Thanks God for all, thanks God

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My special thanks to my English teacher Valentina. God bless you.

About me

God has given me three invaluable gifts: life, faith, and a little singing soul.

I live in Kemerovo, Siberia. I’ve been writing poetry since I was 16. 6 of my collections were published. I publish on the Internet server "Stihi.ru”

http://www.stihi.ru/avtor/radushko and other Internet sites.

An august

An august is a forerunner of the autumn.

there are the first leaves on the grass.

the sky is quiet there are flashes of blue are on it.

there a white trace fancies me.

joy and light are in my heart.

I fondle flowers with my eye,

i go and music sounds for me

like soft sweetness.

young ravens crow,

they take wing.

My heart is full

of peace and warm.


I go to the yard

There is blessing in my heart

I lift up my eye

To take in colors of the sky

There is blue and gray vast horizon

And white fog a bit…

At my heart is so easy

I stand and i keep silent.

There are bunches of red ashes

Among green branches.

I smile. I am here alone

I am warmed with the light.

There are flowers under my feet

They are like a paradise hello.

I stand near the line

Resting from my troubles.

I would take brushes and a canvass

To create paradise at the land.

I am still a visitor here,

I want to live so much.

August morning

Let the little rain drizzle without hurry.

And clouds cover the sky at all.

I will come out to the yard

and i’ ll give my heart to the heaven squadron.

It is so good! Warm. And everywere

are lakes of poured water

miracle of the red-yellow rowan

i feel like i have wings at my back.

Yellow butterflies of autumn

Yellow butterflies of autumn

whirl lying to the road

yellow butterflies of autumn

who is to blame?

Yellow butterflies of autumn

they are so shelterless and fragile

yellow butterflies of autumn

are summer foliage lights

yellow butterflies of autumn

now is their last flight

yellow butterflies… yellow…

and the autumn like the summer will pass by

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