The coordinates of awakening

Бесплатный фрагмент - The coordinates of awakening


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I am writing this book for those who have all their lives avoided esotericism, but from birth knew God and communicated with him. Those who are harmless and will NEVER take something belonging to others.

For those who seek their higher purpose, whatever it may be, who are ready to SERVE GOD, even at the cost of their worldview and life.

For those in whom there are no superfluous emotions, but there is an understanding of the HIGH VALUE of every born and unborn person.

For those who KNOW for SURE that we are born and die many times, so they strive to preserve the purity of their thoughts and life at all costs…

If this text seems stilted to you, you don’t have to read any more. This book’s time will come later.

The book contains much more information than is obvious. Each paragraph is a form of self-diagnosis for the possibility of transformation towards oneself.


The movement of civilization towards a bright future for every person is progressive and dynamic. Many sciences strive to tell you what to do and how to do it, in a certain sequence, and for what. All knowledge can be found, all theories can be proven again or refuted. Everything is allowed. The measure of freedom borders on impunity.

The current civilization is harmonious in its paradoxical nature: all the conditions have been created to block the natural needs of humanity: to give birth, to live simply and quietly, working on your land, creating your own world, your own space. These little things that give simple human happiness [making simple human happiness available] are excluded from the system of survival in our world.


For whom was this world invented, I ask myself, how did it happen that most of the inhabitants of the World are deprived of the opportunity to take all the elements of happiness, and are forced to always earn their living through sweat and blood, working for self-destruction in peacetime?

How did it happen that the natural needs began to be considered a tendency to debauchery, drunkenness, gluttony or addiction? How did it happen that you don’t want to bring your children into the world, because there is no time to spend with them, and after raising a child in a hostile environment, you don’t know how to help them become a person?

How did it happen that, when striving for freedom, each of us falls into a certain dependence: debts, limited resources, a lack of understanding of society, the arbitrariness of officials, the inability to remove from ourselves the abomination of information and social unrest?

After all, even the powerful of this world, who are at the top of the hierarchy, are not happy. Their children are also not protected from hostility, since even at the top the “fear of loss” and the feeling of slave-like dependence rule all.

What happened? What kind of vicious circle do we go through, striving for freedom and becoming more and more entangled with each step in a strange web of social conventions, connections and directions?

What kind of civilization is this, that turns all concepts upside down, excluding from the system of the world the carriers of the future, children, and the carriers of the past-the elderly, thus shortening our lives to the size of social utility? Social utility to whom? From 18 to 45 — what’s next? 28 years of active life, and then social death — then an ordinary death, and the ones who do not want to live by these rules are marginal people, and are already being purged from social processes by public opinion, as not fast enough for the modern world? Children should not be produced, old people should be retired, young people should be involved in social processes.

There is not a single living being on the planet who has been touched by our civilization and who has managed to remain protected, happy and free in their own choice of path.

What is this world we live in?


— Mom, tell me a story about the ceiling…

…Once upon a time there was a Ceiling. He lived well and was very proud that he was higher than the Floor. That people were walking under him, and he was holding a Chandelier. Every night when the lights were turned on, he was particularly proud of his work and his usefulness. Of course he was. It gave so much light.

But one day water poured down on him from above! The ceiling was very surprised and even scared: after all, the Chandelier could be ruined! He looked up for the first time and saw… the floor!

The ceiling couldn’t believe his eyes and asked: “Who are you?”

“I’m Floor,” The Floor replied.

“No way,” the Ceiling protested and inadvertently looked even higher. And It saw another ceiling!!! “It can’t be,” the Ceiling muttered, and looked higher and farther: it can’t be…

But above was the Floor and Ceiling of the second, third, fourth, and even fifth floors!!! The Ceiling looked even higher and saw something quite unimaginable: the Roof!

The emptiness of the Attic and the purpose of the Roof struck him: The Ceiling realized that there was something that protected it from something unpredictable and unmanageable. And the Ceiling felt the World… And the World had lost its usual form.

Then the Ceiling looked up quite high and saw the Sun. It’s rays now warmed and burned, then disappeared behind the clouds, then again shone bright and pure. And the Ceiling realized that there is Love…

— Now sleep…


I had almost filled out the log when a question suddenly rang out from the audience:

— Tell us about your concept of the world…

— In what sense? — the question surprised me.

I always adhered to the lesson plan, only occasionally giving special exercises to students if they could not solve their problems on their own. The exercises were quite practical, including knowledge from psychology and economics. That’s all.

Of course, I found out about their problems from their own thoughts, which, recently I have been hearing quite clearly, but I never asked aloud what was going on with them. By solving problems, they simultaneously solved their own life issues, without making excuses, without explaining anything to anyone.

Periodically, students from other groups came to my lectures. Once they caused me a lot of trouble by leaving the seminar of the head of the department where I was working. Since then, I’ve banned other students from attending my classes, but almost every lecture had two or three people in the audience I hadn’t seen before. Today was another such instance.

The most frightening thing is to hear fear. It was not by chance that each of my lectures began with filling out documents — in these moments of silence, I listened to my students. Calling them by name, listening to each one. I started doing this after one case, when I heard a girl at a lecture thinking about suicide. I then hastily came up with a task for her about identifying employees with hidden motivation, and at the end of the lecture I asked her to stay. It turned out that a woman in the subway pricked her boyfriend with a needle, allegedly infected with hepatitis “B”, shouting that “I will not die alone!”. Now he began to prepare to take his own life, but he had not yet decided how to deliver the news to his parents. The insane situation, the insane fear, the insane pain threatened to turn into irreversible grief.

“He’s not really sick,” I said, almost at random, following only my gut. I didn’t know if I was right or not. It was necessary to force them to act creatively. I called the hotline together with the girl and clarified that hepatitis in the first weeks of infection is quite curable… It was not difficult to find out where to take tests. A week later, the boy himself called and said that he was healthy.

Such situations were rare. But every time I ran into them, it was like walking along the edge of a knife where someone else’s life was on the line. Sometimes it took me considerable effort to intercept the fall. Gradually, an understanding developed: “helping is my key need.” But not everyone needs my help, because any intervention of mine will radically and irrevocably change a person’s life.

At the same lectures I observed how some students switched off into a hypnotic-like sleep with the beginning of my words and came to their senses only by the phrase “class is over.” Where their consciousness was wandering at these moments — I could not determine. Rather, it seemed that, coming into contact with my consciousness, their system “hung up” and turned on only when I stopped broadcasting the material.


The school year was ending. The last time I taught at the university. I warned everyone in the department about my dismissal. I was terribly sorry to leave, but I was even more tired of the constant noise of other people’s problems in my head, of the tension when you hear a mental cry for help or despair that youth is not able to express. Someone is always hungry, because they ran out of money. Someone broke up with a loved one. Someone evaluates my appearance. Someone has problems with parents or family… Constant noise.

I have often been told by students that when I tell the material, it is as if they see an internal training film. That’s probably why my lectures were always quiet. Many people began to come up with questions for me and ask me to convert them into tasks. Some reported that they stopped being ill after my lectures, and asked to come with friends. Others asked to work with them individually.

All this was very much beyond the scope of correct teaching at the university. That’s why I decided to leave to go into private practice.

Private practice is a miracle that puts everything in its place. Those who really need to come to me will be able to come to me, and those who are not ready for my influence will not come into contact with me.

I didn’t know then what my “impact” was, but everyone who came to me for help received a completely unexpected result.

Now there is the question of “my concept of the world” —

— What do you mean? I asked, still deciding whether to voice what I’d been seeing for the past three years or to change the subject.

The question was serious. The kid who asked it — a perfect “misfit”, who was diligently searching for his own “concept”, but could not find it. Maybe my worldview would help him. And what is spoken out loud — might help me realize it myself.

I noticed a long time ago: as soon as I begin to talk, when such knowledge is spoken aloud, I say things that I did not even know I had in me. Controversial problems are solved, new sides of theories are discovered. Names, dates and whole historical stories that are important to me and to the audience come up. Some of them are quite logical, while others I had to look up and find confirmation in historical references or rare sources.

— I want to hear the reason you have for helping people? — What is it? “he asked more decisively.

— …?

It was an unexpected revelation. I never knew that someone was watching me so closely to notice, that I was quietly aligning their lives…

“The influence of a teacher assumes a priori some intervention into private space, with the aim of teaching new skills and to enhance student experience” — the phrase for the response developed, as usual, almost automatically and was launched in the process of speaking. But he continued confidently and aggressively, not allowing anything to stop him:

— You change the lives of those with whom you work! They even change in appearance, even more so in personality!

I felt bad-I tried not to make radical changes in an environment where they are not ready for this. “Where did I go wrong?!” — flashed in my head. But when I looked at the students, I thought for a second that I was seeing them for the first time. Thoughtful, greedy eyes were ready to catch every word. This, it turns out, was how much they were interested in the hidden side of my personality. I thought they didn’t care. But no…

— Tell us! You are still going to leave the university! What do you have to lose? And we want to know how you see this world — " came from all sides.

“So be it, — I said, finally making up my mind. Really, what do I have to lose? At least I’ll listen to what it sounds like, spoken out loud.


And so, I opened my mouth to say the first words, but the air seemed to thicken. It became difficult for me to breathe. Pictures of interconnected systems of energy of our planet began to be “unloaded” into my consciousness, as if educational films and high-resolution programs were being copied into a computer.

Yes, I really like this process. It was for the sake of these feelings, in order to legalize them in my life and not look stupid, that I aspired to science. It seemed to me that a scientist is allowed to say strange thoughts aloud and sometimes fall out of reality. I had to bring myself back to reality every time I left the library or the university. I didn’t care much about the rules of life. But my life experience has shown that a neat appearance and external adequacy allow you to avoid many problems and collisions. Over time, I learned to be diligently silent, to be friendly, to have a set of socially significant attributes that a person of the desired community usually has.

Gradually, I grew accustomed to this condition, and it became comfortable for me. Only now did I notice that I had never told anyone in the last ten years about something that really impressed or excited me. The information about the structure of the World that had recently unfolded in my head, accompanied by imaginative series of significant situations and iconic meetings that took place in reality, was too much even for a scientist with a degree to broadcast.

