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Бесплатный фрагмент - Sex-hunting

Catch the naked girl

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Hunting for a naked beauty

Once, wandering the Internet in search of suggestions for exotic rest, I came across one ad. Sex tour for single wealthy men on a wild island in the Pacific Ocean. The tour is called: “Catch the naked beauty.” The information interested me and I went to the website of the company-organizer. Mini-hotel (for 5 persons!) On the micro-island. All amenities, excellent cuisine, cultural program. Every evening, the show is the choice of the beautiful Miss Island from local girls. On the site there are photos of some of them. Really, beauties. The winner of the competition, determined by the guests of the tour, strips naked, is released into the forest and hunting commences. Those who catch it, receive a check for a large sum of money and the girl herself for sex. Price? A little expensive, of course, but I was interested in advertising. I dialed the phone number in the ad.

A certain amount of hours on the road, and now I’m flying on a speedboat, dissecting the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. The sun, the sea, the beauty of the tropical islands, make the beginning of the holiday a joyful and promising.

That’s our island. A cozy harbor, a small pier. She is a resort employee. He greets me, takes a suitcase and we climb the path to the hotel. The hotel building is dark in color, it is squat and seems to hide among the greenery around it. A large wooden terrace opens to the sea. Inside the building there is silence, twilight (after the bright sun), a solid and luxurious atmosphere. Room is also good, two rooms, all amenities, sea views, TV and computer.

“The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, sir.” The evening show will begin at 21 o’clock, on the terrace.

From the road I will take a shower, and lie down, until the evening is still far away.

At nine o’clock in the evening, having dressed in a clean shirt, I went out onto the terrace. The sun had already set, stars were shining in the sky, the whole platform was in colorful lights. Music played, on a small chamber stage girls in national costumes performed rhythmic tunes. There were several tables on the terrace. The employee led me to one of them, where there was a sign with my name “Michael”. The waiter came, brought the menu. I ordered several local dishes, a bottle of wine. In total before the stage there were 5 tables in a semicircle, 2 of which were empty. Not far from me sat a healthy Scandinavian named Gustav, probably a Swede. Another table was occupied by Mark, a small mobile Italian or Jew. To me he waved a friendly hand. Gustav fiercely dealt with the plate of food, occasionally throwing heavy glances around. I took a sip of wine, and soon brought a dish of the day — a fish stewed with vegetables. Fish and vegetables are just what I need right now. For the forthcoming “hunting”.

After we ate with the Swede and the Italian ate, a man in a dress coat appeared on the stage.

“Good evening, gentlemen!” On behalf of the company “Sex-hunting” I welcome you on this beautiful and hospitable island. My name is Alex.

He paused for a moment.

— Now we begin the traditional daily game “Catch the naked beauty”. I’ll tell you about the game in more detail.

Alex cheerfully looked around the guests present.

— We are with you not an uninhabited island. Here, except for our hotel, there is nothing. Solid rainforest. Here is the map of the Island.

On the stage, a large screen with a map was lit.

— Our island is small, irregularly shaped, its largest diameter is about one kilometer. Here is the lagoon, here is the hill, here is the stream, but the “Hut of Love”, but about it later. We are here with you.

He jabbed the pointer at the “Hotel” icon on the map.

— Although the island is wild, it is cleared of a flora and fauna dangerous for humans. There are no snakes, scorpions and crocodiles.

Alex laughed.

— There are no people on the Island either. All of them are only on site. Therefore, with the exception of the hotel, the whole territory of the island is hunting grounds. Here only hunters and game. The hunter who caught the game receives a check for a large sum. After all, it’s not easy to catch our beauty, they all run and swim well. In addition, caught game — an excellent sexual partner. With it you can do anything. The only request to gentlemen — do not beat the girls, do not hurt them.

The leader paused again.

— The hunting season lasts exactly a day, from the moment of the end of today’s show, till nine in the evening of tomorrow. If the hunter has caught the game, he can take her to the “Shack of Love” for caresses and satisfying the flesh. Evidence that the game is caught will serve as a special bracelet removed from her foot. Here he is.

Alex showed present a beautiful blue bracelet with a red button.

— What is the button for the bracelet? By enabling it, you can track the game. It’s a radio beacon. The signal from it is transmitted to the screen and the hunters will always know where the game is at the moment. Here, I turn on the button. You see? Now the bracelet is on the terrace of the hotel.

On the screen, in the “Hotel” icon, a blue light pulsed.

— Catching the girl, the hunter removes the bracelet from her leg and turns off the button. The disabled button means the end of the hunt. Presenting this bracelet in the future, the hunter receives a check in return. So far, everything is clear?

The organizer looked in turn at the men. When his eyes met mine, I nodded in reply, they say, everything is clear.

— Having removed the bracelet from the beauty’s leg, the hunter can own it until the end of the show, until 9 pm. Sex hunter and game can be practiced anywhere on the island, with the exception of the hotel. The most convenient place for erotic fun will be, again, “The hut of love.” There is a chic bed, there are clean bed linens and a shower. Well, like everything I said.

The host smiled.

— And now the most interesting, we begin the choice of today’s beauty. I ask the girls on the stage.

On the stage came five girls in painted costumes. We with the Italian clapped their hands.

— First, the girls take turns singing us a verse of a national song about love.

The girls began to sing. They sang well, and they were good, young and beautiful. The second number of the program was dancing. Dancing Candidates in the game is also not bad. Their bodies were flexible and elastic.

— Now we will ask our competitors to undress. But not completely, of course.

The girls went to the podium in panties and bras. To music, they did simple dance exercises.

— Well, it’s time to choose the winner. Gentlemen, on your table lie signs with scores from one to five. The highest score is 5. I will call the girls, and you raise the signs.

She won the Tuy contest. I liked it the most, too. Medium height, black-haired, with a handsome affable face and sexy figure.

“Now we’ll ask Tuy to undress.”

Thuya went behind the curtain. And she came out completely naked. I felt that I have an erection. Alex went to Tue, deftly put on her ankle bracelet and turned on the button. A blue dot appeared on the screen.

— And now, ladies and gentlemen, the girls-contestants will sing to you at last a song called “Good luck to the brave hunter”. They will sing without Tui, who has already rushed into the forest. Ending the song will mean the beginning of the hunt. Good luck to you!

And Alex left the stage. The girls began a pleasant melodic song, to which the blue flame departed from the hotel. But here the scene was empty and on the terrace there were only three hunters, staring intently at the screen. Where will Tuy go? Probably in the hut of love.

First Hunt

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