Laws are keeping silence during the war

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The novel “SARA” is about the harsh fate of a young girl Sara, who’s in her sixteen has overcome a hell a way of three concentration camps during the Second World War, the 1939—1945 and she survived miraculously. At the Bergen-Belsen camp, the fate of Sara crossed the fate of Anna Frank, who died of typhus. The novel is written by the stories of Stephanie Helbling that are complemented by the creative fiction of the author.

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Elena Fishtik

The war has brought so much grief to mankind that we even shudder when listening to the stories of eyewitnesses, though we are the generation who did not know the war. And it doesn’t matter how much it was written about this horrible crime, it is necessary to continue to write, to create the movies, to pass this memory to our children. E. Fishtik — the composer, the member of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation. She was awarded the medal “For the works in education, culture, art and literature”


Пронизывающая до глубины души судьба молодой девушки, вызывающая сочувствие и сострадание. Муж моей приятельницы прочел "Сару" Елены Фиштик и сказал, что это достойный уровень, уровень Светланы Алексиевич, которая стала первым белорусским автором, получившим Нобелевскую премию и первым русскоязычным писателем, удостоившимся награды после Иосифа Бродского.

Кристина Баркане

The novel makes you think about the value of human life, the power of love. Many thanks to the author!!! While reading this book we can experience the horrors of the war that our ancestors experienced, we understand how valuable the peaceful sky overhead is. The novel is very emotional and bright. We must know the history and honor the memory of those who conquered the world for us! Thank you so much for unforgettable feelings

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