And I suddenly realized that I DIDN’T KNOW HOW to talk about what was really important to me.

This is the defensive reaction of my psyche. So, I opened my mouth, but I choked…


I was silent for a minute trying to control my own vocal cords, but my voice reappeared only when I decided to make the situation comfortable for myself:

— I will tell you everything in detail, but I only ask that those, who are not very interested or who have other things to do, to leave. I don’t want to be interrupted or disturbed by extraneous desires. This is my first time voicing my worldview, and I would hate for anyone to interfere with my story.

No one moved. The air thickened a little more. Now the images and information rows lined up in my mind. It was only necessary to open my mouth and say the first word, so that the information began to form itself into consecutive phrases and sentences. At the same time, a mental film unfolded in front of my inner eye, clarifying the details and allowing me to describe the figurative series and moments more correctly. This is how I passed my exams, and how all my papers, including my dissertation, were written. The only thing that I had to bother with sometimes was to sum up the results in order to differentiate the information blocks among themselves and to place accents for the listeners. It was something of a favorite game.

It started when I was twelve. I went to the library and asked for information that I would need “for life”. And, lo and behold, the books seemed to call me from the bookshelves, lay down in my hands and opened on the right pages. It was as if the space around me was alive and told me amazing stories. Everything that the books gave me mattered and was realized within a month; the books that were not in place reached out to me through the hands of other people. I communicated. It was communication with the world, bright, open and extremely funny. People couldn’t do that.

Soon, I reduced my communication with people to a minimum, so that it would not prevent me from being myself, and therefore, to immerse myself in this wonderful world. The only thing — I needed to legalize this opportunity. And I asked God to help me in this. So, I had a career.


— Okay, imagine that we are all the thoughts of the Planet. And our planet is a form of Consciousness.

I will not use the term “consciousness” as in psychology, but I will use it to designate all the energy content of a person, including the energy fields of a spherical shape. Consciousness for us is broader than just mental awareness or the ability to speak. Consciousness is a form of organized energy that can become more complex.

The planet is one form of consciousness, and we are its energetic likenesses. After all, if we accept that the fields of man are spheres, then we are all round, just like our Earth. Each of the fields has its own purpose — I drew a little man on the board, inside several circles, as if in a center of a target.

Only the densest bodies within the fields are visually different. Our body is a specific compacted shell for convenient control of the field system.

And I also think that it is correct to consider the planet itself as a body, and I will call the whole set of energy structures, including all types of fields, the World. In my story, the word “World” will mean the living essence of the planet, surrounded by energy fields and involved in some interactions that our science may not be so obvious.

So, the world is a form of a living being, with a body in the form of a planet.


The reality around me began to vibrate. Now I was looking at the audience, as if the warm air was rising around me in streams, like on the roads, slightly bending the shapes of familiar objects. Everyone raised their heads and looked at each other, but no one said a word. I tried to concentrate and continued my story…


— Since the structure of the World repeats the structure of the human energy, I can assume that the World was originally a human-like being. As a result of some evolution, his consciousness was able to transform into huge forms. But he builds his thoughts according to images that are familiar to him — similar to how we do it, because each of us is in his image. An image that is materially condensed to a visible density.

Since the world is a living being, just as any being is born, it is able to produce and organize a cumulative number of thoughts that are related to each other, have an external cause for occurrence and an internal need for implementation. Which means that each of those born in this world has an external cause for birth, and a set of internal tasks that are significant for humanity. This corresponds to the basic criteria for building a system of consciousness. Violation of the sequence mechanism can lead to chaos…

— What’s the obvious conclusion?” I smiled at the audience.

— Each of us has a unique value to the world.

— Everyone has their own destiny, where they must fulfill something.

— And I think everyone should strive for an inner ideal and creative aesthetics. I smiled. — All deviations are chaos.

Each of those born in this world has an external reason for birth and a set of internal tasks that are significant for humanity.


Our World is a boy. He is now about twelve years old if comparing to a human. His psyche is rather unbalanced, he is very afraid to live, and his consciousness expresses a response to some pain caused. This can be understood from general social reactions and social fantasies that are massively broadcast.

Everything that lives and what happens to them — are fantasies and fears of our World. The interaction of a living person is a manifestation of the direction of his thoughts and character. It is neither bad nor good — our world lives by the totality of us, just as we live by the totality of our thoughts, reactions, and actions.

Our world lives by “the totality of us,” just as we live by the totality of our thoughts, reactions, and actions.


When the World was younger [the picture was broadcasting about earlier forms of organization of the energies of the World. Unstable forms of the organization of living beings and many other phenomena that are not acceptable to talk about, or there are no explanations for them in science: unstable forms of civilizations, unusual forms of organization of life, against which dinosaurs are just a toy format. Maybe that’s why modern children love dinosaurs?] in his mind, however, there were various forms of fantasy — viable and not so much, beautiful and scary. Animals appeared and disappeared, ancient unusual races and fabulous creatures. Along with the compaction of the body of the world, living beings were compacted and modified. Once some thoughts settled into a worldview — humanity lost the ability to change shape. However, now the space around our world is being transformed — it is studying itself, transforming itself, trying to improve itself, or hurting itself. In general, everything that an ordinary teenager does to himself.

The main creative thoughts are born in the form of people. Or rather, in human form. The very first thoughts actually appeared with birth. These are the first thoughts — beautiful and sublime, based on the connection with the System of accompanying the life of the World. Then, for some reason, this connection was lost, and for some time our boy-World lives in a state of mental chaos.


Reality froze for a moment, and then broke free and became normal again: chairs, tables, students became dense, as if there were no fluid forms. I took a deep breath. The lights in the entire auditorium flickered and purred as they gathered light. From that moment on, everything that was said was accompanied by the flashing of electricity. The students froze at the next flash, then looked up cautiously to see if the lighting fixtures would hold up. No one moved.

— We are all — thoughts of our World. Some are bright and creative, others are silly or crazy. There are some who are ashamed to show it.

Each of us is a separate thought. We “started” once in time immemorial. And we will “end” — when the World dies. The rest of the time, we are reincarnated, but we are still ourselves. The flow of thoughts never stops, so humanity cannot become extinct without the death of the World. But the destruction of the World will stop humanity, even if it opens other worlds.


The lamps blinked at the audience again, and the lights crackled here and there. The thirty-seat auditorium seemed to have its own electromagnetic field. The lights were going wild. I asked one of the students to go out and find out what was going on with the electricity.

We waited in silence for the blinking and crackling to stop.

— Nothing, — the smiling guy returned, — there are no problems anywhere. Tell me more…


— Any child is born by someone, then is brought up and taught. Always protected, if it is a normal society. Our Boy-World was also born by someone, and he is accompanied by the higher light forces that are responsible for his safety, training and usefulness among similar worlds.

Mentors are beings of the highest order, material and immaterial incarnations, who are responsible for the development of the World in different ways.

Some of them are described and standardized in religious teachings, these include angels, for example. The other ones are the World-born, but reached the highest form of enlightening: saints-people-of-thought. The third ones are described by eyewitnesses, sometimes simultaneously in different parts of the world, and cannot be interpreted either in science or in religions.

All of them have one thing in common — they carefully preserve each of us. The miracles that come from them, preserve and restore the lives of people important to the planet. Sometimes the voices of Mentors really sound in the head of a person, but they are always kind voices that correct the behavior of the wrong person in a creative direction.

The voices of the mentors are a priori kind, the commands are creative, they correct the behavior of the wrong person in a creative direction. There is no destructive subtext in such commands. Never.

They are beautiful and perfect. Their style takes into account the many relationships between all life on the planet, in fact, until the very old age of the World, so their explicit intervention in one fell swoop solves many problems at once. They are energetic. Rather, they are light, pure, high-density structured energy.

In general, any energy at a certain density begins to have consciousness. The higher its concentration and internal frequency — the more powerful consciousness is formed.

Any energy at a certain density begins to possess consciousness.

Our world is made up of hot, bright energy. But there are cold energies, slow or even consisting of alternative particles. Any alternative energy that absorbs the basic energy of the World is an infection.

Any alternative energy that absorbs the basic energy of the World is an infection.

Yes, people who practice working with dark types of energy are the infected groups of our World.

The light blinked very hard and for a long time, as if agreeing with this unpleasant truth. My breath caught in my throat again.

Either out of excitement, or maybe because of the feeling that even the walls are waiting for us to continue, and we are part of something big and invisible.


— There is a hierarchy of Mentors. The ones closest to us, from whom we recieve the most information, are avatars, which are visualized forms of the key life-support flows of our World. There are twenty-seven of them. Disruption of these flows is fraught with disruption of the life support of the World, and we notice them in difficult periods, because the disturbed flow in religions is called sin.

Avatars monitor the preservation of balance.

The Higher level — Mentors of Measure. These are the beings responsible for the measures of creation/destruction, the degree of usefulness of the processes for the correct development of the World.

In parallel with them, there is are Councils. They are made up of Saints. Moreover, there are saints of all nations in the council, and what was my surprise when the name heard in my head was confirmed on the Internet by the presence of such a saint in different religions.


Now about us. If you remember, we are the thoughts of this World. We are created in the image of what this world “remembers” and has seen. Our essence is not chaotic. If you have noticed, the very first thoughts are very significant. They have an understanding of love and security, a basic sense of decision-making, and much more, on which the whole psyche is then built. If you shift this to people, it turns out that the analog of such thoughts will be significant people of each time.

There are destructive thoughts, secret ones, and others. There are just thoughts-imperfections that do not carry anything in themselves. We have similar thoughts — so why should we be offended by the planet?

Still all thoughts can be divided into levels:

Basic level: the planet’s own thoughts are normal people.

Planetary level: thoughts conditioned by the higher learning of the World itself, a sign that the World is mastering reality; in life, these are geniuses, pronounced teachers, whom you believe because their words are the truth.

But there is the highest, super planetary level.

Super planetary level: thoughts-programs embedded in the system of consciousness of the World, bearing the basis for the preservation of the psyche of the World, laid even deeper than in the genetic systems. These are the Messiahs. There may be messiahs in the world. Their main feature is that they change the course of civilization with their words.


Our auditorium continued to live its own life: the columns of reality thickened and spread, the lamps crackled and blinked, finishing each significant paragraph and as if reinforcing my words. The picture of the world was already unfolding in the minds of the students. But I felt tired from an overabundance of figurative information.


