Psychotechnologies: how to loss weight or stop smoking

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Without visiting specialists, will force and torments

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Instead of intro: what are we going to do and how does it work?

Never try to throw something harmful. It is better to replace a bad habit. If you do not replace it – the subconscious itself will find a replacement. Nearest similar. Stop smoking – you will most likely begin to overeat. That is because of the nature of smoking and nutrition – it is similar: the sucking reflex. In a newborn person, this is an unconditioned reflex: eating, sucking mother’s breast. At the same time, the child ceases to feel worry and discomfort, and bleary-eyed parents, giving the baby a nipple soother, so that he creates fewer problems for them with his wish list, use this effect. This parental weakness increases the risk of a child’s susceptibility to smoking in the future. In an adult, these instincts do not disappear; they are just hiding deep in the subconscious


1. Your subconscious is pre-conceptual. Baby. Uncorrupted, always honest, but remembering the experience of your whole life. The fact that once strongly frightened you – scares him still, as a frightened baby.

2. The tendency to overeating develops in the majority, but people are different. Someone has a replacement, which in his case is closer to him.

3. Do not quit bad habits. It is necessary to change them for useful ones. This reminder is about that.

Chapter 1. Why it needs to be changed, and not get rid of?

Bad habits are a part of you. With full rights. This is you. Any of your features from skills to sores and bad habits – one of the bricks of your building. It is not so easy to take a brick out of a wall and throw it away without any consequences. Your body along with your psyche will begin to look for a replacement. The brain always solves problems in the shortest way. It will choose the easiest and most affordable option. The baby will reach for the nearest pretty toy.

That can be explained like this

1. If you just shut off the water flow – the water will flood something else somewhere else. Where it will be more convenient. Here: you are accustomed to it and so simply it will not go anywhere. You cannot just turn off the tap.

2. Spend your “water” on the acquisition of useful qualities and habits. You probably have long dreamed of becoming someone and learn something? What has not been given you for a long time?

3. Choose yourself, otherwise the choice will be made for you. Only by a baby.

Why do kids love sweets so much? That is because sugar contains a lot of fast digestible energy and it can be obtained as easily as possible: sugar -> glucose -> energy. That’s why the brain asks: “Hey, why the heck do I long and dreary process these endless vegetables? Here is a powerful source of energy”! Chocolate and meat can also be attributed. Therefore, porridge in comparison with sweet is no longer attractive: there the body needs a lot of work. The brain asks for meat or eclairs.

The same thing with smoking: if you do not change it for anything, the brain will demand its own cigarette. Why should a baby give up on a toy? Spit kid, that it is poisonous. If you are strict and you have a strong will or simply do not have access to cigarettes – the subconscious will begin to change the missing brick of smoking of your building at your discretion to the one that is closer. To which it is easier to reach. That the whole wall without this brick does not collapse. Thus it is arranged in simple language.


Your subconscious is you in infancy. If you do not choose what will replace your harm habit, it will choose at its discretion. Harm for him is preferable to utility. If you correctly show your subconscious the necessary substitutions (for example, change the dependence to the development of the talents you need), then it will obey.

Chapter 2

How to correctly indicate what we are going to change?

The simplest psychotechnology for 5 minutes a day

Need to:

1. Do not drink alcohol and other substances affecting the mind and psyche for half a year.

2. Two minutes of your time in the morning and three minutes in the evening.

3. Simple wooden rosary, not long.

4. A notebook sheet in a cage and something to draw.

5. Pocket calendar.

Why you must not to take intoxicating substances?

Because you are sober and you are under the influence of such substances are two different personalities. If you get rid of addiction (from smoking, for example) as a sober person, when you are intoxicated with alcohol you will most likely continue to smoke. Your personality under different substances have their own set of habits and values. We can say that you and you under alcohol – different people.

If you drank, do not try to continue classes. For your drunk personality it will be like in the first time. It is like to continue teaching subjects to people from the street who only externally similar to your students on the 5th year of the studying in university.

This is not the only reason. The main danger here is that your vices are alive and have an intelligence. That is who you are. They will resist. Yes, yes, you will resist to yourself. As soon as your misfortunes will understand what forces them to stop their existence, you will immediately wake up a sharp strong desire to continue to do something under any pretexts that hinders the change of bad habits with useful ones.

Simply put, you suddenly wake up with a strong desire to continue accepting what is cause of the pause. You can become alcoholic or get hooked on antidepressants. It is believed that cannabis is not a drug, but nobody has canceled psychological dependence on marijuana. That is why it else is a drug. It is worse than game addiction, because after the cessation of long-term intake of cannabinoids, the suffering is also felt physically. In man everything is interconnected. Substances are substances, chemistry is chemistry. If you have smoked any anasha during the struggle with your harmful addictions and have paused – the desire to continue to consume the products from the anasha will become hypertrophied. For the sake of pauses and further, to have a chance to stop the replacement.

With any substances affecting the brain, forcing you to pause in your substitution of hazards for utility.


If you cannot resist taking any dope for half a year, you should not start working on yourself using this method. DANGEROUSLY!!! Too high the likelihood that when trying to get rid of their light bad habit, you strengthen the more dangerous. And, if earlier you drank a couple of months only on holidays, now you will unconsciously begin to lean toward more frequent random occasions. And they will be right there, you’ll see. As in spite. As if by magic.

