The autopilot of Superposition

Бесплатный фрагмент - The autopilot of Superposition

Selected poems

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The Eurocentric Humanity

To Franziska Steiner

Of course, Europeans

have known much more

about our world  and Universe.

They much more respected

not only children, minorities, women rights and rights of disables

and predisposed morally and lawable

to do  all these  marvelous things and obliges

but also — look for the beautiful garden of this dear Frau —

how she can respect lovely and tenderly

not only completely odd and unknown visitors and guests

from far East, but every flower, tree

and even just green grass

growing up between cracks of concrete.

I was be happy to  live a week in this neat cottage

now I look like ghost

which lost his paradise

and even tempted by growing jealousy

to the ant and grasshopper

which crawling and sprung in that garden

and to nice chamomiles and red poppies

which blossoming in this nice spot,

so carefully watering and keeping

by lovely hands and soul and heart

of quite unknown for me

dear Franziska Steiner —

I have simple not found any words

for express my gratitude

for such credence, respect and hospitality.

I just thought

Europe and Switzerland

informed much  much more

about deepest secrets of our soul, heart and world.

Make a brilliant choice

From now onward,

dear comrades,

in this remarkable age of information

when ignorance might be fatal choice,

we are all can be blessed by a brilliant destiny and excellent life,

because we are absolutely all

have a free access to internet,

to the best universities,

to the all financial institutions,

to the all cutting-edge achievements,

to the money-keeping banks

and to the genetic banks also,

and knowing, how edit and correct mistakes

and enliven and empower ourselves,

and we are coming close as never before

through modern math, physic, cosmology, psychology

to understand who we are and where come from

and where will go?

So absolutely every one of us

from now onward

have not any right for complaining, depressing and failures,

because every one of us

have a brilliant childhood, excellent past, education

and went on through

the best practice in all matters, all aspects and attitudes

that need for you for creating marvelous achievements.

 Just take all these staff and vibes now

and wear on yourself

like smoking of luckiest person

and make own, put into own conscientiousness and sub-conscientiousness —

if you do everything with right way,

you will ride the tsunami of success

as never before in our past

when ignorance had ruled and defined us.

Why lie and liars are so dangerous?

For get over or through the so called great obstacle or filter,

our world must have pressed out lies and liars and rid from,

until our pathological false humankind

spoiled by corrupt politics

from both hemispheres,

rotten from top to down,

not tossed out in abyss of total destruction.

Why any lie so harmful in our life and reality?

To Bayan Jumagulova

If we want

as a humankind

go on through The great filter

and avoid total destruction,

we must suppress and wipe out completely

this habit to tell the lie each other

and ourselves and all around us

thoroughly rid of

from such mentally deepened hard-wiring,

all the day cheeting someone, fooling, lying.

The civilization of liars

has not any chances for surviving.

Because every lie is an act

prepared for covering or distorting a truth,

thats why its so unnatural and harmful:

such things are simple not existed,

you can not find any marks of lie

throughout entire Universe.

Where everything,

all physical constants

atoms and their tiniest particles

have been created and made all fastest moves

and transformations

with the greatest precision and perfection,

where impossible even microscopically false, lie and incorrectness,

even for million part of jot.

Just imagine after all

how awful, rude and monstrous looks our lie

under scope of such harmony and perfection?

Of course the society of liars

that cannot in time rid from this pathology

will be soon terminated wholly

or tossed into eternal fire.

So every lie so caustic and harmful

when a man lied to other one,

not only for him

but for entire world and universe.

or even something much bigger

will shaken from top to down –

the entire multiverse and its firmaments, basic pillars

created by waves of Schrodinger’s

are getting down to destruction.

Who will tolerate too long

such negligible fools and doodles

and such civilization

based on designing, inventing and mass-production

lies and cheetings

in so great quantity and quality?

The Sparticles of peace, love and eternity

Please, dance with the democratic values

as often as possible, play with them, imitate and love

the countries with  staunch and stable democratic institutions,

stick tightly to them, entreating them to be with you

or even cry out if democracy don’t understand you,

be strong and merciless with the any attempt and trend
toward dictatorship and violence

but be limitless merciful and careful with the democracy,

which often acted against herself,

if you want establish the real safety

and prosperity for your country and children

you must deeply respect and love this strange woman.