If we are like thoughts that never end, then the logic of events is already inherent in us from the very beginning. When we are born, we only follow it. For each movement, we build a system of resources or restrictions with our previous actions. If we are open to the world and act consistently, then we create a prerequisite for increasing resources, if on the contrary, we lose them. This is the energy analog of what is commonly called Fate.

The path — is what the Mentors call this phenomenon. Every day and every decision is a step. In the direction of the complication of forms and energies. When the paths cross, and everyone gives their solutions to other people-this is Life. A lot of decisions affect a lot of people in completely unpredictable ways. And who among us can boast that at every moment of time he acted consciously and creatively. And who can say about themselves that they understand every step, every impact, and observe the environmental friendliness of their own lives consciously?

But the vision of the Path is given to a person for this purpose, so that he can look where he is going, in order to fulfill his purpose consciously.

The vision of the path is given to a person so that he can look where he is going, consciously.


And only with Vision is how you see the thread. There is no mistake in the text — this is the conscious format of clairvoyance, as you can call it.


This revelation was one of the first things I heard in response to my anxiety that the future of me, my loved ones, and people in general was periodically opening up to me.

I asked what to do if the future that you see is absolutely terrible?

“Fix it,” I got the answer.


— You specify the details of events that can lead to a situation, and then you change the sets of details. Everything is simple and logical: you are always shown where your strong-willed decision can completely change the course of events. Otherwise, why bother you?

Mentors always show the event where a strong-willed decision of a person can completely change the course of events. Otherwise, why bother him?

Purpose — a set of requirements for a person laid down in the Path system. Resources are given to fulfill the Purpose. Therefore, every normal person has a basic sense of usefulness and an inner sense of the fullness of life, a normal exchange with reality and the volume of what is required of a person to realize his Task.

If resources are distributed correctly and a person uses them for the benefit of the business (creates jobs, expands the capabilities of his own and other people, finds new things, improves outdated things, recycles garbage) and in general, if it seeks to bring Benefits, then to express this Benefit, Mentors have a designation — A Measure of Usefulness. The measure of Utility actually measures the number of resources that a person can bring to his Family.

Measure of utility = the ratio of the maximum possible benefit to the time spent in the implementation of your own Task

In accordance with the measure of Utility, three life scenarios can be distinguished: 1) stagnation; 2) normal life; 3) success.

No one asks the maximum from a person. However, a lot of other people depend on each person, and no one else is able to fulfill our destiny for us. Everyone has a unique purpose, different from all other purposes of humanity.

A lot of other people depend on each person, and no one else is able to fulfill our destiny for us.


I finished my lecture. Because I was very tired of my own exertion. The energy flow was turned off. The lights stopped flashing.

The students, as if in a dream, slowly left the classroom one by one. Some of them looked around, paused a little on the threshold, and moved out of the door. The others stood there, still unable to let go of the wonderful spell. Beyond the door, the ordinary world began.

Gradually, the auditorium emptied. I stood and stared at the empty room. I can’t say exactly how I felt at the time, but I knew for sure that at that moment my life was divided into two stages: the first — before this lesson, and the second — after it. All my “human” mental supports have collapsed, and the new knowledge has not yet developed. My past has also disappeared, because it will now melt away like a dream, along with my” former” friends at the first comprehension. Everything was already different. And now it will always be irrevocably different.

From now on, I have to talk all the time about what I’m not used to talking about.

So suddenly, under the joyful blinking of electric lamps, a new era came for me.

My life is divided into two stages: the first-before the realization of my own Destiny, the second-after it



It was almost three years before the lesson that was just discussed, from the moment that I will talk about.

I am working at the university. I’m getting used to hearing other people’s thoughts, but my body has started to give me amazing things: sometimes I become extremely strong, and then suddenly, during a sleepless night, I find myself clearly seeing objects in the room without opening my eyes. Sometimes I mentally observe where my relatives are, and sometimes my sensitivity plays tricks on me, and I can’t touch a person because his skin feels like wood, metal, or even ashes.

I can’t say that it was completely unexpected for me. The fact is that from the age of twelve, I amused myself by reading information flows, then combining and proving them.

This is how I wrote all my works. Including my dissertation.

By the time I was thirty, I was used to trusting myself and the Mentors who opened up the World for me.

But I didn’t have any other abilities other than “reading the information space”. And all my “peculiarities” were explained to others by the fact that I was talented. That was fine with me, and it flattered my ego.

The period of “rose-tinted glasses” ended by the age of transition — thirty-three.

The dramatic increase in the number of abilities, increased sensitivity, physical strength, and vision shattered my identity. For a moment, I didn’t know who I was. The amount of information that went beyond my understanding of the world surged over the edge of my perception. I couldn’t shut it out, and I had to watch the millennia of civilization develop. Many things frightened me; some things did not fit into my head. Positive historical characters were overgrown with unpleasant details, their decisions changed the layers of people, created and destroyed states.

But the world around me was filled with” memories” of places, human emotions, remnants of other people’s dreams and terrible complexes. The remnants of murders, fights, fears — all of this poured into my thoughts, if I walked somewhere accidentally, in such a place. And there are a lot of such places in St. Petersburg.

I had to figure out what I was very quickly. And then I made the only logical decision: to go for something featuring contact with people and sports.

The fact is that I could check the significant pictures that appeared in my brain in the reference books, and most often found confirmation. The density of information was great — but I was well prepared by my Mentors when I was collecting a textbook and writing a dissertation. If I had a question about a person — he would come up to me and say everything that was necessary. It was a miracle, and it didn’t depend on me.

I didn’t feel anxious. Just in case, I passed tests for clarity of consciousness and intelligence, worked two jobs and at the same time graduated from the higher school of economics.

Just the load was superhuman and was accompanied by constant surprises. And I decided to test myself in some sports. Of course, it would have to be something adaptive, such as self-defense training based on Slavic practices.

Who knew that each new exercise from the ancient analogues would cause an even greater storm of manifestations? But, it happened. We had to identify the pain points on the human body, feel them. We chose a couple. There was no need to hurry. You just had to feel it.


I“stuck” my fingers in the girl’s back. Stuck — it’s not about the strength of the pressure, but about the depth of the sensation of her body. My hands felt at that moment like immaterial scanners that had penetrated her body, and now I could focus and see her insides and bones. But I “saw” something else.

I saw a cluster of living matter, which is not written about in books and which is not indicated in reference and scientific publications. It is not “indicated” anywhere, but it is THERE!!!

Under my hands, reflected in my mind like an ultrasound screen, were a multitude of spherical, bright material formations. A few, like bubbles, slowly deformed, moved through the body, as if walking, back and forth and up and down. The body was swarming with alien energy mass. Their own flows stood out in the body in bright tracks, accumulating, forming light silhouettes of internal organs. The picture under my hands was mesmerizingly beautiful. But there was also something extremely wrong about it, like in the paintings of Picasso or Dali. I “turned on my fingers” and the energy flowed into my body. Immediately, one of the bright balls bit into my phalanx, and my arm ached sharply and acutely. Startled, I hit it like an electric shock, amplifying the power. And everything in the body began to move!!!

Bubbles, balls, amoebas, scraps of gray mass and other rubbish moved or struggled in the girl’s body, trying to dodge my hands. But that was not the case. My fingers were glued to my body, filling it with a flood of light. The girl was paralyzed as if by an electric shock. She screamed in pain and fear…

I realized acutely, on the level of instinct, WHAT was wrong with her. “I can FIX IT in 20 minutes! Completely!!! " — a burning need turned on in me. But I WAS FORBIDDEN to do this: “She WILL NOT SURVIVE the complete transformation!” — this knowledge also naturally surfaced in the back of my head. At the same time, I couldn’t let go of my hands.

Living things, quite material and tangible, continued to move under my fingers. The girl writhed and begged to be let go, but she couldn’t move. My hands wouldn’t work. My fingers were glued to the body. This went on for a very long minute, then the energy flow abruptly cut off. Terrified as if she’d been electrocuted, she slowly got up on all fours and crawled away from me, sobbing, toward the wall, as if it would save her if I turned on again…

My coach in Slavic defense practices found his voice, and began to shout that I “am like a student driving a truck” … should look where I am going!!! The girl was sobbing in the corner of the hall. I stared at my hands with a mixture of surprise, delight, and horror. So for the first time I “joined” what I now call the “Human” System, with which I have been constantly and [now] CORRECTLY working for the last eight years.


A couple of weeks later, the girl, still scared and very careful, let me see her again. Normal self-preservation drew her under my arms, because everybody has built-in systems, like energy sensors, that find the right currents in the world around us and draw us there.

People can feel the sources of pure energy hundreds of kilometers away; the sources of related energies remove any barriers to communication. But you need to clearly understand: this is not euphoria, but recovery or healing — that is, the feeling that next to such a source, the body becomes whole. Complete, clean, and self-contained.

Other sensations are not correct effects.

Sources of pure energy make the body whole, clean, and autonomous.

Her body required repeated contact with me to get rid of the alien contents. My hands just plugged into it again. But now in normal strength. They themselves found what was wrong — the memory of a past incarnation. This cast of the past, like a remnant of a badly erased program, affected her current life, created insanity, and opened a portal for alien creatures to enter her body.

I formed the ability for the memory of the previous incarnation to come out, and for the body to have the resources to transform, and that’s it… after a while, my next transformation forced me to leave the course. Because my measure of usefulness has been exhausted there.


We never know for whom exactly we find ourselves in any place. We think that for ourselves, and even solve our own problems. And that’s right. During those courses, I learned a lot and learned even more. But, in addition to my own goals, other people’s tasks were also solved there They were solved by my hands and within the framework of the benefits that I had to bring, but according to my upbringing, which I did not even imagine in myself.

When I answered my questions, and people answered their own, there were many insurmountable obstacles that forced me to leave the courses and continue to look for myself further.

The completion of a measure of utility is a sense of the cessation of meaning. Normally, a completed utility is the beginning of a new measure.

The meaning of my nature became clear to me: the abilities necessary for solving a specific task at a moment in time are included in me.

