Sex after childbirth

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When you can have sex after giving birth

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Is there sex after childbirth? Sexual life after childbirth. Myth or reality. Exact medical terms for the resumption of sexual activity after the birth of a child. Psychological fears of sex after childbirth. And many other interesting facts in this manual.

Sexual life after childbirth. Myth or reality

What is happening to me?

The most beautiful time for a woman is the period of pregnancy, it is during this period that a woman feels herself as never beautiful and feminine. Despite all the restructuring in the body, an unstable hormonal background, and many other experiences, and the most difficult period for her and the baby, the majority of women feel happy.

Despite the comfortable psychological state, many physiological changes occur in the woman’s body after labor.

The uterus and birth canals come back to normal. To the previous size, the uterus will come in 5—6 weeks, the most active period of contraction is the first few days after childbirth. With the contraction of the uterus, the process of rejection of bloody bodies occurs. During this period there may be spotting 3—4 days, they will be more frequent and bright red, then brown, and then lighten. After 6—8 weeks, excretions cease to appear.

As for the sex organs, they come back to normal 2—3 months after the birth.

Often after pregnancy, the nature of your hormones such as estrogen changes. They will be more stable after the menstrual cycle is adjusted. The instability of the hormonal system is most often expressed in headache, irritability, drowsiness, frequent changes in mood.

All this, of course, for a woman who gave birth in a natural way and without complications. If your birth was complicated, the time frame may change to be calm, it is advisable to consult your gynecologist who was pregnant.

Women who have given birth with the help of cesarean section are also not so easily and quickly able to establish a sexual life with a partner. Despite the fact that the child did not pass through the birth canal of the mother, the uterus and the genitals, too, it takes time to recover. Also, special attention should be paid to the joints left after the operation.

If the desire of a partner and your so strong is not worth risking your health, try oral-genital caresses.


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