Sparrow Willie

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One day in a big city, in a tall building, in a nest that had been built on the roof, a little sparrow named Willie was born. The chick was so small that when he slept in his nest curled up, he looked like a little black pebble, and why black, you ask! Because he had black feathers, although not yet feathers, but soft fluff, because he was just born.

Sparrow Willie, was always sitting in the nest, and his mother and father sparrows carried him food, worms and various insects. Soon the little sparrow grew up a little and tried to learn to fly, Willie made his first attempts to fly in the same attic where his nest was.

At first the sparrow failed to fly, he tried and fell, his parents always supported and believed in him, and one day the once very tiny sparrow was able to fly. Now he had real black feathers instead of a cannon and, in addition, Willie learned to fly. He could already fly outside the attic and soar over the city with his sparrow friends from other nests. They snooped and hopped around the trees, hunting for mosquitoes and worms, Willie’s sparrow was so assertive that he was able to pull tree grubs out of dry tree trunks, they were just huge enough to eat with just one grub.

Over the summer Willie had grown quite a bit; he was already helping his sparrow parents furnish their nest in a tall building, and stocking up on food for the winter. Sparrow

Willie would sit in the mornings and watch the migrating birds as they gathered to winter south, some birds already lined up in flocks

and flew away, shouting loudly, as if to say goodbye to everyone until the next summer.

Willie really wanted to fly south along with the migrating birds, he wanted to travel all over the world, quietly making it to the warmer lands.

— Mom, why aren’t we flying off to warmer climes for the winter? — «Willie asked his mother.»

— «We don’t have to go anywhere, my silly little bird, we’re wintering at home! — «Mama explained to Willy the sparrow.»

— I’d really like to travel just once.

Willie looked dreamily at the sky and at the autumn floating clouds, even clouds float somewhere and do not stay in one place, what is Willie’s sparrow worse.

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