Story of my life

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«What has been will be again,

what has been done will be done again;

there is nothing new under the sun.».

(Ecclesiastes 1:9) ESV*
(English standard version)


«The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.»

(Ecclesiastes 1:9) KJV*
(King James Version)

This book is dedicated to you personally.

I want you to know — that you have the best story of your life.

Perhaps, reading this book, you will find your own times of life, that are similar to someone else’s, or learn the story of your friend’s life.

And that is normal. There are so many different people all over the world, living and gaining life experience, that is similar to yours. They are not your counterparts.

Times are changing, the culture is changing. People live in different countries, cities, villages and outback.

But there is nothing new under the Sun. There have always been people with different nature, no matter if they are good or bad. Your life is in hands of the Creator.

The story of your life has already been written. It is written by our God. Every moment of your life is written with such love that cannot be put into words. This love can only be felt with your heart by plunging into it with all your soul, feeling it with your whole body and merging your spirit with it. And you may have all of it, right now. You decide how to live your own life.

I believe, when you read this book, these stories will touch your heart.

You may have thoughts that all of this is just a fairy tale and there is no such thing in real life. And if it happens, the person finds the way out of difficult situations.

Listen to me: remember your carefree childhood, those sweet times playing with toys. Those times, when you could be the king, the queen, the director, the Superman in your games. You have always been the winner, almighty.

Actually, you have never played as the slave or the thief, or just some lazy man. You have never wanted to be poor, some killer or prisoner, sitting in a prison, even in your thoughts.

Have you ever asked yourself about the reason of such thoughts? I suppose that you will ask yourself after reading this book.

Your life is not only in the hands of the Creator — it is in your hands too.

I know that there is a desire to live differently in your heart.

Moreover, I know that you have thousands of reasons why your life cannot be different.

But I know our Creator who is able to change everything around you and inside you. And He is not only able to do this — He has a strong desire to do it, He is waiting for this opportunity. Do you ask why? The answer is very simple — God loves you very much.

Lyudmila Kryanina

Chapter 1

Story of my life

Well, it is about that time when my body is weak and I am not able to move so fast and my hands do not have the strength as before. The only thing that is still young and hot with a strong will to achieve new victories — is my heart.

Every time I leave my room to get some cold day’s fresh air and take a look at young vigorous carefree generation, I have a desire to tell you about my life.

My heart gets more and more filled up with this desire. And I am looking forward to coming across some great moment to relive these precious days of my life again.

One evening a crowd of little and very curious kids run up to me, heaping upon me.

One of those boys, a blond kid with an unusual name Shimey, sat on my laps, hugged me, put his head on my chest and then asked me:

«Grandpa, you’re old and you, probably, know a lot of interesting stories. Tell us them.»

And all the kids in the crowd started shouting:” Tell us, tell us».

The inner voice said to me:” This is it, the moment when you can tell the story of your life».

But my mind immediately started contradicting this voice; thoughts started running around in my head:” Who cares about a story of your life? Anyway, what is there interesting about it?»

But the quiet inner voice persistently repeated:” You should do it, you may not have another opportunity in the future. And then I decided that I would tell it. As soon as I made up my mind, my heart felt lightness and happiness, a big smile appeared on my face.

I hugged all the kids and said:

«Oh well, my little friends, make yourself comfortable, we are about to start this fascinating journey.»

Sitting on his father’s lap

Long time ago, when I was not living here, I lived in the most beautiful place. And I happily sat on my beloved Father’s lap, just like you right now, and listened to interesting stories about his children, who were my brothers and sisters.

But one day my Daddy told me: «Today I am going to tell you your own story. I was very surprised and excited because I didn’t even know that I had an interesting story too.»

Sitting on my Father’s lap and feeling warmness and protection in His hands, listening to his heartbeat and showering with His love, I was thinking: «What could Father tell about me?»

Father held me very tightly and gently to his chest, kissed me and started talking to me:

«My dear son, finally it’s about time to tell you what I wrote about you in the book of Life a long time ago, before all living and non-living was created on our Earth. Yes, I love you very much, but your story will be very unusual and will not be alike any of the stories you have heard before.»

