Talisman or all come true

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Attention, increased alcohol consumption is harmful to your health!


— You are beautiful today! — Oksana heard a pleasant whisper. “Thank you, dear,” the girl replied and stretched sweetly without opening her eyes. A strong man’s hand gently hugged her around the waist over the blanket, and her lips barely touched her neck — MMM, how nice, please repeat, — Oksana removed her long brown hair and freed her neck and shoulder for a second kiss. She so did not want to wake up on this wonderful extraordinary morning. The eyelids were heavy and she enjoyed being able to lie in bed. The man lying next to him again kissed her neck and shoulders, then quietly whispered to ear: “Come on, can I make us breakfast?” — Come on, — agreed Oksana. — She had not received such offers from her husband for a long time and was incredibly happy with what she heard today. — MOURR… What a wonderful weekend! You can sleep well, and even breakfast in bed! Am I in a fairy tale? — No, it’s me in a fairy tale; I have such a stunningly beautiful wife, whom I will gladly cook an omelet and coffee for. — ABOUT! Thank you very much,“she said to her husband, who was busy in the kitchen by the stove. “But he has a strange voice… or it seems to me… Although after yesterday it may not seem that way. I had to go to bed early” — flashed through Oksana’s head. The girl gradually began to move away from the sweet slumber and finally opened her eyes. And Oh my God! What she saw! She was not at home! And in the kitchen from around the corner she saw not her husband Vadim! It was her friend and colleague Artyom, with whom she had been working for over a year. But have they never been even a hint of romance or a relationship other than the working and friendly. “But what am I doing in his bed and, apparently, in his apartment?!” — Oksana could not find an answer.


The girl tried to scroll through yesterday evening in her head, but a slight dizziness and headache clearly did not contribute to this. However, she remembers exactly how she came home from work, rested a little, and cooked a delicious dinner so that Vadim would not be very upset about her absence that evening. After she took a shower, put on a red tight dress, shoes in color, took her favorite black clutch and a stunning necklace with a black stone, the name of which the girl does not remember. Having let down her hair, Oksana headed downstairs. At the entrance to the taxi, her beloved friend Alinka was waiting for her. Tall slender blonde. Mowing — square, dark — blue long dress and shoes with high heels! The girls went to a nightclub, where they celebrated Alinka’s arrival. Oksana has not seen her best and beloved friend for almost 2 years. There they sat, drank two bottles of champagne, chatted about life, with pleasure and gaiety they washed the bones for dear husbands. After 3—4 hours the girls called a taxi and Oksana returned home. It was home — the girl had no doubts about this fact. It was just after midnight. At home Oksana was “met” by her sleeping husband. “He hasn’t even called once in the whole day! — The girl thought bitterly, — of course, I called him and warned him where I was and with whom, but he didn’t even bother about what time I would be at home, how I would get… He’s asleep, you know! When he comes late, I do not sleep, I wait for him, and I prepare dinner, tea! And here it is — gratitude! “Frustrated by the lack of attention, Oksana at that moment thought about the person with whom she worked. He always helped her, worried about her, knew how to listen and support. They often joked and laughed, talked about their plans for the future. Oksana sometimes thought that Artyom wants to be more than a friend. And she immediately drove these thoughts away from herself, because with her husband Vadim she was far from so bad. He just worked 2—3 times a week, and sometimes less often, which undoubtedly did not have a favorable effect on the financial situation in their family. Oksana, on the other hand, had to work 8—9 hours, carry out loads of 1.5, or even 2 rates, and earn extra money on weekends. She often wanted much more attention and care than her husband gave her. In addition, he spent several hours a day playing computer games, not paying any attention to Oksana’s requests; raised his voice to her when she distracted him at “the most important moment in his life.” She wanted to go on a honeymoon trip, which they never had, wanted to look beautiful and dress beautifully and also wanted to feel loved, desired, fragile and protected. But instead she felt tired out horse! Vadim did not understand Oksana, he often asked her to quit and do more at home, and He said that she was a fool, since she was working for a small salary. Although on average they had the same income. The relationship became strained. Quarrels even took place over the phone at a time when Oksana was working with people. The husband could call her and yell rudely for the fact that she forgot to do something around the house. She wanted to cry many times, wanted to give up everything, but she considered herself a strong person who can go through everything with a smile. Oksana considered all the difficulties in life to be temporary and leaving. And not to give up in these very difficulties, the girl was very much helped by Artem who tried to make her laugh or somehow switch her from a sad state. He often looked Oksana in the eyes, trying to understand if everything was fine with her or she was pretending… Oksana saw and felt the understanding and support of her friend, she was incredibly grateful to him. But she loved her husband and wanted a child from him. K Unfortunately, the time has not yet

it turned out, which caused Oksana additional anxiety. In addition, she was afraid that with the appearance of a child, financial problems in the family would become so great that her marriage with Vadim would not withstand such a load and would fall apart. Oksana was not a self-confident person, she often thought about what she was doing wrong in this life. I worried that she did not get this or that business. But with the appearance of Artyom in her life, it became much easier for her to believe in herself, in her capabilities. All this Oksana remembered on this “beautiful evening” when she went to bed next to Vadim. I remembered about Artyom…


