Revenge of the Witch. Betrayal in the name of a dream

Бесплатный фрагмент - Revenge of the Witch. Betrayal in the name of a dream

The backwoods

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Night was falling. Elsa with her grandmother Helga returned home from the woods. The sun’s rays barely slipped through the thick branches of the mighty trees of the taiga. Snow crunched underfoot melody. The frosty air was gentle and filled with the aroma of the taiga.

“It is easy to breathe,” said Elsa “from the forest do I not want to go.”

“Last winter days,” said Helga, “Elsa enjoy.”

“Grandma, and we will tell you about what happened today, the parents of Martin, Willie, Hans, and Jacob?” asked Elsa.

“No,” replied Helga, “We won’t tell, dear granddaughter.”

“Grandma, I think they should know,” objected Elsa. She stopped and stared at the old woman.

“From day to day the boys will recover and get stronger. Time will pass and everyone will forget about what happened to them misfortune. No, we shouldn’t tell anyone and don’t contradict me,” said Helga.

“Okay,” agreed to Elsa, and continued to follow Helga.

When Elsa and Helga came to the house it was completely dark. The starry sky was, as always, beautiful. Elsa looked at his dog snowy. Blue scarf on the dog’s neck reminded her of the time spent with Nikolos. She sighed and went into the yard.

“Grandma, I will feed a cow, and you cook dinner?” asked Elsa.

Helga agreed. She sat on the chair near the door and went to the kitchen. Cat Barsik was warmly greeted the owner. He ran to the old woman and started to bite her toe. Helga wanted to slightly manhandle the cat, but did not. She removed the sock from his feet and threw his cat. Barsik is not lost. He began to bite a sock on the other foot Helga. The old lady’s patience ran out and she kicked the cat out of the kitchen.

Elsa quickly fed cow Pestryanka. Milked her and went into the house. Dinner was ready. After dinner, Helga and Elsa went to bed in their rooms.

Elza couldn’t fall asleep. She long looked at the picture hanging at a case. White swans in a picture have begun to fly up in her imagination and it has closed eyes. Out of the corner of the eye Elza has seen an unclear shadow. The girl has opened eyes and has looked round. In the room of nobody except it was, and on a wall at a bed the night lamp shadow fell. Elza has rubbed eyes, has yawned and has blinked eyes. The shadow has again flashed. Elza, without hesitating minutes, has got out of bed. She has again examined the room. Her attention was riveted by a black spot at the lamp. Elza has approached the lamp and has seen near it a huge black beetle. The girl began to examine a bug and was surprised when has seen that he has only four paws.

“What nasty beetle. Probably, has crept out of a subfloor,” Elza has thought and carefully put the beetle in a box. The girl has approached a window and has thrown out a beetle on the street. She closed the window and wanted to close the blind but stopped. The girl began to peer into a window and has seen in the dark on a fence a huge beautiful owl. Unexpectedly the owl has rushed in a window to Elza and has hit against glass. Elza was frightened. She has quickly closed curtains and went to bed.

“After the latest events all seems strange now,” Elza thought. She had been lying in bed a little more and fell asleep.

Elza’s dream was colourful. The girl sat on a glade in the green wood. The sun was reflected in a playful stream transparent. Around beautifully birds sang and blue hand bells blossomed.

Elsa began to pluck and smell the flowers. She has again broken a handbell and has put in a bouquet, but has unexpectedly pricked about a flower thorn. The bell turned into a black and white rose with huge thorns. The flowers in the bouquet in contact with rose began to fade one by one. Elsa threw the bouquet and walked to the Creek to wash the blood from your finger.

She lowered hands in a transparent stream. At the very same time water in a stream became dirty. Strong wind rose. Rustled the forest. The green grass on a glade began to dry up and blacken quickly. Among the blackening grass Elza saw a familiar owl. The owl flew up to the girl and began to turn into the sorcerer Hilda. Elza was frightened and began to run away from Hilda.

She jumped through a stream and ran. The girl faltered about an ant hummock and fell. Elza quickly rose, but Hilda was near already. The sorcerer threw a rope over the girl’s neck. The old woman threw a rope through a shoulder and dragged Elza to a stream. Elza tried to cry, but could not. Her throat was badly squashed by a dirty rope. Hilda dragged the girl to the stream and began to drown her in dirty water.

“Give, give,” the old woman Hilda shouted a hoarse voice.

“Pray,” Elza heard the grandmother Helge’s voice.

Elza began to say a prayer and woke up. Cold sweat acted on all body of the girl. Her body was covered by a passing shiver. In hope though to calm down a little Elsa wore Slippers and went to the kitchen to drink some water.

Elza entered on kitchen and saw the grandmother. Helge did not sleep any more and made a breakfast.

“Today it was not even necessary to awake you,” the old woman grinned.

“Yes,” Elza murmured.

“It seems to me or you shiver?” asked Helg.