But it’s still amazing, if only because I haven’t even read about it. And again: all this was very puzzling to me then: why such a strange ability for the World? Why be able to do everything at once, if there are “narrow specialists” who are also delivered to the right places and people to solve higher issues?

You need to heal — there is a healer, you need to clean the place — there are psychics, you need to see the future — there are seers. Why such multitasking? Who am I? What to do about it? What is my sense of Usefulness?


— What is the meaning of me? I once asked into the void.

“To awaken Consciousness — » was the reply.


So began the development of my gift and the concept of “Consciousness”, which I did not pay attention to, as something boring and obvious. But, as you know, “the more obvious the phenomenon, the less we know about it.”

Consciousness as a phenomenon was probably well known to the ancient Slavs. I realized this much later, when in fairy tales and legends, I began to notice nuances in the behavior of the characters that are characteristic of seers or conscious beings.

The fact that such “consciousness” is not obvious to our psychological and psychotherapeutic science is due to the lack of self-awareness of researchers, who find it difficult or impossible not only to interpret, but also to correctly identify its phenomena. Rather, they do not all know where to look to really see the nuances and correctly create experiments. After all, it is no secret that for one gifted researcher there are hundreds of incompetent “followers” who, sometimes, will twist the research and write such conclusions that it shocks you from the abundance of informational garbage. But I digress.

To me, psychological science was a dream filled with the unknown. The information space that revealed the essence of a person is full of failures and secrets. Behind every phenomenon of psychology [a phenomenon is generally a phenomenon under close attention] there are many overlapping variables; and all these variables interact with each other according to certain laws of dynamics.

It is not true that there are no laws in psychology, but only regularities. If there are laws in the work of a known carrier of the psyche — the body — then there are also laws in the psyche. Only they are often very veiled by compensatory mechanisms. If there is in the psyche, there is also in the science that studies it.

I once, for fun (when I was preparing myself for my dissertation and trying to identify the basics for my own practice), decomposed into components the phenomenological series of elements of the psyche found by psychoanalysts from Freud to Horney. There were only 27 elementary phenomena, which make up the entire complex phenomenological series of psychoanalysis. In each large phenomenon, these elements were combined in a different order or were not present at all.

Further, these elements easily formed into a certain level system. The levels, of course, were distributed according to the degree of energy / openness [awareness+ability to observe in the behavior] of the element. And the system was crowned with an extremely energetic level, unconscious, but obvious to the observer. “God’s level,” I realized, and I couldn’t prove it. I lacked the data and trust of others. I made it easier: I proved the lower behavioral levels in another science-sociology.


Our ancestors did not call” Consciousness “an ephemeral” shared knowledge of the community”, but a complex energy machine, which for the sake of simplicity of perception here I called the “Human” System.

The “Human” system is a set of energy structures of different densities, of which the main ones are: The Operator [Myself or “I”], the body and energy fields. This is what relates to our reality and the responsibility of the person himself; the two assistants of the system, the Soul and the Spirit, responsible for information support, training and partial protection of the carrier; The Path — that we work together with God, giving birth to utility and new bright energies. The birth of these energies, the warming of other people with them, the consolidation of energies, their materialization, giving them forms-this is the real Task of man before God and the World, in every incarnation until the end of the life of the World.


It turned out that the “Human” system automatically opens in response to my presence. I am the activator of human content, whatever it is.

But I had to figure out for myself what was in me as a Gift. What I work with in people. and why.


Since the beginning of my activation, I have noticed that the key result of my influence is to improve the quality of a person’s life on all fronts: from work to relationships.

At that time, I was teaching at one university and held a small position at another well-known university. For money, she led a small private practice.

Of course, in those days, I didn’t make any passes with my hands and positioned myself as a psychologist. I practiced according to the canons of psychology, as before abilities. And I was going to raise a child and defend my doctorate.

But now my practice was giving a more interesting result. My wards and clients not only recovered luck or lost wealth, but life became happier than before. And everyone in the feedback mentioned that “now there is a meaning to life” or “I’m going back to myself, the way I know myself.”

The process of changing life took place rapidly, with a lot of wonderful coincidences. Over time, I realized that it was necessary to warn the client about them, because people were not ready for many things without warning and missed opportunities. So simply, Visions joined my work.

The accuracy of the examples has increased so much that it began to frighten people, they started asking me questions about how I know this. Several people just burst into tears from surprise after hearing the answers to their unspoken stories. If with external clients such effects generated the “word of mouth” I needed, then with colleagues and students — dangerous rumors. Colleagues began to hint unequivocally that I was compromising on them, students suspected me of improper control. In any case, no one asked me to immerse myself in their life at universities. But I myself only realized much later what to say and what not to say.


Then, under the pretext of a dissertation, I conducted a large-scale diagnosis for all students and teachers who were concerned with my work. This temporarily answered their questions. People reached out to me for “solutions for life”. And for a whole year, I analyzed other people’s destinies and other people’s problems to understand: what is the difference between our idea of life and what God has given us? What is the essence of troubles or even tragedies? Why does something terrible come into people’s lives?

And here’s what I realized:

God has no bad scenarios for man.

God has no bad scenarios for man. They simply do not exist, with all the deaths, wars and other horrors. He doesn’t create things like that. There are clean energy flows, and in the clean flows of the Test — some difficulties that culminate in bright victories. And it is mandatory, if a test is given, that all the conditions and safety measures are laid out for it and shown in advance. Trials are something that you can tell your children about, so that they are proud of their origins.

But if there is an unbearable disaster, an acute tragedy, when a person lives in his own world, as if in a hot spot, you need to look for outside interference.

I understood it this way: each trouble was as if drawn against a dark background; from it there was a trail to some faces — real people — sources of blackness. I saw whole stories in the energy flows — where the trouble began and how it unfolded, in the root causes of situations, with obvious incidents and hidden details. Sometimes I have seen rituals performed against my wards or their families. Yes, not simple, but carefully planned; and in the most terrible situations — with sacrifices, pieces of the deceased or with artifacts from the cemetery. I couldn’t talk about it.

I called the time of the beginning of the collapses and asked: “Can I restore you a little to make it easier?” They always answered me: “Yes.” I pretended to use elements of hypnosis or acupressure, but I spiritually “untied” the blackness. It broke away from the carrier and rushed to the author of the outrage. As if she’d always been waiting for this moment. After a few days, such wards came to thank me.

This happened for quite a long time until one case. But I will talk about it a little further.

It is important what I understood when I worked with people, and I want to draw your attention to this as well.

Here’s the important thing:

People who harm others do so quite consciously and with a deep interest in the process. They spend time and effort, money. They sometimes kill animals, go to scary places, perform crazy rituals on themselves — all in order to achieve their own goals. They don’t do it out of hatred. They are sure that this is a game in search of influence. In which they will not be punished.

They do not connect the consequences of their own actions with the nightmare that then fills their lives; they do not understand that they have ruined the life of the one they have harmed, forever.

They need to satisfy their “momentary desire”, which they are obsessed with. For total satisfaction. The illusion of satisfaction is strong, but it will never come. And they do it again and again, like drug addicts, only their drug is black energy.

They hunt. And their food is energy. In their obsession, they are not quite human. They have allowed black energy to become a part of them and are now forced to feed it with someone else’s life. So that the blackness doesn’t eat them up.

Anyone who violates the Divine Scenarios of human life does so with the absolute certainty that they can get away with it. He has done this many times in past incarnations, and he will do it if he is born again.

The victim is chosen according to two main criteria: energetic, but inexperienced [defenseless], or bright, beautiful. Here is an example: the most destructive magic is thrown on the most beautiful house in the village. The brighter the object, the more one is willing to get it for free.

And they are not going to pay. Why pay when you can steal? After all, no one can protect themselves anyway.

Because in our civilization, “there is no esotericism and you do not need to believe in God.” And if you do not believe in God, then there is no God. And if he is not there, then no one will stand up for the victim. A person likes to shit — and he finds a loophole to do it with impunity. Impunity is the main word in this situation.

But what was the most horrifying revelation to me: no one, ABSOLUTELY NO one who secretly destroys the lives and families of their victims, takes it seriously!!!

Just playing around.

How to make a scandal? Get rid of half of the family…

To satiate the thought: “how dare she be better than me?” Destroy the opponent’s uterus.

“I want this business!” — destroy the possibility of prosperity and the strength of the victim’s family, or extinguish the lives of his children…

And all of this — “just playing around”.

How did this become possible?

Somehow it happened. How it happened — there are only fragments of ancient manuscripts and the revelations of some philosophers. Now I can say that there was an infection of our World with alien energy. Some kind of attack from the outside, which broke through the consciousness of people and spread to all levels of reality. When and who did it — the details are erased, and the times are mixed up.

The immune system of the World has partially coped with the infection, so we are not zombies and evenly develop. But the life of the World is like the life of a sick child: his health is thoroughly destroyed, there is no strength, and he is periodically feverish with delusional fantasies. Hence such collapses. With the disease, the light flow is not restored immediately, the flow of reality is disrupted. Delusional thoughts can be extremely scary.

However, the world is struggling with the disease. He has more and more strength and positive thoughts, as well as a thirst for life.

Each of us is the condensed embodiment of his thought. It is now again, as in ancient times, there are many people with extraordinary opportunities. I’m one of many.

You who read these texts are also part of the recovery process. Each of us is responsible for his own will and freedom for his decisions, respectively, everyone can go his way as correctly as possible. It’s like keeping your life, your home, and the place where your house stands clean-with maximum responsibility.

And I, in turn, will talk about the techniques that I have mastered since the mentors began to deal with me and my recovery. But more important than the techniques — is the correct worldview, which consists of the current constant decisions and actions.


I was approached by a twenty-five-year-old girl who had problems with personal relationships. Or rather, she didn’t have any relationships at all.

She was cute and funny. Perhaps one of the oddities that could be noticed was the expression of her eyes. Or rather, the feeling that sometimes a very, very strange black-and-brown glow would light up in her eyes, turning her face from doll-like cute to chiseled-cold.

