Tarot Arum

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Dear Friends!

Welcome to the world of predictions!

One of my favorite and truthful ways to predict your future is by reading on my ARUM TAROT cards. You can guess at any time and in any place, having only my wonderful book of predictions TAROT ARUM or Tarot ARUM cards with the instructions. Everything is very simple and easy!

To begin divination, take a moment away from the reality around you and focus on your desire or exciting question. Then mentally, ask the question out loud and perform the alignment. This way you will get a short prediction that will answer your questions and reveal your immediate future. It is desirable to guess alone, remaining calm and focused on the exciting question. Don’t ask the same question many times, but focus on the first answer. Never worry if you don’t like the answer, but just take it into consideration. Think of this divination as an assistant, not an adviser, because in the end you decide your own fate.

DISCLAIMER** All cards I made are for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any choices or decisions you make as a result from readings!

Thank you and I want to wish you, my dears, all the best and good. Let all your dreams come true here and now and all the answers will be found. You can also purchase my other books and cards.

With love and respect,

Kristina Likarcuka.

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