Tale of the pregnant house

Бесплатный фрагмент - Tale of the pregnant house

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— I’m sure, I’m telling you exactly, he was chasing me! I saw him personally,» said Louise, wiping her tears and trembling with fear. — He would be so huge, enormous, he ran and rushed after me and more…

— What?

«He was pregnant,» said Louise, and began to cry again, wiping her tears with a nervous hand.

No one could console the poor girl who suffered from the persecution of a pregnant woman at home. By the way, not only she saw this pregnant house. He often harassed the women of the city of K. But there was no real evidence of his existence. However, many said that he was pregnant, and along the way «gave birth» to small houses. These houses were found by people. They were ordinary, small, wooden. Nothing special, they looked like a New Year’s toy that fit in the palm of your hand. And these little houses were like two drops of water similar to this big house.


In order to catch the pregnant house, the inhabitants of the city gathered a meeting.

— We must find him, find him and… punish him. Yes, to punish them not to run after our women and frighten them! — said Rustam at the meeting of the city.

«Yes, how else can you punish him, he’s pregnant!» Rustam heard an exclamation from the crowd and hesitated. But indeed, a pregnant house is something unfamiliar to science, unknown and mysterious. It is not clear how to behave with him, and in general what gender is he, and what does he want from the locals? «Well, at least one-story, — the inhabitants of the city began to argue, — otherwise I would have crushed to death. If I had caught up.» The fact that he did not catch up with anyone, and did not cripple, and did not force cohabitation was a mystery, because his motives were not clear to the inhabitants of the city.«What does he want from us?» the inhabitants of the city asked into the air. «Maybe he is lonely and just looking for company?».

You could argue as much as you like, but the fact remained — there were no pictures of him. It was very difficult to photograph him on the run. Well, it was also very difficult to fight him, he is pregnant. It was only noteworthy that out of ten victims of his attention there were eight women, this indicated that he did not really like men. Or maybe he was just looking for easier prey.


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