The art of anal sex

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20 techniques and other secrets of caresses

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Why does the girl not agree to a similar affinity with you? Because you are physically hurting her. But this kind of intima is possible only with pleasant sensations!

In the manual: how to properly talk to a girl about such proximity, to prepare her body, to give pleasure.

How to start and properly engage in anal sex with a girl?

The first anal sex is an extremely important event. At what, both for the girl, and for the man. The man is entrusted with a serious mission: to introduce a woman to the world of unique pleasure, to lead her to a tremendous orgasm. It is important to do everything delicately and confidently at the same time. After all, from how correctly a man prepares his partner for anal sex, his quality and outcome directly depends.

The prelude directly to anal sex begins with the stimulation of the rectal opening with a finger. Movements are gentle and cautious. Penetration is gradual. Observe a certain rhythm, the sequence of actions “up and down” is not necessary. At this stage it is important to give the woman the most relaxation and gradually get used to the foreign object in her anus.

If, suddenly, the reaction of the partner shows that it is painful or unpleasant, it is necessary to carefully pull out your finger and stop pouring. It is important to caress the female body all the time, to stimulate the erogenous zones. For anal sex, it is extremely important that a woman is well aroused and relaxed enough.

Stimulation of the anal opening by hand is performed until the thumb is completely free to move in it. If everything is already happening, then you can enter the penis. And go directly to anal sex.

Condom and lubricant for proper anal sex

In order for anal sex to be comfortable for both partners, you must always use lubricant. Without it, a woman will certainly feel pain, because the penis is thick enough and when penetrating the anus gives rise to sharp pain. However, it is the “tightness” of such an entry, the entry into a forbidden zone, the feeling of complete domination over a woman and allows a man to get the brightest impressions of a physical and psychological nature. That’s why anal sex is such a coveted for a man.

It is important to remember about contraception. The rectum, ending with the anal opening, has its own internal microflora, which is composed of various bacteria and rods. They can be unsafe for the health of both sexual partners. Diseases transmitted sexually, can be transmitted, including, and anal way.

Entering inside: how to do it correctly and without pain

Sex in the ass has its own simple rules:

— You need to choose a safe posture for the first time. For example, the option when a woman on top for beginners does not fit. But “dog-like” or “spoons” — this is something with which you can safely start.

— Penetration should not occur immediately. At first, it is better to press the head of the penis tightly against the anus.

— To optimize the process and not to deliver the woman unnecessary pain, she must “roam” on the penis herself. A well-erect penis and a lack of sudden movements are important to a man. It is important for a woman to move the pelvis in the right direction.

It is not necessary to enter a member deeply at the first time. It is advisable to accompany the process with affectionate words and do not cease to further stimulate the woman’s erogenous zones. For example, the impact on the clitoris will allow a woman not to concentrate only on the unknown process, but will disperse attention and bring closer to an early orgasm. A woman should be sure that the partner is ready to interrupt at any time on her first request. She must understand that he does not want to hurt her in any way.

After the man has finished, he also neatly leaves the partner without any sudden movements. In general, his careful attitude to the anus will save the partner from the negative consequences of anal sex in the form of bleeding cracks, tears and subsequent hemorrhoids. It is not by chance that so much is mentioned about the harm of such sex for health.

It turns out that such a sexual act equally has both advantages and disadvantages. The maximum negative consequences can be leveled with the above rules.

In addition, it is important to consider the following:

— A woman should not perceive the process as something indecent and unworthy. Otherwise, because of the appropriate “nail in the head,” she should not have the pleasure, no matter how technically the man failed to master his task technically.

— so that physiology does not cause trouble, when planning anal sex in addition to hygiene procedures, it is important for a woman to empty the intestine. Otherwise, unpleasant confusion may occur.

contraception is important. Let such a sexual act does not lead directly to conception, however, the disease in its process can be transmitted very easily. Especially if anal sex is combined with vaginal.

In some situations, this kind of proximity seems to be the only (without taking into account the oral) contact method of rapprochement and getting pleasure from both partners (the example of women’s critical days is relevant). Plus, this option can make a difference in sex life in principle. If you master the technique of anal sex, then it opens wide horizons for obtaining exquisite pleasure and a woman and a man.

Muscular sphincter, rectum — areas of special attention on the body of a woman, requiring careful treatment. It is this that contributes to the fact that such sex will not be a painful sacrifice for a woman, but will bring her joy. If initially she goes to anal sex only to please the partner and agreeing to his long entreaties, most likely she will not get any special pleasure from this process.

The moral side of the “medal”: how to psychologically adjust the girl


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