The Adventures of Yumi

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Maksim Titovets

The Adventures of Yumi

Theatre play for children

The Adventures of Yumi

To Sofia, Alexandra and Yumi.

Maksim Titovets

The Adventures of Yumi

Theatre play for children

Translated by Ekaterina Zudova

Success is a measure of person’s decisions. Dreams come true. You should wish for something with your whole heart, believe in yourself and keep moving towards your desirable goal. Maxim Titovets, 2020.


Yumi, a puppy.

Greta, his mother.

Pirate, a stray dog.

Titmouse, a gossipy neighbor.

Lord, a boss of the cat gang.

Toy, a kitten burglar.

Melisa, his mother.

Malyshev, the mayor of the city.

Nyuta, his daughter, 10 years old

Suvorov, a major, a local police officer.

Yin, a little field mouse.

Yang, her brother.

Crow, a black bird.

Khorkov, the house manager and the leader of the animal tormentor gang.

Corkscrew, his henchman.

Karabasov, a director of a construction company.


Scene 1.

Christmas Eve. Early morning. Light frost.

A wasteland on the outskirts of the city. The house of Greta and Yumi is in the foreground, it is a small dugout blanketed in snow. A metal mesh fence is on the left, and an apartment block yard is behind it. On the right there are thickets of bushes followed by a deep gully.

Yumi and the field mice play tag.

Yin. Yumi!

Yumi. Grr…

Yang. Yumi!

Yumi. Woof!

Yin. Yumi, we are here!

Yumi. Won’t I just catch you!

Yang. Uh-huh.

Yumi. Tadpoles!

Yang. Ha-ha. What a clumsy puppy!

Yin. It’s not a puppy, but a snail!

Yumi. So that’s what you’re saying! Woof! (He comes for the little mouse, who stands on a small heap of snow and pulls it all down).

Yang. It’s not a snail, but a jumbo.

Yin. Fat clumsy jumbo Yumi.

Yumi. Woof! I will catch you and I will eat you!

The little mice laugh and scatter in all directions.

Yin. Yumi, eat me!

Yang. Yumi, you’d better eat me!

Yumi. Woof!

Yin. Yumi, I taste better.

Yumi. Grr…

A crow flies up to them, pounces at one of the mice and tries to carry it away. Yumi bites the crow’s tail. The crow sets the little mouse free, wriggles out of Yumi and flies away.

Crow (on the wing). Caw!!! Caw!!! Just hold on, you pup! We’ll be quits yet! You won’t forget me. Caw!!! Caw…

Yang. Yumi, thank you!

Yin. Thank you, Yumi. You are my hero.

The mice run away.

Yumi. A hero. Are there even such heroes? (He looks at his reflection in a lump of ice).


Yumi. No. I don’t look like a hero. I’m just a little puppy. Now, when will my mom be back? I am hungry.

A window sash opens on the first floor, and Toy peeps out from the opening with a Сracow sausage between his teeth. Yumi catches a sight of Toy. He scrapes through a hole in the fence to the yard of the apartment block and runs up to the kitten.

Yumi. Hold on!

Toy. I’m holding on.

Yumi. Got you, petty burglar!

Toy. Who are you?

Yumi. I guard this yard! Woof!

Toy. Shoo, tadpole.

Yumi. You are another.

Toy. Let me go.

Yumi. Put back what you’ve stolen!

Toy. Yeah, right.

Yumi. I mean it!

Toy. Oh, I’m so scared.

Yumi. Put the sausage back!

Toy. What’s next! What are you going to do?

Yumi. Grrr…

Toy. Fffhhh!!!

Toy jumps down, still keeping hold of his trophy. Yumi takes after him. They both run across the yard. Toy makes his way to the wasteland through the hole in the fence. Yumi stays on his tail. Toy rushes to the thickets of bushes and falls into a trap: he finds himself enmeshed in an old trammel.

Yumi. I’ve got you there.

Toy. Fffhhh!!!