In such moments there was a feeling that it was not safe to be around her. Something subtly changed in her appearance, lasted for a split second and disappeared; and her soft and friendly manner of communication reduced the strange sensations to nothing. “It seemed” — the feeling was leveled towards her, but the aftertaste remained…


We have set a session time. I was supposed to give her tests to see where in her relationship stereotypes there are substitutions of concepts. So, when she came in, I gave her some simple test instructions and handed her the folder. She reached out trustingly for the sheets, but I froze: her face expressed the same benevolent calm, but her eyes! They went from blue to dark, deep, and prickly. Her voice and demeanor combined with those eyes gave rise to an uncontrollable sense of danger.

— Can I read what’s in your subconscious a little?’ I asked, inwardly shuddering at her too-close presence, her presence in my office. The consciousness itself automatically analyzed how to protect itself and whether the door of the office was locked. ‘Stop it! I said to myself. — Calm down, there’s a child in front of you… " And, surprised at my own active reaction, I put the tests aside.

“Yes — » she said shortly, “where should I sit?”

I placed two chairs, one facing the other, almost in the middle of the room.

“This is yours,” I pointed to one, “this is mine,” and sat down on the other. Her kindness and acceptance of the situation eased my anxiety a little, but the sense of danger still grew. There was a sense of something close and sharp, but very hidden.

— It feels familiar, like it’s happened before — " she said thoughtfully, settling into the chair. — I shouldn’t move the chair, right?

I didn’t tell her that. But she was right, you shouldn’t move it.

Meanwhile, her eyes had turned a very dark brown. Danger…

— Well, let’s get started…

I knew that I needed to turn on the points under the jaw, and “open the system control box”. I reached out and touched the dots.


I don’t know, maybe I turned away for a second, while I was surprised at the knowledge that was opening up in me. Of course I was — a whole methodology, with instant explanations — an amazing accompaniment to the practice! Only these methods were not familiar to me.

But when I looked into her face again, it was as if I couldn’t see it, nothing but the blackness of her eyes.

“Get away from me!” a male voice said from her mouth.

“Who are you?”

— Get away from me, you’re hurting me, — the voice is hoarser, and immediately girlish: — Marina, what is it? What’s wrong with me? — blue eyes…

I took a step forward and touched her chin again.

“Stand back!”! ! a man’s voice roared. The black eyes were looking at me again, but there was nothing else, because they absorbed all the attention.

“Who are you?”

“None of your business! Stand back!

“Come out,” I said, and touched her chin again. A stream of heat and energy passed through my fingers.

The girl abruptly got up from her chair, as if she was about to hit me, but didn’t dare.

I imagined the energy of my hands merging into a single ring around the black-and-brown current that vibrated within her now — her hands, raised for a blow, fussily moved, trying to remove something invisible from her face.

“Don’t choke me! Don’t choke me-ah-ah!!!” — her body suddenly howled very loudly. I automatically glanced at the office door: I wonder if anyone hears this now, what they’ll think. And strengthened the imaginary loop.

The girl collapsed to the floor. However, there her body gathered in focus on her hands and knees and with some incredible speed moved from me to the corner:

“Don’t choke me!!!” the body hissed, twisting its neck unnaturally. I was afraid that she would break her neck, and I ran to her. However, according to the method, I had to simultaneously burn the creature — “this type of creature is not brought into the worlds, due to its low development and colossal destructiveness,” the training film continued in my head — and catch the girl so that she would not harm herself.

The body slammed its head into the wall at full speed. I caught it just before it hit. She began to have convulsions: “Don’t choke me, don’t choke me, don’t choke me…” — her eyes are now blue, now black.

“Look at me!”! ! I was shouting in a whisper — people in the hallway could probably hear the scuffling. “Look at me, I’m with you!”! ! Push him away, push him out, do you hear me?!!!

The flash of her convulsions almost took my eye out. I held her by the shoulders. The convulsions began to weaken.

I was reconnecting to her mind, searching for her personal flow — this flow is vital to restore.

— I can hear you — " a girl’s voice answered, and a startled face with blue eyes turned to me:

— I hear you… I can feel you… " and began to cry.


It took us both a few minutes to recover. It turned out that the creature had completely blocked, but not disabled, her consciousness. Everything that happened to her, she saw, but was locked inside her own body, as if in a case.

The strange black-brown gleam in her eyes was gone. Never again did her eyes turn black after that incident. My hands were shaking for a couple of hours. I still gave her the tests.


A few months later, she came to me again in a confused state: “Now I write some strange symbols! ‘All day,’ she said, and held out the paper. I can’t stop! Is this an obsession again?”


After that session, young people began to get acquainted with her quite often, and, since she worked in a prestigious place, her personal life now changed rapidly: she had both beautiful productive communication and romantic tryouts. I suggested that she wait at least a couple of months for a serious relationship: to get used to her new self.


There was a scribble on the paper she was holding. Holding tightly and a lot. I asked her to write something short and handed her a sticker.

She drew the symbols. They didn’t look chaotic. They had a system, and I suddenly ran my hand over them.

In my mind, it was as if someone spoke quickly…

I moved my hand very slowly again, hovering over each sign and writing down the words as I went.

Here is the phrase that turned out:

The great ones rise to the sky with equal ease and sink into the mud.

“Write again,” I said. More scribbling. Word by word is forming in my head again:

When the world is born, it never stands on its feet.

— More.

The solitude of the one rushing towards the goal is filled with grace.

“Let’s do something else.”

Success plays the games of fate with a child’s passion.


Oh my God! I can’t write generalizations on this level! It was so beautiful and bright. I also tried to draw the signs. My hand, slowly adjusting, began to write on the sheet:

I finished. Then the words began to form in my head by themselves:

Change begins when there is an end to tears and doubts. They speed up — if inspiration comes. Let changing your life be akin to an exciting game!

This is a message to me, I realized.


From that day on, and for several months after, hymns, songs, nursery rhymes, and just poems in that language rang in my head.

The music — grand, like hymns and marches, did not leave me for a moment. And the phrases themselves repeated in my mind, when a person asked me for help and sat down in front of me on a chair.

The energy flow, clean and bright, enhanced by ancient sayings, was ten times stronger than my usual level of energy supply.

Each symbol corresponds to the elements of the human genetic code, and each of them restored the human consciousness with great speed and correctness.

It was an ancient dialect that the Mentors called “intergalactic.”



I was also shown that, unlike the two-dimensional symbols of modern languages, this language has a three-dimensional structure, distributed over the levels of energy flows and the connections between them.

For two years I practiced with interest. Until one of my friends noticed that my adverb is very similar to the video posted on the Internet. That’s how I learned about the Senzar language.

Only in 2014, I went to a website where a woman reads a message in this language. Some of the phrases and the phrases she used were already familiar to me. The symbols that she wrote were identical to those that my client wrote.

I copied one of the pages of the text and “translated” the first column, wondering: why was this text shown to me?

Didn’t THEY have a more popular person who could get this message out to more people than me?

Why would I, a minor psychologist and an extremely complex sociophobe, who lives on books, be entrusted with such a wealth — because no one will appreciate this material, since I do not have the necessary influence to distribute it.


I called the owners of the site, and they confirmed that my attempt to “translate” is the first intelligible one. Before that, the text could not be deciphered. The Senzar language died 700 years ago, its logic was lost.

In my Internet resources, this text is posted everywhere, but not everyone, as practice has shown, is able to understand it.

For the first two years after the publication, my clients, one after another, asked me to explain its fragments. Some were very offended that I “write so incomprehensibly”. And only since 2016, this text began to be understood independently.

Now it has the largest audience in Zen compared to my other publications. But there are only two reviews: one is strange, the other is almost negative.

I am very interested in what you, my reader, will see in it. But I decided that I would probably explain some of the paragraphs in this book.

The pure text, without my remarks, can be found on my pages on the Internet.


Stop, brothers! Clear your mind to open the gates of knowledge of the infinite universe. Release your knowledge to the search for the ultimate life-creating truth.

We suffer endlessly from your attempts to self-destruct and search for ways to collapse ourselves.

It is possible to stop the processes of self-destruction through the study of the essence of the layers of consciousness of the planet, identical to the essence of human consciousness [initiation/incarnation/structure].


Wherever the words are in square brackets-I did not have a suitable term for the right concept. Therefore, in parentheses, a figurative series of the most closely related concepts is presented. The text in parentheses is read as a conceptual Monoblock.

Initiation is the entrance to the highest self-realization and usefulness to the World. There are initiations which are activated automatically as the life support system matures. They are, as you understand, marked in psychology as age-related crises. But in fact, each such transition opens up a new layer of access and energy levels and can completely change a person’s life.

From incarnation to incarnation, a certain layer of potential for this realization and garbage accumulates at each energy level. It happens that this “garbage”, like a time bomb, opens together with the formation at the energy transition and can lead to life-threatening situations or extremely bright luck.

Quantity to quality-that’s the motto of transitions. Only the hidden layers of information and programs brought from past lives have a very large weight here.

The structure is the structure of the “Human"system. I described it further in the text. We shall continue.


Everyone on this planet is able to achieve the highest level of knowledge, akin to God, taking the path of changing the worldview.

The currents of the Universe, passing through you, still preserve the nature of your bodies from inevitable mutations. However, this is not an endless process.


In general, everything here is also familiar, just for a second you need to imagine it: everything is energy. The vast universe is a single current. Part of it is our galaxy. Part of the galaxy is our system. We are part of the system. The main thing is that all energy moves with a single speed and at a single pace.

Therefore, we are built like this and remain like this, no matter what.


You are trying to bleed out your races by combining them into a common energy flow, which will irrevocably lose the valuable keys of self-rebirth.

The pure blood of the Initiates should not interfere with each other, and interracial marriages should be excluded.

Stop the slaughter of the planet’s indigenous peoples, who carry the powers of this world on their shoulders. Their energy flows are too unique to be carelessly destroyed.

Renounce the cult of death and look ahead. Understanding the infinity of your life, even for a hundred centuries to come, will cool your fervor of destruction.

You will be born on your planet until the full cycle of incarnations is complete, even if it is burning with fire because of your fault; it is painful to restore its flows, even if the energies will embody you as freaks or monsters.


This is my favorite piece.

The cult of death — that’s how the story turned out: we all live in fear and expectation of death. Some consciously, some not. And death-as a phenomenon-is not what it seems at all. Each of us has had contact with the dead at least once in our lives, there are those who talk, there are even those who have access to the world of the dead. And in the reverse order: people receive messages from the world of the dead, and the different levels of disembodied transformational worlds, to which our life support Systems move after rejection of their material bodies, now and then intersect with our usual reality, and in the closest layers even duplicate them.

