Russian Girls Inside Out

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Anastasia Belaruska

Russian Girls

Inside Out

Minsk, 2019

I am just a simple Russian girl,

I’ve got vodka in my blood,

So I dance with brown bears,

And my soul is torn apart…

♫ Nouvelle Vague

Dedicated to all Russian women, whose body or pride

ever suffered from nationalistic prejudices.


What comes to our minds when we hear or come across the word combo “Russian girl?” Beauty, grace, seduction, youth? This book would take a look at this from another angle, and provide an answer to the secret of the phenomenal impact of the beauty of Slavic girls. Beauty does not only connote blessings and happiness but can sometimes cause serious psychical and physical troubles, as well as misunderstanding.

This is a guide to what is happening in the mind of an average Russian girl. This book would not only be about girls from Russia but also from Belarus, Ukraine and several countries from the post-Soviet territory. It’s in place to say that they have a similar mental, genetic and language code which determinates their behavior.

I decided to divide this book into 3 parts — Russian girls’ mind, body and spirit. I should also mention that all I’m talking about the average girl or woman using official statistics. I don’t mean to hurt anyone by this personal social research.

I will also give tips on how Russian young ladies can look so good without much efforts, along with some pieces of advice for men who’d like to live happily with Russian women. So, for someone out there, after reading this book, you would probably fall in love with a Russian woman.

Chapter 1


The whole world has heard about the power of the Russian women — that’s why they are denied visas. Women of all nationalities hate them, because beauty is unjust, and against injustice, it is necessary to fight. Russian girls are enemies. Angels are not the first, they have always been full of enemies, reread the Bible, this is a real catalog of tortured angels.

~ Frederic Begbeder, “Ideal”


As you probably may have heard, there was “no sex” in the USSR. So showing gentleness openly was very rare and confusing. People were not showing love to each other and rarely used the words of love for almost a century. The interest of society and country were in first place. That was a part of socialism propaganda.

During the 2nd World war, about 30 million people died in the USSR. Most of them were soldiers — young and strong men.

Afterward, vodka became very cheap, legalized and was cultivated as a part of the national Russian culture. But not many people know that in medieval and pre-medieval Russia, the people were never alcoholics, and vodka was first brought in at the end of the 14th century. Soviet vodka culture was aimed to shut the eyes of people to their poor living conditions. It was really bad that people would stand in the streets for several hours just to buy food and other basic needs. It was forbidden to listen to foreign music, not to talk of wearing beautiful dresses, shoes and cosmetics. It was impossible to get these clothes so people had to sew the

dresses by themselves. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the whole world found it funny that a Soviet girl could sleep with a foreign man for just a pair of jeans.

An “iron border’ hid Russian girls from the rest of the world for almost a century and it was regarded as a crime to have connections with people from other countries; it was totally disallowed. The details about that period was depicted in the movie Intergirl (Interdevochka, 1989).

In 1991, after the Union was dissolved, people lived in hunger. To feed their families, women had to go do dirty jobs abroad, which was actually a shame because the Soviet system, despite being authoritarian, gave free higher education to everyone. Some women would buy products Russians had never seen abroad and bring back to Russia to sell. By the way, entrepreneurship was forbidden in the USSR, as it was viewed as a feature of the western countries’ capitalism.

Natasha became a very popular nickname for all Russian girls and stood that way for a very long time. These days, the name is not as common as Anastasia, which makes me a bit sad. Other popular names these days include Ekaterina, Aleksandra, and Anna.

A lot of Russian girls never experienced a happy family home. It was normal in many families for children to see their drunk fathers beating their mothers and using abusive words. A lot of girls experienced sexual harassment, with no one to look out for them. Girls were, literally, growing up without dads and male role models. The educational system was based on female teachers. Unhappy females were bringing up girls and boys from kindergarten. Women were proud to work even more than men. So we can very well say that, in the country, feminism was almost absolute and so could be regarded as a matriarchy. This style of education still exists and will not change until the economic conditions and salaries are raised. An average salary of a doctor or teacher in 2019 is about 500$.

Consequently, when a Russian girl or lady meets a foreign gentleman that is successful and has good manners, their heart melts and they start to feel like a princess and not a working horse. This is why many of them wanted to marry a foreign prince. The negative side is that some of these men could overuse their power over these girls. Russian women notably have forgiving hearts and can withstand what a foreign lady could never stand.

Beauty competition

In the aftermath of the war, the thought of the shortage of men set a lot of girls in competition with each other. Some girls would even never go out to throw away the garbage without makeup! Nowadays, even though there has been a fresh supply of men as several have been born since the end of the war, there is still a high demand from girls. A girl who desires to enjoy herself should aspire to have a good career, be slim and stylish, cook well and, of course, be fantastic in bed. The funny thing is most contemporary young Russian women who have achieved all those don’t seem to need a man anymore, they have become so independent and now consider themselves equals with men, even as most men are not that ambitious, wealthy, handsome and educated. So since interesting and successful men are not much, the demand for them is still very high.