 Don’t believe for any other sort and kind of ideologies and state structure,

especially elude religious believers and claims

and so called founder of sovereign models of democracy,

 which only camouflaged  the  most hideous and atrocious

 intend and content of corruptive comrades,

 terrorists and bandits and maniacs.

 Play with crystal-clear and marvelously pure and fresh
water of  democracy

constantly reviving and refreshing

milk of honesty, justice and peace and prosperity.

Play with marvelous sparticles

going as deep as possible

to that mysterious  game in  family, in love, in police
in local level

and in entire community and worldwide,

 universe itself has  born and grown with  her dance and sparklings.

The deep secret

Our world was born from one genuine strong intention,

pressed in simple sentence, one astonishing spelling out

the magical composed phrase

that deeply stressed frozen black matters

 and born and expanded our Universe with myriads bright stars and galactics,

 as a one wholly composure,

(where invisible and unmeasurable part and game hundred time more really and value

then what we could fixed),

 have drifted to eternal motion and come eventually to that unusual existence

with limitless secrets and powers in micro and macro realities

teeming inside and around us in close and great distances,

 with perfectly worked and tuned physical constants and laws

as truly witnesses about all ambassadors and heralds of our transendence from Quantum world

these omnipresent and magical micro particles —

electrons, neutrinos, protons, quarks and their anti-parts.

Try to do the same on his small level.

Love also has its hidden formula, cod and mission,

if you have a strong power and great passion

you might able to do it relive and save for life the dear one

who look now maybe as the world before its born.

Or try to resurrect our people and country

that too long suffered from lack of perfect knowledge and love

for creating sustained and stable community,

 pressed out by abundant black will,

 jealous and hatred

on the base of dark ignorance.

Messier Sagittarius of airy kisses

To Santa Johanson

I kiss you, regardless of huge distances in space and time

that divided us

since your departing,

my lips break all known physical laws,

they became like Black Hole,

as the God of our Galaxy,

which pulls to itself all and creats worlds and spaces,

messier Sagittarius,

supporting all our distances, sunrises and sunsets,

who twists and turns as he wished all our past, present and future,

oh yeah, my lips were able to reach you, my joy,

select you out from this continuum of continuous decay,

increasing entropy and old age,

returning us to the most wonderful evergreen years —

they are by some miracle

found you

beating thousands of kilometers at once

and exactly fit in and stick tightly to your lips

when you are walking among the streets of your city,

like some sucker of supergiant space tentacles,

as antennas of an interstellar ship

which locate and investigate unknown void of space,

so densely packed by high energies

and made up the exact calculation of your coordinates

come down to you from heaven,

while all the other parts of my body and soul

remained there — far behind

and have no idea where you are and what doing now and did before,

my lips like hungry hypersensitive leeches,

having made this mind-blowing plunge and breakthrough,

tightly pressed against your tender lips

creating this amazing bridge

between our continents, countries and worlds.

I want to be this powerful Electron

Yes, I want to be this powerful Electron, which can instantly reach you in time and space — maybe in that cherished reality where we both were in a better form — younger, healthier and full of life, hopes and joys — not so tired, helpless and faded from the rough grasp and harsh face of this life.

Electron, my tiny immortal friend, knows how to do this and how to change our past and correct its grave mistakes, tragic consequences and retreats, how to update our present and make our near future so fascinatedly moving towards endless happiness and joy.

Yes, of course, my dear love, Electron is able to show me the very route that leads me to a wonderful kingdom and palaces of evergreen life and happiness — somewhere deep under water, where the daughter of Ocean waited for me to hold my words what I promised her so long.

The country of blossoming positiveness

To Erica Bruce

The Swiss are so obsessed with art and beauty and a warm attitude to everything around them

that even their streets resembling

the paintings of Picasso

from early bright period,

or the works of colorful and light Cézanne.

They, seems to me, simply do not know to live differently,

hardwired strongly — implicitly and explicitly-

to perform, replicate and master

such kind of behavior —

as a result, the whole country

turns into a masterpiece picture,

or an endless beauty museum,

or, if someone likes it better,

for a sanatorium, resort,

where you can heal your shaky nerves a little

and where absolutely everything

will calm you down and bring you to normal condition.

Alas, that so many other countries and nation

simply do not get into this deep secret of all Swiss achievements,

turning own keen attentions only to banks, plants, watches, chemistries

and other economical and business infrastructure.

