Speak! American English Conversation

Бесплатный фрагмент - Speak! American English Conversation

6,000+ Vocabulary Words and Phrases in Dialogues

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This book lets you learn almost 4,000 most important English words and more than 2,000 common phrases by using them in conversations on various topics. The vocabulary ensures efficient communication in everyday situations at home, on the street, in class, at work, on a trip, and so on. New words and phrases are highlighted in bold in the text and are listed below each conversation. The tutorial can be used by learners of English as a second language when preparing for English language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. It might also be useful for teachers of English as a foreign language who wish to create real-life situations in class. All conversations are original and fully written by the author, and edited by David Christian in the USA.

Greetings and Farewells

1. Hey there!

(Informal style.)

Hey there!


How are you?

I’m fine. You?

Not bad.

Glad to hear that!

See you!


* * *


am (base form: be), and, are (base form: be), bad, farewell, fine, glad, greeting, hear, hey, hi, how, I’m = I am, informal, not, see, style, that, there, to, you

* * *


greetings and farewells

informal style

I’m fine

not bad

glad to hear

see you

2. Hello!

(Formal style.)

Hello! It’s good to see you!

Likewise. How are you doing?

I am doing great. How are you?

I’m good, too. How’s your family?

Not bad. How’s your spouse?

She’s doing great.

Give her my best wishes.

Thank you! See you soon!

* * *


best (base form: good), do, doing (base form: do), family, formal, give, good, great, hello, her (base form: she), how’s = how is, is (base form: be), it’s = it is, likewise, my, she’s = she is, soon, spouse, thank, too, wish, your (base form: you)

* * *


It’s (= It is) good to…

How’s (= How is) your…

I am / she is doing great

Give her…

best wishes

thank you

see you soon

3. Good morning!

Good morning!


Did you get enough sleep?

Not really.

Why did you get up so early?

have a lot of work to do.

Good luck to you!

Thank you!

* * *


a, did (base form: do), early, enough, get, have, lot, luck, morning, of, really, sleep, so, up, why, work

* * *


good morning

not really

get up

I have…

a lot of

a lot of work to do

Good luck to…

4. Good afternoon!

Good afternoon!


Where are you going?

To the cafe. I have a meal break.

Mayjoin you?

Of course! What will you have?

sandwich andcup of coffee. You?

cake and a glass of juice.

* * *


afternoon, break, cafe, cake, coffee, course, cup, glass, going (base form: go), join, juice, may, meal, sandwich, the, what, where, will

* * *


good afternoon

to the cafe

a meal break

join you

of course

a cup of coffee

a glass of juice

5. Good evening!

Good evening!


How was your day?

All right.

Any news?

Nothing much. Are you tired?

Yes, I’m tired. I want to sleep.

Go to bed. Good night!

* * *


all, any, bed, day, evening, go, much, news, night, nothing, right, tire, tired, want, was (base form: be), yes

* * *


good evening

How was…

all right

nothing much

I’m tired

I want to…

go to bed

good night

6. How do I greet a stranger?

How do I greetstranger?

Say to him, “Good morning, sir!”

What if it’s a woman, not a man?

Then say to her, “Good morning, madam”!

What if we met after noon?

Use the phrase “Good afternoon”.

When can I say “Good evening”?

Perhaps after five p.m.

* * *


a.m., after, can, five, greet, him (base form: he), if, madam, man, meet, met, noon, p.m., perhaps, phrase, say, sir, stranger, then, use, we, when, woman

* * *


How do I…

greet a stranger

say to him/her

What if…

not a man

after noon

Use the phrase…

When can I…

after five p.m.


7. What’s your name?

(Informal style.)

What’s your name?

Anna. What’s yours?

Mark. Where are you from?

Russia. How about you?

I’m from the United States.

What city are you from?

New York. You?


* * *


about, Anna, city, from, Mark, Moscow, name, new, Russia, state, states, unite, united, what’s = what is, York, yours

* * *


your name

How about…

the United States

What city…

I’m from…

8. What is your first name?

(Formal style.)

What is your first name?


What is your last name?


Where do you come from?

I come from the USA.

Where do you reside now?

In Moscow.

* * *


first, last, black, come, USA, reside, now, in

* * *


first name

last name

come from

the USA

9. Where were you born?

(Informal style.)

Where were you born?

In Moscow.

When were you born?

In April 2000. How about you?

I was born in 1995 in London.

So you’re English, aren’t you?

Yes. What’s your nationality?


* * *


April, aren’t = are not, born (base form: bear), English, London, nationality, Russian, were (base form: be), you’re = you are

* * *


Where were you…

When were you…

in April

I was born in…

in London

you’re English

your nationality

10. What is your citizenship?

(Formal style.)

What is your citizenship?


Your place of birth, please.

St. Petersburg.

What is your date of birth?

The first of January, 1986.

What is your home address?

Nevsky Avenue, 74.

* * *


address, avenue, birth, citizenship, date, home, January, Nevsky, Petersburg, place, please, St. = Saint

* * *


place/date of birth

St. Petersburg = Saint Petersburg

the first of January

home address

Nevsky Avenue

11. Where do you live?

Where do you live?

In a small town. How about you?

In a village.

Do you have a house?

Yes, I do. What about you?

No, I don’t. I live in an apartment.

Do you live alone?

No, there are four of us.

* * *


alone, an, apartment, don’t = do not, four, house, live, no, small, town, us, village

* * *


in a small town

in a village

have a house

No, I don’t

live in an apartment

live alone

there are…

four of us

12. How old are you?

How old are you?

Eighteen. I’m an adult already!

I’m older than you!

How many years older?


So, are you twenty-six?

Yes, I will be twenty-seven soon.

That can’t be! You look younger.

* * *


adult, already, can’t = cannot, eight, eighteen, look, many, old, older, than, twenty-seven, twenty-six, year, young, younger

* * *


How old…

older than

I will be…

can’t be

look younger

13. Have you finished school?

Have you finished school?

Yes, I finished it last year.

Do you work?

No, I entered college.

What is your specialty?


Do you like studying?

Oh yes, very much.

* * *


college, construction, enter, finish, it, like, oh, school, specialty, study, studying, very

* * *


finish school

finished school

last year

enter college

entered college

your specialty

like studying

very much

14. What’s your level of education?

What’s your level of education?

graduated from university.

What is your profession?

I’m a designer.

Why did you choose this profession?

chose it because I like to draw.

How long have you been drawing?

Since I was a kid.

* * *


because, been (base form: be), choose, chose, designer, draw, education, graduate, kid, level, long, profession, since, this, university

* * *


level of education

graduate from university

graduated from university

your profession

choose this profession

How long have you been…

Since I was…

15. What do you do for a living?

What do you do forliving?

I’m an engineer. How about you?

