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Slimming’s dominant: what does it mean and how to transform desire into working mechanism

Slimming’s dominant: what does it mean and how to transform desire into working mechanism

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Authorial methodology: “Slimming’s dominant” — your way in the world of slimness. This methodology is interesting to learn and easy to apply. Wish to be thin can be for sure transformed into powerful mechanism. How to make it work? — read in my book, which has no analogues in the whole world at the moment.

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Serghei Ostrogov

When I had finished practicing professional sports, weight started rising up — i put on 13 kgs in a year. It took me approximately half a year to get rid of some kgs. I use «Weight loss dominant» methodology for 3 months, weight began to decrease confidently, I have lost 6 pounds, no diets, but I’m sticking to the principles of correct nutrition). All of this is light and easy, that in the begging i had doubts, but now I recommend to everyone this methodology, who really wants to lose weight.

February 2, 2018, в 9:30 PM
Maria Stepanova

I’ve tried many methods of slimming (such as gym, diets), but after quitting trainings and diets my weight came back again. I was really disappointed but the situation changed immediately after taking «Weight loss dominant» method. For about 7 months my weight is normal and i do not stay on agonizing diets and hard and long-lasting trainings.

February 2, 2018, в 9:28 PM


Tamara Damashcan
Tamara Damashcan
Tamara Damashcan — creator of this book, has helped millions of people to get rid of excess of weight. This simple technique can be used by everyone — no restrictions for age or gender. Translator — Ecaterina Damashcan.

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