The DreamCorp

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ISBN 978-5-4483-2382-9

О книге

We are «The DreamCorp»… We use the most progressive methods of ideas installation, of thoughts and emotions intrusion and brain controlling in the World. All the possible information We possess and provide is here — in the place, as We call it «The Brain-Control Centre». We provide you personal access to your personal dreams during sleeping. We form personal storylines, events, decorations, characters and scripts in your dreams for you. So have a pleasure, if you can survive inside your dream…

О книге

Об авторе

Albert Alcherbad

Albert Alcherbad is a mystic and sci-fi «writer of a new Epoch», at now he is already popular author-sensation of the global Internet, who mystified with his famous «The Informator Segments» in the self-named blog «The Informator: Order versus Chaos», which gave a «green light» to his rush activity in the beginning of 2016, and still having shocking virus-effect on the whole web-auditory with a new wave of the green «InterChaos», which, by the way, spread all over the whole world book-markets!

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