Sam Raivers with blackblood devils

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Chapter 1
Wooden house in the forest

The Raivers family lived in one two-storey house in the big city London.

Father and son. How told the father of the family Jim Raivers, mother Linda Raivers died many years ago, from an accident. She fell down from the mountain. Jim Raivers was high men with round dark eyes and curly hair where you could see the grey hairs appeared because of a lot of suffering. He always spoke with a monotonous voice and it was not often possible to see his smiling eyes. Not despite this, he was always good and never hurted anybody with sharp words. He was about 40 When the name of Jim Raivers is said all understood quiet and calm a man. He had a son named Sam Raivers. He was 14. He had shiny black eyes, Brown hair, a kind heart and clever and well-considered words. He was like a father very calm.

Came hot summer. Like every year brother of Jim Raivers came to them, Edwin Raivers with his daughter Maggie Raivers. Edwin Raivers was 2 years younger than Jim but his daughter Maggie was at the age of Sam. She had bright eyes, brown and curly hair, thin eyebrows and smiling lips. She was lonely child in the family that is why every year she spent holidays with this. They are very good friends. When started summer vacation, she always asked her dad to go to Sam’s house and stay there the whole vacation.

All four sat at the table.

«How’s work?«asked Edwin.

«Well» responded Jim. «Sam» continued Jim looking at the boy. «Would you show Maggie your new book?».

«Oh I forgot!» said Sam.» Come on, Maggie. I’ll show you my new adventure book.»

They went up.

«You want to say something?» asked Edwin.

«Yes» Jim replied «I shall go to the wooden house this year»

«But Jim» said Edwin. «That’s where you lost your wife. Doesn’t it hurt you to go back there? Doesn’t it scratch your wound?»

«It hurts, «Jim said.«It hurts A lot, but Linda wanted it. She asked me to take our son there when he is 14.»

«But why?» Edwin was surprised.

«I don’t know,» Jim said, «but I’m definitely going this year. Will you let Maggie come with us?» he asked.

«No» said Edward «Why to go? And even it is dangerous for them»

«But I forbid them to go up to the mountains,» said Jim.

«I don’t know, „Edward said.“ Should we ask them?»

«Maggie, Sam,» Jim called them in a loud voice, «come here!»

Sam and Maggie are here.

«What?«asked Sam.

«Tomorrow we’ll go to the forest for a few days,» Jim said.

«And I…» Maggie turned to her father.

«Maggie» said Edward» there are different animals and high mountains.

It’s dangerous for you»

«Why» Maggie wasn’t agree» Uncle Jim is with us»

«I’ll take care of them myself,» Jim told Edward.

«Ok» agreed Edward.

Maggie and Sam looked at each other with smiles.

«But» said Edward looking at Maggie» You’ll do what uncle Jim tells you to do. No comment»

«Ok» said Maggie.

«Well, good luck to you» said Edward «And I have to go on a business trip tomorrow morning and I’ll go home and prepare my things» he got up

«Ok dad.» said Maggie. «I love you.»

«I love you too,» Edward said. He said goodbye to everyone and left.

«Sam, Maggie» Jim said. «Prepare all your things which you need. And books don’t forget if it will be boring. I can’t say anything. «he raised his shoulders.

Sam and Maggie went upstairs. and began to choose things.

«Weird „said Maggie.“ Why didn’t dad agree at first? And why did he say it was dangerous?»

«And» continued Sam, «Why my dad said that he would forbid to climb the mountains? That says one thing. We’ll go where my mom died.»

«In my opinion Yes» answered Maggie «Can you imagine» she continued

«What adventures we could have! Holiday will be unforgettable»

«I don’t think so» said Sam «There’s only mountains, forest and river.

There is not any people. I think we would be bored»

«Let’s enjoy nature every day,» said Maggie.

«Yes,» said Sam, «unless you ask to leave»

«I don’t think so,» Maggie said.

It was already dark and there was about 9 o’clock night. They went to bed and it was so interesting to live in the forest. And most importantly what adventure will they have there.

Morning. Sam and Maggie woke up from Jim’s voice.

«Get up» he said» have Breakfast and pack all your things. We’re going on a journey»

«Good morning,» said Sam.

«Good morning,» Maggie opened her eyes.

«Good morning» said Jim who was standing in the middle of the room.»

Breakfast is ready.»

«We’re going,» said Sam, without even getting up from his bed.

