Sexual compatibility

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I saw an article on the Internet. American scientists have made a test, on the basis of which it is possible to determine, to within a tenth of a percent, the sexual compatibility of men and women. Using the above references and my knowledge of English, I found a magazine and an article. The test consisted of 300 questions, I downloaded it. Now it’s good to translate everything accurately. After paying a small amount to professionals, I translated the test. Why do I need this? And what if you create a simple program based on the test and earn money on it? The agency did not bring big profit yet. I have enough free time with my assistant (and with me). We will engage in sexual pimping.

It was not difficult to compile a computer program for a test for specialists. And it did not cost me very much. Now anyone could fill out the questionnaire and get a quick answer as far as it suits his partner or candidates from the data bank in a sexual way. I launched a small advertisement and waited for clients.

We sat together with Vika in the office, each at his computer. I was engaged in the promotion of our page in the social network. Victoria worked in our super-program “Sexual Compatibility”.

“Look, Oleg, what an interesting questionnaire the woman sent.” She treats blowjob positively. He likes to obey in sex. Just for you.

— What makes you think that I like to subordinate?

— Yeah, I know. And here’s another point, about deep penetration. No, it suits you exactly.

“Well, compare it to my data.”

Vika pounded on the keyboard.

“Thirty-one and four-tenths of a percent.”

— Not enough.

— And here, Olezhek, look, one more suitable questionnaire.

— Do not distract me. When you find one hundred percent compatibility, then you will say.

— You will find a hundred percent, how. After all, even with us with you, fifty percent failed.

The first on the test we experienced with Vika. Our sexual compatibility with her was 44.3%.

Today at 11 o’clock the client should come. At the appointed time, he appeared.

— Leonid Petrovich.

“Hello, come in, sit down.”

The man sat in the armchair. Vika went to make coffee. Leonid Petrovich looked solid and confident.

— I am 50 years old. Not so long ago I got married. My wife, Lisa, is 15 years younger than me. Our family life is proceeding normally. I am a wealthy person, my wife needs nothing. Lisa does not work, but the reclusive way of life does not lead. We go out into people, visit theaters, exhibitions. But overall, I’m a busy person. And, maybe, I give my wife not so much attention, as it should be. However, Liza does not complain, she is happy with everything.

The customer paused. Victoria brought coffee.

“But, as they say, closer to the point. Recently, I began to notice that Lisa is hiding something from me. Sometimes, when I go into a room, she quickly closes the laptop or goes to another page.

He again fell silent, trying, probably, to formulate his idea.

“You know, Lisa is very dear to me. I love her. And if now she has someone to appear, then I would like to know about it. Maybe in order to try to destroy only the beginning relationship. I hope you understand me?

I nodded.

— Now the time of computers, smartphones, the Internet. I’m not very good at this in everything. There is no time, and no desire, to delve into these subtleties. That’s why I want to appeal to you. Look, please, my wife’s virtual life. With whom she communicates, with whom she is friends, what sympathies she has. Just watch it carefully so that she does not suspect me of anything. Personal surveillance, not virtual, I ask not to. You can flirt with her through the Internet yourself. I’m interested to know how she relates to such kind of acquaintances and offers. What else?

He thought about it.

“I’ll pay your expenses, here’s to you for the first time.” Based on the results of the “investigation”, whether positive or negative, I promise a good bonus.

Putting the money and coordinates of his wife on the table, the client retired.

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