Tales about Rain

Book for kids

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ISBN 978-5-4485-1662-7

О книге

The Tales help to develop the imagination within the audio and discuss process, help to develop self-awareness and emotional rapprochement of the child and parents. Please enjoy reading and discussing together. Age: preschool and primary school. The book is translated into English by Yuliya Shatova.

Об авторе

Нина Стефанович

Stefanovich Nina is an author of books for kids “Tale about little Worm”, “Tales about Rain”, “A Country of Hamsters. Tales”, “Tales about magic pencils”, “Constellation of Fairy Tales”, collections of short stories “Birthday”, “Human’s friend is not only a dog”, “Lessons of a little actor”, “Star rain” and many others. She lives in the Republic of Kazakhstan. She is married, has a daughter and a grandson.

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