Русские народные сказки в переводе искусственного интеллекта

Бесплатный фрагмент - Русские народные сказки в переводе искусственного интеллекта

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Baba Yaga

He had a grandfather, a woman, and he married another wife, and his first wife had a girl. Her evil stepmother didn’t love her, she beat her, and she thought she’d be lime.

Since my father left somewhere, my stepmother and said to the girl:

— go to your sister, my sister, ask her for a needle and a thread — to sew your shirt.

And her aunt was a baba leg.

The girl wasn’t stupid, she went to her native aunt.

— hello, Auntie!

— hello, dear! Why did you come?

— mother sent her sister to ask for a needle and a thread — to sew my shirt. That’s her.

There you will be berezka in the eyes of the beating, and you will be covered with ribbons, and the gates will be creak and clap, and you will rend them under the fire, and they will tear you down. You give him ham. Go girl; here she comes, coming and coming. She’s a crib, and she’s got a baba leg and a weaves.

— hello, Auntie!

— hello, dear!

My mother told me to ask you for a needle and a string.

— all right, sit down.

The girl sat down for krosna, and baba-came out and told her employee:

— go, wash the bath and wash your niece, and look good; I want to have breakfast.

The girl is not alive and she is dead, and she asks her to:

— my dear! You’re not going to burn the wood like that, you fill in the water, you wear the water, and you give it a

Baba-waits; she comes to the window and asks:

— do you mind, plemânuška, honey?

— Tku, Auntie, tku, honey!

Baba-yaga went away and the girl gave the cat a vetčinki and asked:

— is there any way to go?

— here’s a towel and a towel — says the cat, take them and ubeži; you will be chased by Baba-Yaga, you will turn your ear to the ground, and as you say it is close, throw the towel at first. The Baba will cross the river, and it will overtake you, and you will turn your ear to the ground, and as you hear that it is close, drop the comb, become a dense forest.

The girl took a towel and comb and ran; the dogs wanted to tear her up — she left them bread, and they missed her; the gates wanted to slam — she slipped them under the feet maslica and they missed it;

Berezka wanted her eyes on her eyes, and she was ribbon her, and she missed it. And the cat sat down for krosna and weaves; not so much as a natkal. Baba-comes to the window and asks:

— do you mind, plemânuška, honey?

— Tku, Aunt, tku, honey! It’s a rude cat. Baba-threw himself in the hatku, saw the girl gone, and let’s beat the cat and scold her, why don’t you give the girl your eyes.

— I serve you as long as the cat says — you didn’t give me the bone, and she gave me the vetčinki.

Baba came on the dogs, on the gate, on the berezku and on the worker, let’s all scold and bang. Dogs tell her:

— we serve you as long as you don’t leave us. The Gates Say:

— we serve you as long as we do, you won’t be able to slipped us, and she’ll give us a maslica. “Berezka says:

— I serve you as long as I serve you, and I don’t give a shit. The employee says:

I don’t give you a gift, and she gave me a handkerchief.

Baba-yaga bone her leg in a hurry to sit on the stoop, the pusher Phil, the süpürge trail is sweeping up and the chase is in pursuit The girl crouched her ear to the ground and hears that baba-is being chased, and she is close, she took a towel and threw a towel. Baba-came to the river and was angry with her teeth; vorotilas’ home, took her bulls and brought to the river; the bulls drank the whole river. Clean.

Baba-is in pursuit again. The girl crouched her ear to the ground and hears that baba-is close, left comb; it was a forest, so dense and ugly! Baba-began to bite him, but as hard as she tried, she couldn’t get her back.

And grandpa already came home and asked:

— where’s my daughter?

— she went to the aunt. — the stepmother says. After a while, the girl came home.

— where were you? The Father asks.

— Oh, Father! She says. And so, my mother sent me to the aunt to ask the needle to sew my shirt, and my aunt, Baba -, wanted me to eat.

— how did you leave, daughter?

— that’s what the girl says.

Grandfather, as he learned all this, got angry with his wife and shot her, and he had to live with the dočkoû and the yeah, and I was there, and I was there, I was drinking, and I wasn’t in my mouth.

Vacilis is Beautiful

In Some Kingdom, there was a merchant. For twelve years he lived in matrimony and had only one daughter who was beautiful. When the mother passed away, the girl was eight years old. When she died, cheka called for her daughter, took out a doll and gave it to her and said:

— listen, vasilisuška! Remember and fulfill my last words. I am dying and with my parental blessing I leave you with this doll; take care of it and do not show it to anyone; and when you have a grief, give her food and ask her advice. She’ll tell you how to help her.

