Tale the Wonder-Boy

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The author devotes his first fairy tale to her beloved niece-Dyakova Anechka —

The most beautiful and brightest star in the world.


Chapter I

Acquaintance with the alien

Chapter II

Preparing for the flight

Chapter III


Chapter IV


Chapter V


Chapter VI

Saving a friend

Chapter VII

Return to Native land


— Wonder Boy, he’s a weirdo.

— Misha and Tisha, they are-tadpoles

— Lusia and Dusia

— Kesha Motin, he is The Kishkomot

— Baba Mania

— Planet-Heat

— Planet- Earth

— Spaceship-Cosmolet

— Zhutkary From the planet Zhuta

— Ubina, from the planet Ubia

— Laypeople, from Planet World

— Phantys From Planet Phant

— Star Aneta

— Buzzkill

— Morin and Gorin

Chapter I
Acquaintance with the alien

Early in the morning, Lusia woke up in her crib, from the bright sun shining in the window, and his golden, warm rays, warming up, tickled her pink, soft cheeks. Lusia and her sister Dusia, who at that time was still soundly asleep, rested in the summer with her grandmother in the village with a cheerful name-“Kolobki”. Girls every year, during the summer holidays came to visit the whole summer in a favourite village. The holidays were just beginning, and the sisters had to spend three carefree summer months visiting their grandmother.

— Kolobochki, Come for breakfast! Maria Filippovna affectionately called her granddaughter. The fresh aroma of fried pancakes was mixed all over the house, luring to a table on which the puffed-up teapot with hot water, and on the plates were tossed, in anticipation, ruddy pancakes, carefully prepared Baba Mania, -so affectionately called two sisters the beloved grandmother.

Lusia jumped from her crib, called her sister, trying to wake her, but Dusia, in no way reacting, continued to sing sweetly.

— “Sleepyhead” -cried Lusia, and barefoot, ran out of the house on the street. She ran on the green grass to the river to wash, drink pure spring water and swallow the aroma of fresh, intoxicating rustic air. The cold morning dew washed her little bare feet.

— Where are you going? Her grandmother shouted at her, but Lusia was unstoppable. She hurried to meet the sun to say hello to him and to thank him for a wonderful morning.

Lusia washed out of the creek, drank pure, spring water, plucked a few berries of fragrant strawberries, winking at her with red eyes, from under the green leaflets, and then, smiled at the bright sun, which with its warm golden rays, as if a towel wiped out droplets of water from her pale pink face.

Enjoying the nature of the early morning, suddenly, the girl heard a child crying on the side of the forest, which every time grew louder. Lusia ran to the place where she rambles sounds. In the place near the river, pine forest, on the meadow, she saw a little boy sitting near a car, like a strange flying object and wept bitterly.

— What a mamma-jamma is this? Lusia asked in surprise. Who are you? Where did you come from?

— I am not a mamma-jamma, I am a wonder-boy. I fell from the sky, replied the crying baby. My cosmolet lost its way because I hid the key and the key was gone.

The Wonder boy did not pronounce the letter “P”, it was more like the letter “L”, he was sobbing, all trembling, and yet nothing comprehended Lusia, became very sorry for a baby. She approached him, hugged him, and said:

— Do not cry, Weirdo, Lusia affectionately named a Boy fallen from the sky. Let’s get acquainted. My name is Lusia.

— I am Afraid! –The Wonder-boy was uttered in a frightened and cried again.

— Don’t be afraid, Weirdo, I’m with you, -said the girl. Oh, are you trembling?

“I am frozen,” the boy answered.

— Let’s go to my house! You need to drink some hot tea, and you’ll be warm. My grandmother baked delicious pancakes. Do you like pancakes? Lusia asked.

— Yes, I love! What’s that? -Just in case Weirdo inquired, and then ran after his savior, forgetting about Cosmolet, which is neatly located on the forest edge.

When Lusia and the Wonder-boy entered the house, Baba Mania and Dusia were sitting at the table, drinking tea and eating pancakes.

— Where are you running, Lusia? The tea has cooled down a long time, -the grandmother has addressed to granddaughter.

— Oh, who’s with you? “The surprised Dusia asked when she saw the Wonder boy. What is this mamma-jamma?

— I am not a mamma-jamma, I am a wonder-boy! — said the kid, and then looked at Lusia and added:-Lusia, I am afraid, -and showed his hand to Lusia’s sister.

— Do not be afraid of her, this is Dunyasha, my sister and she is kind-calmed the baby Lusia.