I’m a doctor. Where do you work?

For a construction company. You?


Do you like the job?

Yes, very much. You?

No, I want to change my profession.

* * *


at, change, company, doctor, engineer, for, hospital, job, living

* * *


What do you do…

for a living

for a construction company

like the job

at a hospital

change my profession

16. Do you speak Russian?

Do you speak Russian?

Of course! It’s my native language.

Do you know any foreign languages?

Yes, I do. English, Spanish, and French.

What about German?

No, I don’t speak German.

What other language would you like to learn?

Chinese. I really enjoy learning languages!

* * *


Chinese, enjoy, foreign, French, German, know, language, learn, learning, native, other, Spanish, speak, would

* * *


Do you speak…

speak Russian

my native language

Do you know any…

foreign languages

I don’t speak…

other language

enjoy learning


17. Do you have a family?

Do you have a family?

Yes, I have a large family.

Do you live with your parents?

No, they have their own home.

What does your father do?


And your mother?

She’s a teacher of English. I want to take up teaching, too!

* * *


does, father, he’s = he is, large, mother, musician, own, parent, take, teach, teacher, teaching, their, they, with

* * *


have a family

have a large family

live with

their own home

your father

your mother

a teacher of English

take up teaching

18. Are you married?

Are you married?

I’m single. How about you?

I’m married. I got married five years ago.

Do you have any children?

Yes, two children.

Boys or girls?

One boy and one girl.

wife, a son and a daughter! That’snice family!

* * *


ago, boy, child, children, daughter, girl, got (base form: get), married, marry, nice, one, or, single, son, that’s = that is, two, wife, wives

* * *


I’m single

I’m married

I got married

five years ago

any children

two children

boys or girls

one boy

one girl

a nice family

19. What is your husband’s name?

What is your husband’s name?

Mark. And your wife’s name?

Anna. What does Mark do?

He’s a lawyer. What about Anna?

An economist, but she is not working right now.

Why not?

We have recently hadbaby.


* * *


baby, but, congratulation, economist, had (base form: have), husband, lawyer, recent, recently, she

* * *


your husband’s name

your wife’s name

is not working

right now

why not

We have recently had…

20. Who looks after your infant?

Who looks after your infant?

My wife and I do.

Do you have a nanny?

No, we manage ourselves.

How often do you feed the baby?

Several times a day.

Do you get enough sleep?

To tell the truth, no. We have to get up often at night!

* * *


feed, infant, manage, nanny, often, ourselves, several, tell, time, truth, who

* * *


Who looks after…

my wife and I

manage ourselves

How often do you…

feed the baby

several times a day

get enough sleep

To tell the truth…

get up at night

get up often at night

21. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have an older brother. What about you?

I have a younger sister.

How old is she?


Is she married?

No, she isn’t. Is your brother married?

He used to be married. Now he is divorced. Many marriages end in divorce nowadays!

* * *


brother, divorce, end, he, isn’t = is not, marriage, nineteen, nowadays, sister

* * *


brothers or sisters

an older brother

a younger sister

is married

isn’t married

He used to be…

is divorced

end in divorce

22. Are your grandparents alive?

Are your grandparents alive?

Yes, but not all of them. One grandfather died. He is buried in his village.

So you have two grandmothers and one grandfather?

Yes, and one great-grandmother.

Wow! How old is she?

One hundred and two years. She is a widow.

Who’s taking care of her?

No one. She’s in good health!

* * *


alive, buried, bury, care, die, grandfather, grandmother, grandparent, great-grandmother, health, his (base form: he), hundred, them, who’s = who is, widow, wow

* * *


all of them

not all of them

is buried in

one hundred and two

take care of

taking care of

no one

be in good health

23. Do you have an aunt or an uncle?

Do you have an aunt or an uncle?

I have one aunt and one uncle.

Where do they live?

In this town.

Do you see each other often?

Once or twice a year.

Why is it so rare?

Because we have no free time!

* * *


aunt, each, free, once, rare, twice, uncle

* * *


an aunt or an uncle

one aunt and one uncle

each other

see each other

once or twice

once a year

twice a year

have free time

have no free time

24. How many nephews do you have?

How many nephews do you have?

Not a single one. You?

Two. They’re my brother’s kids.

Do you have any nieces?

Only one. She’s my sister’s daughter.

Well, I have three nieces.

Whose children are they?

My only sister’s.

* * *


nephew, niece, only, they’re = they are, three, well, whose

* * *


not a single one

my brother’s kids

only one

my sister’s daughter

three nieces

Whose children…

my only sister

my only sister’s

25. Do you have any cousins?

Do you have any cousins?

Yes, I do. Two girls and two boys.

Do they live in this city?

No, in the country.

Are they older or younger than you?

One girl is older. The rest are younger.

Are you on good terms with them?

Yes, I’ve known them since I was a kid!

* * *


country, cousin, I’ve = I have, known, on, rest, terms

* * *


two girls and two boys

in this city

in the country

younger than

older or younger than

the rest

on good terms with

I’ve known them since

26. Do you love your relatives?

Do you love your relatives?

Yes, but not all of them.

Who do you love most?

Mom and dad.

Do you hate anyone?

No, I have no enemies.

Do you love me?

Yes, auntie!

* * *


anyone, auntie, dad, enemies, enemy, hate, love, me, mom, most, relative

* * *


love your relatives

mom and dad

Do you hate…

have no enemies

love me

27. Does your neighbor have a family?

Does your neighbor have a family?

No, he’s an orphan.

Has he ever been married?

As far as I know, no.

That’s weird. He’s cute!

Yes, and he’s got a good job!

Can you introduce me to him?

Yes, I can!

* * *


as, cute, ever, far, has (base form: have), introduce, neighbor, orphan, weird

* * *


Has he ever been…

As far as I know…

that’s weird = that is weird

he’s got = he has got

introduce me to

28. Did your best friend have a happy childhood?

Did your best friend have a happy childhood?

No, her real mother abandoned her as an infant.

Why did she do so?

Nobody knows. Multiple attempts to contact the mother were not successful.

Who brought up your friend?

She grew up in an orphan home. Luckily, a married couple adopted her as a teenager.

How old was she at that time?

Thirteen. She had to establish new family bonds. Just imagine for a moment how hard it was for a teenage girl!

* * *


abandon, adopt, attempt, bond, brought (base form: bring), childhood, contact, couple, establish, friend, grew, happy, hard, imagine, just, luckily, moment, multiple, nobody, real, successful, teenage, teenager, thirteen

* * *


best friend

a happy childhood

as an infant

nobody knows

attempts to contact

bring up

brought up

grow up

grew up

a married couple

as a teenager

family bonds

Just imagine…

for a moment

29. Are you going to marry your girlfriend?

Are you going to marry your girlfriend?

Yes, I’m engaged to her.