Then the mother kissed her daughter and died.

After the death of his wife, the merchant was potužil, and then he began to think about getting married again. He was a good man; he was not a bride, but he loved him more than anyone. She was already in old, had her two daughters, almost odnoletok Vasilisa, and the mistress and the mother experienced. The merchant married vdovuške, but he did not find a good mother for her Vasilisa. Vasilisa was the first in the village of beauty; her stepmother and sister were jealous of her beauty, tormented her with all kinds of work, so that she would lose weight, and from the wind and the sun, she was not even

Vasilisa all transferred, and every day, all lovelier and polnela, and yet the stepmother with the daughters of her weight and durnela out of spite, even though they were always sitting on their hands like lady. How did that happen? Vasilisa was helping her doll. Without that, where the girl is rainmaker with all the goddesses! But Vasilisa wouldn’t eat, but the doll would leave the most tasty piece, and tonight, as she was all settle, she was in the cupboards where she lived, and potčevaet her, saying:

— Oh, doll, eat, my grief! I live in my father’s house, I see no joy; evil stepmother drives me from the white light. Teach me how to live and live and what to do?

Doll Pokušaet, and then gives her advice and comfort in grief, and in the morning, all work is having for Vasilisa; she is only resting in the holodočke and puking the flowers, and she has ranges vypoloty and cabbage rained, and the water nanošena, and the oven vytoplena (chuckles) The doll will also show the Vasilisa and the weed from the sunburn. It was good to live with her.

A few years later, Vasilisa grew up and became a bride. All the grooms in the city are prisvatyvaûtsâ to the Vasilisa; no one will look at their daughters. The Stepmother is angry with the old and all the suitors answer:

— I won’t give up her first! And by the groom, beatings displacing evil on Vasilisa. One day, merchant had to leave home for a long time in trade. Her stepmother went to the other house, and there was a forest in the woods, and there was a house in the forest in the forest, and baba lived in hizzie; she did not eat and eat people like chickens. She had a housewarming party, and then she sent for something in the forest of hated, but that always was coming home safely: the doll told her the way and did not go to the hizzie of baba-Yagi.

Autumn came. The Stepmother gave all three girls to the evening work: one made the lace sew, the other stockings knit, and the Vasilisa spin. Put the fire in the house, left only one candle where the girls were working, and she went to bed. The girls were working. Here’s the chest on the candle; one of the mačehinyh daughters took the tongs to correct the svetil’nû, instead of the mother’s order, as if by an accident and a candle.

— what do we do now? The girls said. There is no fire in the whole house. I have to run to the baba!

— it’s light for me! She said that she wove lace. — I will not go.

— and I’m not going, — I said that I was knitting stockings. It’s light from the needles!

— you’ve been screaming for the fire. Go to baba-Yaga! And the out of Vasilisa.

Vasilisa went to her cubby, gave her dinner dinner and said:

— Oh, baby doll, my grief, listen to me, I’m being sent for the fire to baba-Yaga.

Dolly Ate, and her eyes lit up like two candles.

— don’t be afraid, vasilisuška! She said. Go where they send you, but keep me on your own. I don’t have anything to do with you.

Vasilisa gathered, put a doll in her pocket and, crossing, went to the dense forest.

She’s coming and shaking. All of a sudden, she rides by her rider: the white man, dressed in white, the horse under him white, and the white knight on the horse, the yard.

It goes on as the other rider rides: the red one, wearing red and red horse, is the sun.

Vasilisa went all night and all day, only by the next evening she went to the pastures, where the house yagi-Baba were standing; the fence around the hut of the bones, the fence sticking out the skulls of the people with their eyes; instead of the doors at the gate, the legs Hands, instead of a lock, mouth with sharp teeth. Vasilisa was obomlela and became like froze. Suddenly the rider is on his way: Black Himself, dressed in all black and black horse; galloped to the gates of baba-Yagi and disappeared as the earth failed, the night. But the darkness didn’t last long: all the skulls on the fence were spotted, and it was bright as a day. Vasilisa trembled with fear, but without knowing where to escape, she remained in place.

It was soon heard in the forest of terrible noise: the trees of crack, dry leaves of crunch, and left the forest of baba-yaga — in converted on the road, pestom Phil, the süpürge Pulled up to the gate, stopped, and shouted at me:

— EW, gross! The Russian spirit smells! Who’s here?

