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Live text about the dead

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We are alive as long as we are dead.

Irene Lentiggini

This essay is not about the medical or political aspect of the Coronavirus issue. This is the cry of the human Soul for ready-to-hear Souls.

What are we most worried and concerned about at the moment? The question is whether we will die or that we will die not as planned. Sooner or later this will happen to all of us — it is only a matter of time.

Claude Steiner, an American psychologist and psychotherapist, a «life scripts» theory researcher, claimed that a person, observing the behavior patterns of adults and significant people from the nearest society, models his life during the first three «triples». Until the age of nine, he decides how to live, what to do, what character traits to have, and what partner to attract, up to the moment of death. According to the «life scripts» theory, the child reviews and approves his or her choices until the age of twelve.

According to the Master: «In life we must prepare for death». In addition to «not saying goodbye» option, in English (and the humor here is English), there are only three options for «leaving»: ordinary death, resurrection, and ascension. Jesus proved by his example how the second and third are possible. Referring to the question of life choice, adherents of reincarnation will say that we are drawing our way according to patrimonial and personal karmic achievements, past incarnations, a new destination even before our landing on planet Earth. We choose a country, location, mentality, religion, our path — thorny or not, our name, time and date of birth, parents for better developing energy potential and accomplishing mission with which each of us was sent to Earth. Of course, upon arrival we forget about everything. This is the Universe secret: to recall who we really are and why we are here.

For children born in the era of Aquarius, at the transition of two eras, this works better and easier. A pseudoscientific new age «indigo» term, pinned to them, means a mixture of blue and purple in a mosaic of colours.

In the human chakra system, the sixth chakra, Ajna, located between the eyebrow and symbolizing the third eye, is blue.

Deep blue in the coloristics is considered the color of material wealth. «He who owns the information, owns the world», said the founder of the British branch of the Rothschilds.

It turns out that clarity helps attract material and spiritual wealth. Vision allows you not to waste energy on external vanity and doubts, but to save the only invaluable resource that you do not remember and can not borrow from others — time.

Even energy can be taken from others by going for a massage, getting an inspiration, enjoying communication, or drawing energy from the Universe constellations in a meditative trance state through the seventh purple chakra Sahasrara.

Human energy structure in the XD dimension is a much more sophisticated energy mechanism than the aforementioned chakra system. Astrology, numerology, mineralogy — all these sciences keep secrets of the Universe which at reasonable, moderate use can become the worthy assistant in self-discovery.

Thus, the violet power holder, purple amethyst, is considered to be a mineral that helps to cleanse the channel of communication with the divine Self.

Indigo children have innate activated abilities and a better memory of past lives, understanding why they are here, and, accordingly, the highest level of vibration and empathy — feelings of energy, pain and happiness of other people.

It is believed that children under the age of three can see the aura of adults, and therefore, they sometimes look absently and smile. They still consciously exist in the angelic space and interact with the Archangels and Angels of other people, easily attracting the desired in their lives.

This coincides with the theory of personality formation. Mr.Erickson, the master of hypnosis, described the stages of development. According to his theory, at the first stage — from birth to one year, trust and mistrust are formed, from one to three years — there is a stage of autonomy and dependence.

In the opinion of many psychologists, it is during the first 3—5 years when a human personality is formed, i.e. the formation of basic personality formations takes place.

Other scientists believe that the personality is already fully formed by two years.

Children-angels hear only their body and Soul: «I want to eat!», «I want to pee», «I want my mummy dandle me!», they shout about it, developing their throat chakra. Voicing our pain, we pour it out into a cry for help and need. The whole body vibrates! The desire is realized. We attract the attention of parents in whom we see God (saving from grief). What happens afterwards? When I ask an adult: «How is your soul?» I hear from my clients: «I don’t understand anymore». Griboyedov was right: «Woe from Wit», scattered and wrongly-directed mind.

Feelings in the human body cannot be understood, you can only feel them, let yourself experience them.

Intuition is an invaluable gift that we have depreciated. We ranked it as a schizoid isoteric thing and forgot about God, which means we forgot about ourselves. People who are clairvoyant and clairsentient are a treasure trove for someone and outcasts for others.

The population of the Earth in general is divided into «Doubting Thomas» — an achiever in action and those «departed» spiritual ones who eat the sun and exude a fragrance except walking on water.

No judgment with great love for everyone: we are here to live. The hermits are the destiny of very, very few.

How to make «beast» -behaving human beings with the first three developed chakras, who think only about stuffing their stomachs and satisfying their infinite needs, watch the movie «Platform» about not endless resource (in the broad sense of the word), the ability to share and believe in something more than themselves?

How can we make sure that experts of spiritual truths stop thinking only about their pure energy fields and escape into the forests, but go out into society for the development of civility and progress, in which we were born?

If the «eternally seekers» think that the first category of people, seemingly mercantile, is not able to cope with their ego, they do not believe in a subtle plan. Then, eagerly protecting your clean energy fields and knowledge, what makes you, spiritual people, more powerful?!


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