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No need to cast a magic spellto learn creating miracles, transforming our worldinto mosaic pattern place

When it is snowing…

When it is snowing, mysterious snowflakes dance to take us back into the past, where we again and again want to sledge, make a snowman, play snowballs and view amazing snowflakes, just tiny pieces of ice in fact. Many people enjoy romantic inspiration looking at snow falling down from the sky.

Read “The Meaning of the Snowflake” a wonderful poem about snow for kids, written by Holley Gerth, a famous British poet.

Every new snowflake comes to the earth

as a picture of our Saviour’s birth,

because they are sent from up above

and remind us of God’s care and love.

Each one is so intricate and small

because Christ sees the details of us all,

and just as two are never the same

the Lord knows and calls us each by name.

Snowflakes gently cover the world in white

and hide what’s unlovely from our sight,

showing us how He covers our sin

and gives us His grace when we come to Him.

So may every snowflake bring Christ to mind

and in every bit of white may you find

a reason to celebrate anew

and a reminder of His love for you.

It has been known for quite a while, that no two similar snowflakes exist.

Masaru Emoto, a popular researcher from Japan, who studied water crystallization for long time, once told:

“To understand water means to understand the Universe, all miracles of nature and the life itself”.

To understand how those mysterious and unique patterns are created in a snowflake, let us recall what a particle of liquid water is.

This smallest particle is called a molecule of water.

A molecule of water in some way reminds a triangle, which consists of one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. Negative charge prevails at one side of it, and positive charge prevails at another side of it. Via its negatively charged edge, this molecule of water may attract another molecule of water, via the positively charged edge of this second molecule of water. The multitude of the tiniest particles of water, being attracted to each other, creates miscellaneous connections, also called clusters.

The water molecule

Clusters act as memory cells, where water retains the information perceived. Water reacts to anything around, any activity. The water itself is the basis of all living creatures, being the major information carrier in nature. Even in a brain of a human, its bigger part is water.

Multiple experiments proved water possesses elements of hearing, vision, sense of smell, sense of touch, memory and even the elements of minds. Therefore, water carries a sort of life source, without which even emerging life is not possible. Thus, the expression “live water” should be taken literally.

All substances ad creatures comprising water, starting from mineral crystals, viruses, bacteria, sea grass and plants, should, in some way, be given features, which are an integral part of all our Universe! There are some prove for this.

Scientists from Holland published an interesting message saying plants are capable of communicating to each other. The scientists discovered that plants, which are in danger, attacked by invaders, release substances, which activate protection mechanisms in neighbor, uninvolved, plants.

They found out seeds of some plants, when grow, talk to each other. Something similar takes place with chicks, which start breaking the eggshell simultaneously.

Scientists from Russia reported about amazing properties of microscopic bacteria, which, too, are capable of communicating to each other to agree upon their actions, as if they had shared mind.

It is not impossible, further studies in the art might bring unbelievable discoveries.

Therefore, it becomes more and more obvious, that water is the basis of all living nature.

Here is what is written in the Bible on the matter:

And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.”

Book of Genesis 1:20

Modern astronomers discovered water is everywhere in the Solar system. It is on the Moon, on Mars, Mercury, on some satellites of Jupiter and Saturn, in comets and asteroids. Water vapor is found even on Sun, in spots on its surface.

Enormous amount of water is on our planet Earth in form of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and glaciers. Much water is in form of vapor in atmosphere, which maintains natural water cycle.

Sea water

If the atmosphere humidity is above norm, the water vapor becomes water drops raining down to earth and feeding plants with live water.

When water vapor freezes in atmosphere, one can see beautiful patterns of snowflakes as if coming from fairytales and covering soil with thick white layer.

In water ice crystals, water molecules create various geometric figures: triangles, rhombs, and trapezoids.

If we cut the seven sheets of paper with different colors into those geometric figures, with those figures we may compose various nice mosaic patterns.

To do so, we need sheets of color paper, properly lined; also we need scissors (those with rounded tips would be better), also we need sheets of white cardboard, on which we are going to arrange those patterns, and also we need some paper glue.

