Tarot Card Readings And Your Destiny

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Tarot Card Readings And Your Destiny

Nishant Baxi

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2:

Tarot Card Basics

Chapter 3:

What Are the Meanings of the Pages in Tarot?

Chapter 4:

How to Interpret Tarot Card Combinations

Chapter 5:

How to Use Tarot for Wealth & Luck

Chapter 6:

How to Calculate Time Frames With Tarot

Chapter 7:

What Are the Meanings of Tarot Card Numbers for Psychic Abilities?

Chapter 8:

How to Read Playing Cards As Tarot Cards

Chapter 9:

How To Make Your Own Tarot Cards

Wrapping Up

Warnings About Tarot Cards


There are several people who believe in Tarot card readings while others have huge faith about reality and do not rely on such cards. Some say that Tarot card readings is one of the best ways to know one’s future, but what people really don’t know is that these readings are just the possible outcomes of which card they have chosen in a deck of cards. The readings can be true or something that you need to prove in the future. Get all the info you need here.

Chapter 1:



When people hear Tarot card readings, they always foresee a woman in a robe and a deck of cards in front of them. However, that is not really what Tarot card readings are about. In fact, these readings were not meant to tell your future or fortune.

According to a known source, the most powerful source of facts or information is your inner self, and your goals in life can be achieved by pursuing them. But, what does it mean? Are Tarot card readings not true and unreliable? How will you believe on such readings?

The Basics

Basically, there are two forms of Tarot card readings and they are open reading and question reading. In question reading, you will address a certain question. Tarot card readings were not made to answer a yes or a no question. Majority of people who believe in these readings say that Tarot must be used to guide and help you in making decisions by yourself, not to use it to make your decisions. That is the reason why your questions matter a lot and based from the statements of experts, you should keep your choices open, find the best and considerable level of detail, be positive and neutral.

Open readings, on the other hand, address the huge aspects of one’s life instead of a specific issue or question. These readings are typically done when you are just about to enter a new stage of your life like graduating from college or getting married. You may also consider this type of reading if you want to cover a general area of your life including your career or health, but this may depend on your hired Tarot card reader.

In the next chapters, you will get more ideas about Tarot cards, their basics and how they work. You will also learn the warnings about Tarot card readings.

Chapter 2:

Tarot Card Basics


Anyone can easily learn how to read Tarot cards, but it does take time to master it. The length of your learning process may depend on the resources you use when learning how to read them, but there is an effective way to learn reading Tarot cards, and that is by focusing on what you need to do.

Apart from the materials you need to use, you also need to take note of the different things that may play an important role throughout the process.

Moreover, for you to read Tarot cards effectively, you should know your goal or purpose why you are doing it. Higher concentration of your mind is also required in the process.

The Tarot Deck

There is a wide collection of Tarot decks available today. There’s no standard or required number cards of decks. While the cards’ types, their meanings and the suits are the same, the pictures or illustrations may vary widely. Decks can be based on different themes including nature, dragons, fantasy, animals, etc.

The most common decks were used is Rider-Waite deck that was created in year 1909 by a prominent member of an occult group. The artist of the Tarot cards was Pamela Smith. Normally, a Tarot card deck is composed of 78 cards and is considered as definitive.

However, according to a Tarot card site, there’s no definitive Tarot deck. The typical Tarot deck is composed of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Minor Arcana

As compared to the traditional way of playing cards, Minor Arcana of a Tarot deck consists of 4 suits. Instead of spades, diamond, clubs, and hearts, the suits are wands, cups, circles or pentacles, and swords. Every suit has a meaning. The cards that belong to these suits are numbered from one to ten. They also consist of court cards which are the queen, king, page, and knight. The Minor Arcana, as the name suggests, represents the practical and more minor daily highs and lows in one’s life.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana, unlike Minor Arcana, isn’t associated with the suits. Rather, they include the picture cards which represent concepts, ideals, and principles. They are numbered from 1 to 21. The 22nd card which is the «Fool» is marked as zero. The cards in Major Arcana represent long-term, strong energy or huge events in the different areas of life.

Major Arcana Cards: Death, The Hanged Man, Temperance, and The Fool

Seeing one Major Arcana card shows a certain subject in a reading and getting a Minor Arcana card talks about the same subject in the next reading. This means that the subject is becoming less essential to one’s life.


Probably, the trickiest process of reading Tarot cards is memorizing or remembering each of their meanings. Memorization may be simple for some people, but for others, they find it difficult most particularly if they find it hard to record the details in their memories.

All cards in Major Arcana are numbered from zero to 21. It starts from the Fool and ends in the Universe or the World. The Major Arcana cards are said to be the easiest cards to remember and to read

as their titles show their meanings. For instance, The Fool represents an individual who does not think before he/she decides or speaks because he/she is too confident of him/herself.

Nevertheless, if this is your first time to learn reading Tarot cards, always find a good book that will provide you a guide on the meanings of Tarot cards.

The Lovers, for example, can mean a choice which one has to make rather than to have an affair or another romance. When you are memorizing, always memorize the cards’ positive meanings before you start to learn the reversed meanings.

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