Tao of Love

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How to find a soul mate and build the balanced relationship

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How to find a soul mate and build the balanced relationship

Female loneliness is the plague of the 21st century.

Feminism, as well as sexual orientation changing is the pathetic attempts to be happy in spite of the inability to establish a harmonious relationship with the world of men or with the elected one. The thirst for equality, and in fact, superiority over men’s world is a consequence of the desire to avenge for the non-exclusivity, scarcity in attention and love. After all, if a woman loved and desired, she does not compete with anyone, she’s just happy.

But that’s not all. Loneliness is insidious and cruel.

Successful, attractive woman, desired by hundreds of men, often no less lonely than invisible Cinderella, not endowed by nature either beauty or talent.

Life is made of paradox: the woman is chosen with hundreds of men, and she had no choice but to be alone with a longing for the only close one. Loneliness can equalize all.

The question is how to overcome this condition that is able to destroy the dream of every normal woman of a happy family with her husband and children?

My name is Li Pin. If you read this book to the end, the answer to the question “how to become a happy woman with a man”, will become obvious to you. As a writer I have to write a lot about women’s happiness, to speak at seminars, online courses and share with my life experience, as well as to show the principles of naturalness, which described by the ancient Chinese sages.

Also my book is based on knowledge that I have got from Grand master of Tao Tsi Xiaogang. For many years the mentor has been given me a knowledge of ancient Chinese science, understanding the deep patterns of life and true harmony is the foundation of it. Since then, the methods that were born in the process of learning from Chinese teachers every year help hundreds of my students.

So, are you ready to start the path to a woman’s happiness?

Spincasting is rather young but rapidly developing practice. It was formed as an independent direction of popular psychology and gained many followers around the world. Like any doctrine, spincasting has its scientific base and certain aspects that you need to know for quality implementation of our intentions.

In Taoist philosophy there is a system of five elements the “Wu-Hsing”. In spincasting it is possible to allocate 5 elements, 5 topics that are most important

The first of them is men, how to build a harmonious relationship with your relevant lover. Although actually spincasting involves a more profound level as the woman’s happiness still suggests a happy union with the beloved man.

The second aspect is the theory of intentions. The spincasting system is based on the work not with the wishes but with intentions. So it is worth talking about the different approaches of intentions casting, different systems that help us to understand what the intention is and how to throw it.

The third aspect is the destination search. It’s the main central motive of the spincasting philosophy.

The most difficult thing is to understand what our destiny is. Sometimes it seems that the intention is one thing and then suddenly comes the understanding, and it is detailed, deepens, becomes clearer and sometimes changes: there was one intention all along, then a sudden adulthood came, and the intention has changed. This also happens, and it turns out that sometimes the later mature intention is more correct. It happened in my life. Therefore, we will talk about the theory of destiny and about predestination finding.

If the woman understands who she is, what her mission is and how she is growing in this mission, concerning of men is slowly becoming unimportant question, because men themselves are attracted to the intended woman. Personal life of such woman goes to another level, the relationship with the world of men in general, are built in absolutely another behavior pattern. This is the vital point of spincasting practice.

The fourth important aspect is the mechanism of work with the energy-informational field. If we just say, “I have a dream to find such a… guy”, but do not understand how it works, what the “energy field” is and what laws it has; what do basic sciences, e.g. physics, talk about it, our intention is not realized.

It seems so boring! It would seem, why do we deal with physics? Really it is extremely important because if we know how the information field works, we will interact more consciously with this field. After all, our consciousness and our awareness is the foundation of quality implementation of all our plans.

And the final aspect that is also the very important one is the scientific basis of spincasting.

Do not be afraid of this word, in fact, it is not so scary! We just have to understand that spincasting is not some kind of magic or esoteric, it has a strong scientific basis. Gestalt therapy, body-oriented therapy and Taoist practices are in this basis of it. In a simple way we can say that spincasting itself is based on modern psychology and psychotherapy and the ancient Chinese philosophy, which is not an independent science, but it is scientific in its nature. We will touch on these areas, because it is impossible to build a relationship with a man ignoring body contact.

And now we try to talk about body-oriented therapy, a little bit about Taoist practices, about the body and about men, about male body, our body, and it’s extremely important.

After all, what is the emitter, which throws the intent? This is body, energy and spirit. Our energy is not just anyhow where there is, our spirit is not just there, it has a “box” in which it is hidden, the computer body and the mind, that is, the brain. Therefore if there is no body, no bodily feelings, we will not love and “sexual happiness” will not come true.

And now lets talk about one very important condition which is necessary for high-quality casting intentions. It is the grounding.

Grounding is a term that is used by qigong masters, Wushu masters as well as experts and masters of martial arts. And this term is widely used by psychotherapists because it was introduced to body-oriented therapy by its founder Alexander Lowen. He probably was the second one, and the first was Wilhelm Reich, his teacher.

Wilhelm Reich was the first who introduced the term “energy” in psychotherapy, in psychoanalysis. He studied energy, explored it. And Alexander Lowen, a follower of Reich, created the body-oriented therapy. It is a whole science, based on the interaction of body and energy. And what spincasting was inherited from psychotherapy — because it is also relies on psychotherapy — is this moment of grounding, speaking scientifically, the altered state of consciousness. It is absolutely not when the roof where-that flies, it is just a realized condition of a particular depth, the particular immersion; meditation is a more familiar word. It is the meditative state.

