Secrets of the best mistresses: perfect and skillful in bed

Бесплатный фрагмент - Secrets of the best mistresses: perfect and skillful in bed

Sex training for women

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Want to control men through sex? Strive to stay in his heart forever, as the best girl in his life? To do this, you need to know which women like men in bed.

Did you know that the pose “rider” is the favorite of men? Master the art of this pose and learn all the nuances about it in this manual.

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The second most popular sexual posture (after the classic “sandwich” in which the man from the top) is the position of the rider when the woman is on top. Perhaps, this is the main position in which a woman can fully demonstrate her superiority. It is in this case that it will be the leading one.

Many ladies, because of laziness, in every possible way shy away from including such a position in the sexual game. However, absolutely in vain. Such a posture can bring true pleasure not only to a passive man, but to an equally active woman. It is important to understand how to move properly and how to strain the appropriate muscles, so that it leads to maximum enjoyment.

For what men like the pose of riders

The fact that such a pose is a favorite among men is undeniable. And that’s why:

1. Men love eyes. During sex, a man is very important sensations received by all his senses, and not just a member. What he sees, the fragrance that he inhales, all this unequivocally helps him to get excited and hold this state. The rider’s position reveals a face, a make-up for a review, a rider’s pose is ideal for making a real erotic show for a man. There is a time associated with the fact that some women experience complexes with respect to their appearance and the process of emancipation in front of a man is difficult. However, if there is a goal to deliver to your man an unforgettable pleasure, then you should try.

2. Men can be relaxed absolutely. Some ladies can sarcastically note that this is some kind of unreasonable privilege. However, in fact it allows the man to get a brighter and longer orgasm. After all, if the man is the leader and is in tension, then he reaches a peak point also in suspense. But when he is filonite and gives himself completely to his feelings, then the process becomes more colorful for him. Carried away, often a man begins to “play along” to his partner, making translational movements with a pelvis up, as if to meet her. And this is usually very like a woman.

3. Free hands. It is the hands of the man in this position that remain free, which allows him to show imagination and to contribute some more activity to the process of sexual intercourse. Hands a man can touch a female clitoris, knead the chest or stroke the partner’s thighs. This, as a rule, even more excites both himself and his partner.

Even with all the advantages described above, there are men who do not like the pose of the rider at all. In this regard, one can only assume that in their lives, there has never been a real leading partner who could properly omit them from above.


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