When I tell it to you, every word will be written in your heart. And it doesn’t matter what may happen to your life, your story is the best, you can trust me.

Our time together, here and now, in this beautiful place, is coming to an end, and you will need to move to another place and settle it, to live your life and then tell others about it.

I’ve found the best dad and mother for you. You will have the best sisters and brothers.

You’ll have the best name — Javis.

Your story begins from the moment when I begin to create your unusual body in an unusual place.

I have gathered a feast for this moment. And the heavens will rejoice from the beginning of creation to the full completion.

It won’t be as fast as you think. Forty weeks, day after day, I will be creating your beautiful body. I will lead the whole process of your perfection. You will always feel my presence.

I can see the question in your eyes: where will this happen?

It will be inside your mother, and no one knows how I will create you all these forty weeks. You’ll only be seen when it’s time for you to move from a special place inside your mother to another place.

And I can see the question in your eyes again: what is it — another place?

But before I answer that question, I have something else to say.

As you have heard and already know, I am moving all My children to live their lives on planet Earth.

Your parents live on planet Earth too. And everything you see there is also My creation.

But once upon a time, one of my beautiful creations became prideful, because I created it perfectly beautiful, very smart and powerful. I had to punish him. That is why he began to seduce all My creations, lead them into sin and do the opposite to My views of the world. His name is Lucifer.

Your father and mother, as well as brothers and sisters, are also attacked by him. I know, that you will be attacked by Lucifer too.

But I will always help you, protect you, and give you the wisdom to confront him.

Filled with compassion and love

When you’re in your mother’s womb, Lucifer will try to hurt her. But He won’t be able to hurt you because I am your Protector.

He will be hurting her through various parts of her body for forty weeks. And He will be sending her thoughts, that the main reason of her pain is you.

But you already know that it is not your fault, and it should not upset you.

Mother will start cursing you for Lucifer’s influence and his will.

But I will close your ears so that you cannot hear the words of damnation, because I love you and I will protect you.

Then your father and his lips will also be demonised by Lucifer. Your dad will hate you, instead of saying the words of love.

You should always know — I love you! Remember — I will always love you and show you my love. I embrace you and kiss you — it will always be this way.

Oh I see how your heart is overflowing with compassion and love for your parents, brothers and sisters. You’re a wonderful son! And everybody loves you!

Let us continue the history of your life. The heavens are cheering, rejoicing and looking forward to your occurrence on Earth all these 47 weeks. Despite all the pain, your parents are looking forward to your birth! And here you come — my best, beautiful, precious and beloved son! A Great shout of joy will come throughout the universe that I have created!

The Heavens rejoice in the girls

As I was telling this story, I was looking at the children who were surrounding me. And I noticed that cute smiles appeared on their faces. Blond Shimey, who sitting comfortably on my laps, recalled his family’s happiness when his Daniel’s brother was born.

A dark blond thin little boy Gera has recently become a brother of twin sisters Leah and Esther. He remembered the joyful moments associated with their birth. Lots of relatives brought presents for his sisters and he got a few too. But then, moody girl Sara moved through a boys’ crowd and asked very seriously: «Do the heavens feel happy too, when the girls born? Are there any stories for the girls?»

Sara was a little older than all the children, and her family was very poor. Her face mirrored an immense heart hurt and her little children’s palms were covered with adult corns.

My heart was full of love and tenderness for this girl. I outstretched my hands to her and started talking: «My beautiful, precious daughter Sarochka. Come here, sit next to Shimey». She has a modest smile on her face. She settled comfortably on my lap, and I how Divine Love began to fill her skinny baby body through me.

«My dear little friends, I want to tell you, the One, who created you, both boys and girls, loves you very much. And He has no difference, who you are exactly, Him you are all very valuable, very precious for Him.

Heavens always rejoice when boys and girls are born.

