Secrets of Better Sex

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30 poses in sex, which must definitely try

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A variety of poses for sex exists so that everyone can find the best option for themselves, because people are all different. Differ from each other and the size of the genitalia. In order to perfectly interact in bed, you need to find for yourself such positions that will help to completely compensate for the inconsistencies in the shape and size of the genitals.

This will be the basis for achieving complete harmony and enjoyment of every sexual encounter. In addition, a variety of poses will avoid boredom and monotony in sex, will not allow to turn it into a routine and the usual “obligatory”.

The power of sex is great — it supports intimate health, strengthens the whole body, gives courage. Saturating the entire body with endorphins, a regular variety of sex gives us the joy of communicating with a loved one. Most of the sexual poses were created a long time ago and many times worked out in practice. Each of them is good in its own way, but it is necessary to choose the optimal one individually. It can not be said that there is only one single “right” pose that fits all. Gone are the days when you could have sex only in the classic “missionary” position. Now every couple can easily choose for themselves any way that suits her, because everything that happens in the bedroom, concerns only two who have sex.

Pose 1. Evita

This pose is a bit like the previous one, only the partners in it change places and the man plays an active role in this pose. This position is very convenient for a woman, because she practically does not strain and just gets pleasure. By the way, this position allows a woman to get great pleasure and quickly leads to orgasm. A bit more difficult when using this position is a man, since he must make moves and maintain not only his balance, but also his partner. The task is facilitated if a woman lies on an incline bench, then it becomes easier for a man to satisfy his partner. He will not need to support it.

A woman lies down across the bed or on an inclined board and reduces her legs straight. A man becomes or lies down from above, the legs of a woman are between his legs. This posture should be used after the preliminary caresses, so that the vagina was strongly moistened. This is necessary for the phallus to enter freely, without friction. When a woman enters the penis of a man, he begins to move back and forth. Movements, at first, should be smooth and gentle, gradually the partners will enter the rhythm.

In this position, there is a strong stimulation of the vestibule of the vagina and its anterior wall. If a man lays down on his partner, then by his movements he will contribute to stimulation of the clitoris. For more acute sensations, a man can move forward a little, if he is standing on the floor, Then his penis will bend, and with his movement there will be even greater stimulation of the vestibule vestibule. With this slight change in position, a man, as well as a woman, gets pleasure. If a woman does not have an inclined bench, then a man can support a woman on the weight behind the buttocks with both hands. In doing so, it can regulate the depth of penetration of the phallus into the partner’s vagina. In addition, he can alternately squeeze her buttocks with hands, which will be an additional stimulation.

Since the hands of the man will be busy supporting the partner, he can mouth and tongue caress her shoulders and chest. A partner, however, can caress with her own hands the back of a partner or his buttocks. At first it may seem that this is not a very comfortable pose, but when the partners enter the rhythm, they will feel that this pose is really very good. It is possible that partners will get an orgasm at the same time.

Pose 2. In bed with Dandy

This pose, although it has this name, came to us in ancient times — from the East. In it, as in the previous posture, both partners play an active role. True, a man plays a more active role. This position is quite simple and does not require great skill from partners. To her, usually, resort after preliminary caresses, when partners lie on their side. For a man, this position is also convenient because he completely controls the situation, and can himself adjust the depth of the introduction of the phallus. A woman, although active in this position, but more engaged in herself, as she lies with her back to the partner.

As we already mentioned, after preliminary caresses, the man lies on his side. His partner also lies on his side and cuddles up to the man. The leg that lies on the bed she places between his legs, and the other leg puts on the man from above, slightly bending her in the knee. Thus, the vestibule of the vagina opens, which allows the partner’s phallus to enter without obstruction. True, a woman should enter the penis by hand, since the man will not be very comfortable. The man begins to make smooth movements back and forth, gradually increasing the pace to the average. The woman, in the main, makes counter moves, so that the member gets a little deeper.

If the man falls lower, penetration will become deeper. When the phallus moves into the vagina, the G-point and the lower third of the vagina are stimulated. This greatly stimulates the arousal of a woman. For a more comfortable position, a man can take a woman by the foot, which is located on him and while moving forward, tighten his partner even more tightly to himself.

The hand that is on top of the partner’s body, the man can caress the vestibule vestibule together with the clitoris. Caressing the clitoris, the partner should be very careful and gentle, so as not to cause pain to the woman. The hand that is on the bed, he can caress the breast of a woman. At this time, the partner can itself stimulate the clitoris. Turning the head and upper body slightly to the man, the woman will be able to respond to his kisses.

This posture can be used in anal sex. This requires that the woman was very excited. In addition, if this sex is unaccustomed to a couple, you need to use a very good lubricant, so that a member can penetrate the anus without much friction. The member in the anus should be administered very carefully and no more than on the head, so as not to cause the woman pain. Only then can a man achieve the desired result. With his hands he can caress not only the woman’s clitoris, but also her vagina. Usually, anal sex in this position is designed for the partner to be able to please the woman.

The next pose that we want to offer you, despite its simplicity, will bring you a lot of enjoyment.