When is your wedding day?

We haven’t settled on a date yet.

Does she have a family?

Yes, her parents and a twin sister.

Can you distinguish the sisters from each other easily?

It was hard when I first made their acquaintance. Now the difference between them is obvious!

* * *


acquaintance, between, difference, distinguish, easily, engage, girlfriend, haven’t = have not, made, obvious, settle, twin, wedding, yet

* * *


to marry your girlfriend

engaged to her

your wedding day

haven’t (= have not) settled on a date

a twin sister

from each other

made their acquaintance

the difference between them

30. Were there many guests at the marriage ceremony?

Were there many guests at the marriage ceremony?

few dozen. The bride’s and groom’s families and friends.

Did young and old folks attend the wedding, too?

Yes, there were all generations, from the juniors to the seniors.

The ceremony cost them a fortune, didn’t it?

Indeed, they exceeded their household budgets.

Did they have to borrow money for the wedding?

To my knowledge, yes. Everybody was happy, though!

* * *


attend, borrow, bride, budget, ceremony, cost, didn’t = did not, dozen, everybody, exceed, few, folk, fortune, generation, groom, guest, household, indeed, junior, knowledge, money, senior, though

* * *


many guests

at the marriage ceremony

a few dozen

the bride’s and groom’s families

young and old folks

attend the wedding

all generations

from the juniors to the seniors

cost them a fortune

household budgets

to borrow money

To my knowledge…

31. Why do married people wear rings?

Why do married people wear rings?

They want to demonstrate to everybody that they are taken.

Can the rings link people on a spiritual level?

Hardly. I don’t believe in magic. Nevertheless, it is a symbol of their commitment to each other.

Which finger should I wear a wedding ring on?

On the ring finger of your left hand.

May I wear other rings on all ten fingers?

It’s up to you.

* * *


believe, commitment, demonstrate, finger, hand, hardly, left, link, magic, nevertheless, people, ring, should, spiritual, symbol, taken, ten, wear, which

* * *


wear rings

demonstrate to everybody

link people

on a spiritual level

I don’t believe in…

commitment to each other

wear a wedding ring

the ring finger

left hand

ten fingers

up to you

Fundamental Needs

32. I want to eat

I want to eat.

Buy yourself some food.

Shall I buy anything for you?

No, I’m not hungry.

Are you thirsty?


What would you like to drink? Shall I buy you some juice?

No, I’ll drink some mineral water.

* * *


anything, buy, drink, eat, food, fundamental, hungry, I’ll = I shall/will, little, mineral, need, shall, some, thirsty, water, yourself

* * *


some food

anything for you

I’m not hungry

a little

What would you like to…

some juice

buy some juice

mineral water

drink some mineral water

33. I’m cold

I’m cold.

Put on your leather jacket!

I’ll be hot again.

Don’t zip it up.

Why aren’t you wearing a jacket?

I’m warm.

But you’re dressed lightly!

Don’t worry, I won’t catch a cold.

* * *


again, catch, cold, dress, hot, jacket, leather, lightly, put, warm, won’t = will not, worry, zip

* * *


I’m cold

put on

leather jacket

I’ll be hot = I will be hot

zip up

wearing a jacket

I’m warm = I am warm

dressed lightly

don’t worry = do not worry

catch a cold

34. It’s hard for me to breathe

It’s hard for me to breathe.

Are we going too fast?

Yes, we are. I am tired.

Let’s stop.

No, let’s just walk slower.

Okay. Breathe deeply!

I am. Aren’t you tired?

No, I’m used to walking fast.

* * *


breathe, deep, deeply, fast, let’s = let us, okay, slow, slower, stop, walk

* * *


It’s hard for me to…

too fast

I am tired

let’s stop = let us stop

walk slowly

walk slower

breathe deeply

I’m used to…

walking fast

35. Where’s the bathroom?

Where’s the bathroom?

Over there.

Is it payable?

Yes, prepare the money.

Where is the entrance to the men’s?

think it’s on the right.

A woman came out of there!

So it’s the women’s then. The men’s is on the left.

* * *


bathroom, came, entrance, men’s, out, over, payable, prepare, think, where’s = where is, women’s

* * *


over there

prepare the money

entrance to

on the right

came out of

on the left

36. I want to sleep

I want to sleep.

It’s too early.

Really? What time is it now?

Eight o’clock in the evening.

What time do you usually go to bed?

At eleven o’clock in the evening.

What time do you get up?

At seven in the morning.

* * *


eleven, o’clock, seven, usually

* * *


want to sleep

too early

eight o’clock

in the evening

What time do you usually…

at eleven o’clock

in the morning

37. Do you have a family?

Do you have a family?

Yes, I have my parents, brother and sister.

Are your neighbors good?

Yes, they are all nice people.

How about friends?

I have some.

It looks like you have everything for a happy life!

Yes, I agree!

* * *


agree, everything, life

* * *


nice people

It looks like…

have everything for

a happy life

I agree

38. Do you have a boyfriend?

Do you have a boyfriend?

I had one, but we broke up.

For what reason?

We didn’t get along. Do you have a girlfriend?

Yes, we just met.

Do you love each other?

Yes, we do. I fell in love with her at first sight. We’re getting married!

I’m happy for you. Congratulations!

* * *


along, boyfriend, broke, fell, getting, reason, sight, we’re = we are

* * *


have a boyfriend/girlfriend

break up

broke up

get along

just met

love each other

fall in love with

fell in love with

at first sight

get married

getting married

be happy for

39. What are basic human needs?

What are basichuman needs?

In the first place, we need air to breathe.

Naturally, we can’t live without breathing.

In the second place, we need water and food.

Correct, they are vital.

In the third place, we need to sleep.

Yes, we can’t function properly without sleep!

In addition, we need shelter, warmth and sex. Sexual activity is essential to continue life!

* * *


activity, addition, air, basic, breathing, continue, correct, essential, function, human, naturally, properly, second, sex, sexual, shelter, third, vital, warmth, without

* * *


basic human needs

in the first place

air to breathe

live without

in the second place

water and food

in the third place

function properly

without sleep

in addition

sexual activity

to continue life

Safety and Health

40. Help!


What’s going on?

I’ve been robbed!

Call the police.

What’s their number?

Dial 911.

My cellphone was stolen, too!

Use mine.

* * *


911 (nine-one-one), call, cell, dial, help, mine, number, phone, police, rob, robbed, safety, steal, stolen (base form: steal)

* * *


going on

call the police

my cell phone

use mine

41. Call an ambulance!

Call an ambulance!

Are you not feeling well?

I have chest pain.

Is it severe?

Mild, but it might be a heart problem.

Does anything else hurt?

Stomach and back.

Okay, I’ll call an ambulance.

