The Art of War

Бесплатный фрагмент - The Art of War

9 laws of victory

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The laws described are universal, they are effective in all spheres of life and at all times. Follow them and your success will be predetermined.

The Art of War

The taste of true victory, triumph and glory for ages…

Success, freedom and joy for many years…

Both in war and in life, there are unified laws, who know them, he will succeed in everything.

9 laws of victory

Law 1. The main thing.

Law 2. Quick victory.

Law 3. Maintain unity.

Law 4. The tactics of an invincible warrior.

Law 5. The cycle of the manifest and the unmanifest.

Law 6. Movement without resistance.

Law 7. The choice of warriors.

Law 8. Harmony within.

Act 9. Follow external changes.

Law 1. The main thing

Life and death in the hands of a warrior, success or failure, and there is no place for pampering.

War is not a place for games, it is not a means for enrichment, it is a great pain, destroying the world of trouble, taking away many lives of people.

Life and death in the hands of a warrior, a huge responsibility on his shoulders, and if he is forced to go to war, one should remember the main thing: that his goal is not to destroy and cause others to grief, his goal is to stop this bloodshed with the least losses for himself and For others.

A wise warrior realizes what his destiny is, how heavy a burden of responsibility is on his shoulders. And he does not start a war until he is convinced of the benefits of his participation and of the final victory for all, even if it is a defeat for himself.

Law 2. Quick victory

Slowness is like a gradual defeat, the true victory is lightning fast.

War is flawed for everyone, and every minute of the war brings a loss. Therefore, do not join the war if your victory is difficult to achieve and delayed in time.

When the right time comes, victory is achieved instantly. To procrastinate in war is like having to execute your soldiers every day. Energy and forces go into emptiness and over time they outweigh all the virtues of ultimate victory.

Even winning the battle, but losing time and energy — you lost the war.

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