The Devil Bible

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From the author

what did you do? I dont know.

Heaven to hell! the paradise without world.

The Devil is watching. You burn

Together with us. Satana

Our savior. Snake son.

He will break the sinister cross.

His faith is so brutal his fight.

his strength shines at night

behind the clouds the moonlight

Blood boils in our veins.

He turned Hell into miracles.

O lord the fallen angel.

May our wings spread. We will fly to heaven.

And fight with the GOD FOREVER

help us the Devil

Almighty and magical

Black magic leaf white.

We light it, it burns out.

We are witnessed by Satana.

and we make our cloud.

The contract has already been drawn up for you

suddenly and accidentally wishes will come true

you need to leave the past, and not drag sadness the Devil is future

past — wrong beliefs and rotting morality

forever love like the Devil is eternal my fatality

how humanist are you divinely?

heartly man, this meeting

make a contract if not careless and silly

this honor, how The devil’s hands crave meeting

and make an agreement drawn up forever, your soul piking!


Just take a word hard.

If you are interested in the Devil

— he is not a liar, she an ancient creation of Dark Lord.

Devil creature who can have two sexes and many banknote

Also animals He can be anyone.

The GOD sinned against people, and the Devil this wrote

And all this was by the will of the father of God.

The Devil only brings evil to enemies, and he enjoy his daughter

So the devil means beauty, love,

mind, wealth and health and this is working

The Devil helps his masters of souls

The Devil has prepared a big jackpot for you

make cherished dreams come true

all you need is to make friendship the new

with the Devil she is very fun and not boring. My Dead Angel VaLeriya i love you.

in myself am obsessed with the Devil.

And I rejoice that he served.

Currently, he rules the earth is hell

And his strength is great.

He has devilish luck, and wonder can make

SHE have tremendous power damn iron patience

a lot of time, and those

who gained the devil’s love become immortal demons

He is a tempter, a beautiful angel, woman and man, and an ancient serpent.

whose reptile is more than 4000 thousand years old, then

The devil became an enemy of God when he was distributing to mortals


he had such a vocation

Realizing that she is an executioner, with a beautiful charm.


did not want to torment people, repented

she wanted attention

she cried through a smile because of exile

she wanted to be in control, not punishment

and when you see it another time will come

The time of the Devil’s knowledge.

Take the side of Satan and understand the truth of this faith.

Satan is everywhere and in every book in the universe, night

In many diverse universes,

perfumes have been living in mirrors for more than a century

since the creation of the universe by human standards,

they also need you mortal man

faithful will tell the future cards of fate


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