Stories about elephant calf Lanchenkar

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О книге

A wise baby-elephant Lanchenkar and his friends will come across a Chinese Emperor and a King of Siam, a talking parrot, and a kangaroo-who-reads-the books. Thanks to these socials, Lanchenkar and our dear readers as well will discover how infinitely diverse this world is. Games and riddles of the jungle inhabitants, the keen mind of the Lanchenkar and his unrelenting desire to help everyone will surely find a response from all the readers, because the child lives in the soul of each of us.

Об авторе

Ayusha Erdyneev

Ayusha Erdyneev was born in 1972 in Aga-Khangil settlement of the Zabaykalsy Krai. In 1994 he graduated from the Buddhist University of Mongolia. In 2006 he acheived the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. in 2007 his book «Fairy tales of the baby elephant Lanchenkar» was awarded «The best children’s book in Russia». He has published 30 books. The Nations Drama Experimental Theatre in Moscow put some of his plays on a stage: «Siddharta» (2015), «Milarepa (2015), «The dream of ridiculous» (2016), «Fairy tale of the baby elephant» (2017). Six movies were shot on Tenchoy’s scripts.

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