The grounding always presents when we immerse in meditation in spincasting. I also want to tell you, what this condition is and why it’s so important. And if you understand the nature of this state, the origin of this condition, it will be better to live it through.

Grounding is a very important natural factor in survival.

Look at the tree: a huge tree crown — how does it leave in fact — it lives by its roots, does not it?

It happens very often that the root system of plants is much more massive than its aboveground part. The underground part is even more powerful than the overhead one. The man has arranged in the same way as wood has. It just only seems that we walk on the ground and removes our feet from the earth, and does not grow down the earth.

In fact, in energetic level, we not only grow in the ground, but also punch its energy field through and through. And powerful masters of the Tao, the powerful masters of other energy areas, the masters of Vedic practices, the masters of old Slavic practices, the masters of martial arts and so on — all people who work actively with energy; their energy structure is the flow that goes down through the legs. The beam goes down, and it really breaks like breaks the entire globe through and out and goes into space. So the Taoists have such a strange expression to the layman. They say: “your feet are so long that go to space.”

It is not because they go all the way up from ears and this is not about you model size that God sent you. It is simply because the power of this energy and it is strengthened in the earth, and not only prospers in the land, but strengthened in the space sources. This is a very important point.

In addition, the concept of Land is very important for any Taoist practices, because when we are “rooted” in the Ground, we are “here and now” in this moment. This understanding of “here and now” is the thing that connects Gestalt therapy and Taoist practices. You know, the Earth is Yin energy.

Yin is considered conventionally feminine energy, it is including women’s. Of course, Yin itself is not so much women one, how much it is inner in its nature, invisible, unmanifested outside in its nature; subtle substance, calm, immovable, cold aspects. In fact, it is precisely the peace and tranquility, depth, some inner fullness, this is all feminine qualities. Therefore, Yin, conventionally, is the female part of the universal Yin energy.

And it turns out that sometimes our intention does not work in enough quality only because we have no qualitative ground. Well, how do you understand what the grounding is? How to describe what the grounding is, how it works, what does it do, what for?

We say that grounding is the sort of human energy. The grounding is energy, powerful, filled energy, which runs through our body into the ground. It is our energy that penetrates the earth through. Accordingly, we also take something from the earth; we can also take from the earth. And standing is a very important point. Our legs have got the acupuncture points. The signal from surrounding space passes through them, it passes in the one and in the other direction.

Because we cannot say that we have only the earth to take the energy from. We take energy from everywhere: something goes back in the ground, something does not go back. But nevertheless, an important contact point exists on our foot, which helps us to work efficiently with the energy of the earth and pass it there and back again. So the legs, the feet are very important for the realization of our intentions. In addition, the Earth is the mother, is the connection, Earth is the parent element, and therefore women’s relationship with their mother-land and this element is very important for a happy life.

Now let’s talk about the demonstration of grounding in a person’s life, it is very important that you understand what it’s look like to be grounded.

First of all, grounding is the connection with reality, this metaphorical ground, not directly related to the fact that the feet are on the ground. It is touched with reality as the evidenced by the part of the Yin-Yang. And Jan is the manifested part of Yin and Yang itself.

And I am a person who lives asexual and non-material life, I dedicate a huge part of my working time to the Taoist practices. And this, as you know, the Yin part of life. It is spiritual and internal inside.

What does phrase “to work with energy” mean?

It’s something almost intangible, and it turns out to be a slight imbalance: I do some spiritual things too much, I began to belong to some “heaven elements” too much somehow, and it turns out that I feel like standing on the ground with my feet, and at the same time my soul pulls me up, because that’s where my work is located. And it turns out that reading books on the subject of esoteric and psychology, Taoist practices, communication with the master, Taoist practices, work with energy, qigong and all these are Yin, Yin and Yin.

Here, it would seem, the sky is Yang, and what we get here– we have got some girls who are guilty of this. Why? Because they are focused on their spiritual sphere too much.

Somebody’s life is not spiritual at all. Their stuff includes rags, men, and some small things that make women happy. And someone, on the contrary, the roll is in the other direction when a woman pays too much attention to her spiritual sphere, oblivious to the fact that she’s got a body that can get the joy and body experience while eating or drinking tea, cuddling with friends, with relatives, with family members, with children. When the understanding of the importance of this component is lost, so then we say that there is no grounding or the reducing the quality of the grounding takes place.

So you always should have a very good balance and pay attention to it. It is bad, when we become materialistic and think about money, about material values, but it is also not very good when we are deeply immersed in the elements of Yin, Yin of substance, creating an imbalance of Yin and Yang.

This is the first point: the departure from earth to the spiritual sphere, or the unmanifested existence in thoughts and imagination. The teenage girls sin with it. They are starting to dream not about particular boys, but the subjects of their dreams are heroes of cartoons or movies. This is a side effect of youth who lives some fictional life.

This also applies to the virtual communication with men. It is, unfortunately, also harms us, and I used to get a lot of letters from women who say: “I have got my favorite man; we rarely see each other, because we’re constantly online. We met Vkontakte, in Facebook or in a Dating site, we chat, we talk on the phone, but we do not meet each other in the real life.

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