Not to disturb the grandmother Elza did not begin to tell her about the seen dream and answered, “It seems, the grandmother. I froze a little.”

“Drink to tea and you will be warmed,” the grandmother offered.

“And I will make,” Elza agreed and began to get a mug from a case. She poured the tea and smeared butter on bread.

“Enough snacking to be engaged. I for whom make a breakfast?” Helge began to be indignant.

“During the lunchtime I will eat,” Elza answered. She quickly drank up tea and went in the room to gather for work. Elza clothe on the favourite green dress for work. She said goodbye to the grandmother and left the house.

On the street it was cloudy. Snow clouds absolutely gradually dumped snow-white snowflakes on the earth. Elza left gate and looked at snow dog. It was upset when didn’t see on a dog of a blue scarf of Nikolos.

“Probably, wind carried away a scarf. It is a pity”, the girl thought and went for work.

There passed thirteen years. Years didn’t spare the old woman Helge. It became absolutely old and weak. Elza’s support gave forces to the grandmother. It trained the granddaughter in all cunnings of white magic and nonconventional medicine. Now Elza together with the grandmother treated and cured of diseases of residents of the village Polesia.

There passed years and Elza became the beautiful stately woman. She still worked in shop and loved the work. Elza matured, but for the grandmother remained the same inquisitive baby. However the old woman often worried about the fact that Elza can’t find to herself the husband. Helge didn’t want that after her death Elza remained absolutely alone. She in every possible way urged on the girl on searches of the partner in life. In response to reproaches of the grandmother Elza only sighed and changed a topic of conversation. She got used to live with the grandmother and didn’t want either children, or the husband.

Hans, Willie, Martin and Yakov, as said Helga, quickly recovered from a disease and again got on feet. The old bad story was forgotten by all and didn’t torment guys. After school of the boys went to study to the city. Willie and Hans remained to live in the city, and Yakov and Martin arrived back to the village. Martin married the dark-browed beauty Ariadne. She was a few conceited person, but Martin managed to find to it approach. At Martin and Ariadna two bright babies were born. The younger daughter of Martin Inesse was five months old, and the oldest daughter Diana is three years old.

Yakov, as well as in the childhood, tried not to lag behind in anything from the friend. In a month after Martin’s wedding he married the blond baby Lisa. She got the nickname “baby” because of low growth. Yakov was too not high therefore their couple looked beautifully. At Yakov and Lisa was two kids. The younger son Victor was eight months old, and the senior daughter Eve is three years old. Martin and Yakov were on friendly terms families, and their children perfectly got on among themselves. Sometimes Eva and Diana fought, but quickly reconciled.

“Again pouted at each other?” Elsa asked Diana and Eve, when the girls came with Lisa to the store for candy.

“The doll is not shared in the kindergarten,” Lisa answered and smiled, “I want to cajole candies them.”

“And why together didn’t begin to play with a doll?” Elza asked Eve.

“I wanted to put to bed a doll, and Diana didn’t allow me it to make,” Eve answered.

“The doll wanted to eat,” Diana began to argue again.

“No, to sleep,” Eve objected.

“Girls don’t swear. Let me feed your doll, and you put bed it,” Elza offered.

Eve and Diana exchanged glances and agreed. Diane filed an Elsa doll. Babies began to observe how Elza feeds a doll.

“Now take the doll to bed,” Elza told girls and gave a doll to Diana.

“Eve we will go rather to put to bed a doll to me home,” Diana offered.

“Let’s go,” Eve agreed and took Diana by the hand.

Lisa was surprised to such sudden reconciliation of girls and told, “Elza, you need to get a job in kindergarten the tutor. You are able to find approach to children.”

Elza smiled in reply to Lisa. Lisa took Eve by hand and led girls home to Diana. Elsa looked at the trail of Lisa and girls and began to gather home.

After an hour, Elsa was already at the house she took off the black shoes, got up bare feet on a green grass and breathed a sigh of relief. The sun was still high and didn’t seem about to leave the horizon. Summer heat rather cloyed to the girl. Elza wanted a little an autumn cool. She sat a little at the house on a bench and came into the house. She was met by the grandmother Helge.

“Elza, already late, and our cow of Pestryanka didn’t return from a pasture yet. Descend and look for it,” asked Helga.

“Ok,” Elza answered, “I will a little have a bite and will run to shepherds. Perhaps, they will tell where it is possible to look for a cow.”

Elza came on kitchen and poured into his favorite mug of tea. She quickly drank the tea and went to my room to change. Elza took off the beautiful violet dress and pulled black trousers. Then approached a mirror and put on a blue shirt. Elza combed the thick fair hair a hairbrush. She smiled to the reflection in a mirror and went to shepherds. Elza decided to learn where they grazed cows to begin Pestryanki’s searches.

Elza passed through two streets of the village and approached the beautiful wooden house of the shepherd Mark. She approached a gate and called Mark. From the house came out on the porch a tall young man of thirty-five. This was Mark. The color of his hair was medium brown, and a pale complexion. Friendly features the face of the guy inspired confidence. Mark was a senior among shepherds.

