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Русский Ной Распутин

Русский Ной Распутин

Григорий Зырянин (09.01.1869 — 17.12.1916)

716 стр.
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О книге

Angel Gabriel Dgabraiel inspired to write Eremushka & our Union of Countries of the Magic Meadow of the Eternal Expectation of the Miracle of Resurrection to eliminate the causes of religious wars Around to this edition of the leadership of the whole of mankind in our ancient Russian Monotheism of the ancestors of the Russian Noah Rasputin Grigory Zyryanin in the genre post-biblical literature of Yeremushki for universal saving use by the year 2116 for the final decay of the Great Epoch of the High Usurer, as a single and irreplaceable constructor of the post of carbon Genesis Ангел Гавриил Джабраил сподвигнул вдохновил написать Еремушку и наш Союз Стран Волшебного Луга Вечного Ожидания Чуда Воскрешения для ликвидации причин религиозных войн Вокруг к этому изданию руководства всему человечеству на нашем древнейшем Отечественном Монотеизме предков Русского Ноя Распутина Григория Зырянина в жанре постбиблейская литература Еремушки для повсеместного спасительного пользования к 2116 году на финал распада Большой Эпохи Верховного Ростовщика, как единый и незаменимый конструктор пост углеродного Бытия

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December 25, 2017, в 12:56 PM

Author Vladimir Eremenko Revutsky Eremushka — My dear readers or as they say in my Land of Magic Meadow; my dear decent public; — The reviews were about my poetic Libretto «Russian Noah Rasputin Grigory Zyryanin» and his Preface entitled «Rasputin with us, Lord and Lenin, too.» But these reviews during the collapse of the USSR, it was not possible for me to take advantage of various considerations, including modesty. — The first material review on paper by a remarkable poet Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko I received about 1986 in the era of the USSR. Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, as secretary of the board of the Union of Writers of the USSR, after acquaintance with my literary opuses in his own free will and under his responsibility in writing, gave me Eremushka a «Recommendation to the Writers’ Union of the City of Leningrad» and in confirmation of this on the first pages of my book there is a photo of this a unique autograph. Yevtushenko, who, with his sensitivity and responsiveness towards my literary works, really turned out to be more than a poet. Thank you very much Eugene Alexandrovich Evtyshenko. 20.12.17 18:15

December 24, 2017, в 8:42 PM

Vladimir Eremenko-Revytski (Eremushka) Hide About the plot and the genre we can say in words of gratitude from the impressions of the Decent Public received in different years in the theater «Eremushki» roughly the following: — Kniga number 1; … Under the supervision of our grandmother, the Old Tree manages to maintain a good relationship with the Intuitive Sculptor of the little man Eremushka and his Beloved Madame Time. Thanks to this love affection of the Heavenly Woman Madame, the time of the work of genuine art comes to life. The sculptures of Yeremushki are blissful and holy, and also unexpectedly come to life monuments including Lenin and Stalin; thousands can come to life… And the Greatest God of the ancestors of Grigory Zyryanin. At Station No. 2216, after the final disappearance of Hydrocarbons, the Administration of the World Ministry of the Outgoing Grand Epoch of the High Grower disintegrates. On the basis of this long-awaited catharsis, two major batches of hemoglobins and chlorophylls are rapidly developing. Deputies of the Hybrid Duma Station No. 2316 is requested by Deputies of Station No. 2116 to hold not the next Premier of the Exhibition-Opera in the Thematic Park of Animated Sculptures for recharging with energy derived from theatrical memories, including the Sculpture «Rasputin Grigory Zyryanin, who is the bearer of our most ancient Domestic Monotheism of their ancestors Parshukovyh Jews of the North and neighboring tribes up to the Indians of America. «Deputies really want to solve an important question about the Russian Renaissance and whether they need for these purposes our image of Russian Noah Rasputin. Deputies of Station No. 2116 agree to hold the Prime Minister at Station No. 2216, where the second Soul of Rasputin finds his work as the Skipper of our «Ark» and, at the same time, the post of Russian Noah. There is no regular annual Judgment Day on December 17, which sometimes stretches for years. This is the plot of the unique Book No. 1 «Russian Noah Rasputin. Grigory Zyryanin is very complex and at the same time very primitive as he gradually reveals to us the essence of what happened in the long forgotten centuries, marked by the death of the religious peasant Rasputin, who caused the death of the Kingdom Kingdom under the name of the Country of Lakes, Fields, Forests and Rivers No. 1. Huge territories with the gutted subsoil is occupied by our Union of Countries of the Magic Meadow of the Eternal Expectation of the Miracle of Resurrection, which passed into the phase of the construction of the Russian revival… A new born genre over the biblical or post biblical literature Dr. Eremushki also creates new sculptures and paintings, musical heroes, who are self-sufficient, but in the final gambling holiday the Day of Judgment, when faced with the rebellion of radical representatives of the new Party of shellfish in panic looking for protection from attacking snails on board the «Ark»; which can be reduced to a saving movement by an Orthodox constant, only by his mythical Skipper Russian Noah… And Madame Time receives not only entertainment from boredom, but also poetic signs confirming that human earthly love can master it in all its literary and musical fantasies for a decent conception of the Russian Renaissance project… Next is Book No. 2 entitled «Russian Noah Rasputin Grigory Zyryanin and Two Princesses» 12.20.17 18:29