I took a look at Sara and didn’t recognize her — she was glowing with happiness! Both the smile and the eyes showed that she was filled up with Heavenly Father’s love. Then I looked at the other kids and realized that today was enough of necessary useful information for my little friends.

«Oh, it is so great, so I am loved, I am expected by dad and mother and my life story is written too!» Maria, a little girl with beautiful wavy hair, screamed enthusiastically. She was so overwhelmed with joy that her face was literally bursting into a wide smile, and it was possible to see all her white teeth.

It was getting dark outside, and my little friends had to run home.

I said goodbye to each one of them with words of love. My heart overflowed with the joy of being able to tell a little story of my life. The words of gratitude to Heavenly Father overfilled my heart. It’s like I have relived this part of my life again.

I remembered how I was overflowing with the Father’s love sitting on His laps.

And I realized that the story of my life wasn’t over yet, it was just the beginning.

Once again, giving thanks to My Heavenly Father, I fell asleep, hoping that the day, when I could continue my story, would come…

Chapter 2

The Fire inside

Autumn has come, cold northern wind forced slipping into warm clothes. People were less and less going outside their homes, and it was much better for me to stay at home, watching the curly tongues of fire in the fireplace too.

Then, one day, when I was at home, watching the fire burning, shining a warming everyone, Sara knocked on the door, that girl with the underhand corns on her palms.

She used to visit us and have some tea with dried figs sometimes. That day, she had some free time, when she could play with her peers and drink tea with us.

That time she asked timidly: «Grandfather, is there a continuation of the story that you told us in the summer?»

At that moment, I got the same feeling again. The voices in my had continued repeating me: «It’s your time, just tell this». I smiled and answered: «Sure, what do you want to hear?»

Sara was very happy, but for some reason she hurried to leave. I was confused. Apparently, Sara saw the bewilderment on my face, and started talking very quickly: «Grandpa, I’ll be right back in a moment, I just have to bring my brother Jacob and sister Elizabeth here.» After a short pause, she said to me: «There was so much love in my heart after our conversation last summer, that I told your story so many times. Everyone noticed that I became another person. Our mother is sick and she is not able to work. Despite the fact, that our father works hard to make ends meet, our family is large, there are six children in it. That is why my elder brother, sister and me support our parents. I believe, they should hear your story too.

Than Sara vanished.

I asked my Heavenly Father — how my story could help Sara’s brother and sister? My Father filled my heart with His love without a word, and I stopped asking questions — everything inside me became clear and understandable. Everything within me became clear and understandable.

It was time for lunch. Sara returned, while we were setting the table. A very handsome young man followed her. His clothes were not entirely new, and it was worn a little, that one could see his tanned young, but muscular body. The young man was very shy of his appearance and was a bit laconic.

He was followed by a girl a little older than Sara. Her eyes were sad and expressed a little joy in her life.

Finally, the table was set up for our guests. They all were confused by an invitation to have dinner with us. Their faces clearly showed us, that the invitation was a surprise to them. They looked at the table and our smiling faces, and, finally, their embarrassment and doubt passed away.

Our dinner was finished and I took my favorite place by the blazing fireplace. Sara, Jacob and Elizabeth sat down on the soft carpet beside me. I asked Sara if she could remember the end of our story. She was so excited by telling our story, as if it was yesterday.

«The Heavens rejoice when little boys and girls are born» -she told us, ending our story.

Then she looked at me and said:

— It’s about time to continue Grandpa’s story.

And three pairs of eyes looked at me with excitement. I continued Sara’s story:

— You are right, Sara, the Heavens rejoice when little boys or girls are born. Mom’s and Dad’s hearts are also overflowing with joy.

Name as destiny’s mark

— One sunny wonderful day a baby boy was born, his mother heart was filled with joy, but her body was very sore and the whole body’s pain deadened her joy. When she was asked how to name the baby boy, she named him Javis, and said: «I gave birth to him in pain».

But we all know, that it is the best name, baby got this name long before his birth. Not only mom and dad, but also brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, as well as grandparents were waiting for the baby with joy.

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