Sex, when a man is over 40 years old

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How to achieve sexual longevity

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Sexual life of a man after forty years. Features and tips. Sex at 30, 40, 50 years old. Increase of sexual function of a man 60 +.

How to increase the sexual activity of an adult male, avoid the male “climax” and so on.. Folk and medicines to increase potency.

Sexual longevity — the truth and myths

In the life of a man comes an important moment (this is about 45 years), when there is a certain social status and it should now be simply maintained. At the same time, the question of the psychological and psychological frontier lies in maintaining the level of sexual activity. Could he be the same as before? Especially this issue is relevant for women, in pairs with men whose age difference is 10—15 years in the direction of the male’s age predominance. Such a period in the life of a man is enveloped in gossip and myths.

Myth number 1

A man who is successful in his career, constantly busy with work about sexual longevity may not even dream. In reality, the opposite is true. The more a man held in the social plan, the more active he will be in sex. Moreover, satisfaction with one’s own position in life for a man has an even more decisive role than an ideal state of physical health. Such a man is usually self-sufficient and leads a relatively healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the potential for sexuality will be sufficient. But the setbacks in work, the departure from the business will affect the sexual activity rather negatively. Especially if such a suspension happens suddenly.

Myth number 2

Mature men need to update their sexual partner to maintain sexual tone.

Science and life facts are proven back. As a rule, to mature age, men already have sexual habits, a style of sexual behavior and corresponding preferences. Any innovations in this regard, of course, make a difference in the life of a man, but often they are associated with stress.

Myth number 3

The length of the period of sexual activity of a mature man can be judged by the size of his penis.

Natural data of men, expressed in physical terms, with the ability to have sex directly not associated. This is influenced more by the work of the hormonal system. And the work of hormones and the physical dimensions of the genital organs are things not related to each other.

Myth number 4

Hormonal drugs allow you to postpone the period of extinction of a man’s sexual activity.

It is important that the intake of any hormonal drugs should be strictly according to the purpose and under the supervision of a specialist. Moreover, the corresponding program should be selected only after a thorough examination of the man. Yes, taking testosterone in the form of medications can make up for the lack of its production by the body, but the lack of a male hormone does not always cause the sexual extinction of a man. Having a low level of testosterone a man can be quite sexually active. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the whole set of factors together with a specialist.

Myth number 5

Impotence and menopause in men are identically equal.

There are still differences in these processes.

Impotence can occur:

1. Physiological (permanent, appropriate hormonal adjustment, obstruction of blood vessels).

2. Situational (single, caused by specific circumstances of sexual intercourse with a particular partner).

Impotence can occur at any age. This is influenced by external factors of the situation, its mental perception and projection on the work of the body. Therefore, it can be overtaken by both a young man at a young age and a man in the climacteric period. By the way, unlike women, the extinction of the sexual function of men is perceived much calmer, since it occurs without significant external manifestations. Many men, for the sexual constitution is strong by nature, retain the ability to have sex until old age. Moreover, they are quite capable of fertilizing a woman.

Myth number 6

Impotence is an irreversible finale of the male sexual life, advancing in adulthood.

Impotence is not the final sentence. It is necessary to take measures to return to sexual life. Modern medical methods can prolong the sex life for a long time. This concerns impotence physiological, try to adjust which the doctor will help. Such an expert is called an andrologist and combines several specialists at once: a sexologist, a urologist, a venereologist, etc.

If impotence arises situationally, then you can try to compete with it even yourself.

Sexual intercourse is a process in which two people participate. And the result, of course, also depends equally on both. If there are problems with potency solely on contact with a particular woman, then you can try to have sex with a partner, more suitable for temperament. If problems remain, then further it is advisable to turn to psychoanalysts and psychotherapists.


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