The world of the dead, of course, has its own laws and its own bandits. However, those who we call ghosts are mostly just a little scared,” disembodied " [sorry, left without a body] for a while for the purpose of renewal, but not fully aware of this, people. You do not need to offend them or burn them out, they also do not need to be rude. If you’re afraid of them, tell them you can’t help them. If you feel sorry for them, pray and ask for a stream of light for them: this is a kind of elevator for moving them.

We are all just energies of different densities that make up the thoughts and fantasies of our planet.

No one will move to any other planet, because we are all the consciousness of our World. Thoughts cannot move separately from the body to another brain. And even if the body is in complete pain, thoughts will still be born in their head, complementing the painful delirium.

We will suffer, but we will still arise on our planet until it is completely destroyed.


Come to your senses! Your world cannot become a desert, because your prototypes will remain in it, coming to the dead earth in their turn, even if the day cannot change into night, and the landscape will be solid sand.

The denial of the laws of life has never led a race so far from true development. We are watching you, but we are afraid to interfere, because the canvas of your mental spaces has changed too much [drained, plastered, blackened]. To restore it by force means to destroy your psyche, since your idea of the worlds is fundamentally contrary to the ideas of development.


This was unexpected for me. Before the activation, I felt that something was not quite right in our world, but I realized that everything was not as it should be, much later. And it’s not just our belief in dying, or our lack of understanding of God.

The most unpleasant thing is that our World has lost a lot of energy somewhere, and its body can be compared to the body of an anorexic: the metabolism is so disturbed that harmless food cannot be absorbed and perceived as toxic, and special food must be created anew. This causes the energy layers of reality to “stick together”. And since each layer carries its own energy code and the realization of life phenomena, it turns out that in the fused layers, the elements of the codes are mixed, and accordingly, the concepts of people living in these layers are destroyed and replaced.

From this arises our biggest problem: our excessive autonomy [the realization of freedom to complete solitude] and savagery [analyzing what is in front of our noses, and mindlessly consuming for pleasure]. There is nothing wrong with this in the philosophy of our civilization.

In our civilization, it is customary to live once, focusing on the material, at best, adhering to the fictional boundaries of a far-fetched conscience. The criteria for all this is blurred.

In fact, a blind man must first choose his life position, then have time to take some place in the food chain, but in the end, everything will remain here, and he will disappear, at best, protecting his own offspring. Blindly and not for myself, according to incomprehensible criteria in ugly traditions.

Don’t judge me harshly now. I exaggerate on purpose. I try to find the words to express as accurately as possible the feeling that comes to a person in moments of comprehension of reality.

But it shouldn’t be this dark. We are not children who grew up in the wild and used to shit where we live. We try to keep ourselves in order. Only how? Nothing is clear. And there’s still so much shit going around.

Now imagine that everyone will see the light at once. They will see other people’s thoughts and machinations, their true partners, what awaits them in the future, who has shat on them and who will shit on them; lies in promises, true motives, the system of interaction at any level, no matter where they look. The pain caused will be everyone’s pain.

Secrets will disappear, and in their place will come a comprehensive knowledge of what is really there. In all the details.

Many will go completely mad. Someone will go into psychosis in fear of the future. Frustration and massive amounts of indigestible information will crush the psyche of many people with a modern upbringing. Add to this the hundreds and thousands of memories of previous incarnations that are activated in consciousness from the memories of the wrong death. Everything will become transparent: the bad and the good, the funny and the scary.

Everyone will hear and see with their whole body, constantly, 24/7.

One day I came across a man who could also observe everything he wanted in my life. And I could hear him watching me.

His idea of women was completely superficial, on the level of pickup lines. His age was over forty, his family life wasn’t successful. His life can be characterized by the term” former”: ex-military, ex-husband, ex-womanizer. He had a lot of women and a lot of love stories. It was in his mind every time he turned to mine. His curiosity was attracted by the intimacy of my life, moments of depilation, or morning toilet, or washing in the shower, or other intimate moments. He didn’t like me. Sometimes he thought about “hooking up with me” completely disregarding the fact that I have a child and a husband and I am happy with them. About my future, about the fact that he is absurdly breaking into my personal space, about the fact that I am unpleasant, he didn’t not think even once. He liked showing me his sexual intercourse, too.

I asked him several times not to peek. He laughed and when we met, he was happy to discuss with me what and how I do in my personal life.

After a while, his constant presence in my intimate space, his hungry curiosity, tired me very much. I urged him to stop interfering with my life. But he couldn’t. I blocked him. He began to rush into my reality, as it was cooler for him than for some people watching the reality show “The House 2”. I once hit him with energy, breaking his ability to see. I haven’t heard from him since. Our mutual friends told me that he then disappeared from communication for three months. And out of my life forever.

This is not the only case where people can look into other people’s lives. There is even a special term for this — “mental Internet”. However, using this case as an example, I wanted to show that in the boundless transparency, spirituality will play a significant role and you will have to make an effort in interpersonal communication to make everything fall into place and take comfortable forms.

We are not in the habit of living like this. The life-support system of virtually the entire population is crippled and depleted by constant cruelty, improper deaths, black spots, extraneous energy interventions that are not usually noticed, and many other extremely destructive phenomena.


Self-destruction of the planet is inevitable with such approaches. However, your planet is not one world, but nine. Of these, you are the dominant stream. Eight-other vibrations that align the models of the universe into a single network of interconnected systems.

The energy flows crippled by your civilization require urgent radical changes in the flow vibrations that determine the self-preservation system of all systems of this world.

The ascent to normal is possible only with a total reorganization of the processes of self-healing of the planet.

We have started the process of restoring the chosen [earth gods] as a system of control over the development of reality; demigods-to monitor changes in the methodology of the way of life and traditions; geniuses — to revive the ways of action. Traditions that have lost their vitality will go away forever.


If you’ve been paying attention, geniuses wake up at 33 or 40. Then they live. If a genius is awakened before the age of 12, his life is extremely short or at the next age turn he is carried away into self-destruction.


Change is coming. Do not expect external destruction. There won’t be any. Changes will occur imperceptibly, and one reality will replace another by changing the governing forces. The true rulers will return to the world.

It is not people who make the decision about the movement of the universe. And it’s not for people to decide what to do with their World. Rather, the World decides what to do with people and everyone living in it.

Garbage processes initiated from the outside are very frightening to us, since you have lost your bearings and live as if you are really born once, and the Universe is just a place of accumulation of Celestial bodies.


And this is already about the fact that humanity is included in the life support system of super-systems. As a painful part of them, the super-systems will either have to heal us against our understanding, or cut us out by the roots.


Remembering the true essence of yourself is the key to restoring processes. We send you the elements of true knowledge about the system of the world, so that when you recognize it, you will be imbued with faith and come back to us with others who have risen from the ashes of non-existence, who are going to the highest wisdom through the centuries of their paths, who are able to reproduce and give birth to true worlds and create the souls of other worlds.

You are indestructible. Remember this when the hand goes up to destroy. You will be born again to see the destruction and live in it.

To stop the processes of self-destruction, it is necessary to realize the points from which you are moving in your civilization:

* Residual effects of military actions that block the correct reproduction of the gene pool;

* Blood loss, which excludes movement on its own Path, as the energy balance of forces is disrupted, and the entire system of connections and relationships among people is shifted;

* Remnants of the minds and consciousness of alien beings whose interventions clog the information space;

* The desire for destruction, dictated by the stopping of the processes of consciousness.


Here it is said that with a sharp, poorly realized death, a person is born several subsequent incarnations according to psychophysical indicators below his natural level, and he is actually not able to fulfill his own Measure of usefulness to the required extent.

The blood carries energy codes. The loss of blood by a person is the devastation of the ability to realize the plan.

At best, a person will strive to complete the Task at the limit of their physical and emotional strength, making a lot of mistakes along the way, but some will not master it at all or will die in the process. And now imagine, there are more than fifteen million such people from the Second World War, plus millions who died incorrectly from the wars of the twentieth century, plus those who died from violence and other things. Recovery in these forms of violations takes from three to seven incarnations. That is, in fact, the entire mass of humanity is reborn with extremely unpleasant errors.


You are able to perceive [consciously] up to 4 processes, fixing them in oral speech, and you miss 1000, because the speech you use is destructively slow.

What you call clairvoyance is actually a natural way of transmitting information. But due to some conditions, you are so isolated from each other that it is easier for you to destroy the other than to show your imperfection.

Moving forward requires contemplation and returning in the transfer of the image series to each other. This will allow you to clear your thoughts properly and stop the processes of destruction by forcing the acceleration of information exchange. Low thoughts will go away because of their absurdity; loneliness will disappear as a phenomenon.


By the way, animals easily use the transfer of the figurative series to each other. They can transmit their experience to another individual in a few seconds and maintain contact with any other animal being on the planet from any distance.

They laugh at us. But their programs force them to serve us, and they obey. Often consciously accepting death, knowing what awaits them. The form of death of many excludes their development.

I do not know if it was the same before the Disease of our World.

However, when faced with various life situations, I understand that many animals seek and call their people, serve them, putting all their efforts to fulfill their higher Tasks.

Dogs, cats, birds and other animals very clearly distinguish people with abilities from the general mass and consider it a great honor to serve such people.


We do not argue, it is painful and shameful to show yourself in the ugly form in which you are now. Therefore, you will need to return to your original image in order to understand your true essence. Not everyone is capable of this now. Your civilization has produced a lot of creatures in which the true processes are simply absent. We can’t classify them any other way than as genetic garbage. Their paths are finite. We have to admit that their paths will be interrupted. If they die, they will not be born again. Their energies will be distributed to their true owners.


This is about people who are parasitic, and about those who have allowed parasitic energy creatures into their life support system, but feed them and harm other people under their influence, quite deliberately.

Without genocide, by natural aging, such people will be removed from the incarnation. But forever.


When you begin to hear each other clearly, the races will be resurrected. This is because every energy stream of the planet has a carrier — race; the rebirth of the energy stream is the rebirth of the carrier.