«Ok» Jim said «I’ll wait for you downstairs» and left.

They went to have Breakfast. Jim was sitting at the table and having Breakfast. Sam and Maggie joined him.

«Dad» said Jim» Why did you decide to go this year?»

«Yes,» continued Maggie, «And why all of a sudden?»

«Ok» said Jim. «I don’t know. Your mom wanted it.»

«To go with me?» asked Sam.

«No,» Jim said, «Take you when you’re 14. Don’t ask why! Because on this question I do not know the answer and unfortunately I can not answer. Don’t ask too many questions! Eat»

Sam and Maggie looked at each other, and nothing was clear to them.

«I have finished» Jim said» When You finish clean up here and take your stuff and go to the car I’ll be waiting for you there»

«Ok» said Sam.

Jim went to the car and checked the condition of the car. The car was black and large that was for the mountains and substandard roads.

After a few minutes, Sam and Maggie came out with big ruggs on their shoulders. They put the backpacks in the trunk. Jim sat behind the wheel and in the front seat sat Sam and Maggie in the back. They finally went.

They drove. They went out of the city. A few hours later they entered the forest. In the forest there was no road to go by the car was difficult but possible. The trees were very tall and old. There were different

sounds of animals. Different birds were flying, different animals were running. Sam and Maggie enjoyed the nature.

It Wes evening and was becoming dark. They were still driving in the forest. Suddenly the Car stopped.

«Have we come?«Sam asked

«No,» Jim said. «For some reason, the car stopped. I checked everything was in order»

Jim got out of the car and opened the hood to check the engine. Sam and Maggie got out too.

«Will it go?«Maggie asked.

It was dark. Maggie and Sam were standing while Jim was fixing the car. When Sam looked at Jin, he saw something far away. Like something extraordinary animal was looking at him. Because of the darkness, it was hard to tell. It was hairy animal but it definitely wasn’t a wolf, wasn’t monkey, it was not a bear. It was something out of the ordinary.

«Maggie» whispered Sam» what is that standing there?»

«Where?» asked Maggie.

«There» said Sam and looked but the animal was not there. It disappeared"No I think it seemed to me. I think it was a tree» he said

«I have some bad news,» Jim said, raising his head, «the Car will not go, we will take things and then we shall go on foot»

They took things, lights were lit and they continued going.

«Is it much further?«asked Maggie.

«No,» Jim replied. «Almost we have come»

Sam heard some voice behind. He turned but nobody was.

«What happened?«asked Maggie when she saw afraid Sam

«Nothing» said Sam «I Never thought that the forest will be like this»

«Like what?«asked Maggie.

«Strange» said Sam having looking at all sides «It is not like other forests»

«Here it is» said Jim with voice of wonder

It was a wooden house with small Windows, which was built only of trees and was surrounded by huge trees.

«This it?«asked Sam.

«Yes,» Jim said. «The house which Linda and I built with our hands.»

They went forward the house and open the door.

«Everything stands the way we left it.» Jim said.

The house had 3 rooms. One of them had a huge table in the middle and the other had beds to sleep in. Cobwebs were everywhere and were flying dusts

«Ok» said Jim, «We shall do the rooms brighter and put in order»

They put all the things and began to clean up. They put all the things in the right place and dust everything. Sam took out a picture from his backpack and put it on the table. It was a photo of Jim and Linda.

When they finished Jim took the pot and some potatoes.

«Let’s go „he said“ let’s make fire» Sam and Maggie went outside following him.

«I’ll bring some woods in order to make a fire,» Jim said and went for the woods. Sam always looked around without any reason.

«What are you worried about?«asked Maggie.

«No,» said Sam «There’s nothing bothering me»

«But I see the exact opposite of emotion,» said Maggie.

«You thought so,» said Sam.

Jim came with wood and made a fire. He put the pot on the fire, put the potatoes in it and added water.

«If you need water,» he said. «there’s a river there. You will see in the morning»

They sat long at the fire. Soup was ready they ate directly from the pot.

«It was delicious, „said Sam,“ and now I’m going to bed. Goodnight.»

«Me too „said Maggie“ Good night uncle Jim»

«Good night,» Jim said.

Maggie and Sam went to bed and Jim was still sitting there. He remAmbered those days when he and Linda sat at the fire until midnight. They had good time together. Then he came home to sleep, too.