Yumi. Serves you right!

Toy. Oh.

The kitten tries to free himself but only gets more enmeshed.

Yumi. I’ll show you how to steal sausages.

Toy. Go teach a fish to swim.

The dog named Pirate emerges from the bushes.

Pirate. Grrr!!! Hey, tadpoles! Who’s shouting here?

Yumi (to Toy). It is Pirate, run! (He runs away towards his dugout house).

Pirate. Freeze!

Toy. Fffhhh…

Pirate. Ah! It’s you, petty burglar. Got you in the end.

Toy. Fffhhh!!!

Pirate. This is the end for you.

Yumi comes back and stands behind Pirate’s back. A titmouse flies to the wasteland.

Yumi. Don’t move, you coward!

Pirate. Eh?!!

Yumi. You are a coward if you hurt the weak.

Pirate. What have you just said?

Yumi. You are a coward if you hurt the weak.

Pirate. You are barking up the wrong tree, you pup.

Yumi. Don’t you touch the kitten!

Pirate. Grrr!!! You just say it…

Pirate takes a couple of steps towards Yumi. The puppy stands still. Greta enters into the picture, starts forward and steps between Pirate and Yumi.

Greta. Grrr!!! Don’t you dare touch him, Pirate!

Pirate. Grrr!!!

Greta. Grrr!!!

Pirate. And you are the same old brass neck, Greta.

Pirate moves back, comes to Toy and takes the sausage from him.

Pirate. I’d finish you off but I’ve got no time for this.

Pirate goes back to the bushes. Yumi approaches Toy and helps him get free. Toy runs off. Yumi steps up to Greta, and she hugs her son.

Greta. Yumi, my boy. You scared me so much.

Yumi. Mommy, I’m sorry.

Greta. You left our housing and ran into danger.

Yumi. But Pirate could have killed the kitten!

Greta. These wrangles have nothing to do with you. Let’s go home. (She heads for the dugout).

Yumi. One should not leave the weak to their fate!

Greta. Oh, Yumi. You are just like your father when he was young.

Yumi. My father? When he was young?

Greta. Time spares no one… Yumi, keep up.

Yumi. My father, what was he like?

Greta. Don’t ask me about it.

Yumi. Mom, please do tell!

Titmouse. Your father was the strongest and the bravest dog in the whole neighborhood.

Yumi. Oh really?

Titmouse. He was a police dog and fought with the cat burglar gang.

Yumi. Fought with the cat burglar gang?

Titmouse. Yes. And then somebody shot your father with a gun.

Yumi. With a gun?

Titmouse. Exactly, I saw it with my own eyes when they were taking him to the hospital.

Yumi. Aunt Titmouse, and where is my father now?

Titmouse. Half a year ago he was pensioned off on health grounds…

Greta. Off you go! Don’t mess with the boy’s head. (She shoos the titmouse away).

Titmouse. You are one to talk. You are one to talk… (She flies away). Thunder! Your father’s name was Thunder!

Yumi. Thunder. Mom! My father’s name was Thunder.

Greta. Don’t listen to this old twister, son. Your father disappeared.

Yumi. Disappeared?

Greta. Vanished into thin air.

Yumi. Vanished?

Greta. Had abandoned his family a month before you were born.

Yumi. Abandoned? My father? No, he couldn’t do that.

Greta. Titmouse. Old scandalmonger. If I ever get a hold of you.

Yumi. My father is a real hero! I wish I could meet him.

Yumi and Greta get into their dugout house.

Scene 2.

Morning. The same wasteland. Light snow is falling.

Yumi, Greta.

Greta. What have I just said, Yumi?

Yumi. Yes, I know, mom, I know.

Greta. Repeat it please!

Yumi. The first rule: never go far from our home.

Greta. In case of any danger run right hereinto. What’s next?

Yumi. The second rule: don’t go to the gully, since Pirate, the evil dog, lives there.

Greta. Watch out for him, son! What else?

