Tale of five wizards

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In one distant Kingdom, somewhere on the edge of the earth, lived five wizards. They were brothers and so utterly not similar on each other, that many could not to believe in their relatedness.

The oldest was called Gula, and he loved to eat, could enjoy the food even all day long. The hum was very thick, moved on his feet very hard, and when tossed and turned in a dream on his oak bed, the crackle of the springs under it was heard in all the surrounding houses. And he taught everyone the art of eating and enjoying food.

The second oldest brother was called Avarus. This magician had a reputation of a great rich man, so that the king himself often asked him for a loan of money, however, at a very high interest rate. Avarus spent the whole day among his chests with jewels and gold coins, which were simply bursting with excess stored, replenished invariably every day. But there was a rare period of time when he appeared among the inhabitants of the Kingdom to teach the art of wealth accumulation, and, moreover, generously shared his great knowledge. Avarus and Hum were very close as a family, regularly visited each other and helped as needed: senior — products that could create even from the air, and the second oldest brother certain sums of money to send him on his hand.

Middle brother-the magician bore the name Iry. He was very grouchy and always in conflicts, even with the king himself, after which the monarch even forbade him to appear near his Palace and say his name aloud to all his citizens. On this commandment of the crowned person, irii was terribly offended and moved to live in the mountains, on the edge of a dangerous cliff, building his house with high walls there. Brothers, he just can not stand to endure them could not, and this feeling to their own edinorossam seemed to be born with it.

Vanit was the fourth brother and very boorish. Not a day passed that he did not fail to remind someone with an enthusiastic look of his high status of a wizard. If he went for a walk on the city street, it could be easily seen from afar, such complacency radiated his face, it is in perfect harmony with those lush and bright outfits, dressed in his short body. It was hard not to notice such a happy man. But if someone Venita stopped with a certain issue, it before you keep any response, always made it clear to the questioner with whom he has the honour of talking, and this long-winded tirade could not last one minute. So ambitious was the fourth brother is a wizard.

The fifth and youngest of all the brothers bore the name of Superboy. He was considered the most favorite child of his parents, so he was allowed everything from early childhood. Any whim, any his unholy desire always were executed by the father and mother so quickly that, it seemed, the beam of light is much slower than their zealous actions for the sake of the beloved offspring. Already having matured, Superbay was different from other intractable character, which was based on the complete rejection of any authorities. He never greeted anybody, and even the slightest favor didn’t show when he was welcomed by citizens. His art, he passed only to those children and adolescents, who considered at least how much worthy to be with him.

All five brothers were reputed to be very respected wizards of the Kingdom, and each family considered it a great honor to send their children to study with one of them. There was no exception and the Royal family, which asked, despite the mutual rejection, the middle of the Iria on the education of the king’s son, the only heir to the throne, so delicate magical art, how he mastered to perfection. He took that in training, but first as it should be read all day long “disrespectful and harmful monarch of our rotting Kingdom” for all his true and imaginary grievances that caused him the Royal family, giving away from the Palace and making a hermit.

But somehow in the Kingdom, born to a family of peasants son. Born was born, if born little children, boys in such a prosperous Kingdom… But the most remarkable thing happened later, when the onset of the age of the father of the child in reply the Ministry of Education referral form for admission to the apprentice to one of the wizards wrote that the boy will not pass study none of them. To High Officials was a real incident, similar to the practice of the system of education never happened, because every child of the Kingdom just had to have a training course of magic in the knowledge of one of the magical arts, or social standards of the state, he was considered not ready for adult life. This continued for a decade, was the key to the prosperity of the Kingdom, because of the High scientific Council on the basis of numerous scientific studies have shown that application in the lives of these five is so revered magical arts gives citizens a high level of prosperity and Kingdom, a happy and contented life people.

For the Ministry of education of the Kingdom, the refusal of the father of a seven — year-old boy was a real blow to the entire system of training future and promising citizens, and for the state-a strong fluctuation in the very foundations of his prosperous life. None of the High Officials even knew how to respond to this situation, because such in the history of society has never been. A Large Council was convened, which met all evening and all night in search of a way out of the situation and understanding of such an act of the child’s father. And to anything didn’t come, except that in the morning to send the Envoy to the peasant for clarification of the reason of refusal of training at one of five great wizards bringing enormous advantage to the state. The king with an alert with bad news decided to wait, suddenly everything will be fine. But did not pass also hour as the dejected, the Messenger was already in the waiting room of the Ministry, which came to him in haste by members of the High Board said in a trembling voice that the rebellious father of the boy himself decided to teach the magic art. And to the question what and what kind of magic art, the peasant only shook his head with a smile and disappeared behind the door of the house, leaving the Envoy in bewilderment in the street to guess what the man meant.

It was decided by the High Board of the Ministry of Education to convey such sad news about the refusal of training urgently to the five brothers-wizards.

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