Chapter 2
The magic horse and the monster


«Hey Sam» said Maggie» Wake up look what kind of view! You can watch for hours»

«What?«Sam stood up rubbing his eyes and looked out of the window.

There was a really beautiful view. There were large trees on which sat a colored birds, were flying different butterflies.

«Sam, Maggie» Jim’s voice came» Come here I prepared the Breakfast»

Sam and Maggie went to have Breakfast.

«Dad» said Sam «Can we walk in the forest? Maggie and I wanted to see the forest.»

«And,» said Maggie «we shall not climb the mountains»

«Well» said Jim «Go, enjoy but be careful»

«I see» said Sam and finished Breakfast. Maggie is also finished and they went together into the forest. They were walking and all of a sudden Sam heard some noise again.

«Have you heard?«he asked Maggie.

«What» It was not clear to Maggie.

«Again,» said Sam «it’s that noise again»

«Sam» said Maggie» there are more than 100 types of animals and to be some small noise is a custom»

«It’s not a small noise» said Sam «it’s a huge animal’s step but it’s not visible around us»

«No,» said Maggie. «you’re just scared and you pay attention to every little thing.»

They kept going.

«Maggie stop» whispered Sam and motioned that she didn’t speak»

look over there»

They were fascinated. Not far from them stood a white shining horse with huge wings. It was magical. Its hair and tail played on weakly blowing wind. They hid behind a huge tree. The horse opened her wings and began to play. Behind the horse Sam saw a monster that stood and watched the horse.

«Here» Sam said «Maggie look over there what is it?»

«Oh, my God. What is this,» said Maggie when she saw.

The monster resembled a wolf but was very large he had red eyes like fire. He looked at the horse his look was terrible and the monster was ready to attack. The horse didn’t know that.

«What does he want to do?«asked a frightened Maggie.

«Don’t know» replied Sam, «But clearly not a good thing»

The monster began to approach the horse. When the horse found out the monster was very close and the horse could not run away. Monster bit the horse’s neck and kept it. Horse tried to break free but it was not possible. The horse became weaker and weaker.

«We must do something» said Sam

«But what?«said Maggie.

At that moment, Sam saw a stone on the ground. He took the stone and threw it to the monster. The stone fell on the head of the monster. He made free the horse and looked at them.

«He is coming here,» said Maggie in a dearest voice. Monster went to them. What to do? They started to walk behind. Sam fell but couldn’t take his eyes off the monster. He realized that there is no other way and stood on his feet, kept his body straight and looked straight into the eyes of the monster and put one step forward to him.

«What are you doing?«said Maggie.

Sam put the second step. Then the steps of the monster became slower. After the third step, The monster stopped walking. Sam still was looking straight at his eyes without blinking. The monster changed direction and ran the other way and disappeared.

«What was it?«Maggie was delighted.

«Horse» said Sam and they ran to the horse. The horse was very weak, but was alive. The wound from the teeth of the monster were bleeding.

«We need to stop the bleeding,» Sam said.

«Leave it to me» someone spoke behind. Sam and Maggie looked.

There was a man with dark hair over his shoulder, short beards, sky blue eyes, strong muscles, and a warm look. He went to the horse and put his hand on the wound. The wound disappeared in a moment.

«How did you do that?«They were delighted.

The horse got up and flew The man looked at Sam carefully and asked,»

How did you do it? Why was the monster scared of you?»

«I don’t know it but who Are you?«asked Sam.

«I’m Fredley,» he said. «Don’t be afraid of me.»

«I’m Maggie,» she said.

«I’m Sam.» he said. «Sam Raivers.»

«Raivers?«said Fredly with white open eyes.

«Yes, Raivers» Sam answered.

«Are you related to Linda Raivers?» Fredley asked.

«Yes, I am Linda Raivers’ son» replied Sam.

«How could that be?» Fredley said» she had a son? That’s why the monster got scared. He saw Linda Raivers in you.»

Sam and Maggie looked at each other.

«But how do you know…» When they looked Fredley was not at the place where he was standing.

«Where did he go?«Sam said» what did he mean? How does he know my mother? Why would a monster be afraid of my mom?«he spoke nonstop.

«Sam» said Maggie. «get a hold of yourself. You are giving me these questions like I know the answer.»

«But why did he talk l this nonsense?«Sam said.

«I don’t know, „she said,“ Maybe he didn’t talk any nonsense. Maybe he discovered a secret. Isn’t it trange that the man with extraordinary abilities knows your mom? And from where?»

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