Tales for Young Children

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Courageous teddy Bruin

There are many different toys, but most of all toys boy loved to play with toy named Bear. So he called the teddy Bruin.

One day my mother took the boy, the boy and his bear all went to gather wild berries. They went out of the village and along the road, field, went to the side of the river nearest forest. Now and the river. Here is a fun game of catch-up boys. Children laughing and squealing flounder in water and difficult to understand, someone who catches up and who runs away, but all good. Here is a bridge over the river. The bridge mom, boy and a small teddy bear in the arms of the boy, moved to the other side of the river. Then immediately begins the forest. Then the road led forest. Mysterious silence stood in it. Branches of fir trees high in the fabulous frozen silence. And this mystery, cool and slightly audible noise of the wind is high, high up in the tops of fir trees filled the little boy waiting secrets. He hugged her tight teddy bear and tightened his grip on the handle of his mom’s hand. But they soon came to light clearing, where there were plenty of red berries and a lot of flowers. Mysterious forests gave way to play funny birds chirping in the trees, fluttering colorful butterflies flitting from flower to flower, but the buzz of a bumblebee, flown at the very plush Bruin faces. And suddenly disappeared from the imagination of a boy and a hut on chicken legs, and a terrible Baba Yaga, and fabulous Grey Wolf with a sly Fox. The boy looked around a little disappointed, but soon about everything forgotten because he was so good, easily as if he himself and butterfly flits from flower to flower at this wonderful meadow filled with red berries and flowers. Everywhere could hear the chirping of grasshoppers jumping here and there, from the stem to the stalk, when the little boy reaches for the handle red strawberries. Their mature color beckoned, and I wanted to collect more and bigger. Unnoticed basket filled like itself. And the mother took the boy by the handle, and they went home. Boy, tired and happy wonderful walk in the woods, after dinner went to his little bed and fell asleep already. And then, horror of horrors, he forgot his boy in the forest bears. Oh, as for him there alone, anxious thoughts haunted kid. There go the terrible beasts, poor, poor Bear. The boy sobbed and wept. To crib mom went:

Sonny, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? — Anxiously asked. Learn what happened, my mother said: — Do not cry baby, little Bear now hid in the grass and he was not afraid. But tomorrow we will go to that same meadow and find it there. And he’s from the same forest animals, and he is not afraid.

— No, my mother, my teddy bear is not a beast, he’s my friend, he’s a boy teddy Bear, the same as I do! — Anxious said the child.

— You know, baby, bears very well climb trees. They are not afraid of the forest animals who walk in the woods. Fears neither wolves nor foxes, because they can not climb trees. Well, hares and even less afraid not.

The boy calmed down and began to think that the same course my teddy bear hiding in a tree. No, he can not hide in a tree, he does not know how to climb trees, as I had not thought of and did not tell my mom. He’s still very, very small and can not climb trees. Well, of course he is hiding in the tall grass in the meadow, or in those bushes that surround the clearing dense ring. I have nothing to fear for Bear, he is brave. So thought the baby and teddy bear in the meantime…

Long awaited Bear boy. So long, that now night. It became dark and scary forest. From tales that boy reading a mom, Bear knew that in a forest inhabited terrible beasts that come out at night to hunt. And the bear decided to hide so that it could not miss. Already in the sky the moon rose. He lit meadow with blue light, and this light was the light, as if the day, only bushes darkened by the field of a black stain. Here’s what they decided to hide Bear. He crawled under the small but densely overgrown foliage bush and hid. There he stayed until the morning. When the sun rose, the day came. Bear went on his way home. That river, bridge, across a field in the village led Bruin road. And here is the house in which he lives a boy. Bear climbed the porch, knocked on the door and immediately went to sleep, because he did not sleep all night.

Here boy opened his eyes. Already the sun was shining through the window, it’s time to get up. The boy suddenly thought of a bear, he quickly got out of bed, ran out of the bedroom and opened the door. I saw on the threshold of the door of his Bruin, very glad that they took him in his arms and ran to her mother, showing her that brave Bear himself came out of the woods.

Author’s Note:

Bears Return from the forest dream boy.

In fact, until the boy slept, my mother went into the forest and brought a forgotten toy. Now the kid never forgets Bruin when taking it with you on trips.

Doggy named Wafik

There once was the doggie named Wafik. Doggie lived in his house on the spacious courtyard. In the yard went big fat turkeys. He considered himself the most important among the residents of the yard, and always proudly strode back here in the yard, as if to say: «That is not among you all none worthier and more important to me!». There was still a chicken. Among them prudently paced Rooster. Rooster always fought with the neighborhood roosters and, of course, could not tolerate when someone from outsiders came to peck something to him in the yard. He believed that the whole yard belongs to him and he is the most important here. Now he nursed proudly in the yard, paintings were shown that he is the most non replaceable leader, raking and vyklevyvaya of land found grains. Beckoned to her chickens and carefully treated them found a treat.

— «All here, all here, all here! I found your delicious seeds!».