Yumi. Look, I’ve come by some berries. (He shows Greta a bunch of frozen red berries).

Greta. What is the third rule?

Yumi. The third rule: never trust people.

Greta. Especially those, who try to treat you to something nice and yummy.

Yumi. Yummy?

Greta. It’s a trap, Yumi!

Yumi. Yes, I know, I know. Let’s eat finally. Here you are, take it.

Yumi splits off a twiglet with red berries from the bunch and gives it to Greta. Then he throws the rest of the berries into his mouth and starts chewing them actively. Greta watches him carefully.

Yumi. (Stops chewing, screws up his face and spits). Yuk, how disgusting! Mom, they are so bitter…

Greta. My little silly boy. These berries are called viburnum.

Yumi. Ugh… gross.

Greta. Here, have some of this. (She gives Yumi a piece of frozen bread).

Yumi. Bread!

Greta. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get anything else in the town.

Yumi gulps down his whole piece so that there is not a mite left.

Yumi. Mmm… so tasty. But not enough.


Yumi. And here we go again.

Greta. What happened, son?

Yumi. I’ve eaten everything.

Greta. Well done.

Yumi. I forgot to share it with you!

Greta. Nevermind, darling. You need to eat well in order to be strong.

Yumi. But what about you, mom?

Greta. I can put up with it, Yumi. The only thing that matters is that you can live through this winter.

Yumi. When I get older, I will be the strongest and the bravest. Just like my father.

Greta. My little dreamer.

Yumi. And you will be happy, mommy.

Greta. I am happy now, darling.

Yumi. Are you happy, mom? Here, on the wasteland?

Greta. Yes, Yumi. I am happy because you are here with me. And nothing can stop me from loving you.

Yumi. We will have our own home for sure. A real home!

Greta. Today is Christmas Eve. May all your dreams come true, son.

Yumi. What is Christmas Eve?

Greta. It is time when you can make wishes.

Yumi. Will my wishes be fulfilled?

Greta. If you really want it. With your whole heart. You will do just fine. Believe in your success and keep moving towards your desirable goal.

Yumi. First, wish for something with my whole heart. Second, believe in my success and keep moving towards my goal. That’s it!

Greta. I need some rest now. I’m going to head for the town again in the evening to find at least some food.

Yumi. I’m so hungry, my tummy is rumbling.

Greta. Be patient, Yumi. And never go far from our home!

Yumi. Alright, mommy. I will guard your sleep.

Greta gets into the dugout. Yumi stays outside.

Scene 3.

Noon. Fair weather.

Karabasov and Khorkov come into the apartment block yard. They approach the fence near the wasteland. Yumi hides from them.

Khorkov. All set, mister Karabasov.

Karabasov. Keep a close watch on the girl.

Khorkov. It’s not the first time we pull off a job.

Karabasov. You answer for this with your life, Khorkov.

Khorkov. My lads work without a hitch.

Karabasov. The key point here is not to let Malyshev smell a rat ahead of time.

Khorkov. We’ll put a good screw on him, so he’ll be putty in hands.

Karabasov. Are you sure that when we kidnap the mayor’s daughter, he will sign all the necessary papers and give away this land to us for building up? (He points to the wasteland).

Khorkov. As if he had a choice. Malyshev thinks the world of his daughter.

Karabasov. I heard his wife died last winter.

Khorkov. Right. The girl lost her mother. And now she is our only chance to make the mayor of the city work for the welfare of your construction company.

Karabasov. Khorkov. I need this land!

Khorkov. I’ll do everything, boss.

A group of people enter the yard: Malyshev, Nyuta, a local newspaper reporter, city representatives.

Malyshev. Okay, let me see, Karabasov. What do you have here?

Karabasov. Good afternoon, mister Mayor. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming. Our construction company has been engaged in building up and development of this district for three years now. There was a time when it was a slum area. This is the place which spawned all the organized crime activity. With our company coming to this area, everything changed. We straightened things out and made these streets safe for the citizens.

