The Big Green Tent — we under it

Reflections and Comments

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ISBN 978-5-4485-8803-7

О книге

This book of reflections present comments on the book by L. Ulitskaya — The Big Green Tent. The purpose of the commentary is to reveal the main idea of the novel — «What gives meaning to life, gives meaning to death». Comments lead the readers to the depths of author’s feelings and thoughts about time and about oneself. This is a fascinating journey «back to us as we were conceived», according to L. Ulitskaya. Bon voyage, dear readers.

Об авторе

Vladimir Kernerman

My name is Vladimir Kernerman. The story of my life: born in Kiev. Study — Russia and USA. PhD, information science. The life story of my soul began 7 years ago. Then I, an earth-bound materialist, turned to Heaven with a prayer, born of the spirit of books by L. E. Ulitskaya. Through the essence of wisdom and humanity of the novel — The Big Green Tent — I came to realization that the suffering of life can and should lead to universal human compassion and mercy.

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