Tao Te and Unity

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I rely on the eternal

And move into the endless.

Music of stars will show me the way.

The essence lies in the rhythm of the Universe.

Tao Secrets. Lao Tzu Teachings

On energy, happiness, destiny, and freedom. On unity, harmony, and purpose. The main teachings of the iconic Taoist wiseman — the immortal Lao Tzu

Journey and Purpose

You can only see the bottom in calm waters.

In the chaos of the modern world, in the murky waters of the human soul, finding the real self is becoming increasingly hard.

Millions of problems and troubles clutter your inner world. However, under the rubbish lie treasures and untapped possibilities.

Once you fix you inner imbalance and launch the natural self-purifying mechanism, your inner space will become clean and transparent. This is when you will realize what your true purpose is.

Tao Secrets

On Unity and Harmony

When the 5 colors cloud your mind, 5 sounds break your concentration, 5 tastes oversaturate your body and feelings lure you into temptation, you lose connection with the world. You stop seeing and feeling the whole picture. You become vulnerable and defective.

That who has found balance, tries to stick to the middle. He feels the harmony and unity of life. He sees what others can’t see. He hears what others can’t hear. He can feel the invisible and foresee things to come.

This is the reason why the wise never chased luxury or fought for territories. The main treasure they kept deep inside. Always content and prosperous, they lead a harmonious life and knew no worries.

Tao: Mosaic of Life

Visibility is just one aspect of Unity. Immersed into the chaos of the modern world, we become hostages of its harsh outer forms. We don’t see or feel the spiritual world and miss the whole picture.

What we see is an illusion. It’s false, because a part of the whole picture does not reflect its essence.

That who feels the unity can see without distinguishing, feel without dissolving in those feelings. His life embraces the whole Universe. He has discovered the harmony of the Journey and can live forever.

Core of Life

Neglecting the existing reality destroys the core of life. If you are not happy with the existing world order, this means you don’t accept your nature.

The unity of the surrounding world is reflected inside you. If you only see negative things and do not agree with the existing reality, this imbalance will be destroying you from inside.

That who hates the surrounding world will never find inner peace. Poisoned thinking kills its owner first.

Tao of Non-Doing

If you let everything free, you won’t have any more worries. Everything grows and develops without our intervention.

Take a closer look at the surrounding world. The secret energy of creation is transforming the reality every single second. Just relax and trust the endless flow of events.

Energy of Life

We are just temporary shells for its transformations. Invisible energy makes the core of all visible forms. In the course of its changes, things either prosper or fade away.

A long and happy life is an unchecked transformation of such energy.

You have a choice. You can either follow its changes in order to live, or you can remain unchanged — and die.

Going Back to Destiny

Destiny is what many people are afraid of. We tend to fear things that are beyond our control.

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