Chickens ran to him, and departed Rooster proudly aside and squinted, cautiously, glancing at the majestic figure of turkey, then on the opposite side of the courtyard, there walked sedately geese. Though it is considered the most important Rooster himself, yet he had to live with turkeys and geese. Rooster tolerated their presence, because they also live here. Geese, in turn, did not pay any attention to turkeys, nor bully Rooster. They considered it beneath his dignity to interfere in the personal affairs of its neighbors. But Rooster is always instructive and demonstrative shoveled earth paws showing geese how to forage, and thought to myself teach you fools need, how to find and peck grain, and then the whole day drinking water here, and you can die of starvation. And when no one noticed it with even more zeal and persistence showed his skill before the very noses already geese. Finally, someone stood and pinched bully tail. Poor Cock tail, you look at someone you looked like, all plucked, there were only two of the pen. Cock ran to his chickens and teaching them to forage. Goose he gets round, but it is also important, as if he was a turkey, but just in case, did not dare to teach him to forage.

Dog Wafik none of the residents of the yard did not want to notice. Wafik, it seemed that all the inhabitants of the yard doing something important. Wafik longed to know what it all day turkey goes, disheveled and just screams? Maybe he guards the yard and repels predatory crows and vultures, so they do not steal chickens. And what makes the Rooster? So diligently to rake the ground. And the geese that they are looking in the water?

And the dog would love to find a true friend, with whom it would be fun to play, and help each other in trouble.

— «I have so little» — thought doggie — «but the turkey so big and strong, go for it, we’ll be friends.»

Wafik approached. And he began to speak:

— VAF! VAF! Hello, turkeys! Let’s be friends?

— What about?! — Shouted at Wafik turkeys. — Get behind the villain, and then I … — And so scary ruffles, feathers spread, has become a real mountain, which has gone on a little dog Wafik. Wafik offended, cried, and fled to his cabin. He became sad. — «I did not do anything offensively, and turkey in a rage, so pouted. I do not want to be friends with him. Find yourself a good friends» — and ran wagging his tail, right at the geese.

— VAF! VAF! — Said the doggie. — Hi geese! What are you looking for in a trough? Forgot what? Want to help you?!

But the geese in response only hissed angrily. And older Goose head bowed to the ground, and eerily calls on rushed in pursuit of Wafik. Rescued dog house where he jumped up just in time, and the red beak Goose simply snapped the air near the tail of a small dog, who managed to hide in the house. Pretty lonely Wafik was in the doghouse. He put a muzzle on paws and thought. Why, oh why are they so hiss at me? Oh-ho-ho, he bitterly sighed. I did not do anything bad to them, I just wanted to, well, just to make friends. I think I’ll never find true friends. Sad thoughts overpowered little doggie, and he closed his eyes, trying to doze off, even in a dream to see a true friend to make friends even in his sleep. Had not yet Wafik take refuge in the warm and affectionate embrace of sleep, as in the yard, to hearing the voice of the dog flew:

— Tyav! Tyav! — Wafik warily listened and ran out of the house. He looked around and suddenly heard from behind the fence:

— Hey, what are you doing?! Nose hung! Come to me, to help better!

Wafik looked at the voice. There behind the fence was a black shaggy dog, a little more Wafik with a collar around her neck and dragged her home, which was attached a chain to the collar. Rid of him the dog could not.

— Well, what are you watching? Come help me better! — A tone that brooked no argument, the stranger said. Wafik slipped through the hole in the fence and was close to the prisoner.

— Who are you? — Demand.

— I ball! And you?

— And I Wafik.

— Okay, Wafik better tell me, how do I get rid of this cursed house?! He drags me wherever I was, and there he was.

— And how are you going to live without a home?

— I would just get rid of, and there I would find a place to live! — Answered firmly Wafik balls.

— Listen, balls, you have come to live in our yard? We’ll be friends, and together we will not fear anybody, even turkeys and goose.

— Wow, wow! I have them and so I am not afraid! — Said the brave balls.

— You will live in our backyard! — Said Wafik.

And together they started to drag a house yard.

The first inhabitants of the new resident noted fighter cock. He hated it when someone is there to even think to get into his possession. The rooster flew up on the fence, threatening, flapped his wings, stamped his feet and cried. — Do not allow it! Do not allow it! Do not come to the gate! — And with it a cry rushed straight to the fence on a brave Sharik. In an instant, he found himself on his back brave dog. But here Sharik came to the rescue doggie Wafik. Wafik bravely rushed at the enemy, he clutched his teeth in a seedy Cock tail. Unhappy Cock tail remained in the teeth of Wafik and Rooster with panic screaming took to their heels. Since then, and live together doggie Wafik and a dog named Sharik. Doggie Wafik found a true friend, and friends do now is not terrible. They guard the yard and always live together in one family with its inhabitants.


On the big pond, reeds, was one nest. There were three duck eggs. Mama duck hatched their long, tired and went to drink some water.

Suddenly, from the inside of one of the shells of eggs the faint knock. Then cockleboat broke and there seemed beak, then cockleboat broke away from it more and seemed little yellow duckling head.

— Pee-wee! — Said the Duck. — Where am I?!

— You were born into the world! — Someone said. Duckling turned the head and saw a bird that was sitting on a stalk of cane in the offing.