Vasilisa came to the old woman with fear and low poklonâs’, said:

— it’s me, Grandma! My daughter’s daughter sent me to see you.

— all right, Baba-yaga said, I know them, you go ahead and work with me, and I’ll give you fire, and if you don’t, I’ll eat you! Then she turned to the gate and exclaimed:

— Hey, constipation my strong, otomknites’; the gates are wide, otvorites’!

The gate was otvorilis’, and baba moved in, his, and Vasilisa came in, and then it was all over again.

Upon entering the room, Baba-is stretched out and says:

— give me what’s in the oven. I’m hungry. Vasilisa lit the taper from those skulls that were on the fence and began to carry the yaga,, and dishes nastrâpano was a man at ten; from the cellar she brought water, honey, beer and wine. She ate everything, she drank the old woman, and she left only a little bit of bread and a piece of bread. Was baba went to bed and said:

— when I leave tomorrow, you look — the court of clean, the house vymeti, the lunch dinner, the laundry and the laundry. I want it done, or I’ll eat you!

After such a directive baba-yaga zahrapela, and Vasilisa gave staruhiny scraps to the kukloû, weeping in tears and said:

— Oh, doll, eat, my grief! I’ve been given a hard-ass job and she’s threatening to eat me if I don’t.

The doll replied:

— don’t be afraid, Vasilisa is beautiful! Have dinner, pomolisâ and sleep sleep; morning no evening!

Ranešen’ko woke up Vasilisa, and baba-stood up, looked out the window: the skulls had their eyes ï½♪; here is the white rider, and it is dawn. Baba-went out to the yard, took. She had a stupa with pestom and süpürge. The crossed red rider is the sun. Baba-sat down in the stoop and left the yard, pestom Phil, süpürge the trail covering. Stay stayed alone, examined the house of baba-Yagi, podivilas’ izobil’û in everything, and stopped to think: for what work she had done first. And all the work is done; the doll has chosen the last grain of wheat.

— Oh, my God! Said Vasilisa doll. You saved me from the trouble.

— all you have to do is make a meal. — she answered the doll. I’m going to have a good time.

By evening, Vasilisa had gathered on the table and waited for baba-Yaga. The beginning of the dark, behind the gate, the black rider — and it was dark, only glowing eyes with skulls. The trees, zahrusteli leaves, going. Vasilisa met her.

— is everything done? — asks.

— watch yourself, Grandma! — said.

Baba-yaga looked all over, said she wasn’t angry, and she said,

— all right! Then she yelled.

— my loyal servants, dear friends, my wheat!

There were three pairs of arms, grabbed the wheat and took out of the eye. Baba was full, went to bed and gave orders to Vasilisa.

— tomorrow, you do what you want to do today, and you have to take it out of coffers mac and wipe it out of the ground on the ground,”, someone out of the envy of the earth!

Said the old woman, turned to the wall and zahrapela, and Vasilisa began to feed her dolly. Dolly ate and told her yesterday:

— pray to God, go to bed. You’ll sleep on it.

In the morning, Baba-yaga went back to converted from the court, and Vasilisa and doll were immediately corrected. The old woman screamed and shouted,

— my loyal servants, heart friends, that of Mac Oil! There were three pairs of hands, grabbed mac and took off. Baba-Sat for lunch; she eats and Vasilisa stands in silence.

— why don’t you talk to me? Said Baba-Yaga. You stand like a mute?

— she didn’t dare. — and if you let me, I’d like to ask you something.

— ask, but not every question is good, and you will know very soon.

I want to ask you, Grandma, just what I saw: when I was walking towards you, I was beaten by a rider on a white horse, himself white and white clothes: who is he?

— it’s my clear day. — answered answered.

— then he beat me with another rider on a red horse, himself red and all dressed in red.

— that’s my sunshine red! — answered answered.

— what do you mean, the black rider who beat me at the front of your gate, Grandma?

It’s my dark night. All my servants are loyal! Vasilisa remembered three pairs of hands and kept quiet.

— why don’t you ask? — Baba -.

— it’s gonna be me and you, grandma. You said you’d get old.

— well, said said that you only ask what you’ve seen in the yard, not in the yard! I don’t like getting dirty in my house, and I’m too curious to eat! Now I ask you: how do you keep doing the job I’m asking you?

— my mother’s blessing is helping me.

— that’s what! Get away from me, blessed daughter! I don’t need a blessed.