In large numbers, people will be born who can speak and understand languages that were considered lost or dead. Nations that you only remember as legends will rise from oblivion.

Not everyone will be able to marry each other, as joint paths are difficult for such couples. They exclude the full birth of a new soul corresponding to a particular kind of world.

You are not the first and not the only ones in the universe who take such a path, however only you reside so painfully long in a dark period. There are worlds in which there is aggression similar to yours and those without aggression. And every world has a twin, tied to kindred energy flows.

It is very important that the connection of such worlds is wholesome. In your case, the twin world is isolated, which excludes the management of aggression in your world. A person was born who is able to remedy this, but we do not know if she can do it, since her psyche has undergone significant changes. Mother of the World is a woman — whose prototype is a system of self-reproduction, the umbilical cord of the World. Her integrity is broken and more than one reincarnation is needed to restore her, but we activated her, returning to the world what was lost. It’s too early to broadcast this knowledge for the sake of this woman. Although her life, exaltation and restoration are inevitable. It is useless to kill and torment her. Her essence is the essence of the world, and pain is the source of the birth of catastrophes and destruction. Let her go her way without pain — it will save millions of lives.

Energy flows will not be restored chaotically. We have provided some twists and turns of events to facilitate your rebirth:

We will encase aggression in their carriers until they completely withdraw from their active states; We will restore the true energy of the masculine principle [by the way, I have never heard of the concept of “male happiness”, have you?].

We will restore the energy flows of the planet destroyed by battlefields, explosions, beasts, mistreatment.

We will restore places of power and the ability to hear higher beings [your saints].

We will remove otherworldly consciousness from your world.

We will protect the lives of the first true ones, since for self-healing and self-regeneration they will have to rise from the most destroyed and wretched human communities.

The world will gradually become kinder, as the children who come to replace you will be born different.

Stopping destruction is also important, because your world is interweaved with others. Everything that happens to it is reflected in neighboring worlds and leads to failures in the system.

The transmission of [energies] through the worlds occurs spontaneously and constantly. Since reality is a combination of all kinds of transitions that you can feel. Exhausted energetically, you begin to absorb filth [elements of unfinished processes], some soaked in false images, hence the acceleration of civilization on the path to self-destruction.

Everything that makes you Human, [prototype of Gods], you have replaced with technical means [memory, ability to think, clairvoyance], giving the body a dominant role. However, you are not a body. You are a coordinated energy flow management system with four levels:

— the body is the lowest level. Exchange of matter, material self-reproduction [and all]; — operator — an element of consciousness, coordinator, carrier of “I”. The code identifier of the task, immersed in this world, in this embodiment gathers the body, the dynamics of activity and is responsible for specific tasks. They also determine the route of the Path [destiny] to advance the idea of God in this world. Two henchmen: — The Soul — most often an element of artificial origin; an energy-informational portal raised as a living creature. The basis of duplication of the Consciousness and Body. — Spirit is an information matrix endowed with elements of consciousness to the extent necessary for controlling the system. A navigator that determines the possible spectra of solutions based on high-speed information flows [based on information accelerated by many times]. If Human Consciousness is capable of processing up to nine thousand flows, then the Spirit can do so in millions. Access and codes of the entire information system of the Universe are collected in a unit of energy the size of a matchbox.

Purification of the system of consciousness synchronizes four of these key components, creating the right direction of human thought. However, your civilization is not meant for pure consciousness. By possessing harmonious knowledge, a person becomes inappropriate in society, lonely, not adaptable and forced to leave the incarnation until better times [in complete confusion].

Purification of the system of consciousness synchronizes four of these key components, creating the right direction of human thought. However, your civilization is not meant for pure consciousness. By possessing harmonious knowledge, a person becomes inappropriate in society, lonely, not adaptable and forced to leave the incarnation until better times [in complete confusion].

Because of this, we are forced to influence your civilization by force, changing people in key roles in one or two generations. This involves cleansing and death. Therefore, we will simply turn off the consciousness of those who came to power through misdeeds. The Awakened ones are not able to achieve power and make their way to it through death. They will not destroy others to achieve power. They will find many ways to solve the problem, but it will take more time. It will look a little strange. People in power will begin to lose interest in it, jeopardize themselves, resign, get in trouble, perish in accidents if their place is not on the Map of the Paths. The peak of this process will be in 2008—2014. When the attitude towards people changes and they are confused from a slightly altered information situation. The term “End of the World” will disappear. People will begin to see and seek their destiny, trying to recreate themselves.

Civilization will begin to change everywhere. Conversations will change, everyone will feel their own way, and will have to search for it, no matter how unusual this quest may be. This phase will be completed by 2015.

The second stage is the unification of people, the restoration of traditions. It must pass in seven years everywhere. By this time, people will grow, native speakers of ancient languages and the energy of extinct peoples will raise in number. The structures of knowledge will change. There will be no need to hide knowledge, since external aggression (directed outward), if a person has not eradicated it, will become the basis for self-destruction. Most of them will never be incarnated again. The Map of the Paths will change irreversibly. Those who had been blocked before by freaks and the weak will come into the. There is a huge work awaiting to recreate true races. In the twenty second year, a huge war may happen. However, this will not be a war between nations, but a war with oneself, when everyone will take their own path, whether they want it or not. It can be painful. Not everyone will be able to withstand the discoveries. Wails will be heard, due to the funerals of the past and the pain of the deeds being revealed.

The third stage: The path of restoration — over time — that will take three generations -two or three incarnations, when people will be born with purified knowledge and will look for friends. Rules and traditions will be formed in social groups, and guides will be given identical tasks. Not everyone will be beautiful and healthy, because bodies — the echo and protection of the prototype will purify perception in this way. Interests will change. True rulers with super-knowledge will return to the world. They will have a lot of work to bring harmony back to the world. The restoration of the planet’s energy will begin.

The fact is that the energy flows of the planet had also undergone devastating changes. And the planet will be shaken. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible. We will begin to revive the Call — this is an internal desire to act within the framework of God’s plan. It is connected to the restoration of the human consciousness system. The call is a sign that consciousness has strengthened to accept the true state of things. The world will become different. There will be a lot of pain for a long time, but the world will become cleaner. The need to kill each other, for isolation and loneliness — will disappear at this stage.

The fourth stage — restoration: return to the world of harmony. By this time, the need to kill and eat meat will disappear. So far, for most people this is difficult. Hence the carnivore. But this is not a necessary condition for the existence of the body. Rather, the opposite. Predation is instilled artificially. All this hinders the processes of the recovery of consciousness. If the processes are compressed today, many will give up consciousness, and this is more dangerous than suicide, since after madness it is rather difficult to be born full-fledged — a ritual of withdrawal is necessary. And we, fearing mass madness, are stretching the recovery processes.

Alienation from ourselves is another problem that requires us to be very careful concerning the processes. You are used to living without being aware of yourself. Feelings of guilt and attempts to comprehend your own actions are one-sided, since the system of your values does not imply the concept of REINCARNATION. Simultaneous birth and death scare you, but make you unscrupulous, since you have nothing to compare the correctness of your actions with. Science (that which embodies knowledge and truth in your civilization) serves the worldview, but does not force one to think. Therefore, your knowledge is separated from the truth. What is knowledge without truth? This is a candle without a wick — garbage that clogs the space. Hence all your useless inventions are crutches with which you try to “learn” the world.

You are repeatedly burned, destroying layers of civilizations, but you still have not reached the true road. We will gradually activate the memory of previous incarnations [of all people] so that you can recognize the mistakes and not repeat them again. We took note of the inertia of the processes of your consciousness, even the most dedicated ones, and the lowest of your thoughts, even the most spiritual, as a result of the self-organization of your world, and therefore we have developed these stages of overcoming difficulties and returning you to the roots. We will be happy to open up to you and accept harmonious worlds into our system of interacting harmonious worlds, and we will help you complete this way painlessly.

Therefore, the fifth stage is the stage of full awareness of the world’s system, when you take your rightful place in the world, all life will delight you. The concept of “danger” will be forgotten like a bad dream. We are counting on fitting all these five stages in the first millennium with your help and conscious consent, after which together we can restore the interaction system in all nine worlds of your system and activate all the energy flows that are necessary for the further harmonious development of your unit. Do not worry about the overpopulation of the planet. It is a myth, the same as the one about its total destruction. The consciousness of the planet in the system is identical to the consciousness of man. You are the thoughts of this world with a high probability of realization. Each of you is valuable and each of you can change from the destructive to constructive, introducing your own measures of change during the era. A person does not have only one thought, if they are healthy, and the World cannot remain the same without people if it is alive and not zombified. You call it “mental health.” A healthy World cannot be overpowered with thoughts, or have one thought, or a limited number of them, or distribute thoughts by degree of value, or push thoughts together, or want to destroy them. Thoughts just happen, each in their own time. But it is also difficult for the World to learn to think correctly if its thoughts [are not pure] and confuse themselves. Or based on comparison: what is more important? Which is more important: to live or to rejoice; to give birth to children or embrace yourself; to love or be loved? These are destructive questions based on the loss of guiding lines to the Truth [Creator] of the world Movement, the life pattern and knowledge of your civilization.

We came to the conclusion that this state of affairs could not happen by chance, since a viable World is not formed on painful forms of consciousness. It is harmonious and ideal in its embodiment. What happens to your world is of an artificial nature, the roots of which we are trying to determine.

Therefore, we appeal to you to return to a state of awareness. To understand what is happening to you and your world, so that, having realized your experience, you would help to quickly correct the situation and reduce its destructive consequences. We fear that your desire for destruction will still prevail over the mind, and we will have to observe your changes until the end of the cycle [incarnations], without the ability to stop them and help you.

The fact is that there are no secondary worlds, especially if the population is capable of processing consciousness. When a World with a high level of organization of Consciousness is born, it is a great joy in the Universe. To lead and nurture such a World is always a great victory, such as raising a successful person who paved the way towards the light for others with his life. And we, being mentors of your world, address to you: Come to your senses! Remember who you are and your true destiny, take it and carry it with honor through the whole cycle of incarnations, taking in the end a worthy place among us, so that your world becomes a guiding light for others who follow you.