Winter landscape

From the color paper sheets, properly lined (see the Appendix: Fig.1—7), we cut off corresponding geometric figures, based on which, we would compose various nice patterns.

Putting lines on the color paper sheet would be better on uncolored side of the sheet. If both sides of a sheet are colored, the side of mosaic elements without lines should face up.

The construction kit for kids may also use standard sets of symmetric trapezoids with sides 2x2x2x4 cm), made of color cardboard or high-density paper, with only one set of geometric figures with different colors.

The shape of a symmetric trapezoid allows up to 24 kinds of various combinations with only two similar elements (Fig.8).

With an additional trapezoid elements set even larger than that, the infinite amount of snowflake unique patterns may be created.

Geometric figures of symmetrical triangles with different colors (with dimensions 2x2x2cm) may be added as additional elements in proportion 1:10 into the construction kit for kids.

Try mixing trapezoid elements with each other to see amazing and peculiar patterns.

Do no give up, if something does not go well at first attempt. Some may create an artwork at once, while others may need more time. Be patient, and you will be rewarded beyond imaginable.

One can start with the simplest patterns of a flower (Fig.9), sun and spruces (Fig.10), and it is only then will the time come for patterns with medium difficulty levels (Fig.11 — 13).

Following next, you shall be able to compose very unusual patterns, somehow reminding Zodiac signs (Fig.14 — 25), and other, even more sophisticated Zodiac sign pattern compositions based on trapezoid elements (Fig. 26, 27).

Find some time to adhere the best mosaic patterns to white cardboard sheets with glue. Who knows, maybe one day you decide to use those patterns to decorate the yard, or trails by your house, with those patterns.

Yard tracks

It is not a big challenge to produce standard shapes with dimensions 8x8x8x16 cm to make concrete pavement tiles of it. When mixing concrete, you may add some colorants in it, too.

Share with good news with all your neighbors and friends, and you see the world around you changing for better!

Engage mass media — newspapers, radio, TV, and also municipal administration; start a competition among schoolchildren and other inhabitants of your district for making the best mosaic pattern.

The best compositions, selected as the result of the competition, may be placed at some street, or some square, of your town, composed with trapezoid tiles or natural stone pieces (Fig.26).

Making mosaic patterns at the town square allows modifying the scale of the patterns. If four trapezoids with the same color are brought together as the corresponding picture shows, a trapezoid with larger dimensions, the upscale copy of the initial one, may be used for making patterns big.

Zooming mosaic elements

It is common that each inhabitant has his or her own room in an apartment. You may try it first with paper models, but then the time may come for wooden tiles with slightly different colors to be rearranged into your Zodiac sign right in the center of your room. Smaller copies of your Zodiac sign may rest around the bigger one, with three more corresponding to the year when you were born. For example, it may be Aries in the year of Bull.

The composition may, by its perimeter, be surrounded with a nice carpet pattern, which may incorporate rather unexpected national elements. All the patterns would be composed from wooden tiles with standard dimensions (8x8x8x16 cm, 4x4x4x8 cm, 2x2x2x4 cm).

Based on the symmetrical trapezoid, small ceramic tiles may be made (with dimensions 2x2x2x4 cm), which may become elements of a sophisticated pattern in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Close your eyes for a while to imagine the new appearance of the place where you live. This may be a new approach to interior design of apartments and the surrounding living space.

House façades may be decorated with patterns in similar manner. It takes better professional skills from you, though. It is better to hire professionals in the art, thinking bigger, for bigger work.

Dedicated computer software may be used for transferring famous paintings or mosaic boards. No doubt, this is exciting!

Making initial trapezoids even smaller allows using them in jewelry, sure, for this purpose more precious materials would be used, like sapphire, amethyst, hyacinth, topaz, emerald, malachite, turquoise, peridot, jasper, rubines, alexandrite, rock crystal. Jewelry glass with various colors may also be used in such pieces instead precious materials.

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