There is no magic. This is how your brain works. More naive people even put forward the theory of smart energy fields, which are beginning to fight for their adepts serving as batteries for them. And these fields (egregors) supposedly begin to adjust everything so that you do not leave the sphere of their influence. For example, they send former friends and arrange the bases. To the one who decided to stop drinking alcohol, suddenly friends with a free booze immediately begin to come back, and to old criminals – old pals with faithful.

These are esoteric fabrications for housewives who believe in horoscopes and numerology. In fact, this whole struggle is happening only inside you. It is just a human nature to search for explanations of what is happening and then finds them to the best of their development and their own ideas about the world. Invents gods or egregors. Or boggarts, goblins and guardian angels.

You will begin to unconsciously arrange such situations by yourself and no one else

Do I really need to spend 5 minutes a day?

Yes. Approximately. People are different and there is no strict of framework. We’ll see how it will go. Someone faster, someone a little bit longer. At first, due to inexperience, 10–15 minutes may come out, then you will enter a rut. Someone at the end will greatly reduce the time by automating the process, and someone will increase it, savoring. Someone will increase the time in the morning and reduce in the evenings. You can do as you like. Psychotechnology is only a blank that needs to be finished for specific people and their needs. It is too difficult to harm themselves. In this training manual are used the simplest children’s methods of working with the subconscious, which do not require tension and powerful willpower.

These are techniques for ordinary people with their usual weaknesses. For those who could not otherwise. Breaking down with diets? You wind yourself up to hysterics and quarrels with your loved ones, so that there is an excuse to smoke? You cannot control obscene language escaping through the word? Do you chew your hair? Gnaw your nails? Pick your nose? Cut your skin, to replace the mental pain of the physical and hooked on it? Can’t force yourself to start doing something? Long wanted to learn the guitar? Learn programming? Start a business? Then replace your smoking talent in business or programming. After some time, you will notice that it has become interesting for you to study something that you didn’t reach before, and the bad habit has gone unnoticed and without torment.

Sounds too tempting? It does not happen? Just try the methods below. Hold on for six months without alcohol and other substances, do everything correctly – you will not notice a change yourself. It works that way.

Just remember: there is no panacea. The method does not guarantee the result. People a) are different and b) understand everything differently. Even children’s and, like, clear ways for everyone, someone will interpret in his own way and make mistakes. Therefore, if something went wrong with you or is simply incomprehensible – write to e-mail (listed at the bottom of the document), we will solve the problems and debug the instructions together.

The most mistakes people make while compiling the necessary phrases for work that explain the child in your subconscious mind what needs to be done. Read more about this below.

Most importantly

Always remember that this is all experimental raw technology. Decide for yourself whether to trust her at your own risk. Wanted to lose weight, but misunderstood the instructions, made mistakes and smashed yourself even more? Yes, it happens. Especially with women who, instead of losing weight, set themselves the goal of giving up sweet, flour and roast, deciding for their body HOW it should achieve these goals.

This is the most common mistake. Designate the final goal, not intermediate.

What is about physical education, exercises and sports?

You need to learn something about how to properly exercise. If you haven’t even exercised for years, you have a sitting job and you rarely walk – it’s useless to promise yourself to start running around the house after your next birthday or to sign up to fitness centers after the New Year. Either you won’t start at all, or you will be enough for a while.

If you have problems with sports – remember: you do not need it. Stop lying to yourself. Who really needs it for himself – he has no problems with motivation. If you cannot make yourself to do exercises or go to the gym, you just believe that others think you are fat and because of this it’s harder for you to live. What only failures people do not associate with excess weight, although the problem is not in it. Men will choose plump instead of slim and it will not be a matter of build.

Your subconscious is not as bad as your notorious consciousness and therefore it does not want to suffer garbage at all, which will not help you. Cannot charm the person you like, having excess weight or other physical flaws? And where did you get the idea that without them you can? Why do you blame appearance? Maybe you are afraid to even think that the problem is not at all in externality?

Your subconscious mind will never approve what you really do not need. It sees the truth, as a child sees the self-deception and hypocrisy of adults, to whom adults have long been accustomed. You will not continue self-torture. This is a protective mechanism which was formed in us from primitive times. It called the necessary laziness. There are two kinds of laziness that you need to know about: body laziness (necessary) and brain laziness (harmful).

Laziness of the body makes the brain work. It moves the progress of civilization. It was the one what forced the person to pick up the digging stick, kindle a fire and invent the wheel. This laziness of the body forces a person to save resources without spending them on a project. This is your fuse. When you don’t really need something, you can force yourself as much as you like, but clever useful laziness will win. While the laziness of the brain makes people work hard at 2–3 low-paid jobs to make ends meet. They will not think of a way out of these rat race: the laziness of the brain, on the contrary, does not give rest to the legs. It is the one which makes you chase fashion trends from the TV and try to look like fashion models from glossy covers. Because of it, you are trying to start running in the morning.

The blessing of millions of years of evolution and the common sense of your subconscious mind conquer this dull whim. After a week or two, you are already deciding “for the present” to sleep longer. And then in the next. Only those who actually need it, continue to run and attend simulators. The same problem with buying a personal home trainer: people cannot start to exercise consistently. Usually, the purchase of a simulator has such a story: the buyer decides to start a new life on Monday (from spring, from New Year, etc) and goes to the salon or in the online store to choose more abruptly stimulator. On the first evening, he works on that to exhaustion, and on the following days he cannot get together to approach him. How it works:


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