A round of applause from the city representatives.

Karabasov. Thank you, my friends. Mister Khorkov, our house manager, will give you a tour around the new apartment block. The upper floors of this building command a wonderful view of the river and the forest, and I hope that one day the latter will become our new construction site.

Malyshev. Let us not rush on, mister Karabasov. The city administration has not given its consent to the building up in this forest plot.

Karabasov. Yes, I understand this, mister Mayor.

Malyshev. Trees are the lungs of our city. I don’t intend to lay down environment and citizens’ health at stake for the sake of building of another shopping mall.

Karabasov. All in its proper time, ladies and gentlemen. Maybe we will manage to find a compromise solution one day.

Khorkov. Well then, ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to follow me.

Everyone follows Khorkov to the entrance of the apartment block.

Nyuta. Dad, may I take a walk here?

Malyshev. Alright. Just don’t leave the yard.

Nyuta. Come back soon.

All the adults enter the building. Nyuta is left alone. Yumi comes out of hiding.

Nyuta. Hey, doggo.

Yumi (to himself). Stop! Danger. A human.

Nyuta. Don’t be afraid, little one. Come here.

Yumi (to himself). Right, a likely story. Suppose you bite me?

Nyuta. Here you are, take it.

Yumi. Woof!

Nyuta. A goodie.

Yumi. (to himself). What is a goodie? It smells so nice.

Nyuta. So?

Yumi. Woof!

Nyuta. Don’t be afraid.

Yumi (to himself). Stop! The third rule: never trust people.

Nyuta. Mmm… so tasty.

Yumi. Woof!

Nyuta. Here, take it.

Yumi (to himself). If you are treated to something tasty, it’s a trap! Mmm, this smell.

Nyuta. Take it!

Yumi (to himself). I will just try a tiny bit.

Yumi comes to Nyuta and takes a biscuit out of her hands.

Nyuta. Well done.

Yumi. Woof!

Nyuta. Whose are you?

Yumi. Woof!

Nyuta. Take one more.

Yumi gulps down everything Nyuta gave him.

Nyuta. You are so hungry. What is your name?

Yumi. Woof! (He fawns upon Nyuta.)

Nyuta. It tickles, you silly. I have nothing left.

Yumi. Woof!

Nyuta and Yumi are playing together. Malyshev, Karabasov, Khorkov and other adults go out of the apartment block.

Malyshev. Nyuta! Look out. This dog can bite you.

Nyuta. Dad! It is a puppy. He is so funny.

Yumi. Woof!

Malyshev. Move away from him.

Yumi. Woof!

Nyuta. Dad. Don’t frighten him. He’s nice.

Reporter. That’s some nuisance, mister Mayor. We informed the district administration about the pack of stray dogs, which had made this wasteland their home, many times.

Malyshev. We’ll take care of it, ladies and gentlemen.

Malyshev. Mister Karabasov, how can you explain it?

Karabasov. We will put everything right, mister Mayor! Khorkov, deal with it.

Khorkov. Hey, get out of here!

Khorkov keeps the puppy off. Yumi runs to the wasteland and observes the people through the fence.

Malyshev. Dear journalists! The matter of cleaning the city from stray animals is under my personal control.

Karabasov. Yes, yes! Animal control service will solve this problem in no time.

Nyuta. Why poor animals should be caught and caged in?

Malyshev. Stray animals are dangerous for people, darling.

Reporter. Isn’t it the mayor’s responsibility to protect citizens from this threat?

Malyshev. I agree with you. And I do everything I can to clean our city.

Yumi. Woof!

Nyuta. And who turned them into the streets? Are these animals to blame for the fact some of the townspeople got bored with them, and so they ended up on the street?

Reporter. These savage dogs and cats spread all kinds of diseases!

Nyuta. If every family in our city adopts at least one stray dog or cat, the city won’t have stray animals anymore.