— Where did you come from? — Baba Mania asked Weirdo, and then seated him at the table, moved up to him a plate of pancakes and a vase in which was poured condensed.

— Eat, or you will be hungry? -asked a Baba Mania.

The baby eagerly braided the pancakes with a condensed milk, and all the time, as the parrot repeated:

— I am hungry! I’m hungry!

After he had crumpled a plate of pancakes, the girls washed their fallen from the sky of a friend, and dressed him in their warm clothes. The Weirdo all the time despite on there was a summer on the street. And then Baba Mania and her granddaughters began to listen to the story of the Wonder-boy, about how he found himself here and where he came from.

The kid enthusiastically told that he was born on a distant planet with a warm name “heat”. It is called because it is very hot and sultry. The inhabitants of the planet called Heat. Due to the fact that the planet has two suns, it is always hot and cold never happens.

— Why do you have such a strange name? — Dusia asked.

— When I was born, my mother, as soon as she saw me, cried “My Wonder”! And a dad called me — boy. So, all began to call me the Wonder-boy, -said an alien boy.

— How interesting! “So, you are the Wonder-boy from the planet of Heat,” Dusia exclaimed joyfully.

— Are you all so red? Baba Mania asked. Did the two suns make you so golden?

— No, Heats, we are different, there is with black hair, there is also with white, and I was born red, -enthusiastically Wonder-boy told about himself, and about the planet.

The Weirdo was a small growth, at the age of about 6 years. His red hair was thickly ornate, on his little round head. Plump cheeks, a small mouth, large round eyes of emerald colour, protruding ears and a scattering of freckles on the cute face of the boy made him funny and very attractive. The shiny silver jumpsuit, which was dressed on the Weirdo, shaded his red hairs and tanned face. The kid was really like some unearthly miracle.

— How old are you? Dusia asked. The Wonder boy raised his hands and showed all six of his fingers.

— So small and one flew to Earth? How did your parents let you go? — Asked the frightened Baba Mania.

— Nobody lets me go, I just wanted to fly a little, and I climbed the ship. With the help of a key and various buttons, I started spaceship and it took off.

— Have you been flying long? -Did you have a smile?

— No, very quickly-answered the Wonder boy.

— And what did you eat? Baba Mania asked with concern.

— There was water and food in Cosmolet, — the baby answered.

— Poor boy, messed up, Dusia swept. Well, what are we going to do with you now, how do you get back to your parents?

The story of a little guest unexpectedly interrupted the neighbour’s guys, -Misha and Tisha. The boys broke into the house of baba Mania and, interrupting each other, began to tell that on the edge of the forest, they found someone’s spaceship, outwardly similar to a large silver ball. Lusia and Dusia calmed excited with curiosity and bewilderment of the guys, introduced Misha and Tisha with Wonder-boy, and then told them the story that happened to their new friend. The Weirdo, having seen the guys who ran into the house, as usual, at the sight of new people was frightened, and, having pressed to Lusia, again has conquered: “Lusia, I am afraid of them!”.

— Be brave, no one will touch you! — Dusia promised to baby.

— This is Misha and Tisha, — Lusia presented the village guys to their alien friend.

Getting acquainted with all the closer, the Wonder-boy began to feel more confident, he laughed all day, played with the guys, considered everything that surrounded him. He liked the food, which he was fed, especially the wizard loved the condensed milk, and every time Baba Mania put a plate in front of him with some food, he always yelled-“I want condensed milk, I want a condensed milk!” All laughed at him, because in the word condensed milk he skipped the first letter “C” and asked instead of condensed milk — “The Gushenka”. Surrounded by the care of new friends from the planet Earth, Wonder-boy forgot about Cosmolet, about the planet heat, with which he flew, and about his parents.

Misha and Tisha were siblings, and they were 9 years old. They lived and studied in their native village “Kolobki”. Boys, so same as Lusia and Dusia went to the third grade, and now rested on summer vacation. Most of all they were fond of techniques, liked something to break, and then to repair, design, and well versed in computers. The guys were smart and versatile.

“Oh, and dizzy! — Locals called Misha with Tisha. From that, to them the nickname “Tadpoles” has been hooked. The boys did not rest abandoned on the forest Glade “Cosmolet” immediately wanted to inspect the wonder-technique and fly on it.

— and let’s fly to Cosmolet! Misha suggested.

— Yes, -Tisha confirmed.

