Seven secrets of long sex

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marie girr
seven secrets of long sex

I am not a feminist, not a masochist, not an exhibitionist,

not a communist, not…

I just have an idea sometimes.

And then I think of her.

Marie Girr


The author of the book is Maria Gerasimova, a historian, Russian journalist, photojournalist, editor and psychologist, who has devoted twenty-five years of her professional life to print media.

Now he cooperates only with book publishers and writes his own books.

A historian, journalist and psychologist, the author has been collecting materials for a wide variety of research articles and books for many years. Years of reportage journalism and consulting practice, thousands of human destinies that the author came into contact with, fused together, creating a unique experience.

And this book is the quintessence of thematic interviews, official surveys, numerous psychological consultations and personal observations that allowed the author to draw interesting conclusions.

In the book, the author presents his non-standard view on a topic that interests many men and women: long sex in general and long sexual intercourse in particular.

The book is written easily and can be read in one go.


I don’t remember where I read this phrase, but I remember it for a long time:

“Orgasm is the moment when you let go of your Self, separate from the body and dissolve into absolute bliss. At first it may become scary, because it is light, pure energy. But at this very moment you are a Buddha”.

Sometimes you don’t even notice how some individual situations combine into a single whole, into a certain general direction. And then an interesting story begins to unfold.

So it turned out the same with this book. Scattered, seemingly unrelated events suddenly began to form an interesting mosaic, which amazed me with its originality and colorfulness.

Since I started to engage in psychological practice, helping to solve the problems that have arisen with my friends, then with my friends’ friends and their friends, but no longer familiar to me, one interesting trend has emerged: people are interested in long sex or its absence. Don’t get me wrong: not SEVERAL sexual acts in two to three hours, but ONE continuous sexual act for two to four hours. And when another man came to me on the recommendation, which I will tell you about later in one of the chapters, and at first, as usual shy, but gradually freeing up, outlined his tossing and longing, I realized that it was time to collect all the accumulated material, knowledge and theory into a single whole and write this book. I also interviewed a lot of men and women, sometimes officially interviewing, sometimes just in private conversations, trying to get their opinion on this issue. All together: consultations, surveys and personal experience — and formed the basis of this book.

And although everything I’m going to talk about here applies directly to men, it will also be interesting for women to look on the other side of the mirror. Maybe you will see yourself?

There is no demagoguery and empty reasoning in the book. I will not give you anatomical details of the structure of the bodies of men and women. This information is known to everyone, and if there are still some secrets left for you, open a medical encyclopedia or the Internet. My book is not about that. It’s about WHAT you have to do in order to extend ONE sexual act to two, three or even four hours. As you know, the average rate of this process, recognized by official medicine, ranges from ten to twenty minutes.

I also allowed myself to use profanity sometimes, but only where it gives an additional charm.

From the book you will learn what kind of sex you need to have in order to prolong one sexual act for several hours, how to achieve this, what kind of psychological attitude a man should have, whether size matters, what is the relationship between sex and a man’s longevity, and much more, which may change your view of sex forever. What you learn may be unexpected for you, maybe intriguing, maybe you will be scared. But you will be able to get to know yourself better. Or just find out!

I also divided the book into seven chapters and, without further ado, called them “The First secret”, “The second…” and so on. In each of the chapters, I reveal one of the seven topics that are an integral part of the overall mosaic of this problem.

My book is not fiction and not a dry textbook. This is a literary presentation of many years of experience, research and conclusions, revised, rethought and fused into a single concept.

And I think it’s time to start!

for what?

To begin with, answer yourself the question: WHY do you have sex? You may have chuckled? In vain. The answer to this question, in fact, is not as simple as it seems. You know about the direct use of this process — the instinct of procreation. But sex is also used as a means to achieve some goals. Here is a modest and far from complete list of these goals.

1. Manifestation of love

No comments! And so everything is clear.

2. Reproduction

It is not so much the process that is important here as the end result, eroticism is not important, only the social or natural qualities of the participants are important.

3. Discharge of sexual arousal

The qualities of the partner are not important, and in general you can do with masturbation.

4. Recreation

Sex is seen as a restorative activity. Partner satisfaction is an addition to one’s own pleasure.

5. Communication

Establishing intimacy between partners.

6. Self-affirmation

In the foreground is the need of a person, mainly a man, to check or prove to himself or others that he can attract, like, sexually satisfy.

7. Cognition

The knowledge of a woman, the satisfaction of sexual curiosity inherent in all people. The famous biblical phrase “to know a woman” is this “aria” from this “opera”.

8. Ritual

Maintaining a certain ritual or habit, proof of the stability of existing relationships between partners, is found mainly in marriage.

9. Improvement of the condition

Physical and emotional. Achieving this goal in general can become a kind of “drug” addiction.

10. Religious or mystical practices

Many peoples in different historical times had common customs of ritual copulation in the fields during the sowing period.