Ode to America

(Extract from “Eleanor Rigby II”)

The poem written on the ancient style of Kyrgyz poetry, glorifying natural phenomena’s, blesses and treasures like Sun, an abundance of fresh water, beautiful landscapes in Ala-Too (another name of Kyrgyzstan, the central part of Central Asia, and such human qualities as Wiseness, Kindness, Honesty. Hospitality.

The great Kyrgyz poet of XIX century Jenijok very well-known with the poem (ode) “Mountain River”, another of his famous contemporaries — poet Barpy was well known as the creator great odes to Love, Friendship, Honesty, Justice, and the poet-botanist Chop akyn (the poet of grasses) sang exceptionally about the richness of flora of Ala-Too. As mentioned his friend Jenijok in one poem, Chop akyn created in poetic form the idiosyncratic encyclopedia, which carefully labeled, classified about 400 mountain vegetables and flowers which might be useful for cure great number of various illnesses.

So I decided too, on the shoulders of my great predecessors, make own step ahead and singing about the really worthy phenomena in my epoch and time, believed firmly that Democracy and its values and laws and receipts for implementing might be featured as an extra valuable thing in our world. Even though our Kyrgyzstan could not able to do real step toward Democracy in the past three decades of Independence, nevertheless our experiences, hopes, up and downs, our inspirations, and bitter regrets had not been lost and useless and, maybe, soon we or our next generation will able to get a much better result.

America, you are really the wise nation and state

who knew from the very beginning about the right way

for your citizens

and established the self-governing principles

overfilled with various richness and achievements

as the great effect from the good historical decision and distinctness.

You more than anyone else helped to suffer world.

Yes, your wealth and resources are limitless

and at the same time, you are modestly looking,

and your governor and millionaires

never lost their head from their power and wealth,

and your presidents never changed into the bad and cursed guys

never stole the common properties

and after resigning or toppling

never left their countries with billions,

which were stolen from nations and put secretly in Switzerland’s banks.

America, you are a really wise and good nation

that knows all the secrets of powerful and skillful government

if your leaders make mistakes, you quickly correct them

on the various levels of your great country.

That’s why you have never lost the right direction and hopes,

that so often happened with the other unhappy countries.

which have been totally dependent on the will of their leaders,

that ordinarily used it to do what they wanted

and forgot completely about quality service and competence,

about people’s will, fate, life and credence

and ended badly, cursed by them and history.

So I tell you long live, America,

governed by the people since the XYIII century.

Although you have made mistakes, misleading by bad politics

with bad conceptions and wrong ideas sometimes,

nevertheless, this nature and spirit of a great nation

have grown and nurtured in freedom

recovered rapidly and found the exact way for goodness,

risen again and again as immortal Phoenix

in better shape, holistic and healthy lifestyle then it was before the crisis.

That is the magic of democracy and freedom

which could not get too many others countries

that are suffering still from strong leaders

for hundreds and thousands of years

and proceeds to hope for

a new Big Brother and Stalin and Lenin

for the new cycle of repression, violence, murders, and lethargies.

So if you want prosperity for Kyrgyzstan,

then at first put yourself as close as possible to America,

this chap has strong immunity against slave’s diseases

and you starting to be healthier and wealthier

from this good relation and friendship,

and, look, to one interesting feature:

all the people coming from the West resemble Americans

and they all look as Martian or people from future

often simple and honest as many good Kyrgyz

came down from the big and fresh mountains

who also possible coming from future,

looking very simple and naive in that cruel reality

created by communists, dictators, and fundamentalists.

That’s why long live, America

the greatest country

almost three hundred years

ruled by the invisible hand of freedom,

those people, women, children, dogs and cats

so long lived with the comforts and freedom

that looks helplessly and hopeless

when tossed out of your great aquarium, America.

And when a man from outside comes to America

without any familiarity

with the West’s achievements and beauties

he will be completely gobsmacked by what have seen.

O yes, you are really great, America,

you know how to harness the ruling powers

and press and humiliate them

for the sake of efficiency, diligence, and competence,

you know how to speedily change rotten governors

you constantly drifted from bad to good,

from imperfect to perfect,

and therein lies your greatness, America.

Nay, our rulers could not reach and assess

all yours excellences and possibilities

even if you have tried to do all for our benefit,

supporting our independence,

weighing up our geopolitics and strength

in the rotten kleptocratic frame

and nurturing us with the clean milk of honesty and justice,

alas, we could not appreciate freedom,

and get out from the prison, trap, and post-soviet yoke

carefully prepared by Russian dominance.