Herein do we find the first secret of the Russian girls’ beauty — be better than every other girl, be perfect or die trying.

Interesting to note is that most women after 35 — 40 lose their attractive figures and become just mothers or workers and don’t care anymore how they look. Being a good mother in Russia involves a lot of hard work — career, looking after the house, raising children, etc. In short, she has to be a superwoman 24/7. This leaves her prone to diseases such as diabetes because most illnesses come from our minds and unhealthy nutrition. Three square meals should be regular every day. And these

meals by Russian tradition should be with lots of fat, sugar and carbohydrates. It’s very hard, in this situation, for both men and women to look good, in addition to drinking alcohol a few times a week. This situation is gradually changing with the spread of educational programs in the mass media. Women are trying but are still under the pressure of not being good enough.

How to go about the “real woman” business

In the atmosphere of concern about the lack of good men around, many gurus decided to teach women how to be a “real’ woman. How to look, how to talk, how to seduce men, how to make them desire to marry them, etc. This is a really huge market that makes a lot of money from women’s psychological traumas.

Perhaps, the idea of helping women who’re lost and trying to make their relationships better isn’t that bad. But, the sad fact is that they are teaching these women how to be manipulative while good therapy would have worked much better. And very often, these coaches themselves haven’t made a success of their own lives as they seem.

Generally, Russians don’t trust psychologists; they would rather cry on a friend’s shoulder while drinking wine or something stronger. Visiting a psychologist is more like a last resort when they believe they are mentally abnormal. The sad thing is that friends, sometimes, can give advice which does more harm than good

Secret 1: Discipline

The style of life can foster that charming beauty that lies within. Russian women walk a lot, and this helps them keep in shape and maintain a slender figure. The second reason is the desire to be beautiful, regardless of the presence or absence of natural beauty. This, Russian women have in their blood! They are ready to do anything to present themselves in the best possible light, to look spectacular and attract attention, and they do succeed in this! They regularly visit spa centers, beauty salons, fashion shops, gyms and other types of cosmetology and fashion centers to slowly and confidently create a perfect external image.

Secret 2: Style

As for the style of Russian women, they have a specific, eye-catching outlook due to a combination of good clothing, accessories and inner mood; this enhances their beauty to the fullest. Russian women prefer high-heeled shoes, metallic shades and tight clothes that accentuate their figures.

Girls from Russia incredibly bother about physical appearance — very much! They make their hair and eyelashes, and maniacally pay attention to the combination of colors in clothes. In France also, you’ll find such ladies, but they are much fewer. But, there is dissonance when people are so preoccupied with their image, and so you will find in them narcissism, coldness, selfishness, etc. But the good thing about the Russians is every time they realize they made a mistake, they are open and sincere about it.

Fur coats

The first reason for a strong craving for a fur coat is the desire to please the ego. It’s nice to look like a queen. In a coat, down jacket or a jacket, this effect is more difficult to achieve, if not straightforwardly — absolutely impossible; these are ordinary clothes.

Some consider a fur coat some kind of wealth symbol. It gives a mythical status of a truly “expensive” woman. Many seek out the last of their financial strength or even use borrowed money to buy a fur coat; but this is not typical of all women, there are those for whom the fur coat is not a dream subject or an indicator of a certain status, they choose regular clothes to keep warm.

Tips on how to wear high heels

— Choose the right size

When choosing high-heeled shoes, it is very important to ensure that the size is suitable. Shoes should not be tight. It is also not wise to choose a larger size; shoes or sandals should not fall off, this will aggravate the situation.

— Use liners

To facilitate walking on high heels, you can put orthopedic or silicon insoles or inserts in your shoes. They will reduce the pressure on the legs and will not allow the foot to glide. Such insoles should be bought in specialized departments.

— Reduce the height

There are a lot of contemporary heels that are made to look great on the foot and can compete with those that have very high heels.

— Choose genuine leather

Heeled shoes should be made of natural materials. That will ensure normal air circulation, allow the skin to “breathe” and reduce perspiration which can cause edema.

— Take breaks

It should be clear that beautiful high-heeled shoes should not be worn every day, even though it looks spectacular. Well-chosen comfortable shoes with heels can be worn up to three times a week without harm to the health of the legs. Also, do not spend all day on high heels.

Chapter 2


“The dream of a woman is to be a dream woman.”

Edward Sevres

Beauty industry

Fortunately, our country was not affected by the medieval witch hunt where a beautiful woman instantly became a victim of the Inquisition. Despite being told about their beauty, Russian ladies put lots of effort to look like a model. Some girls are poor and their only weapon to become something in life is their beauty.

Instagram remains a trend-setting platform, and everyone tries to put up the most attractive profiles. Now, this lifestyle has become mainstream, so modern beauties try to show their natural strong sides. Also, to succeed, you can’t be just a pretty face. Girls are trying to learn languages, create interesting content and travel a lot.

There’s a quote from Coco Chanel that says, “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.”

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