* * *


ambulance, back, chest, else, feeling, heart, hurt, might, mild, pain, problem, severe, stomach

* * *


call an ambulance

chest pain

a heart problem

anything else

42. Call the doctor, please!

Call the doctor, please!

Are you sick?

I think so. I have a headache.

That’s bad news. Have you checked your temperature?

No, I don’t have a thermometer.

What about your blood pressure?

I don’t have a blood pressure monitor.

Okay, stay in bed. I’ll call the doctor.

* * *


blood, check, headache, monitor, pressure, sick, stay, temperature, thermometer

* * *


call the doctor

be sick

have a headache

have a thermometer

blood pressure

blood pressure monitor

stay in bed

43. I need a little help

I need a little help. Fetch me the first aid kit, please.

What’s happened?

I hurt myself a little bit.

Is it bad? Do you want to put on a bandage?

No, just a Band-Aid.

No problem. Let me put it on.

Thank you for your help!

You are welcome. Next time, be more careful!

* * *


aid, bandage, Band-Aid, bit, careful, fetch, happen, kit, let, more, myself, next, welcome

* * *


need a little help

first aid kit

hurt myself

a little bit

put on a bandage

Let me…

Thank you for…

you are welcome

next time

be more careful

44. Watch out!

Watch out! There are icicles above your head.

Let’s get away from the building.

Be careful! There’s ice under your feet.

Yeah, it’s slippery here.

There’s no ice on the other side of the street.

It’s a good thing! Why don’t we walk across the road?

That’s a good idea!

Hang on to my arm.

* * *


above, across, arm, away, building, feet, hang, head, here, ice, icicle, idea, road, side, slippery, street, there’s = there is, thing, under, watch, yeah

* * *


watch out

above your head

get away from

be careful

under your feet

it’s slippery here

on the other side of

a good thing

Why don’t we…

walk across

a good idea

hang on to

45. Stop! Don’t cross the road

Stop! Don’t cross the road.

Why not?

Because the traffic light is red.

It was just yellow.

Let’s wait for it to turn green.

The vehicles are far away. Let’s run!

That’s dangerous.

Okay, let’s not take any chances.

* * *


chance, cross, dangerous, green, light, red, run, traffic, turn, vehicle, wait, yellow

* * *


don’t cross = do not cross

the traffic light

Let’s (= let us) wait for…

turn green

far away

let’s run

let’s not

take chances

46. Beware of the dog!

Beware of the dog!

What dog?

It’s behind you. Turn around!

Oh, this one? It is not dangerous.

Are you sure? It ran out of those automatic gates!

So what? Maybe it lives there!

Pay attention to the sign on the gate: “Beware of vicious dog”!

This dog has kind eyes. It is not vicious!

* * *


around, attention, automatic, behind, beware, dog, eye, gate, kind, maybe, pay, ran, sign, sure, those, vicious

* * *


beware of

behind you

turn around

be sure

ran out of

automatic gates

So what?

Pay attention to…

kind eyes

47. You’re driving too fast

You’re driving too fast. Eighty miles per hour!

Don’t be afraid. I’m an experienced driver.

We could have gotten in an accident. Slow down!

Okay, I’m slowing down.

Keep your distance!

The distance is sufficient.

Be careful behind the wheel!

Stop telling me what to do, please!

* * *


accident, afraid, could, distance, down, drive, driver, eighty, experience, gotten, hour, keep, mile, per, sufficient, wheel

* * *


miles per hour

be afraid

an experienced driver

get in an accident

slow down

keep distance

keep your distance

behind the wheel

stop telling

what to do

48. Do you smell the smoke?

Do you smell the smoke?

Yes, I do. Something is burning!

Did you turn on the heater?

No, I didn’t. The house has been warm without it.

Did you light candles?

I don’t have any.

Did you cook in the kitchen?

Yes! I forgot to turn off the stove!

* * *


burn, candle, cook, forget, forgot, heater, kitchen, off, smell, smoke, something, stove

* * *


smell the smoke

something is burning

turn on

turn on the heater

light candles

cook in the kitchen

forgot to

turn off

turn off the stove

49. What will you do in case of a fire?

What will you do in case of a fire?

I will call the fire department.

Will you try to put out the fire yourself?

Yes, with a fire extinguisher.

What if it is not there?

I’ll look for a water hose.

What if it’s not there either?

Then I’ll bring buckets of water!

* * *


bring, bucket, case, department, either, extinguisher, fire, hose, try

* * *


What will you do…

in case of

call the fire department

put out the fire

a fire extinguisher

a water hose

buckets of water

50. Take an umbrella with you!

Take an umbrella with you!

I don’t want to.

Why not?

I could forget it somewhere.

It’s raining outside!

I’ll put on a raincoat.

It doesn’t protect against hail!

Yes, but it protects against rain and wind.

* * *


against, doesn’t = does not, hail, outside, protect, rain, raincoat, somewhere, umbrella, wind

* * *


take with you

protect against

rain and wind

51. Do you live in a safe area?

Do you live in a safe area?

Yes, the crime rate is low there.

Do you lock the doors at night?

Yes, and in the daytime, just in case.

Do earthquakes occur in the area?

No, never.

What about the floods?

They take place sometimes. A river is nearby!

* * *


area, crime, daytime, door, earthquake, flood, lock, low, nearby, never, occur, rate, river, safe, sometimes

* * *


in a safe area

the crime rate

lock the doors

at night

in the daytime

just in case

earthquakes occur

in the area

take place

be nearby

52. Why are you staring at the printer?

Why are you staring at the printer? Have you encountered a problem?

Yes, the printer does not react to any commands. Why?

It cannot read your thoughts!

No, seriously, what could be the cause?

It can be a combination of causes. Is it connected to the socket with a cable?

Sure. I can check if the connection is secure.

Do it carefully. Don’t risk your life! Don’t grab bare wires!

They are not bare. Don’t worry, I know how to ensure my own safety!

* * *


bare, cable, cannot, carefully, cause, combination, command, connect, connection, encounter, ensure, grab, printer, react, read, risk, secure, seriously, socket, stare, thought, wire

* * *


stare at

staring at

encounter a problem

encountered a problem

react to

read thoughts

read your thoughts

a combination of causes

connected to… with

check if

do it

don’t risk = do not risk

don’t grab = do not grab

bare wire (s)

know how (to)

ensure safety

ensure my own safety

53. Have you heard of the recent emergency at the factory?

Have you heard of the recent emergency at the factory?

Yes, there was an extremely powerful explosion two days ago.

Was anybody injured?

There were a few victims. The rescue team pulled them out of the building.

Couldn’t they get out of it themselves?

No, the explosion was completely unexpected. The entry was blocked.

Was there a fire?

Yes, the flames spread quickly. However, the firefighters managed to deal with the fire.