— Yeah, yeah, baby — say a bird — you’re born. Get out of the shell and see how wonderfully around! — Said and flew away.

— «Um» — thought Duckling — «And what light?!» — And with these thoughts, he got out of the shell. Looked around. Everywhere Noise reeds. Somewhere, nearby, heard splashes of water.

— «I will go and have a look, what is this light?» — And he got out of the nest and saw the glistening strip of water. — «Go there.» — Decided Duckling. Water splashed against the shore, her outbursts were heard everywhere. Water, as if beckoning Duckling: — «touch me, come to me, I will show you the light.» — Duckling came to the water quite beside and she licked his foot wave.

— Oh! — Cried Duckling — What is it?!

— Ha-ha-ha! — Was heard from everywhere — It’s water! — Said the stranger.

— Who are you?! — Asked Duckling

— I, Frog! — Replied the stranger, and added — I know you, you, Duck!

— Is it because my name? — Duckling asked in surprise.

— Yes, you are so called, because you’re born duckling. — Answered Frog and disappeared under the water.

— What is light? — Asked the Duck, but he has not been answered yet, only been heard splashes of water, but the sound of wind in the reeds. Suddenly his attention was attracted by a little fish that swim past the nest in water.

— «Maybe she knows what is light?» — Duckling. — thought «I’m going to ask her.» He boldly stepped onto the surface of the water, not thinking that it’s not hard twigs and reed on which a mother Duck nest. And plunged into the water.

— Oh! — Squeaked Duckling and fast, quickly earned legs. From this he floated, rocking from side to side along the shore.

— How nice! As well! — Squeaked with delight Duckling. — I swim! I swim! And I know what light! — He swam on, but then swim was scary. — «I shall go back home» — thought Duckling and turned back toward the slot. He got out of the water onto dry twigs and went to the nest. And he was already running towards agitated mother duck.

— Quack! Quack! Where have you been?! I was so worried about you! — And together they went to the nest. Houses had already waited two Duckling that hatched from eggs until Duckling senior went to learn what light is.

— You see; you already have two sister Ducks. They were born after you. — Said the mother duck.

— Mom, what is light? — Asked the little duckling.

— Light, son, this is what we see and hear. It’s you and me. Water. Wind. Frogs in the water, your little sister nestlings. The sun and sky. All this is the Light. In it you will live now.

Duckling grew up, became a big and now he has his own children, he says, what is light.

Courageous hare

In the same forest lived was Hare. Hare loves to eat cabbage and carrots, this is the most delicious food. Always, when fall comes, Hare on the kitchen garden has collected a rich harvest of carrots and cabbage. All summer he worked in the garden, and in winter, when snow white fluffy, like a blanket, earth sheltered, Hare took out their stocks of carrot and nibbled her.

Today the yard again in the fall. It’s time to harvest. Hare took the bag and singing songs hit the road on his land. Sly Wolf was hunting in the area. He stumbled on the path that often went to his garden Hare. Rogue saw fresh tracks Hare and decided to catch it. He waited, hiding in the bushes near the trail itself. And Wolf was not wrong, because soon was heard ringing song:

— Tra-la-la, tra-la-la! — Sang Hare. The wolf thought: — «I am so scared it with his presence, that Hare scared and did not run away in fear. Here he can eat!» — And he went out from the ambush, and sat down in the midst of the way. Hare at this time came out of the bend trails and came face to face with the Wolf.

— Ha, ha! — Wolf laughed at Hare.

— What giggle?! — Do not confused Hare — Better step aside and let go!

Wolf was so surprised that opened his mouth. Hare, meanwhile, continued:

— Well, opened his mouth! I miss it!

Wolf even opened his mouth, does not know what to say Hare. Forced the words:

— Why are not you afraid?

— What are you afraid of, I do not have time to chat with you I have a lot of work to do today. — Responsible Hare.

— And look here! — Hare poked his paw into the mouth of the Wolf. Wolf, baring his fangs in a sinister grin: — What are my teeth. Bulls neck nibble instantly bachata not even groaned.

— Ha! — Snorted Derisively Hare — Your teeth are not sharp. Only sharp teeth can gnaw through the thick neck of the bulls, goats and other edible creatures. And what are your teeth, but not his teeth. I bet that your teeth are worn and already blunted. Even they can not chew straws. Try it here. — Hare plucked a stalk of grass, eating a couple of pieces of his razor teeth, and passed the rest of the Wolf. Wolf grabbed clawed paw stem and put it in his mouth. Wolf clasped his powerful jaws, pressed echoed in the silence of the forest. Pulled out of the mouth of the stem, but the stem just broke, leaving intact. Wolf gave a terrible roar, and again began snapping jaws of a straw, but all in vain, straw remained intact. Then Hare said:

— You see, my teeth are sharper than your teeth. And you know how I quickly bite off a head of cabbage, then put them in a bag and carry home, and in the winter I eat it. Well, do not hold me and then … — Hare wanted to say more — … — but not finished. Wolf pressed his tail, and that there are forces, took to his heels. Only traces of dry twigs crackled underfoot wolves in the woods.

Wolf scared Hare, because Wolf heard very differently:

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