— Maybe I’m sleeping and I dream about it all? — The girl painfully pinched her hand. — This is not a dream. A different environment still reigned around her. Large double bed and with sea-green silk bedding (Oksana has long dreamed of this). There was also a small wardrobe in the room, on the door of which was her photograph, in which Oksana did not even recognize herself at first. A chic, self-confident girl in a long dress with a train and high heels. Stop! The same wedding dress — flashed through Oksana’s head — but I don’t remember it! I have never had this and could not even have! It costs a fortune! Maybe Photoshop? … Well, okay, then I’ll figure it out. We need to understand how I ended up here. With a firm intention to figure it out, Oksana went to the kitchen. She was dressed in a small black robe that emphasized her stunning figure. — Oh, are you awake yet? And I was just going to bring you breakfast in bed, why did you get up? — Artyom asked naturally with a smile. — Well, if you want, we can have breakfast here. — Well, come on here… Oksana did not know where to start and thought that coffee would not hurt her at all. — Maybe my head will become clearer and I will remember everything … — Oksana accidentally said it aloud. Artyom looked attentively at his pensive wife and said: — Yeah, it looks like you and Alinka were carried away by shamanism yesterday! Maybe you need a pill? — Oksana was shocked. Yes, she seemed to be telling Artyom that she would go to the club with her friend in the evening, but to spend the night with him, there was no question of that … — No, thanks. Now I will drink coffee and it will become easier. — Oh, yes, how about without coffee? This is your cure for all diseases! — Artyom laughed. Oksana froze for a moment, seeing this familiar smile, the shine of blue eyes… Sometimes, when they were alone at work in a stuffy office, dreamed of a career, a big salary, about trips to distant countries, she forgot where she was. She imagined herself somewhere in another country, far from here. Far from people, from the hustle and bustle… And here he stands in front of her, does not reproach her for anything, as her husband Vadim often did in recent years. Oksana thought that the champagne she had drunk yesterday played a cruel joke on her. Has she really gone crazy and gone not home, but to Artyom? But why is she in a dressing gown then? It was there anything between it and Artyom — that she did not recall could, no matter how trying. After drinking coffee and a little snack, Oksana decided to start a conversation. — Artem, I probably drank too much with my friend yesterday and I do not remember how I ended up here… Oksana was embarrassed and blushed, but decided to continue, — forgive me, I’m so uncomfortable! It just so happened … — What are you, Oxy, well, you give?! You apologize for not remembering how you got there, are you? Uncomfortable for her! — Artem laughed, and Oksana went into the paint even more. — You blushed as if you cheated on your husband? Or did you not only drink there? — Artyom jokingly asked and made a funny and serious look. Oksana was at a dead end, did not know at all what to answer. “You’re scaring me, Oxy,” Artyom remarked with a smile. Okay, relax. Well, you do not remember how you came home, well, it’s okay! Why pretend like someone died. Drink tablet and go to sleep again. It will get easier. It happens to everyone, why so worry about that. Oksana could not understand why everything is so natural. “Probably just Artem doesn’t want to embarrass me. He’s my friend,“the girl thought and calmed down a bit. Artem handed Oksana pills for a headache and then the girl noticed a wedding ring on his finger. “He’s not married! “ Oksana was one hundred percent sure of this. What’s going on here?! What’s wrong with me?! Artem, excuse me for my behavior, I need to leave urgently. — Well, — said the young man in surprise. And where would you like to go today? Moreover, in such a state! — In what condition? Artyom, though, I’m fine, thanks for the coffee and breakfast. It seems to me that in the fresh air it will become much easier for me. — Are you okay? Yes of course! It just seems this way to you! — It was Artyom’s favorite joke.

— I really need to see Alina. She drank more of me yesterday. I want to know how she is. She has no one here to bring coffee to bed. She came without a husband, and her mother works today. Then Oksana came up with a wonderful idea that her friend would help her figure out what had happened … — clear. You girls, as always, first mock yourself for some reason, and then run to save each other. Why drink so much? Well, this, of course, is your own business; I just don’t want to see you in this state anymore. — Sorry … — You’ve already apologized a hundred times this morning. Okay, maybe you really should take a walk. Just look, be careful. Ice on the street. Will you call a taxi? — No, I’ll walk a little, it’s not far. — As you want. — Until. Thanks again for breakfast. “There’s nothing, and yet, it’s better for you not to drink like that,” Artem accompanied Oksana with a smile and anxious look. — Call me, as you hang out there, I’m worried. How are you going to get home? Call a taxi, okay? — Okay, I’ll call, don’t worry, everything is fine!

— She herself comes to me in the morning in this state, today she apologizes a hundred times, and then says don’t worry! Oksana, well, you are strange of course, however? What am I talking about? You are always like that! Come on, good luck saving your friend!

— And good luck to you, — smiled Oksana, put on her favorite down jacket, boots and heels that stood at the doorway and left Artyom’s apartment, in which she suddenly found herself.


Going out the door, Oksana saw a flyer. It was an advertisement for some theatrical performance called Amulet. Oksana in horror began to rummage in the pockets of her jacket and purse. “No! It can’t be! It’s him! It’s all because of him. Oksana repeated to herself. This fucking stone should be here! And why did I read this inscription! You fool! “There was no stone. And then the girl remembered that last night she did not put it in her purse, but left it in the chest of drawers when she went to bed with Vadim.



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