* * *


anybody, block, completely, couldn’t = could not, deal, emergency, entry, explosion, extremely, factory, firefighter, flame, heard (base form: hear), however, injure, powerful, pull, quickly, rescue, spread, team, themselves, unexpected, victim

* * *


hear of

heard of

the recent emergency

at the factory

a powerful explosion

two days ago

a few victims

the rescue team

pull out of

pulled them out of

get out of

spread quickly

manage to

managed to

deal with

54. Is there an effective cure for cancer?

Is there an effective cure for cancer?

Not yet, but cancer research continues. The latest findings are likely to make a difference.

What can terminally ill people hope for today? Nothing but magic?

The only real hope is dramatic improvements in drug therapy and surgery.

Is it true that this illness is caused by viruses?

Yes, some types of cancer might be caused by infection.

What is the main difficulty in cancer treatment?

The disease starts without symptoms. Some people find out they are ill when it is too late.

* * *


by, cancer, cure, difficulty, disease, dramatic, drug, effective, find, finding, hope, ill, illness, improvement, infection, late, latest (base form: late), likely, main, make, research, start, surgery, symptom, terminally, therapy, today, treatment, true, type, virus

* * *


an effective cure for

cancer research

the latest findings

to make a difference

terminally ill

hope for

nothing but

the only hope

improvements in

drug therapy

Is it true that…

caused by

the main difficulty

without symptoms

find out

too late

55. My eighty-year-old grandma has a fever

My eighty-year-old grandma has a fever. How do we identify its causes?

A fever is a common symptom of the flu virus.

So, she caught the flu from my ninety-year-old grandpa.

Do they have equally high temperature?

He had a fever last week. His temperature decreased to normal recently.

Did he take tablets for fever?

Yes, but she does not want to take them. Her temperature remains high for now.

She must take the medicine to get better. Tell her they are vitamins!

* * *


better, caught (base form: catch), common, decrease, eighty-year-old, equally, fever, flu, grandma, grandpa, high, identify, its, medicine, must, ninety-year-old, normal, remain, tablet, vitamin, week

* * *


has a fever

a common symptom of

the flu virus

caught the flu from

equally high

last week

take tablets for

for now

to get better

56. Are patients put to sleep during surgical operations?

Are patients put to sleep during surgical operations?

In some cases, they must be unconscious. In other cases, conscious.

When must a patient be awake? Can you give a fairly common example?

Laser eye surgery. It’s a complex operation to improvevision.

Is it crucial for patients to stay motionless?

No, the complex surgical equipment controls every motion of their eyes.

Is there risk that the vision becomes worse as a result?

The risk is minimal. In most cases, the vision recovers quickly after the operation.

* * *


awake, become, complex, conscious, control, crucial, during, equipment, every, example, fairly, improve, laser, minimal, motion, motionless, operation, patient, recover, result, surgical, unconscious, vision, worse

* * *


put to sleep

in some cases

in other cases

be awake

a common example

eye surgery

a complex operation

to improve vision

Is there risk that…

becomes worse

as a result

in most cases

57. My fingers and toes are aching

My fingers and toes are aching. Besides, I have knee pain. What doctor should I see?

An orthopedist.

also feel pain in the lungs and other internal organs.

Visit an internist. I know a good one, but she is pregnant and on maternity leave now.

In addition, I have nightmares. I dream that a hospital nurse drops poison on my tongue by mistake. This causes throat spasm!

That is likely a mental problem. Does anyone get on your nerves in reality?

Yeah, poisonous snakes do. They are hard of hearing but see well up close. Their venom can cause shock!

There are no venomous snakes in our area. Start with consultingpsychiatrist!

* * *


ache, aching, also, besides, close, consult, consulting, dream, drop, feel, hearing, internal, internist, knee, leave, lung, maternity, mental, mistake, nerve, nightmare, nurse, organ, orthopedist, our, poison, poisonous, pregnant, psychiatrist, reality, shock, snake, spasm, throat, toe, tongue, venom, venomous, visit

* * *


knee pain

feel pain in

internal organs

visit an internist

on maternity leave

have nightmares

dream that

by mistake

throat spasm

a mental problem

get on your nerves

in reality

poisonous snakes

hard of hearing

see well

up close

start with

Going on Foot

58. Excuse me, how do we get to the city center?

Excuse me, how do we get to the city center?

It’s on the opposite side of the river. You need to go across the river.

Is there a bridge nearby?

Yes, walk along the riverbank until you see it.

Is that far from here?

Yes, it’s a long walk. It takes about an hour to get there.

Is there a shorter path?

No, unless you take a boat.

* * *


boat, bridge, center, excuse, foot, opposite, path, riverbank, shorter (base form: short), unless, until

* * *


Excuse me…

how do we get to

city center

on the opposite side of

walk along

a long walk

It takes…

to get there

a shorter path

take a boat

59. Excuse me, where is the nearest supermarket?

Excuse me, where is the nearest supermarket?

Walk straight three blocks.

Is that far away?

It’s a fifteen minute walk.

Is it open now?

It must be.

Thank you!

My pleasure.

* * *


fifteen, minute, nearest (base form: near), open, pleasure, straight, supermarket

* * *


the nearest supermarket

walk straight

a fifteen minute walk

my pleasure

60. Excuse me, where is the restroom here?

Excuse me, where is the restroom here?

Follow the wide corridor to the end.

We were at the end of it but didn’t find the door.

Turn right intonarrow passage.

Okay, right. Where to next?

Go down the passage. The bathroom should be on the left.

Thank you very much!

You are welcome.

* * *


corridor, follow, into, narrow, passage, restroom, wide

* * *


follow the corridor

to the end

at the end of

find the door

turn right

a narrow passage

down the passage

Thank you very much

61. Shall we go up the stairs?

Shall we go up the stairs?

No, my legs hurt. Let’s take the escalator.

Aren’t you afraid of falling?

No, I’ll hold on to the handrails.

There’s also an elevator.

I don’t want to use the elevator.

Are you afraid of confined spaces?

No, but the elevator can get stuck!

* * *


confine, elevator, escalator, falling, handrail, hold, leg, space, stair, stick, stuck (base form: stick)

* * *


go up the stairs

take the escalator

afraid of falling

hold on to

confined spaces

get stuck

62. Excuse me, are you from here?

Excuse me, are you from here?

Yes. How can I help you?

Could you tell me where the pharmacy is?

Go down this street. The pharmacy is around the corner.

Is there a grocery store?

Yes, to the left of the pharmacy.

And the market?

No, the market is far away. You had better get a cab!

* * *


cab, corner, grocery, market, pharmacy, store

* * *


from here

Could you tell me…

around the corner

a grocery store

to the left of

You had better…

63. I want to take a walk

I want to take a walk. Let’s go to the central park!

It is too far from here. We could just walk back and forth on this road or elsewhere.