Nevertheless, the Victory in your side, America,

those who know the art of rotations of men in power

and supports human values and achievements in advance

will never be conquered

by authoritative and despotic countries.

All the outfitted and outdated models of societies sooner or later crumbled and vanished

but even God seems to like you, America.

That’s why, please, get out from power

as fast as possible

Putin, Nazarbaev, Lukashenko,

let your people get the historic chance for a better life

under elected and controlled governments.

Please, get out away

and stop to downgrade, suppress and marginalize

all the “newborn states” who came to power with the people desires,

like Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan

inspired by eternally beamed ideas of Freedom and Democracy.

Your time has run out,

please, get away,

before people revolt and will do that

with the much blood and sacrifice.

The universal robberess

To Inna Aksenova

I know, how dangerous love is,

she spoils everything,

steals everything from me.

I’ve being mad from many things and wonderful creatures, women, and angels in this world, above

and beyond it,

but she came and robbed everything mercilessly from my properties

and even more, ripped off me for pieces.

Yes, this funny looking giggling creature

doomed me for a complete and hopeless orphanage

and eternal humiliation

under the scope of such skillful and powerful espionage,

she stole my head, heart, and soul forever,

altering this world at all

from the beginning till the end,

till the end of all ends and times —

all my past and past of this world and universe

and all looming future and eternity.

She is an awful stealer and nasty girl

who can other work out and do all such crimes

and stupefying transformation?

When eventually not only me and my heart,

but all the world with its unity and limitless

with its endless past and endless future,

all this timely-spatial tightly interwoven continuum,

o my dear,

shocked and cried deeply

from your crimes

as in the case of clashing two massive Black Holes —

from where you brought

so a vast amount of energies,

the queen of love in her permanent sub-beauty?

The subtle love

Our love is hidden

in Chinese cups, bowls, thermoses, saucers

among these fine and wonderful paintings

depicted by ancient masters and their modern students

on the surface of smooth porcelain

so deeply engraved in my soul from early days.

My beloved brassier

I am sorry, but I want to be yours bra

but the best, subtlest and precious one,

the couple of cups of which have been covered inwardly by tender silk and warm wool

and outwardly — with gold, silver, diamonds, rubies

and other dearest and healthy for body stones.

and this underwear designed, sewn and made with the uncanny art,

that even the heads of nipples

these “two beaks of quail”

will find a fine room for own picky, choosy and supersensitive ends

Yes, I want to be yours brassier, which fit completely

to shape, size and volumes of two bowls

where will prepared later the mother’s milk

and now filled up with the best wine and elixir for me.

Go ahead piggybacking on the Wests democracies

Of course, every smart and free nation

must go piggyback on Wests democracies,

doing everything

for sharing things

extra-valuable for us

like independently functioning III branches of power,

free economy,

pluralism of political activities,

art of transparent election

and technology which leading us to independently working judges,

establishing free press

in a country where previously journalism

stamped only odes for rulers

and every step aside being banned severely.

Only stupid one

will be glad free-willingly

go forward — back to USSR

stepping behind the big boss with the naked torso

into deep relation and corruptive and interwoven collaboration

with the totally outdated

and rigid hopeless regimes.

And every sober and clever community

has urgently learned

how to track down, detect early

the threat of coming despotia and dictatorship,

doing that through establishing and nurturing

the very strong immunity

in society and policy

that can prevent such fallouts and tragedies

which able imprisoned nations

for decades and even centuries of suppressions

and humiliations.

Between two options of the worlds end

Who knows

what will happen with our universe

in the end of ends,

either our world will freezing to death,

stretching out into limitless emptiness

by the unstoppable explosion of Big Bang

or vice-versa

our universe through the inward implosion,

through the accelerating squeezing, crunching, munching and frying

will collapse into total nothingness?

No one knows certainly

which one of the tendencies

win, but I know firmly

that I love you and my love survive this tragedy

and dying universe

can not wipe out this eternal fire and tenderness,

which again will rewake in new world and reality

and define and tune them

with the great precision of love.

Ode to John Lennon

 This music has really transformed our world.

 It stressed greatly the Central Asia (previous part of USSR) also,

in the time of Cold War and Iron Fences,

 when our old fathers-communist leaders, rotten in power and ruling by Soviet empire till the death,

 fighting with freedom, capitalism and Beatles also

as with “the decadence and poisoning art of dying West”,

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