Sex with the «former»

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Sex with an ex-husband/wife

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Sex with an ex-husband / wife, the pros and cons of such a relationship. What feelings actually arise in a man during sex with an ex-wife. What feelings actually arise in a woman during sex with an ex-husband.

All the secrets about intimate relationships with the “former” in my manual.

What do former couples feel after a divorce or separation?

In the life of every married couple there are ups and downs. Well, that day came when the fall proved decisive in the life of the couple. You have decided that further along the way.

The guy leaves and the girl gets freedom.

There comes a period of “calm before the storm”

At this stage the girl realizes what happened.

Everything also goes to work, and I am sure that everything will be fine and hopes for a beautiful future are so urgent.

But not everything is as beautiful and healthy as it seems, at first glance. The subconscious mind starts the process of defensive reaction to stress. All emotions become dull and do not allow the brain to feel the entire collapse of the situation.

Then comes the stage called “long-awaited freedom”

It begins that period of life when the two halves begin to evaluate the advantages of their parting. It is no longer necessary to ask anyone to spend money on yourself and your hobbies. Go where you want and when you want.

After a while, there is a desire to find someone more interesting than a former partner.

And most people do it, but in this situation there is one discrepancy. The girl begins to compare her new friend with the old one.

It’s not a secret for a young couple that sooner or later they will be linked by intimate relationships.

And it is at this point many girls prefer not to rush things. And they pay attention to the former young man.

Why not satisfy your desire with him. After all, you have known each other for a long time. It is not necessary to be strongly painted and prettied, to play a role of the sexual girl. You have already gone through all this. You know what he is, and he knows what you are capable of.

Of course, such a model will not work with everyone. If you are a married couple and have gone not in the style of “let’s be friends” of this desire, it may not arise.

Another convincing factor is to sleep with the former will be the aspect of sexual health.

You know exactly, that your partner is clean and will not give you a “bunch” of diseases.

There are situations when a girl has not yet found a new young man and her feelings and emotions have not cooled to the former young man. And then, when talking with a friend drinking a glass of alcohol, the girl may well remember her friend with the thought “why not talk? Who now is interested in what is now half the night?”

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