Yumi. Woof!

Reporter. That’s an interesting idea. Mister Mayor, give us a lead. Take this stray dog home.

Yumi. Woof!

Nyuta. Daddy! Let’s adopt this puppy?

Malyshev. Unfortunately, it’s impossible, ladies and gentlemen. I’m afraid I’m allergic to animal hair.

Reporter (to himself). «Tis hard to credit now, though fresh is its renown.

Nyuta. Dad, please!

Malyshev. We’ll discuss it at home. Karabasov, round off with it!

Karabasov. The tour has come to an end, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, everyone.

Everyone leaves. Yumi is left alone.

Yumi. It turns out that not all people are as bad as my mom thinks. I liked this girl. But she has sad eyes.

Toy runs across the yard and approaches Yumi.

Toy. Hi.

Yumi. Woof! It’s you again.

Toy. Don’t raise a ruckus, tiddler. Here you are, take it. (He gives a big piece of sausage to Yumi).

Yumi. Oh wow! A sausage link!

Toy. And you are another. It’s a meat nut.

Yumi. A meat nut?

Toy. Yes.

Yumi. Are there even such nuts?

Toy. You wet head! These nuts grow in the nearest supermarket.

Yumi. What is a supermarket?

Toy. Oh well, that’s a piece of work.

Yumi. Eh?

Toy. A supermarket is a place where you can find lots of delicious food.

Yumi. My, oh my! How happy my mom will be, when I tell her about this place.

Toy. You shouldn’t do that.

Yumi. Why not?

Toy. Ah… I forgot that you are a tiny tot, mother’s boy.

Yumi. I am not a tiny tot. I am a grown-up!

Toy. If you are a grown-up, keep on the hush. You need to learn how to procure food by yourself. Here, help yourself.

Yumi. And what if you stole this sausage link… hm-mm, meat nut?

Toy. Take my word for it. I didn’t steal it. I took it specially for you.

Yumi. For me?

Toy. Yes. For saving me from that malicious dog.

Yumi. Alright then. I’ll just try a tiny bit.

Yumi quickly eats all the piece away.

Yumi. It was delicious. Thank you.

Toy. Lord was right: hunger fetches the wolf out of the woods. I played even more dewy eyed fools along.

Yumi. Eh?

Toy. I said, enjoy your meal.

Yumi. Ah.

Toy. My name is Toy.

Yumi. Nice to meet you. My name is Yumi.

Toy. Do you want me to teach you how to get food from the supermarket?

Yumi. Yes, I do. It’s not dangerous, is it?

Toy. You’ll make a good job if you are not a coward.

Yumi. I am not a coward.

Toy. Well, it means we can get along.

Yumi. What should I do to get food?

Toy. You will stand close to the backdoor in the supermarket. And watch that nobody comes in while I am inside. In the event of emergency you should warn me.

Yumi. First, I should watch that nobody comes in. Second, in the event of emergency I should warn you. That’s it!

Toy. Can you do this?

Yumi. Yes, I can.

Toy. It’s a deal. We will give a half of our loot to Lord. And then we’ll go halves with the rest.

Yumi. Who is Lord?

Toy. Lord is our boss. A leader, a chief.

Yumi. Oh wow!

Toy. So much for your wow! Lord is the most important one on the block. Do you get it?

Yumi. I do. The most important thing for me now is to get food and provide a meal for my mom.

Toy. Don’t be a chicken, Yumi. We are pulling off a job.

Yumi. Right now?

Toy. Yes. As our boss puts it, time is money. Take the sausage while it’s still fresh.

Yumi. But my mom doesn’t allow me to leave our yard.

Toy. Harping on the same string again! Mom, mom. I thought you are a cool lad. Ugh, nancy.

Yumi. I am not a nancy!

Toy. Can you imagine how happy your mom will be when you present her with a sausage?

Yumi. Mom? Will be happy? Let’s go. Right now.

Toy. Keep up with me.

