws made of steel, as a minimum? No, don’t pay any attention to this. It is just my observation, curiousness. At least I have the right to imagine something scientific and interesting before I die in the mouth of this Ocean Devil.

Yes, as I may judge by its huge fin, and its growing again and again, — I now have the date with an ancient monster-shark that will kill me and my soul. And I am so deeply scared to imagine, how incredibly gluttonous it can be!

Now it is here — I even feel by my skin, as it’s coming to me. I catch some impulsion that the shark effuses from itself. I feel it on the whole water surface around me. And then the ghastly opened jaws spread its meat-bloody stink all over the air. That is horrible and disgusting. Somewhere near me I already feel by my “shell” some kind of burst of water-movement. But it has not even closed to me… Wait a… It’s here!

Now I see how it has appeared on the surface of water. I almost saw its “face”. Here is the fin. How can it be that this fish-meat, weighing more than 5 tones, moves right on me in order to “consume”? Oh, yes. Now I experience it, now I feel the hardiest wave struck of all. And in front of me now the deadliest jaws are opening. Blood, flesh and water — everything mixed in this nightmare! I feel the hit. The five toned killer crushes my flesh, and the whole my body now is skewered with its unbelievably huge monster-teeth.

Yes, now I experience it, now I feel the real pain. My lungs are already filled with the vomity stench of some sea “gashes” and a billion of dead-rotten fish.

My nerves of ripped apart body are twitching, probably, with a speed of light. A bloody fountain from my flesh-burst streams out its torrent right on the shark’s nose, and it flows everything around.

And the one object that I can still observe at the very last moment of my life is its Satan dark jaws…

— The Awakening —

Oh, my God! Where am I? Who am I? Where is that shark? Where is water? Where is everything that I have experienced now?

What is that? Is it darkness? Am I in Hell, maybe? But how can I be there, if I am still alive? Yes, I am surely alive. My heart pounds wildly, cracking my chest. My nerves have driven out lots of miles. My blood circling the veins as a washing machine’s drum in its fully-loaded action. My brain has roughly being “pressed” and covered by a metal net. My hands’ fingers curled up the blanket with the full strength.

I open my eyes and through the dreamy-nightmare image I see the shapes of a chair, a table, a bed, a window, and my room in the whole. But the beyond-phantom of the shark is still here, in the room. And it is still dark in the street and in the room.

What time is now?

I look at my watches. It is only 05:30. Wait a… Is it 05:30 by now? Gosh! I remember that I went to bed at about 00:00.

The DreamCorp – Red Logo

Yes, it so many hours have already passed since I closed my eyes, but in the dream — hours fly through like seconds.

Oh, my God, what a disgusting bloody nightmare I had.

So I clearly understand who I am, where I am, and what I am doing now. So I am alive, I breath calmly. That’s already good. So it was a bad dream, just another ugly nightmare…

— The Dream RE-Loading —

…It is pitch darkness everywhere.

I put my hands out, stretching them forward in front of me, but I cannot observe them. Maybe, because I don’t see anything at all?!

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