She pulled her out of high school and went through the gate, took one skull with her glowing eyes and threw it on the stick, gave it to her and said,

— here’s a fire for your daughters. Take it. They sent you here.

The run took off in the light of the skull, which only went out in the morning, and finally, at the end of the day, I got to my When she came to the gate, she wanted to leave her skull: “that’s right, at home, she thinks, no more in the fire”. but suddenly a deaf voice is heard from the skull:

— don’t leave me, go to the stepmother!

She took a look at her stepmother’s house and, without seeing a light in the window, decided to go there with the skull. For the first time, we found her affectionately, and told her that since she left, they were not in the house of fire, but they were not able to flog them, but the fire brought them from the neighbours, as they were with him in room.

— your fire will hold! The Stepmother said. Put the skull in the room, and the eyes from the skull are staring at her stepmother and her daughters and the tourniquet! They were hiding, but wherever they were, their eyes were being watched everywhere; by morning, they had turned them into coal.

In the morning, Vasilisa buried her skull into the ground, locked the house, went into town, and went on a first to an old lady, living and waiting for her father. That’s what she says to an old lady:

— it’s boring me to sit down, Grandma! Why don’t you go buy me the best one?

The old lady bought the l’nu good; Vasilisa sat down, and the job was burning, and the yarn was as smooth as a hair. A lot of yarn is a lot; it’s time for the weaving to be accepted, and they won’t find the bird to be on the vasilisinu yarn; no one is taken and done. Vasilisa started asking her doll, she said:

— bring me some old berdoo, an old shuttle, and a horse mane; I’ll give it to you.

Vasilisa got everything she needed, and went to bed, and the doll made a lovely stan overnight. By the end of the winter and the canvas of vytkano, it is so thin that the needle can be replaced by a needle. The Canvas is painted, and Vasilisa says to the old woman:

— sell it, grandma. It’s a painting. The old woman looked at the goods and said:

— no, baby! There is no such thing as a king.

The old lady went to the halls of chambers. The King saw and asked:

— what do you want, old lady?

— Your Majesty, the old woman is in charge. — I have brought the goods.

The King ordered an old woman to come in and saw the painting.

— what do you want for him? The King asked.

— he has no price, King Father! I gave you a gift.

Thanked the king and gave the old lady a gift.

They were the king of that silk cloth; they were not able to find a seamstress to work. For a long time, the king called the old woman and said:

— you knew how to sew and sew that painting.

— not me, your majesty, the spinning and the linen. — said the old woman. — it’s the work of my girl.

— well, let her go!

The old lady went home and told me all about it.

— I knew it. — Vasilisa told her that this job would never pass.

She locked herself in her room, she went to work; she didn’t hand her arms, and soon a dozen camisoles were ready.

The old woman took to the king shirts and Vasilisa washed, Brushed, dressed and sat under the window. He’s sitting there waiting. He sees a royal servant coming into the courtyard and entering the room and saying:

The King wants to see iskusnicu that he worked for him, and to reward her from his hands.

Went Vasilisa and appeared before royal’s eyes. As King Vasilisa saw beautiful and fell in love with her without memory.

— no, he says, my beauty! I will not break up with you; you will be my wife.

This is where king Vasilisa took his white hands, put her beside himself, and there played. Soon back and father Vasilisa rejoiced in her fate and stayed with her daughter. Old Lady Vasilisa took her home and she was always in her pocket.

Magic Wedding

Like I heard a fairy tale.

In the old years, there was a husband and wife. And they grew up with daughter’s daughter. All the girl’s got, and she’s tall, and she’s dorodstvom and ugožestvom.

Looking at her, people rejoiced: with all the girl friendly, affectionate, courteous. Everyone was in a hurry to help.

But here’s the bad news. The girl’s mother died.

It was a long time ago, a father married to vdovice. And vdovica brought her daughter to the house. And there were four of them.

An Orphan to live a unhappy, and the worse it gets worse.

Her own daughter is nežila, building, and step hated from day one.

With an orphaned orphan, she got up, crying in tears until midnight. And the spinning, and the loomed, and the water, and the firewood and the cows.

And the evil woman only pokrikivala:

— you rascal! I got my head!

I discovered the father of the chest once, that his first wife stayed. And in the chest and dušegreâ, the fur of the otoročennaâ, and the kokoshnik, the pearls unizannyj, and the polusapožki cuir, and the perstenek gold with the rock expensive, and the odëža

We’ll split it equally, and our daughters will have a dowry.

And the jealous stepmother with her daughter held the black duma.