Your thoughts are repeatedly distributed throughout the Universe, defining its general “health”. There is no need to be a cancer cell devouring everything around you. It hurts. The habit of living and being in pain is not natural; the desire to exclude happiness from life or to live as if harmony does not exist at all — is contrary to the laws of nature; the search for one-day bliss, without taking into account tomorrow’s state, is not advisable; loneliness [self-isolation] is akin to suicide and creates helplessness; life in constant fear and blood is hopeless and painful. Do you want you and your children to experience this in multiple incarnations?

Look around you for what gives you strength to cleanse yourself; find your essence; identify the thoughts that you are able to keep clean, no matter what.

Find an occupation that matches your nature, no matter how strange it may seem to you. Ready yourself for the acceptance of a new world system. Get ready to learn and accept that knowledge that will rise in you, that feeling that will beckon you to search for truth, those rules that will allow you to save your lives and the lives of those who are with you.

It is impossible to stop in the middle of the process. You would have experienced to the fullest what was intended one way or another. Our task is to save and facilitate the life of each of you, since we have already lost many while the system of your world was collapsing. It hasn’t been decided yet who is going to take their place. Perhaps we will try to recreate the chosen ones or recover geniuses from your world. Your psyche is flexible and everyone can become like God by one incarnation. What is needed is a selfless desire to go through this, as the elite have passed, whom you now call saints.

The end of the world you know has come. A different era — more beautiful and perfect than all those that you remember. Get used to living cleaner, thinking faster, giving birth to children while in love and living in harmony with yourself. All unnecessary things will retreat, as the foam dissolves in the river of time. A little more time will pass, and you will be horrified to recall the era you lived in and tell your grandchildren the terrible tales of those years. When people could kill each other and serial killers lived in cities, when they moved in iron wagons, and water could only be drunk from taps. When, to talk to each other, you needed a phone; when it was possible to conceive and give birth to a child without God’s will, when trash filled your life so much that you yourself had nowhere to hide.

We urge you: let it remain only in fairy tales!


I’ve been postponing this text for weeks. It was slow, about a paragraph at a time. At the same time, explanatory images were broadcast to me, which I examined very carefully, trying to remember them as accurately as possible.

This text had a strange effect on me: now when I’m lost and don’t know what to do, I look around me and start helping those who are worse off than me, or clearing up old rubble. I know other people who do the same. Quietly, silently, and very carefully. For our own sake.

And now let’s take a closer look at some of the fundamental concepts on which this text is based.



This is the key question of life and death, because, in fact, having the answer to it can give us some of our capabilities and limitations. Having answered this question, everyone can choose HOW and FOR WHAT to live. If we are descendants [and followers] of apes, then this is one option of our “permission to live”. Here you can pretend to be a scumbag, say to yourself “After us the deluge.” and go on a rampage… An animal, is also an animal in Africa. Even in our stripped-down understanding.

But if we are the likeness of God, that is quite another matter. You need to gather all the best in yourself, concentrate and PUSH YOUR TASK FORWARD with an incredible effort of will. Because THERE’s NO ONE ELSE but YOU… The highest principle in each of us is the HIGHEST PLEASURE. THAT’S THE POINT.

It is necessary at all costs to advance your creative task, which is felt as a passionate creative desire, the highest need. This is the foundation of stability and happiness.


Since childhood, both of these principles have been strong in me, which sometimes conflict with each other, depriving me of strength and the meaning of life; sometimes they flow from one to the other, forcing me to fight for life and win. I’m no stranger to numbing passion and rage. I am ready to fight for my ephemeral freedom, even at the cost of loneliness.

My protest is able to create a strong-willed lever of great strength. And I enjoy the natural, bestial essence of my freedom, where there is only one choice: full self-expression or death [as a full measure of transformation]. But in every vein of my being THERE IS A NEED TO SERVE GOD. It is akin to the feeling that a mother has before the birth of a child, when you are no longer afraid of anything: not pain, not death, not endless emptiness of complete nothingness, just the need to bring forth, give birth to the one who SHOULD be born…

Each new ability is pain, each new knowledge is bitterness, each new insight is a picture of destruction, present and past, and their consequences are innumerable. Endless measures of trouble and pain, generated once from a single point. “The kingdom of false mirrors”, in which our souls try to preserve themselves. And behind all this, God is like a constant process / algorithm for restoring Reality.

God is a vast consciousness of infinite power and speed that arises at the intersection of systems. Like A FIELD THAT IS NOT OBVIOUS, BUT TANGIBLE, at the edges of the blades of a spinning top. The energy that accompanies and simultaneously stabilizes the rotation, making it systematic, predictable.

It permeates our bodies, our cells, the air around us, and prevents us from disintegrating, from emptying ourselves in the blind need for knowledge, the senseless picking of the intellect: “What is there inside?”. Don’t think I’m against learning. I am against the animal cruelty that accompanies this process in our civilization.

Dissecting a living being, you can see its innards, but you cannot preserve its life and uniqueness. Dissecting reality, you can see many of its elements, but it is impossible to understand the essence of things and the meaning of life.

Leaving the exclusive right to dissect processes to science, humanity cries from the pain that the meaninglessness of being gives rise to. However, each point has a meaning, the subconscious dictates to us. We know that it does not lie, because we feel something great in every cell of our body, from which we were born and for which we were born.

Collecting your worldview is like collecting endless puzzles.

Collecting your worldview is quite a multi-faceted process.

It’s like putting together endless puzzles. The picture, growing, changes all the time.

But before you collect the picture from the puzzles, you need to prepare. To do this, lay out all the puzzles face down and take a good look at which element will catch the eye or which of the elements are extreme. This is the period in my life now: I am looking to see what elements of my new abilities are extreme, so that I can consistently derive my technic from them. Among the things that I use, there are mechanisms that are clear to me and not so clear; there are basic ones, like extreme puzzles, there are those that catch the eye, but where they should stand is still unclear to me.


If you think about the text of the” Appeal…", it turns out: no matter what the Hollywood movies broadcast, no one will actually be able to leave the Planet. And if this happens by technical means, then after leaving the incarnation [and actually dying] on another planet, in a new incarnation, a person will be born again on Earth. Whatever nightmare had awaited him there. And even if we manage to move to another World to spoil it, our children will still be born only on Earth. And the children of our children…


Our reduced worldview becomes more dangerous for us than man-made disasters, because in our blindness we do not know what we are doing and where we are going. A stripped-down worldview that shuts out half of reality from us like blinders is the biggest “man-made disaster” you can think of.

We [humanity] are like a child who plays with a needle and an electrical outlet: the child seems to be on the verge of new discoveries, but there is no experience or knowledge that will lead them away from danger.

There is only one’s own instinct, “what is possible and what is not”, and there is a mother’s instinct, based on her boundless maternal love and animal passion for the preservation of offspring.

And flair, and love and passion for the preservation of offspring-the concepts are absolutely metaphysical. But it is thanks to them that 90% of the population lives to old age. Think about it, everyone has a memory of a danger that was only avoided by a miracle. And no matter what you call this miracle, in a split second it managed to give you such love and such a sense of our own value to the world, which is impossible to forget later.

Now there is a struggle of Forces for the life of each of us. For each of us-because each of us has a Unique Task that no one else can realize. But we, in our blindness, grope our way, so often going astray that even the Higher Ones ask us to come to our senses!

When you choose where to go and what to believe, remember:

What we put our time and energy into thrives.

If even after that you do not understand anything, believe in a miracle that saves and revives life.

And where to go, the body will find itself…


I saw that man is the likeness of God before I learned to understand the essence of my gift. All the energies in a person are light. The energies of light are in constant motion, since they are quite ephemeral, not dense, have a high potential for energy transfer, and can be intertwined in streams, creating objects of high density due to the difference in the internal and external voltage of the flows used.

Nodes and plexuses, due to the difference in energy potentials, give what we call “consciousness”. Consciousness arises at the junction of flows, as a kind of field accompanying the energy nodes, by analogy with the “field around the blades of a rotating spinner”. If the energy formations are harmonious, the consciousness is creative, as it is predictable and consistent. Other objects can be drawn into his field by their own consciousnesses, strengthening the system at the same time.

Both all living things and our World are tied by energies in a certain system. The interaction of energy flows far exceeds the human understanding of the scale of the influence of “One unit on the Universe”, and also differs from the generally accepted understanding of freedom and the norm. A person contains all the energies that are represented in the world, in all of its manifestations.

I will use examples to tell you how the interactions of the Universe and Man works, and what exactly is the influence of the Unit (each of us) on the Universe. And how the Universe affects the Unit.

Here, in this book, I have drawn and describe what I see every day and what I can be sure of just because I have more than 4,000 clients, and all have the same life support structure, and the Universe interacts with their “Human” System according to the same laws.

The most observant clients claim that I work with them as if I am looking at a “virtual control panel”. It is so. The “Human” life support system in my drawing is “my virtual control panel” of the human condition.

Fig. 1. The “HUMAN” system”

So, a person is a four-unit self-organizing system that has the logic of movement [Fields+Path] in time and destination [Task]. We are not cogs, but we are a part of a Single System. Like a cell in the body. Each such cell has its own place and set of functions. And we all know that if the cell behaves correctly, all is normal, and the whole body is healthy. If at least a few cells are at war with the system — it is wrong: the cell itself is sick, the system around it hurts and fails, the whole body is in danger.

The “Human” system is part of the overall life support system of our World. If a person behaves like a sick cell — the life-support system of the planet is obviously suffering. Maybe no one will treat one cell, but the entire system will be exposed; or the cell and the entire infected space will be cleaned up.

From this point of view, a normal person is a normal social space, an abnormal person is an inflamed one.


Have you ever seen a normal person? I haven’t seen one in a very long time… But maybe that’s because of the specifics of my work?


In fact, inside of each person, we have a complex mechanism [body-control-soul-spirit], which is equipped with a system of analytical devices [fields] and is directed along a certain route [Path], with a certain goal [The Highest Task].

Let’s look at this system in the same sequence. So, the four-unit MECHANISM [body-operator-soul-spirit], the main elements and their purpose.

The body is an energy-biological system. The lowest level of energy flows. Performs the exchange of matter with reality, material self-reproduction. Through the body, a person’s thought is realized in reality. All the energy flows of a person are encoded in the body.

The main option of the body is to recreate the desired energy flow in the right place on the planet.

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