This road is rough. We will have to move slowly. I want to go at a fast pace!

If you’re afraid of stumbling, mind your step.

Road repairs are ahead. It leads nowhere! Why don’t we change direction?

Fine, let’s go directly to the park.

Thank you! Where is the shortest way there?

Down this lane. Follow me!

* * *


ahead, central, direction, directly, elsewhere, forth, lane, lead, mind, move, nowhere, pace, park, repair, rough, shortest (base form: short), slowly, step, stumble, way

* * *


take a walk

the central park

too far from here

back and forth

on this road

move slowly

at a fast pace

afraid of stumbling

mind your step

road repairs

lead nowhere

change direction

go directly to

the shortest way

follow me

64. Do you see the castle beyond the wall?

Do you see the castle beyond the wall?

Yes, there are several towers made of gray stone.

It was built in the Middle Ages mainly from local materials.

Why here? I mean, what was the advantage of this place?

It’s on the hill next to the river. Going upward would have been harder than downward.

An enemy army could surround the castle. Defenders would have to surrender.

Not necessarily. They could escape throughsecret tunnel!

Thank God those days are gone!

* * *


advantage, age, army, beyond, built (base form: build), castle, defender, downward, escape, god, gone, gray, harder (base form: hard), hill, local, mainly, material, mean, middle, necessarily, secret, stone, surrender, surround, through, tower, tunnel, upward, wall

* * *


beyond the wall

made of

in the Middle Ages

the advantage of

next to

going upward/downward

not necessarily

escape through

a secret tunnel

thank God

those days are gone


65. Where’s the bus stop?

Where’s the bus stop?

I have no idea.

Somebody must know. Let’s ask around.

There’s no one around.

Let’s look for a bus stop sign then.

Look over there. There it is!

I can’t see it without glasses.

Wear them, or you’ll get lost in the city!

* * *


ask, bus, glasses, lost (base form: lose), somebody, transportation, you’ll = you will

* * *


bus stop

no idea

ask around

no one around

a bus stop sign

get lost

66. Is the bus fare expensive?

Is the bus fare expensive?

No, it’s cheap.

How about a taxi?

It’s expensive.

What are the other means of transport here?

Tram and subway.

Where can I buy subway tickets?

At the station, I think.

* * *


cheap, expensive, fare, means, station, subway, taxi, ticket, tram, transport

* * *


bus fare

it’s (= it is) cheap

it’s expensive

means of transport

subway tickets

67. How do we get to the park?

How do we get to the park?

It’s a couple of tram stops from here. We can ask the driver where to get off the tram.

Where can I buy tickets?

From the ticket machines.

How do I pay for them?

By card or in cash.

Can we get on the tram and pay the driver?

No, you need to have a ticket before boarding.

* * *


before, boarding, card, cash, machine

* * *


tram stops

get off the tram

buy tickets

ticket machines

by card

in cash

get on the tram

pay the driver

before boarding

68. How do we get to the airport?

How do we get to the airport?

By bus or taxi.

Are we going to buy tickets at the box office?

No, I’ve already bought them online.

Awesome! Did you print them out?

This is not required. All we need is passports.

How do you know all this?

I’ve already flown abroad a few times.

* * *


abroad, airport, awesome, bought (base form: buy), box, flown, fly, office, online, passport, print, require

* * *


at the box office

print them out

All we need is…

a few times

69. Look at the signs. Are we going to the Arrivals area?

Look at the signs. Are we going to the Arrivals area?

No, the Departures.

Domestic Departures?

No, International Departures.

How about Transfers?

This is not for us. We don’t change planes. We have a direct flight.

Is our flight on time?

Let’s check the board. Sometimes flights are delayed or canceled.

* * *


arrival, board, cancel, delay, departure, direct, domestic, flight, international, plane, transfer

* * *


Arrivals area

Domestic Departures

International Departures

not for us

change planes

direct flight

on time

check the board

flights are delayed/canceled

70. Where can we check in?

Where can we check in?

At the check-in desk.

Do we have to register the baggage?

Yes, except for the hand baggage.

What do we do after that?

We have to go through border control.

What documents do we need?

Passports and boarding passes.

* * *


baggage, border, check-in, desk, document, except, pass, register

* * *


check in

register the baggage

except for

hand baggage

after that

go through

border control

boarding pass

71. Where do we wait to board the plane?

Where do we wait to board the plane?

In the departure lounge of Terminal A.

When can we get on the plane?

As soon as we are called to board.

How long does it take to board a plane?

About half an hour.

How do we find our plane?

We must know our gate number.

* * *


half, lounge, terminal

* * *


board the plane

departure lounge

get on the plane

as soon as

call to board

half an hour

gate number

72. Is there a railway station in this town?

Is there a railway station in this town?

Yes, it’s in the northern part of the city.

Do long-distance trains arrive there?

Yes. Where do you need to go?

To the south, to the seacoast.

Why not fly by plane?

Because I’m scared of flying.

Then find out first if train tickets are available!

* * *


arrive, available, flying, long-distance, north, northern, part, railway, scare, seacoast, south, train

* * *


railway station

in the northern part of

long-distance train

to the south

to the seacoast

fly by plane

scared of flying

train ticket

73. Do you often go by train?

Do you often go by train?

Seldom. Just several times a year.

By local or long-distance trains?


If the trip is long, do you sleep on the train?

Yes. I take the upper berth.

Do you go to the dining car?

No, I eat my food in the compartment.

* * *


berth, both, car, compartment, dine, dining, seldom, trip, upper

* * *


go by train

several times a year

sleep on the train

upper berth

dining car

74. what track does our train arrive on?

What track does our train arrive on?

Track number five.

How long is the stop?

Just a few minutes.

What time does it depart?

At a quarter past seven.

What if we’re late?

The train will leave without us!

* * *


depart, past, quarter, track

* * *


arrive on track number…

a few minutes

a quarter past seven

we’re late

75. Do you know how to drive a vehicle?

Do you know how to drive a vehicle?

Yes, I’ve been driving since I was eighteen.

Who else in your family can drive?

Everyone except my grandmother. She’s too old.

Do you travel in your own car?

Yes, we go to the mountains on weekends.

What car do you have?


* * *


everyone, mountain, SUV, travel, weekend

* * *


I’ve been driving since I was…

everyone except

travel in your own car

to the mountains

on weekends

76. Does your sister know how to ride a bike?

Does your sister know how to ridebike?

Yes, she had a bicycle as a child.

Will she ride with us along the cycle path?

I don’t think so. She prefersmotorcycle.

That’s a dangerous means of transportation!

She says the bike is more dangerous. The bicycle chain can break. You might fall!

Does she wear a helmet?

Fortunately, yes. By the way, we have to wear it, too!