— Ékoe wealth is divided into two shares — stepmother’s stepmother. We’ll find our son, too. You’re not marrying a man. Don’t fuck!

It’s been a while since that conversation, and the girls are coming along. And his father told them,

— well, which one of you will bring more berries, the dowry is a little more.

There are girls in the woods, Aukaûtsâ, berries. And as a zavečerelo, they converged on the clearing. LOOKED MAČEHINA DAUGHTER — FATHER BENNETT! Her daughter’s basket is full and she has nothing but a bottom! There’s a once speech, not sharing a dowry for two shares…

And the way they went through the swamp, the grabbed daughter of a half-sister had a basket of berries and pushed her with the Girdle-perches in the bottomless.

— I’m drowning, sister-in-law, sweet girl.

— I’ll help you! Tony, you can’t get out of this topi. All my dowry is for me! She yelled at her daughter.

Moved through the swamp and ran home. Dear Peresypala in her body, the berries are clean, large, one to one, and the half-sister’s basket buried in moss.

— good girl, my ass! I met her mother. Look, old man, how many berries my daughter gained!

— why didn’t you come? The Father asked.

— we broke up with her. — she said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but no one answered me.

— where is she, my daughter? Fell asleep somewhere, never heard you! She laughed.

The night passed, and the night passed.

The old man rose early in the morning.

— we have to go look for him. — he says it’s bad.

Got the neighbors. Let’s go to the woods. And a babina daughter with them.

— right here, he says, we split up and we never saw each other again.

We went to the night before the evening, and then they turned back.

Summer’s running out. They’re walking on those trails, old-Timer. Set foot in the perch, and there’s a herbal pipe on the ground. You cut the old man’s ear, you went to your lips, and then you blew it.

— play and play, Grandpa.

Play and play.

We were two consolidated,

And here I am.

For the red berries

Yes for matuškino dowry

Drowned in the swamp!

And here comes an old man in the middle of the night to the village that wandered into the very last night of the night, where the orphan girl is lost.

After dinner, the old man said:

— I took a shortcut near your village. It’s so funny, she sings. Take this, Master, blow on that flute!

It was just a blow from the master in flute.

— play and play, Grandpa.

Play and play.

We were two consolidated,

And here I am.

For the red berries

Yes for matuškino dowry

Drowned in the swamp!

The old man changed. Handed handed stepdaughter:

— why don’t you play?

Only she flute to lips like playing, sings doodle:

— play, play, sister.

Play, play, lihodejka,

Play, play, here!

You killed me,

Drowned in the moors,

For the red berries

Yes for matuškino dowry

You ruined my life!

He went after his father. A girl with a lihodejku and a mother, a wicked woman, tied up, held guard.

And the father with the understood and the old man went to the swamp. Look, look and soon got the girl out. Quiet her, obrâdili. She opened her eyes.

— Oh, how long did I sleep? Don’t take it, dear father, not baba-Lihodejki, nor daughter-villain. It won’t be for you or me.

The Father forgave the wicked woman and the step-Villain, chased them out of court:

— go where you came from!

Magic Ring

In Some Kingdom, in some state, there was an old man with a staruhoû, and they had a son Marty. I’ve spent my whole life doing my old man., beating the beast and the bird, and the the and the family. It’s time that old man got sick and died. With the mother of the potužili-cried, there’s nothing to do. Stay a week and prieli all the bread he had. The old woman sees that there’s nothing more to eat. The old man left them rubles. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I don’t want to die.

Counted Rubles and says to his son:

— well, Marty, here’s a hundred celkovnikov; go ask the neighbors a horse, go to the city and get some bread; you’ll have a winter, and we’ll be looking for the spring.

Marty rode the cart with a horse and drove into town. He’s walking past the meat shops the noise, the swearing, the crowd. What is it?

“cause the butchers captured the dog, tied to a pole and beat her with sticks; the dog breaks, screams, back… Marty runs up to those butchers and asks:

Brothers! Why are you beating a poor dog like that?

— I don’t want to hurt him. — He’s a butcher.

— all right, lads! Don’t hurt him.

— I think you should buy it. — it says a man in joking.

Marty pulled a hundred out of his sinuses, gave it to butchers, and took a dog and took it with him.

The dog began to look at him, his tail and his tail, he knew who saved him from death.

When Marty comes home, the mother immediately asks:

— what did you buy, son?

— I bought my first happiness.

— what are you doing?

— He’s a žurka! And get her a dog.