Pose 3. Sandwich

After preliminary caresses the partner lays down on a back and slightly extends legs. The woman lies down on him and her legs are between his legs. If it is not very convenient for you to enter the penis into the vagina in this position, you can slightly spread your legs. After the introduction of the phallus, it is recommended to reduce the legs. This is necessary to achieve the desired result. The movements that are committed by a woman in this position should be similar to the movements of a man (if he were in place of a woman). If a couple prefers an active partnership of a woman, then the partner can only use his hands for caresses. If in bed a woman is passive enough, then the partner can help her, slightly lifting her pelvis in time with her movements during sexual intercourse.

This position can be slightly diversified. Instead of two legs, you can place only one leg between the partner’s legs. Despite the apparent inconvenience, this position is also quite effective.

In this position, there is a sufficiently strong stimulation of the clitoris and the outer ring of the vagina. In addition, the partner can fondle the partner’s anus with fingers. This will contribute to additional pleasant sensations. In addition, he can squeeze the woman’s buttocks with his own hands, and since the buttocks are erogenous zones, the actions of the partner will bring additional pleasure to the woman.

The pose is quite simple and can be used when you have sex on the carpet.

By the way to achieve a stronger orgasm, you can put a small pillow under the partner’s basin. In this case, his pelvis will rise slightly, which will contribute to a more powerful stimulation of the clitoris.

If the partner prefers to place only one leg between her legs, then to achieve a greater effect in this position, you can ask a man to put his free foot, bending it slightly in the knee, on the foot of the partner.

This posture can become not basic, but transitional. For example, from this pose you can smoothly move into the pose “Little Buddha”.

Pose 4. Little Buddha

This posture came to us from distant India, which is famous not only for the abundance of ancient temples and yogis, but also for a large number of treatises on love. This pose is the progenitor of the position, which we called “Sandwich”. In the pose “Little Buddha” partners have sex on their sides.

The “Little Buddha” pose is very convenient and effective, but unlike the “Sandwich”, it requires some preparation from the partners.

So, let’s begin. The transition from the “Sandwich” pose to the “Little Buddha” pose is simple. I’ll just have to turn on my side. Only the partner should pre-bend his leg slightly (toward which he is going to turn). This is for convenience, and also to ensure that the phallus does not come out of the vagina. When you turn the woman lies on a slightly bent leg of a man. The partner with one hand, which lies on the bed, hugs the partner behind her, and the other hand caresses the woman’s buttocks. At the same time the partner moves the pelvis “back and forth”, and also presses the partner a little.

If the partner is lying on his side and his partner’s leg lies on his leg (the pose, when one woman’s foot is between the legs of a man), he can flex his free leg slightly with his free hand. This makes the pose even more comfortable.

In this position, you can make love for a long time.

There are several types of pose “Little Buddha”. One of them, when a woman lies with her back to the man on her side and her legs are between the legs of a man. In this pose, the phallus is introduced into the vagina and a sufficiently strong stimulation of the G-point occurs. As a result of stimulation of this point, a very strong orgasm can occur. It can not be called vaginal, most likely uterine, because with such an orgasm the uterus decreases very much.

In addition, in this version of the pose “Little Buddha” the hands of the man remain sufficiently free, and he can caress the partner’s breast with both hands. He can also caress the breast with one hand, which lies on the bed, and the other hand caress the clitoris of his partner.

Another version of the pose “Little Buddha”, when the partner enters the anal opening of the partner. This is a rather complicated variant and requires some preparation. The phallus in the anus should enter slowly, throughout the sexual intercourse, so as not to injure the rectum of the woman. Anal sex can also lead to a strong orgasm. Usually, using this version, the woman has only one leg between the legs of the man. The second leg of the woman is placed over the man’s leg, which gives him the opportunity to raise a little leg of the woman with his foot and stimulate the partner’s cunt and clitoris with his hand.

In the next posture, which we want to offer you, the main role is assigned to a woman. The role of the man is passive. This is one of the typical female poses, which has been known since ancient times. Women who are able to assert their leading role in relationships, often choose this position. It’s no wonder that many women quickly achieve orgasm in this pose.

Pose 5. Dreams of a nymphet

Since the pose will require a woman of small physical effort, it is better to have sex in this pose near the high back of the bed.

After preliminary caresses, the partner lays on the back near the back of the bed and puts her bent legs on it. The partner carefully enters the partner’s phallus, so she leans her back against his bent legs. She bends her legs slightly in her lap and puts her on her partner. The partner takes her own hands with her feet and starts to caress them with her tongue. A woman at this time, hands on her back on the bed and starts moving slowly up and down.

At first glance it is very difficult to do, but in fact it is quite simple. His partner makes a move, leaning his back on the legs of a man, which makes the process a little easier.

For more acute sensations, you can tie your partner’s hands behind your head with straps. Then the woman will be able to rest on her armpits with her feet, and she will not need a support in the form of a headboard, since moving up and down can be kicked off from her partner’s armpits. Hands can caress the belly of a partner. To partner excited to the limit, a woman can start caressing her labia and clitoris, and also her breasts. This spectacle will very much excite the partner and lead him to an even stronger orgasm, and the woman in this way will be able to bring herself to orgasm.


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