In ancient Greece there was a cult of Demeter — the goddess of fertility and agriculture. The holiday lasted for several days, and on one of them young Greek women gave themselves to men in newly plowed fields.

Among the Eastern and Western Slavs, on the night of Ivan Kupala — originally the holiday was associated with the summer solstice — marriage rites were performed, and according to some reports, mass free copulation.

On one of the Moluccas, if a bad harvest of cloves was expected, naked men would come to the plantation at night and with cries of “More cloves!” ejaculated seed on the clove trees.

In some areas of Transylvania and India, naked women plowed at night, giving the earth their reproductive power.

Among the Australian aborigines of Dieri, the ritual copulation of four pairs of men and women was considered a means to increase the fertility of emu ostriches.

It can be listed for a long time, but I think it’s enough, this is not a treatise on the sexual rituals of the peoples of the Earth. And that was point ten.

11. Obtaining material benefits

Prostitution, marriage of convenience.

12. Demonstrating superiority over a partner and humiliating him

It is characteristic of the social grassroots, the army, places of deprivation of liberty and the criminal environment in a broad sense. Oral sex is the most popular here as an ideal method of this demonstration in terms of aggregate parameters.

13. Rape

Forced sex, sexual violence involving the commission of sexual intercourse by one person or a group of people with another person without the consent of the latter.

14. Transmission of sexually transmitted diseases

The conscious action of a person with a sexually transmitted disease in relation to another person in order to harm or avenge something.

15. Pleasure

Absolute, pure enjoyment of sensations. Here in the foreground is a variety of erotic techniques.

Due to the fact that sexual attraction is a powerful motive of human behavior, it is often used in various security forces and criminal communities in order to:

— information,

— control chosen by the individual,

— the provision of side effects on the behavior and thoughts of individuals using the charge of “specialist delights”,

— get dirt for later blackmail

— destruction of the psyche of the subject by calling impotency, venereal disease, training of the selected object to the new forms of sexual activity,

— further formation of “drug” dependence in order to more effectively manipulate.

In many societies, sex and manifestations of sexual behavior of people are subject to social, ideological and criminal restrictions. And the more authoritarian a society is, the stronger these restrictions are. For example, in some countries, adultery is still recognized as a crime for which material or criminal liability can be imposed, up to the death penalty and stoning of persons who have deviated from traditions.

I think an excursion into the historical and psychological jungle is enough. Tell me, have you found yourself on these lists? Have you found a reason why you are having sex specifically? If yes, then read on. If not, then stop and think about the answer.

So you’ve thought. And now you know exactly the reason why you are having sex.

And now answer the question: WHICH of these types of sex allows you to stretch ONE sexual act for two, three or even four hours?


To stretch ONE sexual act for two, three or even four hours allows only one type of sex — No. 15, pleasure! That’s it! There are no other options! Only absolute enjoyment of the sensations from this process. For pleasure, enjoyment is NOT a reaction, but a mood. The mood to enjoy emotionally at any moment of bodily communication, the involvement of each nerve ending in this process. The traditional reaction — the desire to have an orgasm, because it is right and normal — is meaningless. This is violence against sensory experience. And the same applies to bringing a partner to orgasm. Such sex does not bring real satisfaction, its result is disappointment and emotional problems in the future. To get mystical valley pleasure from sex, you need to learn to feel satisfaction from the very beginning and literally every second, developing pleasure as an inner blissful smile until this bliss completely captures the body.

Even No. 1 — love — is not suitable! Because “Love of a harm-will grow fond and goat!” And this postulate is valid in both directions. This phrase, like no other, reflects the essence of the situation: neither external data, nor social status, nor how a partner has sex are important — nothing matters! EVERYTHING is accepted in the partner without exception, and there is no desire to change anything. And even if a man has an ejaculation five minutes after the start of sexual intercourse, this is not perceived as his disadvantage. After all, this is a BELOVED man!

And even No. 11 — prostitution — is also not suitable. Because if you think that the purpose of a prostitute is to give you pleasure, you are deeply mistaken! The only goal of a prostitute is to earn money! And since you can’t earn a lot from one client, then, accordingly, you need to fuck as many clients as possible. Then the total earnings will be more. And there is no longer a place for long-term fun. Finished — and get out of here! Of course, there are those among the prostitutes who engage in prostitution out of pure “love of art”. Well, they love this business! Why such love? Maybe they have the first and second chakras — Muladhara with Svadhisthana — developed as a mother do not grieve. Maybe they just like this business, they see in it their destiny, a Universal Mission. But there are only a few of them. The majority of women who come to the panel go to it to earn money. Why in this way? And you will ask their fathers and stepfathers, who raped them in their youth or even in childhood and forced them to give themselves to their alcoholic friends. You will ask the state, which for more than a hundred years has not been able to bring the economy to a level that provides a decent life, which closes factories and factories, raises the prices of basic necessities and makes education more and more “free”. You will ask yourself this when you take girls into marriage and lock them in four walls for many years, do not give them the opportunity to get an education and do not allow them to work for reasons of “mine, I will not give it to anyone!”. And then, by divorcing them, you take away their property and leave them with children in their arms, without means of livelihood and the opportunity to go to work because of a small child. Of course, it’s not always like that. And ladies can also be depraved. But there is some truth in this.