Yumi and Toy leave. The titmouse comes flying. The mice leave their hole and play along.

In less than two minutes Yumi comes running into the yard. He is followed by Khorkov and Corkscrew with an animal catch pole. Yumi runs across the yard, rushes to the hole under the fence, but the Corkscrew grips hold of his hind feet. The mice come to the aid of Yumi, they pelt Corkscrew with snowballs. The titmouse takes away Khorkov’s attention. Corkscrew lets the puppy go. Yumi runs to the wasteland and hides in his dugout. The mice disappear in their hole.

Khorkov. What a scatterbrain you are, Corkscrew! Could not hold down a puppy.

Corkscrew. And you are another, Khorkov. Come on, help me. He’s somewhere near.

Khorkov and Corkscrew come to the wasteland and look for Yumi. The crow comes flying. It sits on the place where the entrance to Yumi’s hideaway is.

Crow. Caw!!! Caw!!!

Khorkov. Look! Crow. Go see what’s out there.

Crow. Here! He hid here! Caw!!!

Corkscrew. Chuck-chuck. Little doggo, where are you?

Khorkov. We will catch you anyway, pup.

The chasers approach the dugout house. The crow flies away.

Crow (on the wing). Caw!!! You will remember me, pup. You will remember me! Caw!!! Caw!!!

Khorkov. Aha! Here is his hole.

Corkscrew (he pokes the Yumi’s hideaway with his catch pole). There is someone there!

Khorkov. Step aside! I will get him.

Corkscrew. Try.

Khorkov reaches forward and pushes his arm into the dugout, trying to get the puppy.

Corkscrew. Why not to try a pole?

Khorkov. Keep out of the way!

Khorkov gets his arm reeking with blood out of the dugout with a shriek. Greta jumps out and comes for Khorkov. At this point Corkscrew gets a loop of the catcher pole on Greta’s neck and pins the dog to the ground.

Corkscrew. What a taking! Hold still, dog, or it’ll be worse.

Khorkov. Pest of a dog! It has bitten my arm through.

Greta. Yumi! Run! Hide away, son!

Yumi jumps out of the dugout and runs to the thickets of bushes.

Corkscrew. Catch! Catch him!

Khorkov runs after Yumi.

Khorkov. You, little scrounger!

Corkscrew. Come on, Khorkov, catch him!

Yumi hides in the thickets of bushes.

Khorkov. He left!

Corkscrew. Shame on you.

Khorkov comes to the home of Yumi and Greta, pushes a big stone which lies nearby and closes the entrance to the dugout with it.

Khorkov. This is for you biting me, beast. Your puppy won’t survive long here without any roof over his head.

Corkscrew. Right! He will freeze or starve to death.

Khorkov. Let’s go. Drag her into the car.

Khorkov and Corkscrew leave and take Greta with them. The titmouse flies after them. Yumi gets out of his hideaway in the bushes.

Yumi. What have I done! Why haven’t I listened to my mom and left the yard? Mom. Mommy! Where are you?


Scene 4.

Daytime. Cat burglar gang hide-out.

Lord, Melisa, Toy.

Lord. Toy!

Toy. Yes, boss.

Lord. Where is the puppy?

Toy. I could not take him here. We were attacked.

Lord. Who dared to do it?

Toy. Khorkov with his animal tormentor gang.

Lord. Khorkov?

Toy. Yes. They threw a round-up.

Melisa. They got some nerve! As if we didn’t pay them well!

Toy. It’s the mayor’s order, to clean the city of stray animals.

Lord. We had an agreement with Khorkov, not to touch our guys, take dogs only.

Toy. They took five cat burglars: Syava, Honeypot, Chick, Demian and Desman.

Lord. Cats are not meant to be caged. Melisa! Reach out to our lawyer, have him post a bail.

Melisa. I’ll get right on that.

Lord. Who else did they take in the round-up?

Toy. They caught some stray dogs and the puppy’s mother.