* * *


bicycle, bike, chain, cycle, fall, fortunately, helmet, motorcycle, prefer, ride

* * *


ride a bike

along the cycle path

a dangerous means of transportation

wear a helmet

by the way

77. Can your brother ride a horse?

Can your brother ride a horse?

Yes, he’s a great rider!

Where did he learn to ride?

At a riding school.

Does he take part in horse racing?

No, he’s a mounted police officer.

Can he drive a car?

Sure, but the horse is his main mean of transportation!

* * *


horse, mount, officer, race, racing, rider, riding

* * *


ride a horse

riding school

take part in

horse racing

police officer

mounted police officer

drive a car

mean(s) of transportation

78. Why did you signal me?

Why did you signal me?

My van is stuck. Will you help me drag it out of the ditch?

Of course I will. Is the van’s frame damaged?

Unlikely. This is a modified model of the vehicle. It has a firm frame.

Is there any load in the body?

Yes, it should be fastened with additional ropes.

Are you in a hurry?

I have to return to the parking lot over there in fifty minutes.

* * *


additional, body, damage, ditch, drag, fasten, fifty, firm, frame, hurry, load, model, modify, parking, return, rope, signal, unlikely, van

* * *


drag out of

van’s frame

modified model

firm frame

load in the body

fastened with

in a hurry

parking lot

in fifty minutes

79. I’m running out of gas

I’m running out of gas. What should I do?

Drive to the nearest gas station. Refuel the car.

How can I find a gas station?

Look for the relevant road sign.

What if there are no road signs nearby?

Use a navigator on your mobile phone.

What if there’s no internet connection?

Ask a passerby for directions!

* * *


gas, internet, mobile, navigator, passerby, refuel, relevant, running (base form: run)

* * *


running out of

gas station

use a navigator

mobile phone

internet connection

ask for directions

80. I have an electric car

I have an electric car. How do I charge it?

Connect it to a charging post.

Are there such posts in this road section?

Yes, but only one fifth of them works. The rest are not yet powered.

The handle of my charging cable is broken. Do you have a spare cable?

Yes, but it doesn’t support rapid battery charging. It will have to be connected for a few hours!

That won’t work. How do I do it faster?

You need to go to a charging station.

* * *


battery, broken (base form: break), charge, charging, electric, faster (base form: fast), fifth, handle, post, power, rapid, section, spare, such, support

* * *


electric car

connect to

road section

one fifth of

spare cable

battery charging

for a few hours

won’t work = will not work

charging station

81. Have you ever sailed on a ship?

Have you ever sailed on a ship?

No, only in a small boat down the river. You?

cruised the Pacific Ocean.

Wow! Who did you go with?

My husband. We had a double-berth cabin.

Was it a big ship?

Yes, it was huge. Would you like to travel like that?

No, there will always be waves in the ocean. I suffer from seasickness!

* * *


always, big, cabin, cruise, double-berth, huge, ocean, pacific, sail, seasickness, ship, suffer, wave

* * *


Have you ever…

sail on a ship

sail in a boat

down the river

double-berth cabin

suffer from

82. What fuel is used in aircraft engines?

What fuel is used in aircraft engines?

Liquid fuel called kerosene.

Can it be used as an energy source at home?

In the past, it was widely used in lamps and for cooking.

What fuel do ships run on?

Modern ships use fuel oil. A century ago, ships were powered by coal.

What powers trains?

It used to be wood and coal. Today, it is liquid or gas fuel and electricity.

* * *


aircraft, century, coal, cooking, electricity, energy, engine, fuel, kerosene, lamp, liquid, modern, oil, source, widely, wood

* * *


aircraft engine

liquid fuel

energy source

widely used in

run on

fuel oil

a century ago

powered by

83. What is the underground railroad called in London?

What is the underground railroad called in London?

The Tube. Some lines are round pipes there.

Is the London Underground crowded?

In rush hours, it is overcrowded.

Are there lots of passengers in the New York subway, too?

Yes. It’s noisy and unsafe. Standing on the edge of the platform is risky. You might fall onto the tracks!

Are there no barriers?

None. The authorities should install screen doors on all platforms!

* * *


authority, barrier, crowded, edge, install, line, lots, noisy, none, onto, overcrowd, overcrowded, passenger, pipe, platform, railroad, risky, round, rush, screen, standing, tube, underground, unsafe

* * *


underground railroad

the Tube

round pipe

rush hour

lots of

on the edge of

fall onto

no barrier

install screen doors

84. Is a tanker intended to carry army tanks?

Is a tankerintended to carry army tanks?

No, the ship is a tank itself. It carries various cargoes, mainly liquids or gases.

Where do the sea routes of tankers lie?

Everywhere, in all oceans. The routes are not fixed.

Where are the ships loaded and unloaded?

At ports of export and import.

What is the cargo capacity of tankers?

From a few hundred to several thousand tons.

* * *


capacity, cargo, cargoes, carry, everywhere, export, fix, import, intend, itself, lie, port, route, sea, tank, tanker, thousand, ton, unload, various

* * *


intended to carry

a tank itself

various cargoes

liquids or gases

sea route

loaded and unloaded

export and import

cargo capacity

a few hundred tons

several thousand tons

85. How many airlines are there in the world?

How many airlines are there in the world?

Over five thousand. Their number is increasing rapidly all over the world.

What companies fly to the most destinations worldwide?

American Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.

How often do airplanes crash?

Just once. Calm down, it’s a joke. Actually, plane crashes are rare.

If a plane is damaged, can it land on water?

Sometimes it happens. Many passengers survive!

* * *


actually, airline, airplane, American, calm, China, crash, destination, eastern, increase, joke, land, rapidly, survive, world, worldwide

* * *


in the world

five thousand

all over the world

What companies fly to…

fly to

the most destinations

American Airlines

China Eastern Airlines

just once

calm down

plane crash

land on water

many passengers


86. Do you have any money?

Do you have any money?

A little. Why are you asking?

We need to buy some groceries at the store.

What groceries?

Flour and butter.

I’ll buy them. What else do we need?

Oatmeal and napkins.

My money won’t be enough. Can you give me some?

* * *


butter, flour, napkin, oatmeal, purchase

* * *


any money

need to buy

some groceries

at the store

be enough

give me

87. Buy some washing powder, please!

Buy some washing powder, please!

Don’t we have the powder at home?

No, it’s out. Soap, too.

Good. What else shall I buy?

Batteries for the flashlight.

Where are they sold?

Right at the cashier’s desk, I think.

Okay, I’ll ask the cashier.

* * *


cashier, flashlight, powder, soap, sold, washing

* * *


washing powder

at home

it’s out

right at

cashier’s desk

88. How much is a pound of nuts?

How much is a pound of nuts?

Thirty-eight dollars.

Weigh half a pound, please!

Anything else?

