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In social networks, I agreed with Yundanchik, he will sell me a ticket to the ftisland concert upon arrival. At my work, I knocked out a vacation for myself. To me, the boss says:

— Where on vacation in winter is it worse than summer? You can go fishing, go to your grandmother’s village, can you change your mind? Before it’s too late? Eh? Asked Nikolay (that was his name). Looking at my application for vacation


— Well, sign! But rather! I’m waiting for me a little time, tomorrow is the plane, things need to be collected!

“Where are you flying? If not a secret?” Asked Nikolay, not willingly signing a sheet of paper of the form “а-4”.

“Yes, what’s the secret there? I waved my hand.” This is my native Seoul!

— How did he become your family?

— I’m studying Korean food, well, if possible, go to the FTIsland concert!

Um! And who are FTIsland?

— So it does not matter. I again waved my hand and added: “You don’t know them anyway.” Nicholas also waved his hand, saying:

“God be with them! And you do not forget the novel by the deadline!” I leaned over to him (he sat at his desk) and said:

“Nikolai Petrovich! Have I ever let you down? He shook his head.”

— Look! I’m interested in your novel

,now I’ll see how he is called. He looked in his desk and said: “In! I found Night Goblins and Me,” listen and who is Lee Hong Ki? You mention it in the novel so often.

“It does not matter! (Bliiiiin got so got). And I asked:

— Can I go already? He raised his index finger up and said:

— One minute! This novel,

and you know that he entered the top five, famous writers, you understand that you can become famous! Like yours, eh? how is it there, and Lee Hong Ki. I shook my head.

— No, I don’t want, I don’t want to be recognized on the street, it’s not mine! Let other celebrities be looking for!

— That is, leave “Anonymous”? Nikolay asked me without looking up from his monitor.

Yes! Better leave it so! Everything “Adyos”. I waved my hand to him and flew out the door with a bullet. (Fuh was finally barely free.) And in a cursory step went home to collect things. (I wonder how many things collect that? Or everything I don’t have much to drag with them, too lazy!) when I get to the house. I opened my closet (OK! I’ll take a little, let’s start with summer dresses,

STOP! What the hell summer dresses? I’m not flying to Hawaii!) And I started to collect three sweaters, three skirts warm, STOP! (Why do I have all the yellow clothes? I like yellow, yellow ones! Having collected all the things, I called Yundanchik I had to speak English. (I reported that tomorrow at seven in the morning I will fly out and will be in Korea at one o’clock in the afternoon.

He said that he would meet me at the airport. I said until tomorrow and pressed the red button on the mobile phone. (Time!) I washed, dressed, called a taxi, looked out the window, I saw night and a lot of snow,

see a lot overnight, no one has ever trampled on snow (hurray! I will go to stomp it first) A taxi arrived, I got into it. The driver put my yellow suitcase in the trunk and brought it to the airport. The street began to light up, I entered the hall, for passengers, there were five minutes before departure, I was scanned about luggage too. Already on the plane: –

Girl! Turn off your mobile phone, for your safety. I listened to my aunt and did as she told. It was 07:05 at the clock, (well, you can sleep) I clung to the porthole, watched us soar and suddenly fell asleep for myself, woke up only, when the stewardess woke me up:

“Stand up! Have already arrived, Girl, we are in Inchon!”

“Yes! Oh sorry,

dozed off something! and took his luggage trudged to the door. Sea or ocean air sighed. So Yundan did not meet me. (maybe he was busy?) Oh! how I loved this air, he gave me strength. From Icheon to Seoul, I got on the subway, opening the door, the driver said:

“Do not forget your things! Never forget your luggage! Leaving from the train, I am someone

then he stretched out his hand and smiled, it was a man of about 35, it was immediately visible (the native of Korea). He helped me down and took off my luggage and said:

“I am very glad to meet you, I’m Yundan, I didn’t think that you are so beautiful. I was very pleased with his words. (He already knew my name, it’s all social networks). I smiled in response and said:

Thank! that you met me, I would not have managed without you.

“Listen! Why do you need a hotel? You can live with me, I live alone. I was taken aback: (One? This is the word!) (I knew that Koreans think that European girls are more accessible than Korean women.)

“No! I am working on a book, I need to write a novel, I need perfect peace!” I snapped sharply.

So I will not distract you from work! Do everything you need! Yundan did not let up. I waved with one hand as the other was busy with luggage.

“No, and that means no, I am a hermit! I answered even sharper.” And we agreed that you would sell me a ticket?

— So I took it, saying this, he pulled out of his trouser pocket something like a ticket.

Can we go to a concert together? I missed it.

— How much is my ticket?

— 90.000 won! In rubles this (5330.38)

— Come on where the ATMs are here, I’ll take the cash!

— Well, if you go to the concert with me, then you don’t need any money! (Ha! Dreaming, this will not happen!) I shook my head very strongly that she had already ached.

Yundan lowered his head and picked something under the tile with his nose, Then we all got to the ATM and I took the money and handed him the exact amount he requested and I took the ticket I needed.

— And maybe some coffee? everything is so. I reacted very sharply saying:

— I already got drunk on this coffee, but thanks anyway, for the offer. I called a taxi.

But Yundan became attached to me like a bath leaf.

— Come on! I can help you, he grabbed my luggage when the taxi pulled up, I snatched my yellow suitcase from his hands and handed it to the driver so that he put it in the trunk. I said goodbye to Yundan. He mumbled:

— On the connection! (Aha! How! I ran away). To be honest, I didn’t really want to see him.

Especially since he has a wife and children, and he is not my type. When I reached the hotel, I took out my weighty suitcase from the trunk. (And why didn’t I want to rent a house on the roof? It was cheaper!) (It was, it wasn’t). I was given a number, it corresponded to my wishes, everything is so 777, Or maybe it really fulfills desires? (I wish I could believe it!) Opening the door of my room,

I was shocked, (Well, not very expensive, well, as they say everything is for people). The room was, of course, alone, there was a coffee table and a small bed at the window, for one person, (but I have enough and soft, I sat on bed. In advance, putting my suitcase in the sliding cabinet. It was great! I pulled out the same ticket from my bag and looked at the date,

on the ticket was the date: 12/18/05. at 13:20. oh so, for a long time, today is only the first thing. When will this day come? I’ll be beside myself with happiness. (It’s enough to dream, it’s time to go to work.) For four days I went to Korean classes, half I and so I knew, well, this second half, I had to finish my studies. Every time Yundan called, I dumped,

pressing the red button with anger. Finally, that day came, I waited so long for this. I got up early, washed, dressed and drank a cup of coffee, (I really loved it.) When I got to the concert hall. The people inside were too many ((damn, as I didn’t like this crowd.) But I really needed it! I decided for myself. Everyone was dressed smartly, the first row was good in the ticket,

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