Lord. His mother? Greta? How about that!

Melisa. Now she won’t be able to protect her son.

Toy. They were all sent to the animal control center.

Lord. And where is the puppy? What was his name again?

Toy. The puppy’s name is Yumi. I don’t know where he is.

Lord. Then get to know. Find him! Time is money. Take the sausage while it’s still fresh.

Toy. I got you.

Lord. Go and take this black sheep of the dog family to me. Or else I will scrap you both.

Toy. I will do it, Lord. Yumi will be here soon.

Toy leaves

Melisa. You are too tough on my son, Lord.

Lord. Melisa. When Toy grows older, he is going to be my right hand cat, my consigliere. He’d better start temper his character now. Otherwise he will be destroyed.

Melisa. Why would you need this puppy?

Lord. Yumi is my only chance to take vengeance on his father for my brother’s death.

Scene 5.

Daytime. Wasteland.

Yumi, Titmouse, little mice.

Yumi. How terrifying. Mom. It is so terrifying to be alone.

Yin. Yumi, don’t you cry.

Yang. Don’t you cry, Yumi.

Yumi. Bad people took my mom away.

Yin. They are Khorkov and Corkscrew. From the animal tormentor gang.

Yang. I recognized them at once as well.

Yumi. Where are you, mommy?

The titmouse comes flying.

Titmouse. They took your mother to the animal control center.

Yin. My, my!

Yang. Yes, Greta got the short straw.

Titmouse. It’s a spine-chilling place. No one has ever returned from there alive.

Yin. Stop scaring him.

Yumi. It’s my fault.

Yang. There is no telling, Yumi.

Yumi. I didn’t obey my mom. I left the yard and we got into trouble.

Titmouse. When it’s done, it’s done.

Yumi. What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go?

Titmouse. Crying will not mend matters.

Yang. We better do something! Here, help me.

The little mice, Titmouse and Yumi bring all their weight to bear on the stone, try to budge it and clear the entrance to Yumi’s home.

Yin. Oh.

Yang. It’s heavy.

Titmouse. We will never be able to budge it.

Yumi. I have no home any longer. And I have no mother.

Titmouse. Stop crying.

Yang. We can’t give up for nothing!

Yin. We will work it out somehow, Yumi.

Yang. I have an idea!

Titmouse. Go ahead, little mouse.

Yang. We should tunnel our way.

Yin. Tunnel our way! That is a great idea.

Yumi. What is a tunnel?

Yang. Let me show you.

Yang digs up the ground under the stone, Yin helps him, and then Yumi joins them too.

Yumi. It’s no go.

Yin. Yes, what an upset.

Titmouse. The reason is that the ground is all frozen and hard in winter.

Yumi. What are we supposed to do now?

Toy comes in, the little mice run a safe distance off, the titmouse flies to the thickets of bushes. Toy steps up to Yumi.

Yumi. So… They took my mom. I was left alone on the street.

Toy. You are not alone, Yumi. You have friends.

Yumi. Friends?

Toy (to the little mice). Hey, tadpoles! Come here.

The little mice come a little bit closer.

Yumi. Yin, Yang, don’t be afraid. It’s Toy. He knows where meat nuts grow.

The mice come even closer. The titmouse flies up to them.

Toy. Don’t be afraid. A soldier will never hurt a child.

Yang. What kind of soldier are you? You are a cat burglar.

Yin. You steal food from supermarkets for Lord.

Yumi. Ah, now I see! So you wanted to teach me how to steal too?

Toy. Cards on the table. Yes, been there, done that. Guilty.


Toy. I planned to rob the supermarket and then shift all the blame on you, Yumi.

Yin. I called it. Such a rascal.

Toy. Though I mend my ways.

Titmouse. A leopard cannot change its spots. Don’t you get mixed up with him, Yumi! He has some bad genetics.

Yang. Now get out of here! We are not afraid of you.

Yin. Yes, Yumi! Kick him away. You are stronger.

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