No, that’s all.

Nineteen dollars, please!

Here is twenty.

Here is your change!

* * *


dollar, nut, pound, thirty-eight, twenty, weigh

* * *


How much is…

a pound of nuts

half a pound

Here is…

Here is the change / Here is your change

89. Give me a packet of chips, please!

Give me a packet of chips, please!

From which shelf?

From the top one.

What else?

A box of candies from the bottom shelf.

Here you go.

How much does it all cost?

Seventeen dollars, please!

* * *


bottom, candies, candy, chip, packet, seventeen, shelf, top

* * *


a packet of chips

a box of candies

90. How much do fifteen gallons of gas cost?

How much do fifteen gallons of gas cost?

Thirty dollars and forty-two cents.

Can I pay in cash?

Of course.

Wait a minute! I think I forgot the money at home.

There is no need to go home. You can pay with a card.

Is that the card reader?

Yes, place your card against it.

* * *


cent, forty-two, gallon, reader, thirty

* * *


fifteen gallons of gas

pay in cash

no need to go

pay with a card

card reader

91. Is this house for sale?

Is this house for sale?

Yes. Do you want to buy it?

Maybe. How much does it cost?

Three hundred thousand dollars.

It’s too expensive!

How much would you pay?

Half as much.

No, that would be too cheap!

* * *



* * *


for sale

three hundred thousand

too expensive

half as much

too cheap

92. What is the actual cost of a house?

What is the actual cost of a house?

Well, it’s the price of the house itself plus other fees.

What fees?

Firstly, the real estate agent’s commission. Secondly, property taxes.

Do I gain any advantages if I buy without a realtor?

In theory, yes. In practice, you can run into problems.

What other payments do I need to make?

Home maintenance and repairs.

* * *


actual, agent, commission, estate, fee, firstly, gain, maintenance, payment, plus, practice, price, property, realtor, secondly, tax, theory

* * *


actual cost

price of the house

other fees

agent’s commission

property taxes

gain advantages

in theory

in practice

run into problems

other payments

home maintenance

home repairs

93. Are credit cards used for everyday purchases?

Are credit cards used for everyday purchases?

Yes, but be careful, otherwise you can get into debt.

Do banks forgive debts?

Rarely. Therefore, don’t spend more than you can afford.

How do I determine my limit?

Use limited amounts on all occasions.

A lot of people can’t do that, nor can I. Should I close my bank account?

On the contrary, you ought to open one more. Use it to set aside money for the future!

* * *


account, afford, amount, aside, bank, contrary, credit, debt, determine, everyday, forgive, future, limit, limited, nor, occasion, otherwise, ought, rarely, set, spend, therefore

* * *


credit card

get into debt

forgive debts

more than you can afford

limited amounts

on all occasions

bank account

on the contrary

you ought to

one more

set aside money

for the future

Daily Routine

94. Good morning! Are you in bed yet?

Good morning! Are you in bed yet? It’s time to get up!

(No answer.)

Are you sleeping?

(No answer.)

Wake up, son!

I have woken up. What time is it now?

Look at the wall clock. It’s eight in the morning!

Oh, hell, I overslept!

* * *


answer, clock, daily, hell, oversleep, overslept, routine, wake, woken

* * *


in bed

no answer

wake up

look at

wall clock

eight in the morning

95. Are you asleep?

Are you asleep?

No. Why are you whispering?

thought you were sleeping.

Currently I’m having a conversation with you. What do you want to say?

It’s nearly nine in the morning! Didn’t you hear the alarm-clock ringing?

It didn’t ring. I altered the time setting yesterday.

What option did you choose?

Ten in the morning. I love to break the routine occasionally.

* * *


alarm-clock, alter, asleep, conversation, currently, nearly, nine, occasionally, option, setting, thought (base form: think), whisper, yesterday

* * *


be asleep

nearly nine

hear the alarm-clock ringing

time setting

break the routine

96. Have you got up yet?

Have you got up yet?

Yes, I have.

Make the bed.

I have made it.

Go to the bathroom. Don’t forget to flush the toilet!

I’ve been there. I’ve flushed it.

Have you got dressed?

Not yet. I’m getting dressed!

* * *




* * *


make the bed

don’t forget to

flush the toilet

get dressed

97. What a mess! Whose towel is on the floor?

What a mess! Whose towel is on the floor?

It’s mine. I tookshower.

Who left the toothpaste tube on the sink?

My little sister did.

Is that her toothbrush?

Yes, it’s hers.

You two need to clean up here!

I’ll remove my towel. Let her clear her things herself!

* * *


clean, clear, floor, hers, herself, mess, remove, shower, sink, took, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel

* * *


take a shower

toothpaste tube

on the sink

clean up

clear her things

98. What time do you wake up at usually?

What time do you wake up at usually?

At half past six, but I get up at seven.

Who makes breakfast for you?

I cook it by myself.

What time does your wife get up?

At half past nine.

Why so late?

She goes to bed late.

* * *


breakfast, goes

* * *


What time do you…

at half past seven

get up at seven

make breakfast

cook by myself

so late

go to bed late

99. Breakfast is ready. Come and get it!

Breakfast is ready. Come and get it!

I’m on my way. What’s for breakfast today?

Cheese and ham sandwiches. Sit down and eat!

Why don’t you eat yourself?

I don’t want to. I’m not hungry.

Will you have a drink at least?

I’ve already had a glass of milk.

Pour me some milk, too, please!

* * *


cheese, ham, least, milk, pour, ready, sit

* * *


on my way

for breakfast

sit down

have a drink

at least

a glass of milk

pour me some milk

100. How many times a day do you eat?

How many times a day do you eat?

Four times.

What time do you have breakfast?

At eight in the morning.

What time is lunch?

At twelve-thirty.

What about dinner?

At seven o’clock in the evening. In addition, we have a snack at about five.

* * *


dinner, lunch, snack, twelve-thirty

* * *


times a day

four times

have a snack

at about five

101. How often do you do the cleaning?

How often do you do the cleaning?

Every week.

Who wipes the dust?

Our children do.

Who washes the floors?

I do.

Who vacuums the carpets?

My husband does.

* * *


carpet, cleaning, dust, vacuum, wash, wipe

* * *


do the cleaning

every week

102. Do your parents urge you to clean up your room?

Do your parents urge you to clean up your room?

I need no urging. I take out the trash myself.

Who sweeps the floor?

I do. Besides, I rub the furniture with a damp cloth.

Do you also change the sheets?

Yes, and I brush my carpet.

Do you do anything for your parents?

Sometimes. My mom loves sewing, but she’s short-sighted. Thus, I threadneedle for her.

* * *


brush, cloth, damp, furniture, needle, room, rub, sew, sewing, sheet, short-sighted, sweep, thread, thus, trash, urge, urging

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