December 24, 2017, в 8:37 PM

December 24, 2017, в 8:37 PM

— Good REVIEW from Galina Miala (Zakharenkova) Dear colleagues, readers and admirers, — ten years before the appearance of this amazing and useful book, I was familiar with the difficult circumstances of the development of this Libretto about the most forbidden character of Soviet history. I happened to be a witness of the birth and rehearsals of this unique Libretto at the Yeremushki Theater for many years, where I served as an accountant in the Charity Fund and was therefore a grateful spectator. When I was making very laborious Sculptures, now it’s time to come to life!? It’s a miracle. I was fortunate to see and hear the variants of all the creative searches and achievements of my remarkable author, Yeremushka, the inventor of the new post-Biblical literature, without any offense, in the style of Russian foolishness and Russian absurdity. The book is easy to read, in one breath, like the lovers of alternative history. Thank you for the Gift for the New Year 2018, for the new Life Textbook! 12/21/17 18:18

December 24, 2017, в 8:34 PM


Владимир Михайлович Еременко-Ревутски (Еремушка)
Vladimir Eremenko-Revytski (Eremushka) Creative Author Eremushka Malbush = there is an intuitive sculptor. So he writes Libretto as SCULPTOR! He writes poetry, librettos, music, songs for his sculptural heroes. Exclusively for their animations SCULPTUR!? Therefore, the country Eremushki is called: Union of Countries of the Magic Meadow of the Eternal Waiting of the Miracle of Resurrection!?? This is its originality. Therefore, he creates for the heroes of the genre post-biblical literature of Eremushki. A lot of sculptural characters and for each need to write an opera! They come to life in the post-carbon era-the Russian renaissance of Yeremushki. Therefore, the Theme Park is called the Yeremushki Park at Station No. 2116, No. 2216 and No. 2316 year, the Animated Sculptures of Eremushki. They come to life on the day of the death of the Sculptural Hero. Sculptured hero in this book is the Russian Noah Rasputin Grigory Zyryan Parshukov. On the day of the death of my hero, the Imperial Russia of Russia died. Therefore in our Land of Magic Meadow on December 17, 1916, there is our Yeremushki annual national holiday Judgment Day. On this day, according to our «Declaration of the rights of the disenfranchised,» anyone can get rid of the harmful and dangerous elements of Grehonzia. Grehonzii = Sin!? The author personally through his beloved Heavenly Woman named «Madame Time» works at each Station and personally watches how his Sculptures come to life. He tries to understand how they live their lives regardless of his creative life. Vladimir Eremenko-Revytski (Eremushka) Креативный Автор Eremushka Malbush = есть интуитивный скульптор. Поэтому он пишет Либретто как СКУЛЬПТОР! Он пишет стихи, либретто, музыку, песни для своих скульптурных героев. Исключительно для своих оживающих СКУЛЬПТУР!? Поэтому Страна Еремушки называется: Союз Стран Волшебного Луга Вечного Ожидания Чуда Воскрешения!?? В этом его оригинальность. Поэтому и он создаёт для своих героев жанр пост -библейская литература Еремушки. Много скульптурных героев и для каждого нужно написать оперу! Они оживают в пост-углеродную эпоху-русский ренессанс Еремушки. Поэтому Тематический Парк называется Парк имени Еремушки на Станции №2116 год, №2216 год и №2316 год- Оживающие Скульптуры Еремушки. Они оживают в день гибели Скульптурного героя. Скульптурный герой в этой книге есть Русский Ной Распутин Григорий Зырянин Паршуков. В день гибели моего героя погибла Царская Империя Россия. Поэтому в нашей Стране Волшебного Луга 17 декабря 1916 года есть наш Еремушек ежегодный народный праздник Судный День. В этот день согласно нашей «Декларации прав бесправных» все желающие могут избавиться от вредных и опасных элементов Grehonzia. Grehonzii=Грех!? Автор лично посредством своей любимой Небесной Женщины по имени «Мадам Время» работает на каждой Станции и лично наблюдает как оживают Его Скульптуры. Он пытается понять, как они живут своей жизнью независимо от его творческой жизни.