— did you buy anything else?

— if I had the money, I could buy it; only a hundred for a dog. Old Woman:

— to us, he says, there’s nothing to eat. The last poskrebyški on the zakromam have a yeah of yeah.

On the other day, the old woman took another hundred rubles and gave the martynke and punishes:

— on, son! Go to town, buy some bread, and don’t throw money.

He came to town, started walking the streets. Caught Him in the face of a bad boy, caught that cat boy, got a rope around his neck and let’s drag him to the river.

Wait! He yelled at Marty. Where are you going?

— I want to drown him!

— for what?

— I stole a cake from the table.

— don’t drown him.

— buy me a hundred rubles.

Marty didn’t think too much, he went into his pocket, pulled the money and gave it to the boy, and the cat put the cat in a bag and

— what did you buy, son? He asks the old woman.

— cat vas’ku.

— did you buy anything else?

— if the money stayed, maybe you could buy something else.

— you stupid fool! The old woman screamed at him. Go out of the house and find some bread for other people.

He went to the next village to search for work; he was is, followed by the žurka with the vas’koû.

To The Pope.

— where are you going?

— I’m on my way to kamaiyas.

— go to my place; I’m the only one who takes the job. — who I have three years of age will never hurt.

Marty agreed and was tired of three summers and three winters on his butt.

There is a time for reckoning.

— well, Marty! Go get your service. Brought him to the barn, shows two full bags and says:

— whatever you want, take it!

He looks at the Marty in one bag of silver, and in the other sand — and razdumalsâ: " this thing is cooked for a reason! Let my work be lost, and I’ll take my chances, I’ll take the sand.

He says to the master:

— I, my father, choose a bag of small sand.

— well, light, your good will; take it with silver.

Marty put a bag on his back and went to find another place; Shel-was and wandered into a dark, dense forest. In the woods, the fire is burning, the girl sits on fire, and she is so beautiful that neither vzdumat’ nor vzgadat’ is in the story.

Says Red Girl:

— Martyn, son of a bitch! If you want to make yourself happy, spare me the fires of sand that you served for three years.

“indeed, I thought. Marty, how to carry a heavy weight with you is better than a man. Not great wealth is sand, this kind of good everywhere!”

He took off the bag, started it, and let’s just say the fire went out.

The Red girl hit the him, turned a zmeeû, wrapped a good dryden on her chest and wrapped around his neck.

Marty was scared.

— don’t be afraid! — snake snake. Go now to the land of land, to the tridesâtoe state, to the kingdom of the kingdom; there is my father ruling. When you come to him in the yard, he will give you a lot of gold, and silver, and samocvetnyh a, you do not take anything, and ask him for a mizinnogo ring. The ring is not simple: if you hand it over to your hand, there will be twelve heroes, and they will not be ordered to do anything for a single night.

Good for the road. It is close, whether it is long enough to see the tridesâtomu kingdom and sees a huge stone. There was a snake from his neck, hit the ground and became a krasnoû girl.

— follow me! Says the red girl and took him under that rock. They were in the ground for a long time, suddenly the light was brighter, and they were all brighter, and they went on a wide field, under clear skies. On that field, the magnificent palace of built, and the father of the red maiden, the king of the podzemel’noj side.

There are travelers in the house of white, meeting their king affectionately.

— hello, she says, my daughter, where have you been hiding for so many years?

— the light is my father! I would have gone missing if it wasn’t for this man: He gave me away from the evil death of death and brought me here.

— thank you, good boy! The King said. For your virtue to reward you. Take your gold and silver and your a, as you wish.

He responds to his son, the son of a bitch.

— Your Majesty! I do not need gold or silver or a samocvetnyh. If you want to give me your guidance, give me a ring with my imperial hand, with a mizinnogo persta. I’m a single man; I’ll be on the ring more often, I’ll be thinking about the bride, and I’m bored

The King immediately withdrew the ring, gave the martynu:

— on your health, and look, no one knows about the ring, or you’re in trouble!

Martyn, the son of a son, thanked the king, took the ring of a little bit of money for the road and turned back the same way he was walking. Whether or not it was too soon to return to the country, to find its mother and to live together without any need and sadness. I wanted to get married, and he’d come to his mother, send her a svahoû.

— go to the king’s King.

— Oh, son, the old woman is in charge. — you’d be cutting a tree by yourself. That’s what I thought. Why would i go to the king? It’s a matter of fact, he’s oserditsâ and me and you are going to betray me.

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