Great! Lusia and Dusia cried joyfully.

Only one wonder-boy was not cheerful from this venture, he remembered that he lost the key.

— We will not succeed. -I lost the key, — Baby burred.

— Let’s try to invent something, -have calmed him Misha and Tisha.

The boys ran to the forest, to the meadow. They were impatient to see an alien ship. The cosmos was like a big balloon, with round porters all over the ship’s diameter. It was made of durable silver-coloured metal. On the roof were installed several wires sticking up, in the form of antennas. Under the rays of the scorching sun Cosmolet shone brightly and shambled. The boys climbed inside the ship to inspect his device.

Tadpoles immediately began to study the control panel of Cosmolet, and the Wonder boy introduced to Lusia and Dusia with the internal location of the compartments, explaining them and showing where the rooms are located for relaxation, shower, toilet, and kitchen. The alien ship looked very capacious inside, equipped with all the more necessary for flight, equipped with various technical devices. The boys and the Wonder boy were so passionate about the study of the aircraft that they did not notice how Kishkomot came. So in the village everyone named Kesha Motin. He was older guys for three years, tall, lean, always not happy, and very loving everyone to teach. Therefore, the appearance of Kesha none of the guys were happy, knowing his tedious and harmful character, all at once depressed.

Seeing Kishkomot, the wonder-boy, as always, roared:-Lusia, I am afraid of him!

At this time, Kesha walked around the spaceship, carefully saw him, and then kicked his foot on his metal hull, and with an important view asked:

— What is this tin can?

— You are a tin can! -The Wonder boy was conquered.

— Who is this? What’s with the ginger Kid? — Kishkomot asked the guys.

— I am not a petty man, I am a Wonder boy, this is my ship, -said the kid.

What? Hey, you, you’re good to lie! –Kishkomot indignant at Weirdo and then with an important view added:-I would like to punch you! And for the big importance he twisted his fist in front of Weirdo’s nose.

The boys began to intercede for Wonder boy. They surrounded Kishkomot began to calm him down, and then told him the story of the journey of Wonder boy from the planet Heat to the planet Earth. After that, Kesha Motin immediately matured in the head plan. Joyfully he cried all over his throat:

— I invented, I invented! — Kishkomot was yelling for the whole forest, like he’s being cut.

— Stop yelling! Better explain what did you invent there, amazed by the turbulent emotions of Keshaquietly asked Misha and Tisha.

— Tadpoles, when you study this kosmolet, we will assemble the team and fly on a journey to other planets. I’ll be the commander of the spaceship.

— Hmm, why is it suddenly you? Lusia and Dusia were outraged.

— It is clear; I am all of you older, and smarter, -said Kesha.

— All smarter here, Misha and Tisha, -objected two sisters.

It is unknown how long the dispute would have lasted until it was interrupted by the wonder boy. He calmly stated:

— Don’t fight guys. This is my ship; I flew on it and fly home to my planet. I need to get back to my house. My parents must have lost me a long time ago, and now they’re worried about me. I have to fly back. As soon as you find the key, I’ll fly right away. And I suggest you fly with me. I will introduce you to the planet of the Heat, with its inhabitants, and with its parents.

Cheers! — Misha and Tisha cried out.

— That’s great. Clapping his hands, leaping from joy to Lusia and Dusia, hearing the wonderful offer of the Wonder-boy. Just one Kishkomot was not cheerful; he tormented one question, which he several times asked the guys:-who will be the commander of the ship? But nobody heard him. The children rejoiced, hugged Wonder-boy for his beautiful idea, and then everyone began to discuss the plan of how to make a trip to the planet “Heat”, and that it is necessary to take with them on a long road.

Chapter II
Preparation for the flight

— The main thing is to stock up “The Gushenka” and as much as possible! -Offered the Wonder-Boy the first point in terms of preparation for the flight.

— To prepare with itself warm things, — Lusia has declared.

— Why warm things? -We are hot on the planet! -objected to the miracle boy.

“You’re going to be cold all the time, and while we’re going to fly to your planet, warm things can come in handy,” Dusia said convincingly.

— It is necessary to bring the tools and computer, -said Tisha and Misha.

— And also a toothbrush, soap, towel.

— And also books, a camera, water, food more, -in eager rivalry shouted guys, and Tisha, all necessary for flight in order wrote down in a notebook, trying not to forget anything.

— The most important thing is to take gas masks, flippers with snorkeling, and a soccer ball, -suddenly a voice of Kishkomot sounded.