“Hi Mark,” Elza greeted.

“Good evening, the beauty,” Mark answered and smiled, “Came to make friends with me Elsa?”

Elza was confused and askance looked at it. The girl maliciously smiled and answered, “You to me still suggest to play.”

“Outplay you me,” Mark told and laughed, “Tell, what happened.”

“At us today from a pasture the cow did not return. Mark, maybe, you know where it can be found?” Elza asked.

“Your Pestryanka to us frazzled all nerves,” Mark answered, “It very much, very cunning cow. Recently, us sometimes difficult for her to follow.”

“Ordinary cow. Nothing special for her not watched,” Elza told and shrugged brittle shoulders.

“Aha, ordinary cow. You Elza probably not about Pestryanka speak,” Mark grinned, “When we banish herd of cows on a high grass, Pestryanka at first goes as absolutely ordinary cow. Goes and chews a grass. If she sees that we don’t look at her, all. Pestryanka in a moment evaporated, disappeared, was gone.”

“Runs away perhaps?” Elza assumed.

“If,” Mark answered, “Lays down in a high grass and waits until we with herd of cows leave from a look. Then happy Pestryanka waddlingly, slowly, goes on the affairs.”

“Our cunning Pestryanka,” the amazed voice Elza said.

“I am afraid that today she outwitted us again,” Mark told by the disappointed voice, “I think that it now in the field where the clover seeded state farm.”

“The field is behind the lake?” Elza has specified.

“Yes. Look there,” Mark advised, “Tell to the grandmother that from now on we will watch closely more your cow of Pestryankaya.”

“Ok, Mark, I will report to the grandmother,” Elza answered and went to the forest lake.

“To manage to find this vagabond till the sunset,” Elza thought, carefully making the way through taiga thickets. It passed a little more and stopped. At a big old cedar the girl saw the attached dog. It carefully approached it. The dog lay and whined. It was breeds Huskies. Blue as the sky, eyes of a dog fascinated the girl. Elza approached closer a dog and wanted to stroke it, but the dog began to crawl away from her.

“The poor thing,” regretted a dog the girl.

The dog pressed ears, put the head on forepaws and continued to whine.

“Darling, you will allow me you to release?” Elza asked.

The dog didn’t move. Elza approached a dog again and stroked it on the head.

“A good dog,” Elza whispered and carefully untied a dog, “Go home.”

The dog sat down near Elza and nestled on her legs.

“Go home,” Elza began to banish a dog.

The dog didn’t move and plaintively whined.

“As you wish,” Elza became angry and went away from a dog. The dog got on feet and trudged for the girl.

“What with you to do to me?” Elza asked a dog, “All right, went with me. I’ll decide what to do with you.”

Elza approached a dog and stroked it on the head.

“I will call you Difenbeyker,” Elza told, looking to a dog in eyes. The dog joyfully began to dance around the girl.

“The toady,” again scolded a dog Elza. She stroked Difa and groped a ring on a collar. Elza accurately removed a ring with a huge red stone and began to consider it.

“Beautiful ancient bagatelle,” the girl thought. She began to examine a cut red stone.

“Dif, this ring of your hostess?” Elza asked. The dog got up on hinder legs and hit with forepaws on Elza’s hand. The ring dropped out from a hand of the girl and fell in a grass.

“What do you create a harmful dog?” Elza began to swear, “I liked this ring. Find to me it.”

Difenbeyker raised a paw. Under a paw the ring lay. Elsa took the ring and immediately dressed him for a minute on the ring finger. The stone beautifully played in the leaving beams of the evening sun. Elza went to the field and admired a ring. Difenbeyker went nearby.

Behind Elsa came the crunch of old branches and she turned around. She could not believe her eyes. Before her stood Nikolos.

“Again you,” told Elza. She was disturbed by sudden appearance of Nikolos and didn’t know how to her to arrive. Elza became slowly will move away from the guy, but he quickly approached her and took by hand.

“I am glad you again to see,” is hardly heard said Nikolos, “Sorry, but me it is difficult to speak. I too long was in an appearance of a wolf.”

“And I am not glad to see you Nikolos,” Elza carefully muttered, “During the last meeting you beat me with the head about a wall.”

“I protected the hostess,” Nicholas began to justify.

“And where she now?” carefully Elza asked.

Nikolos hesitated a little and told, “Directly faces me. Now you are Elza my hostess. I think that you remember how Hilda died. She fell to the ground in a marble quadrangle. In this quadrangle of Helga buried substitution for death in due time to save your life. Hilda’s energy was transmitted through this earth to you. The sorcerer always before death looks for the one to whom she will be able to transfer the magic power and when finds, quietly dies. When you put on Hilda’s ring, I didn’t have doubts in it. I became a person thanks to you again. If you remove a ring, then will see before yourself a wolf.”

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