Stalin on Kureyka

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“About monuments to Stalin on Kureyka” which were established twice and were twicedestroyed at different times

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About monuments of J.Stalin on Kureyka

(which were established twice, and were twice destroyed at different times)

The Tsvetomuzykalny fountain on Theatre Square in Krasnoyarsk

Kureyka at many people is associated with Kureysky hydroelectric power station. Is less known that fact that here Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin lived in the exile «father of all people». Here to it monuments were at different times erected and twice destroyed.

To I. Stalin’s identity relation ambiguous and contradictory. But anyway, its activity is a part of our history and we are obliged to remember it as it (history) repeats…

Being figuratively expressed Stalin accepted the power with a plow and handed over it with a nuclear bomb. I directed the country and troops during Patriotic war. On his conscience of repression and GULAG

Steamship «Prelate Nikolay» It was visited by the successor of a throne future emperor of Russia Nikolay 11. Then on it V. Lenin reached in the shushesky link

Once again Stalin was arrested on February 23, 1910 in St. Petersburg and sent to the Turukhansky region for 4 years. In total he was exposed to arrests of 7 times, was in exile of 6 times, ran from links of 5 times. Running forward we will tell that from the North he didn’t manage to run — it is very problematic. From Krasnoyarsk downstream the Yenisei River it was transported on a fragile launch

Travel was very dangerous and 26 days proceeded. He lived in the machine (the small settlement) of Kureyk at the most Polar circle. In exile he conducted active work of the revolutionary, corresponded with V. I. Lenin, took part in all meetings of exiled of Bolsheviks. In the performance in the village Monastic (1915) branded a treacherous position of Kamenev in imperial trial of Bolshevist «five» — deputies of the 4th State Duma. It was periodically noted at the police officer. I was engaged in propaganda among local population. On life character had cheerful, liked to drink and well to have a snack, liked to sing songs, dancing…

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