— What is this for? Dusia asked.

— What is this for? –Kishkomot asked. -Who knows where to put us? -and suddenly-this tin can will fall into the ocean, and fins will come in handy to swim under the water, -said Kesha.

— What about the gas masks? Lusia asked.

— During the flight, this suspicious ship can break, in the atmosphere will not be air, as then we will breathe? — Kesha asked surprisingly.

— Well, well, and why the ball? Where are you going to play football? Misha and Tisha inquired.

— On the planet “Heat”, where else? — said Kishkomot.

— Do you play football on the planet, Weirdo? — Lusia and Dusia asked.

— Play, -said the redhead baby.

— What else do you play? Misha asked.

— Let’s not be distracted, we still have a lot of things to do! — Tisha interrupted the conversation. All that is needed for the flight, I wrote down in the notebook. He then read out the whole list of necessary things that the guys offered and clarified:-Did you forget anything?

Forgot! -suddenly shouted Wonder-boy.

That? The boys asked the choir.

Key! I lost the key! We’re not going anywhere! Weirdo cried out with fright.

— Calm down, Wonder boy, better tell me what your key looked like, -Dusia asked.

— He looks like your notebook, Tisha, only small and as shiny as my Cosmoletik, “said Weirdo

— Everything is clear; this is an electronic card, or the chip with which the spaceship is made, -confidently declared tadpoles.

— Remember, Weirdo, where could you put it? Lusia and Dusia were worried.

— Remember, Little man, or you will get, — Kishkomot threatened and showed his fist to Weirdo, waving them in front of his nose.

— Okay, guys, I’ll try to remember. Most likely, I dropped it somewhere in the grass. The key fell out of my pocket when I got out of Cosmoleta. We should look for it on glade, — offered the Wonder boy.

— Let’s all look together, -said Lusia. After that Kesha, Lusia with Dusia and Weirdo began to search the glade where Cosmolet was located. At this time, Tisha and Misha studied the remote control of the space alien ship. Tadpoles found that there are buttons on the control panel that have strange names written: Zhuta Ubia, World, Phant, Moon, Earth, Heat.

— most likely, said Tisha, is a Button with the name of planets.

— Exactly, Misha confirmed. -And if you click on the button with a certain name, you can fly to the desired planet. The boys were delighted with their guess, but decided to check with Wonder-boy, whether it really is. They called Weirdo to Cosmolet and began questioning him about the buttons. The kid was happy to explain to Micha and hush about what he knew. Throwing the search for the key, Kishkomot came in Cosmolet and Lusia with Dusia to listen to the story of Weirdo.

— If you press the red button, you can fly to the most terrible planet Zhuta where they live terrible Zhutkary. They are evil and dangerous creatures. Zhutkary wag wars and sometimes attack other planets to unleash war.

— Did they attack your planet “heat”? They asked the tadpoles.

— Yes, they attacked. But we managed to fight them off.

— How To The way? — Tisha asked.

— using weapons that emit strong energy. A new kind of energy was created by my dad, — said the Wonder -boy. He converted it from the energy of two suns.

— Is your father a scientist? The girls asked?

— Yes, -said Weirdo. And he taught me a lot.

— and this, what a black button, with the name Ubia? The tadpoles inquired.

— Ubia is an indifferent planet, “said Weirdo. Ubia, the inhabitants of this planet do not fly anywhere, and do not like to fly to them. They will never help anyone if they need it.

— Did you fly to this planet? Dusia asked.

— No, I did not fly, but I know that Ubia denied help of Heat that flew to them on the planet.

— What kind of help did he need? Misha asked.

— Heat was very ill, “said Weirdo. It was necessary to return to the planet, and he felt bad, he needed medicines, without which he could perish and not return home.

— and what then? Lusia asked. –who did help him?

— Heat helped, — replied Weirdo. They contacted his ship on radio waves, found out that he needed help, and flew after him. And if Heat did not save the inhabitant of his planet, he would have died on the planet Ubia. From the story of Wonder — boy, Lusiay appeared in front of tears, and then flowed on her pink cheeks. Wonder-boy, seeing that Lusia cried, embraced her and said: “Don’t cry, Lusia, I will never leave you, and I will always save you, and we will never fly to Ubia!

— Thank you, my Wonder! — Said Lusia, and then she hugged the red Weirdo tightly.

— Tell about these two, -Kishkomot became interested and showed on the buttons on which it was written: “World” and “Phant”.

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