No. 6 — self-affirmation is also not suitable. For example, you decide to hire a spy in your boss’s office, and his pretty secretary is most suitable for this role. What to do? How to make her loyal to herself, how to recruit her and have a tool for blackmail? Of course, fuck! But it must be done quickly, very quickly! There is no time here for long caresses and ritual dances — he piled on the office desk and fucked.

From the same series, and a quick hookup at a corporate party, when a drunk man drags a woman he likes for a long time or just liked into an empty office — and go ahead!

Well. Now you know something about yourself. Let’s move on.

In the Introduction, I promised to tell about a man who asked me for help in solving a problem. It was this incident that gave me the final impetus to write this book. I’m telling you. Without a name, of course. I’ll call it NN.

So, having started his story, stammering and falling silent, picking up words for a long time, NN finally reported that the sexual act in his performance could last about three hours quite calmly, and this is not the limit. But! All the women he’s had so far CAN’T STAND such a long marathon! Having reported this information and calmed down a little, NN began to tell… what he had not suffered over the years of his sexual activity. And, in fact, it came to the point that impotence loomed on the horizon. Don’t laugh! You, as a man, know perfectly well how a woman’s refusal negatively affects a man’s self-esteem.

I will not retell his confession in great detail, there is no need. But while he was talking about his thorny path, I remembered that I myself had encountered this several times. And I will tell you about the brightest case.

I had a lover who could do the same! He could prolong ONE sexual act up to three or four hours! Having sex for one hour for him meant getting laid fast! Two — no matter where. Three is the norm. And sometimes we got to four or more hours at a time. And everything was going well, and I didn’t even immediately understand WHAT was wrong in our relationship. All the sexual behavior of my lover said that he was not telling me something, hiding something. And when the relationship became more trusting, and we began to have intimate and frank conversations for a long time, I still extracted his secret from him. And when he told me that he can have ONE sexual act for two or three hours, and that is what is a problem for him (“I don’t ejaculate as fast as women want”), which eventually resulted in an inferiority complex, I fell into a state of shock. How?! Humanity has been looking for ways to prolong sexual intercourse for thousands of years. Endless treatises have been written on this topic. The best minds of the three great cultures of India, Japan and China have been searching for the coveted “sexual Grail” for centuries (not counting smaller-scale cultures). Modern medicine invents “magic pills” in a crazy marathon for a hard and long erection, and you have this gift from nature and consider yourself unhappy and flawed?! You’re crazy! Yes, alas, he considered himself unhappy, flawed and inferior!

Even at the very beginning of his sexual life, he tried to persuade the ladies to such a feat, but nothing good came of it, and over time he simply began to adapt to his women, without even hinting at his capabilities. Can you imagine what it’s like to hide and restrain your innermost male talent and sexual essence all your life!

Gradually, I found out that the ladies who had been with him before me didn’t really like sex at all. Of course, I will not call them frigid, since frigidity, what is called “sexual dysfunction” in modern sexology, is an extremely complex phenomenon. This is an intricate interweaving of many physical and psychological factors: there are diseases of the genitourinary system, psychological trauma, and the effects of various drugs, etc., etc. But these ladies were clearly similar to “pisces”, judging by the stories of my lover.

I must say that with all my obvious desire to know what ONE sexual act lasting four hours is, I had to bring my lover to a state of complete trust for a long time. Trust — in the sense of creating complete confidence in him that I will not push him away when it comes to such a time.

And the hour has come! When, finally, we reached a fairly stable psychological comfort and unity of bodies and souls, the result exceeded all expectations! And now I can say with full confidence: such an experience takes consciousness to a completely new, higher, unexplored and very attractive level. Moreover, there were even more tempting prospects ahead! And if our meetings had lasted another three or four months, we would have entered into absolutely fantastic spheres! But… as it often happens in life, our flight was interrupted. We broke up. You ask why? His official wife, for reasons completely incomprehensible to me, was against our meetings.

There was clearly a connection between these two men-a client at the consultation and my former lover. And it can be formulated as follows:

Even with such a gift — to prolong ONE sexual act for several hours — it is difficult for a man to find a partner who would like it or who could withstand such a marathon physically and psychologically!

In other words: fuck women don’t need to fuck for so long!

So what is long sex? A whim of nature, a gift, a punishment, a curse, a mission, self-knowledge, a problem, unknown possibilities of the human body? I can’t answer. But I can tell you the second secret.


And here, from my point of view, the main law of psychology comes into full force: it’s not about the situation, but about the attitude to it.


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